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La Crown 8vo Volumes, Cloth extra, as. 6d. each; and in various leather bindings.

Each Volume is complete in itself, and may be obtained separately.



I. The Danbar Anthology. 1401-1508 A.D.
II. The Surrey & Wyatt Anthology. 1509-1547 A.D.
III. The Spenser Anthology. 1548–1591 A.D.
IV. The Shakespeare Anthology. 1592-1616 A. D.

V. The Jonser Anthology. 1617-1637 A.D.
VI. The Milton Anthology. 1638-1674 A.D.
VII. The Dryden Anthology. 1675-1700 A.D.
VIII. The Pope Anthology. 1701-1744 A.D.
IX. The Goldsmith Anthology. 1745–1774 A.D.
X. The Cowper Anthology. 1775-1800 A.D.





*HIS is the first adequate attempt that has ever been

made towards an historical national Anthology at popular prices.

The Series will contain about 2,500 entire Poems and Songs, written by some Three Hundred Poets.

As each Volume represents a definite period of our literary history, some Poets will, of necessity, appear in more than one Volume. Nearly every form of English Versification will be represented in the Series. Each Volume will be complete in itself; and will contain a Glossary of such words, &c. in it, as have changed their meanings since its Poems were written.

British Anthologies will therefore contain those Poems and Songs with which every one ought to be acquainted.

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BROWNING. St. John in

the Desert. An Introduction and Notes to BROWNING'S 'A Death in the Desert.' By the Rev. G. U. POPE, M.A., D.D. Fcap. 8vo, stiff boards, 25. net.

GELL (The Hon. Mrs. Lyttel

ton). The Cloud of Witness. A Daily Sequence of Great Thoughts from many Minds, following the Christian Seasons. By the Hon. Mrs. LYTTELTON GELL, with a Prefatory Note by the late Archbishop of Canterbury. With a Frontispiece and special pages prepared to form a family record of anniversaries. Demy 18mo, from 35. 6d. Large type edition, crown 8vo, cloth, from 75. 6d. Eightieth Thousand.

The More Excellent Way. Words of the Wise on The Life of Love. Compiled by the same Authoress. Printed in colours. Cloth, 35. 6d.; and in leather bindings.

HORDER. The Treasury of

American Sacred Song. Selected and Edited by W. GARRETT HORDER. Limited Edition, £ 1 Is. net. Crown 8vo, vellum and cloth, ios. 6d.


À KEMPIS. Of the Imita

tion of Christ. By THOMAS À KEMPIS. A Revised Translation from the Original Latin. Royal 32mo, from 9d.; Oxford India Paper Editions, from Is.; The Oxford “Thumb' Edition, 128mo, from is. Also in leather

bindings and illustrated. KEBLE. The Christian Year.

By JOHN KEBLE. Royal 32mo, from gd.; Oxford India Paper Editions, from Is.; The Oxford Thumb' Edition, 128mo, from is. Also in

leather bindings and illustrated. Sacrament in Song, The Ex

tracts from English poets on the Holy Communion, arranged for the Sundays and Holydays of the Christian

Year. By E. A.D. 18mo, cloth, 2s.6d. GOLDSMITH, The Vicar of

Wakefield. By OLIVER GOLDSMITH. With a Collotype. Printed on the Oxford India Paper, measuring 2} * If xf inches, and issued in

various bindings, from is. BUNYAN. The Pilgrim's

Progress. Edited by E. VENABLES,
M.A. Two parts in one volume.
Complete Edition, 860 pp., from 1s.6d.



SELECT LIST OF BOOKS. BURNS. Selected Poems, BYRON. Childe Harold.

Edited, with Introduction, Notes, and Edited, with Introduction and Notes, a Glossary, by J. LOGIE ROBERTSON, by H. F. TOZER, M.A. Third M.A. Crown 8vo, 6s.

Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo, 35. 6d.; in Parchment, 55.

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CHAUCER. Chaucerian and

other Pieces, being a Supplementary Volume to the Above. Edited from numerous MSS. by W. W. SKEAT, Litt.D. 8vo, 18s.

ALFRED. King Alfred's Old

English Version of Boethius de
Consolatione Philosophiae. Edited
from the MSS., with Introduction,
Critical Notes, and Glossary, by

8vo, jos. 6d. BEOWULF. The Deeds of

Beowulf. An English Epic of the
Eighth Century done into Modern
Prose. With an Introduction and
Notes, by John EARLE, M.A. Crown

8vo, 85, 6d. CHAUCER. The Complete

Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Edited from numerous MSS. by W. W. SKEAT, Litt.D. In Six Volumes, demy Svo, with Portrait and Facsimiles. £4 16s., or 16s. each volume.

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