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Technical records of design and construction are a series of publications which record the planning, design, construction, and initial operation of Bureau of Reclamation projects and features.

This technical record of design and construction of Trenton Dam is divided into six chapters. Chapter I contains general description, history and authorization, geology, and cost information. Chapter II is devoted to investigations of construction materials, and studies of railroad, highway, and county road relocations. Discussions on the design of the dam, spillway and river outlets, canal outlet works, and railroad structures are included in chapter III. Chapter IV contains discussions on contract administration and survey work. All phases of construction are discussed in chapter V. Chapter VI is devoted to test installations .

This technical record was prepared in the Commissioner's Office, Denver, under the direction of the Assistant Commissioner and Chief Engineer. Acknowledgment is gratefully made to the designers and field personnel whose contributions formed the basis for this work.

CONTENTS (Continued)

Section Page

(a) Loadings 41

(b) Design considerations 41

(c) Trashracks 45

27. Pressure conduit 45 (a) Loadings 45

28. Emergency gate chamber 48

29. Horseshoe conduit 48

(a) Loadings 49

(b) Design considerations 49

30. Outlet pipe 49

31. Control house and stilling well 49 (a) Design considerations 49

32. High-pressure gates 51

33. Miscellaneous equipment 51

E. Railroad Structures

34. Railroad structures 52

(a) Bridges and culverts 52

(b) Roadbed 52


35. Government organization 53

(a) Laboratory 53

(b) Surveying 53

36. Safety 54

A. Contracts

37. Major construction contracts 55

(a) Foundation work 55

(b) Completion work 55

(c) Railroad earthwork, etc. 55

(d) Superstructures for bridges 56

(e) Tracklaying and railroad facilities 56

(f) Highway relocation 56

38. Principal supply contracts 56

39. Housing 57

(a) Houses 57

(b) Pipe for water and sewer facilities 57

40. Caretaker's facilities 57

41. Reservoir clearing 57


42. River diversion 59

43. Construction equipment 59

A. Excavation

44. Foundation area 61

45. Main cutoff trench 61

46. Auxiliary cutoff trench and other excavation work 61

B. Embankment Operations

47. Borrow area operation 63

(a) South borrow area 63

(b) North borrow and spillway areas 63

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