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OCTOR PUNCH, the great International Hakim, was at the International Health Exhibition.

He had received (of course) an "ovation," as the sporting scribes love to call it, compared with which that given to ARCHER after a great win, GRACE after a gigantic score, or Hantan after a twenty-length triumph, were a mere hushed whisper. All other attractions of the colossal Show were for the time as completely eclipsed as Antony, enthroned in the market-place, at the approach of CLEOPATRA in her Nile-borne barge. But now he had courteously waved his worshippers away for awhile, and retired with Toby to a quiet nook of the Old London Street, for observation and reflection.

“Tremendous spectacle, TOBY!" soliloquised the Illustrious One. “He whom men called Dizzy should have lived to see it. It might perhaps have pleased him even more than the Primrose League. His improvised maxim, Sanitas sanitatum, omnia sanitas, is here substantially set forth. Here is the apotheosis of what he mystically adumbrated in his celebrated triad, 'the Tank, the Oven, and the Porch.' "A Policy of Sewage' is here matter not for light ridicule, but for practical illustration. 'Twas vastly different in 1666!”

Toby, with a recollection of his Master's Fleet Street sanctum, and a comparative eye cocked at the “Three Squirrels," yapped an emphatic assent.


My popular one!
This splendid idea

Will have a big run!” murmured Dr. Purch, parodying Poe's song to the Siren with ready neatness.

Adsum !" said a voice at his elbow, soft and low, indeed, yet clear as a Belgian bell-note, and musical as is Apollo's lute." The very voice of Health !

Dr. Punch bowed profoundly. He recognised the Health-Goddess at a glance, though she bore not the classic insignia of the Serpent and Cup. Dr. Punch noticed also that she bore not the Harbertonian Divided Skirt !

“Daughter of ancient ÆSCULAPIUS, and pet divinity of his modern representative, RICHARDSON, this scene must be a triumph for the Sire, the Goddess, and the faithful Votary !” said the smiling Sage, sententiously.

HYGEIA stooped to pat the astonished TOBY, who, “gazing on divinity” (though not "disrobed "), seemed for once to have lost his usually dogged hold of the categorical imperative.

“ The Greeks," said she—as it seemed a little irrelevantly—“had a fine sense of congruity and proportion in Art. I do not mean the Art of Advertisement, which I doubt if they understood so thoroughly as you Moderns seem to do."

“ Had they done so," said Dr. Punch, promptly, “they would doubtless have had a God of Hoardings, or a Tutelary Divinity of Bill-stickers. You will admit, however, my dear Goddess, that your own votaries are more numerous and more devoted than in the days, say, of Old London."

“Doubtless," replied Hygeia. “But they have not always that mens sana in corpore sano which they are so fond of talking about."

“ You mean that Sanitation, like Art, is dreadfully fad-ridden," rejoined Dr. Punch. “Exactly," said Hygeia. “And fads mean mental disease and debility. Healthy minds throw them off as healthy

" HYGEIA “ bodies throw off colds and megrims."

“Hurroo ! " ejaculated the Sage, jubilantly. “You 're something like a Goddess, you are ! Haven't heard sounder doctrine—from other lips than my own—for a long time. Your health, my dear HygEIA,—if that toast isn't tautological !"


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HYGEIA smiled the smile of placid appreciation. “Don't think I disparage this Show," said she, mildly, “It is colossal, full of invaluable teaching, and very enjoyable into the bargain. Only, big as it is, it might be supplemented.”

"Just so," cried Dr. Punce, emphatically. “Oh, HYGEIA, what nonsense is talked in thy name ! Talked by sensational savants, popular doctors, and rabid Dress-reformers, as well as by interested advertisers, and highfaluting guide-book makers. But I see, Goddess, that, like Liberty, you are wiser than your more word, worshippers.”

“ That may easily be," responded Hygeia, quietly.

“This Show, as you say, is superb," pursued Dr. Pusch. "If all have not sound bodies, it is hardly the fault of the enthusiastic advocates of hygiene in Food, Dress, and the Dwelling. But as to the mens sana, a modern Juvenal might find matter for cutting comment, eh?”

Who would not wonder if such man there be ?

Who would not smile if PONCHIUS were he ?" said HYGEIA, with laughing significance.

“My métier is not precisely Juvenalian,” said the genial Sage. “ But the bauble and bâton may do as good work as the scalpel. Mens sana! Ah, my dear Goddess, could you sanitate men's minds, the circle of your devout worshippers would be indefinitely widened. A prophylactic against Fad, a cure for Cant, a dessicative for Gush, an antiseptic for morbid Art, a PASTEUR-specific for political and religious rabies—these are the desiderata of mental hygiene. Fancy how much sweeter life would be without Stage-fever, Art chlorosis, poetic Satyriasis, and Gladstonophobia !” “Granted," sighed Hygeia, wistfully. “But who can minister to a mind diseased ?"

