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Most people find System Thinking very difficult to understand and follow. Barring a few most writings on System Thinking are very difficult to comprehend since it a completely different way to view the world and its happenings.
In that respect this book is a notable exception. It is simple yet cogent. The most difficult principles are laid bare in the simplest possible manner.
It reads almost like an on-going dialogue between the reader and the author. Through her writing a wonderful relationship between the author and the reader is created, which is the essence of System Thinking.
It is not only serves as a Primer for anyone even mildly interested in the subject but also as a textbook for advanced practitioners since the subject can't be told any simpler.
Highly recommend a read.
Dibyendu De

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It's not an easy book to get into; neither to read all to the end. The first few chapters are particularly technical. What helps though are the concrete examples given all along the way.
The plus
for "Thinking in Systems" is that it makes you realise that systems are literally everywhere: companies, transport, state aid, offices, forests, financial, ecological, social, you name it. And the author makes it very clear that changing a system not only is complicated, counter intuitive and potentially dangerous but also transforming if done right. Big 'if' though.
If ever you wondered what the word 'complex' truly means; Thinking in Systems is a book worth going for.

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