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APPENDIX A (Continued)
Major Supply Contracts

Item, contractor, and contract number

High pressure gates for canal outlet works--Westing-
house Electric Co., contract I2r-18964

Outlet pipe for dam--Keys Tank Co., contract I2r-19114

Portland-pozzolan cement--Ash Grove, contract I2r-

High pressure gates for spillway river outlets--Hardie-
Tines Mfg. Co., contract I2r-19238

Structural steel for underpass on relocated C. B. &Q.
Railroad--American Bridge Co., contract I2r-19188

Portland cement--Ideal Cement Co., contract I2r-

Embedded gate anchorages for radial gates--Willamette
Iron Co., contractI2r-19278

Riprap rock and crushed rock or gravel blanket mate-
rial—Cass Co., contract I2r-19365

Radial gate control piping for spillway--Eaton Metal
Products, contractI2r-19353

Radial gates for spillway—Johnson Machine Works, con-
tract I2r-19419

Radial gate hoists for spillway--Northwest Marine Iron
Works, contract I2r-19518

Trashracks for canal outlet works, intake structure,
and river outlet works—St. Joseph Structural Steel Co.,

Subtotal, Major Supply Contracts

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APPENDIX A (Continued)
Minor Supply Contracts and Other Government-Furnished Materials

Invitation number


Item and contract number

Cement--contract I103r-468

701-67,191-A Sump pump equipment--contracts I103r-1034 and I103r1035

701-67,124-A Anchor bolts--contract I103r-1179

8287 Cast iron pipe--contract I103r-1180

701-67, 217-A Pipe and expansion anchors--contract I103r-1187

701-67, 216-A Oil pump units—contracts I103r-1188 and I103r-1189

701-67, 218-A Oil pump units--contracts I103r-1194 and I103r1195

701-67,222-A Pipe--contractI103r-1222

701-67, 224-A Level gage piping--contracts I103r-1231 and I103r1232

701-67, 226-A Handrail and metalwork--contract I103r-1244

8674 Pipe and fittings--contract I103r-1257

701-67, 223-B Reinforcing steel--contract I103r-1261

701-67, 228-A Air compressor—contract I103r-1274

701-67, 223-C Deformed bars--contracts I103r-1283 and I103r-1293

701-67, 236-A Air inlet pipe--contract I103r-1307

701-67, 233-B Rubber water stop--contract I103r-1324

701-67, 243-A Bolts and stop log guides—contracts I103r-1384 and I103r-1385

701-67, 238-A Transmitter and indicator--contract I103r-1390

701-67, 229-D Air piping, ice preventative system—contract I103r-1405

701-9391-B Asphalt--contract I103r-1460

701-67, 247-A Spillway metalwork--contract I103r-1441

701-67, 253-A Grating--contract I103r-1517

701-67, 252-A Hoist platforms--contract I103r-1518

701-67,250-C Metalwork--contract I103r-1529

701-67, 255-A Metalwork--contract I103r-1574

701-67, 254-A Pipe and fittings--contract I103r-1575

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APPENDIX A (Continued) Minor Supply Contracts and Other Government-Furnished Materials (Continued)

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Item and contract number

Electrical fixtures and wiring--contracts I103r-1606,
I103r-1607, I103r-1608, I103r-1609, and I103r-1610

Radial gate hoist controls--contract I103r-1669

Reinforcing steel--contract I103r-1714

Metalwork-- contract I103r-1748

Portland cement--contract I103r-1769

Protective fence—contract I103r-1770

Structural steel--contract I103r-1778

Reinforcing steel--contract 14-06-701-360

Babbitt--contract 14-06-701-419

Metalwork--contract 14-06-701-433

Tree and shrub cultivation--contract 14-06-701-549

Cement--contract 14-06-701-797

Seed—contract 14-06-701-1526

Sand-gravel--contract 14-06-701-1793

Snow fence—contract 14-06-701-1935

Other Government-furnished materials

Subtotal, Minor Supply Contracts, etc.

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APPENDIX A (Continued)
Relocation Contracts


Total cost

to the Government

State of Nebraska--Relocation of U.S. Highway No. 34
around Swanson Lake $1,056,363

State of Nebraska—Exchange of right-of-way in connec-
tion with relocation of U.S. Highway No. 34 around
Swanson Lake 1,494

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Co. --Relocation
around Swanson Lake 1,915,370

Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.--Relocation of lines in
Swanson Lake area 20, 000

Village of Trenton, Nebraska—Relocation of public utilities
facilities, streets, sidewalks, abandonment of streets
and alleys 1, 874

Hitchcock County, Nebraska--Relocation and abandonment
of county roads 163

Riverside Telephone Co.--Relocation of lines in Swanson
Lake area 750

Hitchcock County, Nebraska--Relocation and abandonment
of county roads 40

Pleasant View Telephone Co. --Relocation of lines in Swan-
son Lake area 614

Rose Field Telephone Co.—Relocation of lines in Swanson
Lake area 900

Subtotal, Relocation Contracts $2,997,568 APPENDIX A (Continued)


Noncontractual Costs

Land and rights $ 854,156

Labor by Government forces 51,176

Construction facilities 214,072

Indirect costs:

Preliminary surveys and investigations 932,989

Denver Office charges 561,650

Engineering and inspection 1,041,991

Administration and general expenses 584, 678

Subtotal, Noncontractual Costs $ 4,240,712

Total Estimated Cost of Trenton Dam $21,351,128

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