HYGEIA Nil desperandum !” replied Dr. Pusch, cheerily. “ You spoke of a supplement to this gigantic Show! I fancy I can furnish such a supplement as you suggest

" Where? When?" interrupted Hygeia, eagerly.

"Here and now!" replied the Fleet Street Thaumaturge, promptly. “In compact compass, but all-comprehensive ! ! Its own guide, and requiring no illumination save its own brilliancy! Advertising nobody, but helping everybody! Antidote to Fad, Cant, Humbug, Puffery, Priggishness, Party Spirit, and all forms of mental disease and debility! Wholesome, sparkling, mind-bracing, soul-invigorating! No, it is not a mineral water nor a farinaceous food! But it is the healthiest and most health-imparting thing in the Exhibition-or out of it! Come hither and behold!"

And, leading the astonished yet delighted Health-Goddess into the presence of the waiting thousands of his enthusiastic worshippers-the Representatives of all Classes and of all Nationalities--the Doctor of Doctors presented to her —and to them-his


Eighty-Sirth Volume !

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September Xxx Days.

November xxx Days.

January xxxi Days.

Circumin 17 Tu Franklip b. iw Abydos R Prisca 8/Tin Tube 19 Walt b. AV Nimi ourne | 23 ul. Bpip. 63 EL Von d M Agnes 6 S &al. Chr. I'u Vincent m Phong

23 W Pitt d. 1806 STUS. 1. 8h 7 TWA. Blacked

9 W 8. th 3 m 28 F Durnab TOTh Nor IIL 0.265 Brasil dine. NV Hilary T. 67S & f. Epip. 123 Liwlar d. 8 M Prescott d. 13 9 18 of Epip: 1129 To Gea III. d. JAN 1.1. L30 W Chas Lbhd. 119TU Owol plot 31 T Hilary T.. 16 W& Carlos

March xxxi Days. sse David M St. Patrick 8S I Sin Leon Sterne J. 3M B. Merton 19 w Lucknow t. ATS 1.6h.41 m. 20 TI Newtond 5 W. 51146. 121 FH ry T.. 6 Tb Du Maurier 22Emp.Ger.h Op Perpetua

23 S 18. ln Lent 8s WiLilld | 24 M 1. Elis. d. 95 28. in Lanul 1 Lidy Day 10M chiller #26 WGmb.

Tulac, Tanes I. d. 12 W Gregory 2V C te u 13 Th Priestley b. 293 i Towion 141 K. Italy Los 58 in Lent 165 MAIOR 1. Paria olsa in lat

May xxxi Days. 1Th Sr.41.340.1175 Jenner b. 2 ss.Th.2014 Rogation S. 33 B. Zamora 19 M Dunstan AS 3 8. al.

E20 T Columbus d. M Napl. . 21W Acre rel. 61.Jolin Evan. 12TH Ascen Day 7 W Nap. I. CL 23 P B. Ram lies 87. st. T. e 1243 . Vict.. 9F Schiller d. 25 Sf.Asren 198 He-qr. Day :0 Augustine Ils S. 1 E 27 TVen. Beje 19 M D.1 55.228 WW. Pirt b. 13 TUO. MAS Day 129 T). CA. II.rex 14 W Gration d. OF Poped 15 TO'Connella18 Canton tkn. 16 B. Albuera

11 B. Sed..'7010 T. D. Colet d.
27 s.r 511,16m. Lamiert.
3 W SL 6h 41 m eo I land.
4 TI. Moscow it. If U Poirien
of Comte d. 203 BAWA'64
6S Colbert d. 21 S 155 f1r.
7s | 38 A. 11:30 B Ratch
8 M N.B.V.

Mr Auin. Ob
911. K. Flodden 14 W S. Bata d.
10 W B Qurancy : dison C.
1 TX Dell 20 V SI, Cyprian
12F Mucher d. 975 B. Busco
138 Tel el Kebir 2 S 1686.11.
145 T.12: M Mich. Day
15 MB. Rajgbur 3 rusl Jorozne

S All 6 inta 1615 23 8. af Tr. els 15. af. T. M Hopli Bpin 3M Per. Leigh 181 Wilkie bo 4181.71 m. 19 W. Arcola W.41.25m 120Th Sue Cnlop.

Leon-d 2 F J. Hoge d. al B. Moollan 221 SL Cecilia

5 Moliere d. 3s |24 8. .T. 9 s 22 s. f.T.MJ. Knor d. 10 MM.Lutherb: 1 D. Ah. 20.

St Morun 2 w O. Grigi d. 1. Baxter 171.Pra MA d. 1311. Britius 2XP Budap a. 1 Leiboiu d. 1203 HurDand b. 16,8 ochutus Jus Adv. Gus.


