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Co the memory of

Herman kountze

Come, sweetheart, let us ride away beyond the city's

bound, And seek what pleasant lands across the distant hills

are found. There is a golden light that shines beyond the verge of

dawn, And there are happy highways leading on and al

ways on; So, sweetheart, let us mount and ride, with never a back

ward glance, To find the pleasant shelter of the Valley of Romance.

Before us, down the golden road, floats dust from charg

ing steeds, Where two adventurous companies clash loud in mighty

deeds; And from the tower that stands alert like some tall,

beckoning pine, E’en now, my heart, I see afar the lights of welcome

shine! So loose the rein and cheer the steed and let us race

away To seek the lands that lie beyond the Borders of To-day.

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