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mired at if homeward first groupout of

guese rule, and its inhabitants, numbering between it being carried to Fayal, where it is used in forty and fifty thousand, seem more wide awake making the quaint-shaped pottery so much adand enterprising than their island neighbors. mired at the present time.

On our homeward trip we visited Corvo, the smallest island of the first group, and about twenty miles from Flores. It is almost out of the world, as it were, and is a barren, forsaken-looking place. Only six miles long and three miles broad, its poor inhabitants have but a limited territory from which to gather their subsistence. There is but one village upon the island, and this was apparently built in the only available spot for such a purpose. The streets are very narrow, some of them scarcely more than lanes, and seem to lead nowhere in particular. The houses are of the rudest description, and the people nearly all utilize their front yards for pig-pens and hencoops. No horses are found upon the island, but they have a small breed of cattle, and a few sheep

browse upon the patches of verdure that are sound THE ST. MICHAEL'S CARAPUÇA.

here and there. They raise corn and wheat in

small quantities, and a few yams and potatoes. There are some excellent hotels here, and on the They have a circular threshing-floor near the business streets are stores well stocked with goods, | village centre, made of clay, where five oxen tied mostly imported from Lisbon, with which city together were threshing out a small quantity of regular communication is had by steamers twice wheat upon it. They will patiently work in this a month.

way for half a day, when one of our modern fails One of the nobility, with the title of baron, has or machines for such work would have done it in a magnificent residence at Ponta Delgada, sur- an hour's time. Their farming tools are the rudest rounded with extensive grounds. Landscape gardening would seem to have reached perfection here, for nothing can be more lovely than the grottoes, cascades, artificial caverns, and parterres of the most rare and gorgeous flowers that meet the visitor at every turn of this island paradise.

This charming spot, however, is not without its shadows, for it is sometimes visited by earthquakes, though none have occurred recently. It has some famous sulphur springs called the Furnas, which issue boiling hot from the earth, and are said to be efficacious in the cure of rheumatism and kindred chronic diseases. They are much resorted to by the inhabitants, but the fame of their healing properties has not extended far enough to attract many foreign visitors as yet.

San Maria is the smallest and most insignificant of the group, and is seldom visited, except by native vessels, which go there for the fine clay with which the island abounds. This is shipped on imaginable, and so ancient in construction that board their vessels in the form of round balls and they would be considered a valuable addition to exported to the different islands, a large share of an antiquarian museum.



The Portuguese Government does not care to have months. Soinetimes there is a slight frost, and any improvements reach these islands; so with all occasionally a little frozen rain, but this seldom their beauty and wealth of fruits they are far' occurs, and the islands are green all the year round. behind other civilized countries in regard to the The hotel accommodations of the island are comforts and conveniences of life. These gems good, especially at Fayal and St. Michael's, and of the sea are delightful places to visit, especially tourists who desire a sea voyage and the sight of for invalids, and many resort here to spend the a quaint bit of Old World civilization cannot do winter' months. Snow is never seen except on better than to take passage in some vessel bound the Peak of Pico, and then only during the winter to these island gems of the Atlantic.


By Hon. E. A. THOMAS.