April xxx Days.

October xxxi Days.

December xxxi Days.

June xxx Days. 1/5 Whit Sun.

July xxxi Days. TB. Boyne 17th Punch '41 9W 1.349.n. U. Vienna

This 8h.1801913 Petrarel d. 4 Garibaldi b | 20 S 6 So. af. Tr. 05 Prs Helm 21 MR. Buros d

So... TPT. Salamanca
a J. Hiies bl || 23 W Lyonet he

CHA.smith 24 r.
W Stier diod! F S James
Tip Fell d. 103 h. Ollo d.
Toideaardoll 7 7 SD. f.1'.
13 Kinglake PV Cowley d.
13 S 6 Soul.

T9 TB. Beylau
14 Mestilo de WW. Peon
15r.. Sl. Swi biors Helodis
16 w Berpurer d.

August xxxi Days.


February xxix Days. at M.Kembobos Burkaera

& Unelpas series. 3S IMM Lutherd

1.7h 3510 19 T.. Copernic. Tub 55m 20 W Hum. d.

w Ch. II. d. 21 Th Trinidad l. arbo.ol 22 F Fernand

L-qr. Day 233 Sir J.Hey.d. Os Darnley 21 s Quinga 8. hos Septu.& 25 We do UM D.10n3in. Tr. Morred 19TWaia 27W Ab Wed. 13 W Den. Peel d. PT. Tenniel 141h Valentino 29 F Rousiai 1517 & Latria

ITA!! Fool, 10 W Buffon d.
2W.51 36in1 IB Cullo en
3 Th..6h 34 IP Grunt d.
AF Ambrox bp 1. Bron
69 Nao Ibis Low Sun,
6 S Palo Sun. 21 M R cine d.

Fielolet:2 Todessa hon.
8.B.B.TUNA W St. Georg

WL Bennd24 TL Lad iree
roli M.1 Di d. S. Mark
U nod Frid. 26 3 Byr.Contod
123 Yonag d. S 23. Al. Ea
95-ster SunB Tours
14 V BL. Holiday |29 To D 14h. Im
1618 Moron W Fitsoy d.

16 MR. 1ghir.
ON Lk. Holidariusi. Alban
3.1.3h 19 III terloo
W.8L 8 1:13. Warres
('h Paxton d1f Vicl Ac

Calmo lkn ! Longest D
13. Erina

F2 g ( T
Sr. Son, 2: Leibnits be
TDickens d. 341rul Midem. D.

1. Heilsberg 21 A. Allie
URH.con d.120 ri. Gan IV. d.
19 Ascot (up 271 D.171 33m.
12P Corsica tkn. VI. VILCI
14 Naseby S3, al. Tr.
1)S i SD af. Í 30 M Roscoe d.

OP Flammas D1S 10 8. f.Tv
23 B. Nilo Tir Healtid
als sn... T. 19.O. ptero
Mk.Holiday? Wang
3 T-Sr.4) 31 m2 Tb Blckck...h
gw .7h30m2 U. osworth
71. Corol del Wallace lol
8 Canning d.

28. f.T.
913 Dryden 25 v Furudaya
ins 9'1,26 r. o Cresy
TIM Krone b] 27W Thomann d.
14T Grouse sh. 28TH. Lipsic
13 W 0.) amma20F Jno.
141 Cided 30s Mousan
15 W. Geolt bis 125 al. Tr.
1613 H Vionville

ilwr. 6 2.0F H. Pail, be
81...5h.35mins -t. Luke
Filens d. lls 19 S. 1.T.

GEOL 1 M B N-varino
6 S 17 N. A.T.12 ur
ON Faith 2.W B Edge Hill
arw. Met '70 28 Tri-h Heb
WU. Actium 19 Webster d.

Ti Denys 125 SL Crispin
10 Day 11 hs 2015 20 3. f. Tr.

is old Mic D. 27 Map Cook ).
1: s8 s. f.1.1 r. u. Locke d.
18 Fir Insex 29W Fol mis
ITB Solac 3 Sheridan
1.W Virgil be MF Allhallow
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1. Pes, WI W B. Nuits '70
9 TU Austerl|ITI B Spurs
3 W Brouburb 19 Schiele
4 T. S.J. 71. 50 203 1. Viciona

w S. 3h.500 | 21 S &ip Adv. 6s Ct Nichol 129 M Wint oh. als 2 & ipAdv. 23 TUJADILI BMC.BV.Man w Chile Eve 9 Tu Vondyke 0.25 TL Christ. Day 101 Milton 26 F BL. Holiday 11 TI. Grouse the 2013 - John 19P C.Cilber | 28 Sef Chr. 133 Sl Lucy 19M Oladstone b 14S 3 Sin Adl0TU.atka. 15 M. W top a.] 31W Silrester 101. V. Weber

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