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In love.

My Love, the Lady, or
Gentleman, I love.

My love, the love I have for
that person.

Lovelace, Col. R., 84-96.

Lover, a man who loves a

woman. Also called, Ser-
vant, True Love.

The Art of Loving, 228.
Lucasta (Col. R. Lovelace),
84, 85, 91.

Lucia (Anon.), 217.

Lycidas [E. King, Fellow of
Christ Coll., Cambridge;
drowned 10 Aug. 1637, on
the coast of North Wales],

Lydia (Sir A.Cokayne, Bart.),


I', 63, 202, &c., in.

I'd, 297, I would.

I'm, 64, I am.

Isabella (A. Cowley), 255.

I' th', 63, in the.

Jane (Anon.), 286–288.
Jane (A. Cowley), 256.
Jill Juliana] (Anon.), 286-


Lader, 284, one who loads a

The language of the Beast,
45, Latin.
Laverock, 246, lark..
Lavinian shore, 243.
Lawes, H., 194.

Machiavel, the Waiting Maid
(A. Cowley), 257, a lady's
maid, of a Macchiavellian
type of character.
Madge [= Margaret] (Anon.),

The azure Main, 267, the
expanse of ocean.

Throw the merry Main, 268, |
a throw of the dice in gam
Makes, 38, Lovers.
Malapert Males, 231, ill-bred,
saucy, impudent.
Mall[=Moll=Mary] (Anon.),

Manchet, 219, bread made
from the finest wheaten flour.
Honoured Margaret, 2, Lady
M. Ley.

Margarita (A. Cowley), 254.
Martha (A. Cowley), 254.
Marvell, M.P.; A., 232-241.
Mary Anon.), 50. The iniquity
of this name consisted in
its being like the Queen's,
Henrietta Maria.

Mary, three (A. Cowley), 254–

Mary, the sister of Lazarus,

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King and No King, by
J. Fletcher, 133-

Love lies a bleeding, by

J. Fletcher, 133:

Mad Lover, by J. Fletcher,

Works, i e. the Comedies,
&c., of F. Beaumont and
J. Fletcher, 221.

Pond, -, 36.
Popinjay, 155, parrot.
To prevent, 1, anticipate.
Prince of Wales, 104, after
wards King Charles II.
I prithee, 105, pray thee.
Proper, 248, is an ironical
use of proper, which means
tall, well made, handsome.
Propertius, S., 114.
Prue (Rev. R. Herrick), 108.
Prune preen, 156, trim.
Public Meetings, 196, for
divine worship.

The Public's skirt, 235. Here | Rosamond, 143.
Russet lawns, 12, a reddish-
brown colour.
Ruth, 22.

the State is likened by A.
Marvell to a woman
Pulse, 149, a vegetable pot-
Pym, J., 30, 31, 50.

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Quaint, 49, elegant.
Quarles, F., 42-48.
Quarr, 159, quarry.

The rathe primrose, 8, early.
Rebecca (A. Cowley), 255.
Rebecks, 13, fiddles.
Reprive, 167, reprieve.
River, -, 36.
Robinson, H., 221.
Romira (J. Hall), 72, 73-

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Samson, 237.

Sappho (Rev. R. Herrick),
I10, 120.

Thy Scholar's victories,
252, Alexander the Great's.
Scrannel pipes, 7, squeaking.
Shakespeare, W., 14.
Shawford brook, 246.
Sherburne, Sir E., 186, 187.
Shirley, J., 201-204,
Shoots of Everlasting-
ness, 180, intimations,
instincts, of immortality.
Shorthose, J., 288.
Sidnæan showers, 163, in
the style of Sir P. Sidney.
Sisters of the sacred Well,
3, the Muses, at the Pierian
spring at the foot of Mount
Olympus, in Thessaly.

'T, 150, 210, &c., it.
T', 158, &c., to.
Tennis, 188, 212, 213.
A tester, 218, a sixpence.

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Thestylis (J. Milton), 13.
They're, 177, they are.
Th' hast, 194, thou hast.
Thirsis (Anon.), 23.
Thirsis (E. Waller, M.P.), 53.
Thomasine (A. Cowley), 256.
Thyrsis (J. Milton), 13.
Tibullus, A., 114.
Time, 200, thyme.
Tiresias, 238.

Tis, 34, 52, &c., it is.

Tom the Great, 214, 215, the
great bell of Christ Church,

Tom Tyler (F. Quarles), 47.
Toulouse, Count, 268.
Townshend, A., 208, 209.
Tow'rd, 63, toward.
Train, 2, attendants.
A Trasy, 109, a spaniel.
Troy, 19.

'Twas, 67, 264, &c., it was.
'Twere, 106, it were.

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In Crown 8vo Volumes, Cloth extra, 2s. 6d. each; and in various leather bindings. Each Volume is complete in itself, and may be obtained separately.



I. The Dunbar Anthology. 1401-1508 A.D.

II. The Surrey & Wyatt Anthology. 1509-1547 A.D. III. The Spenser Anthology. 1548-1591 A.D.

IV. The Shakespeare Anthology. 1592-1616 A.D.

V. The Jonsen Anthology.

VI. The Milton Anthology.

VII. The Dryden Anthology.

1617-1637 A.D.

1638-1674 A.D.

1675-1700 A.D.

VIII. The Pope Anthology. 1701-1744 A.D.

IX. The Goldsmith Anthology. 1745-1774 A.D.
X. The Cowper Anthology. 1775-1800 A.D.





HIS is the first adequate attempt that has ever been made towards an historical national Anthology at popular prices.

The Series will contain about 2,500 entire Poems and Songs, written by some Three Hundred Poets.

As each Volume represents a definite period of our literary history, some Poets will, of necessity, appear in more than one Volume. Nearly every form of English Versification will be represented in the Series. Each Volume will be complete in itself; and will contain a Glossary of such words, &c. in it, as have changed their meanings since its Poems were written.

British Anthologies will therefore contain those Poems and Songs with which every one ought to be acquainted.

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