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Man, if thou be'st a Babe of Grace,

And of a Holy Seed;

I will reply incontinent,

And in my words proceed!
But if thou art a Child of Wrath,
And lewd in conversation;

I will not then converse with thee,
Nor hold communication!


I trust, ANARCHUS, we all three inherit The selfsame gifts; and share the selfsame Spirit.


Know then, my brethren! heaven is clear;

And all the clouds are gone!

The Righteous now shall flourish; and

Good days are coming on!

Come then, my brethren! and be glad;

And eke rejoice with me!

Lawn Sleeves and Rochets shall go down;
And, hey! then up go we!

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We'll break the windows, which the Whore
Of Babylon hath painted;

And when the Popish Saints are down,
Then BARROW shall be sainted!
There's neither Cross, nor Crucifix,
Shall stand for men to see!

Rome's trash and trump'ries shall go down;
And, hey! then up go we!

Whate'er the Popish hands have built,

Our hammers shall undo!

We'll break their Pipes, and burn their Copes; And pull down Churches too!

We'll Exercise within the groves;

And teach beneath a tree! We'll make a pulpit of a cart; And, hey! then up go we!

We'll down with all the 'Varsities!
Where Learning is profest;
Because they practise and maintain

The language of the Beast.

We'll drive the Doctors out of doors;

And Arts, where'er they be!

We'll cry both Arts and Learning down;

And, hey! then up go we!

We'll down with Deans, and Prebends too!
But I rejoice to tell ye,

How, then, we will eat pig our fill;
And capon by the belly!

We'll burn the Fathers' witty tomes;
And make the Schoolmen flee!
We'll down with all that smells of wit;
And, hey! then up go we!

If once, that antichristian crew
Be crushed and overthrown,

We'll teach the Nobles how to crouch;

And keep the Gentry down!

Good manners have an evil report,

And turn to pride, we see;

We'll therefore cry good manners down;

And, hey! then up go we!

The name of Lord shall be abhorred!
For every man 's a brother.

No reason why, in Church, or State,
One man should rule another.
But when the Change of Government
Shall set our fingers free;

We'll make the wanton sisters stoop!
And, hey! then up go we!

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Our Cobblers shall translate their souls
From caves obscure and shady!

We'll make Tom T[YLER] as good as my Lord;
And JOAN as good as my Lady!

We'll crush, and fling the Marriage Ring

Into the Roman see!

We'll ask no Bands, but even clap hands;
And, hey! then up go we!


Heaven keep such vermin hence! If sinful dust May boldly choose a punishment, and trust Their own desires; let Famine, Plague, or Sword; A treacherous friend, or (what is more abhorred !) A foolish fair contentious wife, first seize

On our sad souls: than such wild beasts as these!


Surely, thou art a hypocrite!

A lewd false-hearted brother!

I find thou art a Child of Rome;
And smell the Whore thy mother!


Away, false varlet! Come not near my flocks!
Thou taint'st my pastures! Neither wolf, nor fox,
Is half so furious! They, by stealth, can prey,
Perchance, upon a lamb; and so away!
But thy bloodthirsty malice is so bold,
Before my face, to poison all my fold!

I warn thee hence! Come not within my list!
Be still (what thou art thought!) a Separatist!


Thou art the Spawn of Antichrist;
And so is this, thy brother!
Thou art a Man of BELIAL;
And he is such another!

I say, thou art a Priest of BAAL;
And, surely, I defy thee!
TO SATAN, I will leave thy soul;
And never more come nigh thee!


A gentle riddance! O, may never cross Fall heavier on this land, than such a loss!

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