ABOUT fifty millions of people inhabit the comments of the Salt Lake press and the expressed United States. Among them are found men of satisfaction of the Mormon people furnish all every sect and every nationality. But one class, that was wanting. however, is infamous enough to rejoice over the The blighting influences of their doctrines are attempt upon the life of President Garfield, and spreading over some of the fairest portions of the to applaud the atrocity of Guiteau. That the Pacific Slope. Already has the shadow fallen class referred to should do so is not surprising, upon Arizona and Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming. for assassination has ever been inseparably con- Victorious in war, successful in negotiations, the nected with the polity of the Mormon Church. It founder of the highest national credit, the emanwas the favorite method of Brigham Young for cipator of millions, honored abroad, peacefully the maintenance of his terrible power. It is by established at home, our Republic can no longer no means discountenanced under the present hie- permit this foul blot to remain on its escutcheon. rarchy. Because at his inauguration the President | No one asks for persecution. A strict enforcespoke a few noble words by which he evinced his ment of the laws against all evil-doers, equally and purpose of enforcing the laws in Utah as well as in unwaveringly, is alone sought for. When the Washington, the “saints'' of these latter days pre- public sentiment of this nation is aroused, the tend to see the hand of Providence in the present doom of polygamy and of the other evil dogmas national affliction. They assert that the sufferings of the Mormon faith will be enforced. The laws of President Garfield are a just judgment upon cannot interfere with a person's religious belief; him for even promising to do his duty toward that but they may prohibit criminal acts, the result of insubordinate and stubborn people. They possess that belief, and the moment that the unlawful an impudence truly sublime. Composing an deeds of the Mormon hierarchy are entirely supoligarchy with foreign tendencies within the limits pressed, no bonds of union will hold the priestof this mighty Republic, they assume to sit in hood together, the Church will crumble to pieces, judgment on all temporal powers. The President and but little religion will be left to quarrel over. and the Supreme Court of the United States are What then might remain of Mormonism would especially subject to their censure; the former prove no more obnoxious than the tenets of many for the simple reason that he has pledged himself other sects. to do his duty; the latter, because it has held to The subject now is not a difficult one to dispose be valid certain laws which seriously interfere of. The rights of fifty millions as against those with the favorite measures of the priesthood. Had of a quarter of a million can be readily adjusted. anything been needed to fill the Mormon cup of But the same ratio will not exist for any great iniquity to the brim and to convince the American length of time. Soon the problem will prove a nation that there is good cause to find that people far more difficult one to solve than was that of guilty on the various charges against them, the slavery, but a few years since. Great Britain and

Scandinavia are being effectually canvassed by desert to blossom as the rose." They have indeed Mormon missionaries. Thousands of the most been industrious, but in pursuit of the best interests ignorant and depraved are annually drawn from of the hierarchy. these countries and poured into the valley of the Were they accomplishing good, many evils Great Salt Lake. The teachings of these emissaries could be overlooked; but in all things they are appeal to the baser portion of human nature. anti-Christian as well as anti-American. Their Animal comforts, beastly gratification, are prom arrogant bearing in Utah, where they are so ised as inducements to become converts. “New greatly in the majority, their threats of vengeance stakes" in Zion are being set throughout the against the American people and all others whom Pacific Slope, and bishoprics established in all of they deem their enemies, their advocacy of blood the adjoining States and Territories. The Mor- atonement, and the comfort which they derive mon polity, however vicious, is based on shrewd from the belief that eventually all inimical to conimon sense. Its object is the greatest good them will be destroyed with fire unquenchable, for the smallest number, and it has proved a per does not well accord with the theology of Christ. fect success. The institution is a close corporation, Neither does the fact that Utah and all the Morfroin which the President of the Church, his Coun mons are ruled by a small oligarchy composed of sellors, the Twelve Apostles, and a few others their President and Twelve Apostles, that freedom derive unlimited authority. They also acquire of thought and of speech is not permitted there great riches from the lithings paid in by the poor (except in Salt Lake City, under the guns of Fort and superstitious masses of the church members. Douglas), that polygamous wives, irrespective of

Claiming to be the “ Church of Jesus Christ age and nationality, without any process of naturof Latter-Day Saints," it is impossible to discover alization, are permitted to vote and to enjoy all in their dogmas anything that savors of Christian the other rights of citizenship, that hostility to theology. A strange compound appears, how. republican institutions is thoroughly instilled into ever, of doctrines drawn from the faith of the the heart of each new convert, and of every MorJews and of the Buddhists, and the theory of mon child, and that all are taught that it is a "blood-atonement" has led practically to the meritorious act to disobey the laws of the United offering of human sacrifices.

