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Location Map

Canal Outlet Works—Gate Installations

General Plan and Sections

Spillway--Plan and Sections

Spillway Gate Structure and Nonoverflow Abutments—

Plan and Sections
Gate Structure—Crest, Pier, and Bridge Details
Spillway--Gate Structure River Outlet and Gate

Control Arrangement «

Canal Outlet Works—Plan and Sections

Canal Outlet Works—Gate Chambers and Stilling Well Details
Settlement Installations
Location and Logs of Exploration Holes
Swanson Reservoir Area--Railroad and Highway

Plan of Borrow Areas and Logs of Exploration Holes

in North Borrow Area
Spillway 42- by 30-foot Radial Gate—General

Flood Routing Curves
Canal Outlet Works--Discharge Curves
6-foot 0-inch x 7-foot 6-inch High Pressure Gate

Assembly with List of Parts
Typical Terminal Well for 40 Piezometer Tips
Typical Foundation Settlement Installation



Technical Publications

"API-ASME Code for the Design, Construction, Inspection and Repair
of Unfired Pressure Vessels for Petroleum Liquids and Gasses"--
American Petroleum Institute and American Society of Mechanical

"Earth Manual, " Bureau of Reclamation, June 1951

"Railway Engineering Manual. " 1948 Edition—American Railway Association

"Recommended Practice and Standard Specifications for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete "--Report of Joint Committee on Standard Specifications for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete, ASCE, June 1940

"Specifications for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Railroad Bridges
and other Structures"—'American Railway Engineering Association

"Specifications for Steel Railway Bridges" 1946—American Railway
Engineering Association

"Studies of Crests for Overfall Dams, " Bureau of Reclamation, Boulder
Canyon Final Reports, Part VI, Bulletin 3

"Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges, " 5th Edition, American
Association of State Highway Officials

Bureau of Reclamation Reports (Unpublished)

"Construction Materials Report--Trenton Dam, " Report No. Ml-5,
July 17, 1950

"Hydraulic Model Studies of Trenton Dam Spillway, " Report No. Hyd-301,
March 7, 1952

"Hydraulic Model Studies of the Regulating Gate and Stilling Well—
Trenton Dam and Canal Outlet Works, " Report No. Hyd-300, April
11, 1951

"Laboratory Investigations of Concrete Sand, Trenton Dam, " Report
No. C-466, November 30, 1949

"Laboratory Tests of Loess Material for the Foundations and Embankments
of the Railroad Relocation of Trenton Dam, " Report No. EM-232,
May 16, 1950

"Laboratory Tests on Foundation Samples from Culbertson Dam Site,"
Report No. EM-187, October 18, 1948

"Petrographic Characteristics of Loess, Trenton Dam," Report No. Pet-93,
July 19, 1949

"Trenton Dam, Designers' Operating Criteria," August 1953

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