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AUGUST, 1881.

No. 116.




“Don't you want to take a ride?" asked a reporter on a city daily, whom I chanced to meet on the shady side of Chestnut street some days ago.

“Where to, and for what purpose ?" I asked in surprise.

“Why, away from these sweltering streets, out among the sweetly-scented clover-fields, and through the breezy rustling woods, where the"

“Easy now, my dear fellow, easy; that is plenty. Tell me, now, for what purpose?”

“ I don't know what you mean. Do you want to be paid for going ?” he asked.

"Most assuredly I do; though not necessarily in cash. Other coin will answer as well. I want the worth of my time. I am tired of going aimlessly about studying human nature.' I can study that anywhere, and there is plenty of coun.

Vol. XVII.-7.

try in the Park for that matter. Yes, I want my the shoulder, and, whirling me “about face," price, and it must be a specific one,"' I retorted. said: “Here is a car."

“I am almost inclined to let you drop, old We were aboard and en route in less time than friend," he replied, but the expression of his face it takes to tell it. indicated the contrary, the hard task lines there Heaven bless the man who invented the open dissolving away into a genial look of boyish an- or summer street-car! Though it was oppressively ticipation as he continued smilingly, and confident warm outside the shadow of its roof, the fresh of an easy victory, “but I'll buy you up this time, breezes we gathered within as we bowled along if I do have to give you more than you are worth.” West Walnut street, free from dust, with the de

“Well, what shall be the price?" I asked. lightful water airs from the Schuylkill when cross

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“What say you to seeing scores of maidens coy, ing the Chestnut street bridge, made the ride to all dressed in spotless white ?"

the West Chester depot both pleasant and agree“Ah! that is cool and refreshing. What else?" able.

“Why, we shall have a good deal that is poetical, “Just think of it,” remarked my friend, “in a some little that is philosophical, with a modicum few weeks more you can take the Philadelphia and of the politico-economical, and as our old friend West Chester trains at Fifteenth and Market, and Polonius might add, considerable of the histori. go whirling out to your country home over the cal, a measure of the original, and much of the elevated road. Won't that be a grand and dequotational.'"

cided improvement ?" “I have solved your riddle," I replied. “It's I thought it would, and so expressed myself. a college commencement. I see it all before me- It is very evident that before long the impetus a fresh and charming scene--proud fathers-fond which rapid transit will give to improvements and mothers—admiring friends—everybody happy, es- settlements along the suburban lines of our railpecially the graduates. I am with you, and ready roads will be marked. There will be springing for the ride."

up around every station along these lines a multiMy companion almost instantly caught me bytude of little villas and unobtrusive shade-shel

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tered homes, where thousands of families can live “ You are speculative. I have often thought cheaper and better than in the crowded thorough- you were touched with the Gerroan way of thinkfares of the city.

ing. What is the use of pondering over forces At a quarter past ten o'clock we took the that you cannot measure? Of course, the Uni“special” for Swarthmore. The West Chester versity, to look at the thing in a common-sense and Philadelphia road, we noticed, has made some way, is a good school, and its usefulness as such very decided improvements in its rolling stock, is great because it is a large school; but boys and has added many new and elegant coaches. come out from there with about the same training The road-bed is also being heavily ballasted, and we had ten or fifteen years ago."

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laid with a double track of the best steel rails. “ There you are mistaken," I said. “It is This is owing to the fact, as we are informed, that true that the several departments are designed a new and liberal policy has been inaugurated by mainly to give that comprehensive and liberal the new management under whose control the culture, and to secure that mental training and road has lately passed.

discipline, which was until recent years the sole Do you know of any group of buildings which aim of the best-known American colleges. The combine more beauty with commanding effect methods by which these objects are sought have than those ?” asked my friend, pointing to the been enlarged there by the adoption of a carefully University buildings on the right, as we passed arranged elective system, by the introduction of out from the depot.

new subjects of study (notably the modern lan“I cannot say that I do; yet, when I look at guages), and by giving greater prominence to them, their mere beauty is lost upon me, for I certain old ones. But especially in all departlook through them, as it were, and find myselt ments of science there has been as much improvepondering over the mighty forces of usefulness ment in “methods' in the art of instruction as in that are generated within their walls," I replied. other useful arts. New methods have given

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