States, correspond well with the principles of the The supreme absurdity of the proposition that American Government. They boast that they "the practice of polygamy tends to promote a pure will yet be strong enough in their mountain fastand spiritual religion need not be discussed here. nesses to cope with the national power, and so Without any reference to that offense, there is great is the superstition of the masses that they nothing pure or spiritual in the faith of the Mor- believe when the inevitable time for action arrives mons. “They are of the earth, earthy." The the leaders of the faithful will call to their aid the Church has existed for half a century. Nearly a mighty host of heaven: quarter of a million converts have been made. Any other Government possessed of one twenWhat are the results? Has even one man truly tieth part of the power of the United States would great appeared in it ? Has it produced a states | long ago have wiped this stain from the face of man, poet, general, orator, patriot, or philanthro- the earth. But America, young, generous, mighty, pist? Is any man to-day happier or holier for apathetic, careless of the future, nurtures in her the theology of Joseph Smith ? Are we indebted bosom the reptile that will yet endeavor to sting to it for a single great or noble sentiment? Could her to the heart. any of these questions be answered in the affirma- The founder of the Mormon Church, ambitious tive, we might entertain some feeling of compas- of power, desirous of the means to gratify his sion, or a hope that proper treatment might recall animal instincts, without a spark of genius, but them to the path of duty. But under the existing guided by low cunning, chose religion and superstate of facts what can the Mormons demand but stition as the instruments with which to attain his simple justice, the justice which we desire them to end. He palmed off upon his credulous followers receive, but for which they have the greatest the dreamy productions of a valetudinarian sor aversion.' Their highest claim to consideration is the inspirations of Jehovah. Avowing the dogma in their own language, that they have “made the of plural marriage, persecuted for what he did, not for what he believed, becoming as much of office of governor, he maintained his political a martyr as John of Leyden, or Kniperdoling, supremacy, and by means of his “ Band of Danhis mantle fell to Brigham Young. That leader ites" enforced speedily, secretly, mercilessly, in was far superior in talents to Joseph Smith. His despite of Federal powers, his own fatal decrees. intellectual powers were coarse, strong, practical. | Then was organized a most effectual plan for He led the exodus from the States to the valley of proselyting. The first Mormons, renegades to the Great Salt Lake. Burning with hatred for their religion and to their country, were nearly the land of his birth, suffering with his followers all Americans. The high officers of the Church in the hour of their most fearful trials, leading are, with few exceptions, filled by them to-day, them successfully to their promised land, he Yet the institution is emphatically foreign, and it gained over them an ascendancy such as has i was soon apparent to the astute mind of Brigham rarely been acquired by any of the sons of men Young, that if his Church was to flourish, its over their fellows. Arriving in Utah, he was un strength must be derived from other countries. disturbed for a long time either by the Mexican | Zealous emissaries, under his direction, were sent or American Government. He became absolute abroad. The offscourings of Protestant Europe dictator. Even after the establishment of other have been gathered into the valleys of the Ameri. authority, he received from most of his followers can Zion. implicit obedience until the time of his death. The gospel, as preached to these converts, He combined, as he termed it, the order of Mel- abounds with promises of peace, plenty, and parchisedec with the plan of organization of the early adise in this world, and a glorious immortality Christian Church, found a place in the priesthood in the one to come. But if these promises are no for every enthusiastic spirit, and by his choice of better fulfilled as to the future than the present, presidents, apostles, bishops, counsellors, high- most Mormons will have a far more realizing sense priests, and members of seventies, gave offices to of the place described by Dante than of the one many and cemented the bonds of the Church. He piciured by Milton. also formed a complete system of gradation and From the time that a Mormon is baptized his promotion, as well as of espionage, and placed enforced contributions to the wealth of the priests himself firmly in the highest seat of power. commence. If in America, it is nominally for

According to the law which he enunciated, the the exclusive use of the Church, but actually for lands of Utah in the first instance belonged exclu- the pockets of the “ leaders in Israel." If a poor sively to the Church, and in its distribution he was Mormon has no money, he turns wheat and potanot forgetful of his own interests, nor of those toes, beef and poultry, hay and wool, into the of his immediate followers. He subsequently insatiable maw of the Church. If the convert is formed and carried out the plan of erecting in baptized in foreign lands, he is persuaded as each town or county of importance a Zion's speedily as possible to sail for America. If he Co-operative Mercantile Institute,” which, man has money, the elders receive it in trust until he aged by his favorites, monopolized nearly all the arrives in Utah. He will never see it again. He business of Utah, excluded the Gentiles from par- may be paid in lands and merchandise at the ticipation therein, and greatly increased the reve Saints' own valuation, but the money will never nue which he had perniciously derived from the be returned. It will inure to the benefit of apospayment of tithings to the Church. The payment tles and elders. If the convert is poor, he will of this tithing is strictly enforced, and no stronger be furnished with a ticket to Utah. When there, cause exists to-day for the excommunication of a he will ascertain that he is involved in a debt to brother than the fact that he has been remiss in the Church which he can never pay. Instead of making these payments to the officers of the diminishing, he will find that it increases every treasury.

year, and he will learn that he has a job on hand After the organization of Utah into a Territory, similar to that of filling a well which has no Brigham Young was appointed governor. Thus bottom. he was at the same time at the head of the Church When the trains, which during each month roll and of the political and mercantile interests of down the valley of the Great Salt Lake, enter the the Territory. Though soon superseded in the city of that name, the apostles and bishops meet

to receive the new converts, to welcome them to another, he will, according to Mormon theology, Zion, and especially to select from the youngest be in imminent peril of hell-fire. and prettiest a third, eighth, or eleventh wife, as When a Mormon is married, he again passes the case may be. The higher orders of the through the Endowment House, where additional priesthood are allowed to choose first. Many a mummeries are performed. The farce is repeated girl scarcely eighteen is compelled to become the every time that a new concubine is added to the polygamous wife of a bishop of sixty. No pre- harem. conceived affection or plighted troth is permitted the priests perform these marriages, attend to to interfere. Younger or more fascinating lovers other rites, interfere with the business relations of must be renounced. Until recently, the anath- the laymen, dictate marriages, prescribe styles of emas of the Church and the fierce wrath of the dress, settle the disputes, where such settlement is Danites were certain to descend upon the heads required by the interests of the Church, meddle of all those who dared to withstand the desires of with politics, get elected to the legislature, hold such“ holy" men. Deprivation of goods, torture, other offices, give orders generally, and pocket and assassination have frequently been the result the plunder. of such acts of disobedience.

The legislation of these priestly lawgivers is After the farce of a marriage ceremony is per- somewhat striking and peculiar. Their statute formed, these young women, under age and of books may be searched in vain for any law against foreign birth, are allowed to vote, and are granted incest, seduction, or bastardy, to say nothing of all the rights of citizenship. The men are told to bigamy. The doors are literally thrown open to have no dealings with the Gentiles, but to pur- all those wishing to procure divorces, which may chase everything they require at Z. C. M. I., or there be obtained upon the most flimsy pretexts. at least of some brother in the faith, and last, Licentiousness abounds, and the illegitimate chil. but not least, to promptly pay their tithing. dren are increasing in great numbers; illegitimate They are then taken through the “Endowment according even to the very loose construction of House,” the mysteries of which have been but the Mormon expounders; children whose parents partially explained, where, however, the perform never went through the slightest form of marriage. ances are said to excel even those of the Mormon Home influences are unknown in polygamous theatres.

families. The women are downtrodden and in No Mormon, until he reaches Salt Lake City, many cases heart-broken. The children grow up can pass through the Endowment House. Many ignorant, brutish, sensual. baptized Mormons never come to America. Con- If a man, disgusted with the pretensions and sequently they are deprived of this inestimable practices of the Mormon Church, withdraws from privilege, and of attaining the highest round in it, or if an evangelist attempts to begin his work the ladder of Mormon saintliness. When he does in the towns of Utah, a system of persecution will succeed in reaching the hallowed spot, he is pre- be inaugurated which, for malicious ingenuity, is sented with endowment robes, which he wears unparalleled. Protection may be found in Salt through life, and in which he is finally buried. Lake City, and sometimes in a few of the larger These robes resemble an ordinary woollen under towns; but as a rule an American citizen has no shirt and pair of drawers, marked with certain rights in Utah that a Mormon is bound to respect. hieroglyphics and cabalistic sentences. Possessed Though within a territory over which floats the of two or more of them, each saint is permitted to stars and stripes, he is not in many instances perchange for the purpose of cleanliness; but he is mitted to worship God according to the dictates not allowed to take one robe completely off with of his own conscience. No Gentile, as the nonout having another at least partly on. For in- Mormons are called, would desire to send his stance, a good saint, after pulling his right arm children to a Mormon school. Mormons and out of the one that he has been wearing, must Gentiles are nevertheless taxed alike for the coninsert the same arm in a clean robe before he can struction of school-houses, which, after complewithdraw the other arm from the robe that is tion, are used as Mormon temples. But we are soiled. Should he make a mistake and remove incorrect in saying that the two classes are taxed one garment entirely before putting on part of alike, for the Mormons assess as value the property

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