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SE Sey stroke.

selge his side shall wound;

Le Sazze thou hast broke,
depended on his sound:

at our College Gates did cry,

Ny were not stat sace Tom did die!'

I urge is to the City,

swer by Carix bell!

About time, or pity,
dors Erides not well.
zats must give o'er

We all in haste drink off our wine,
As if we never should drink more;
So that the reck'ning after nine

Is larger now than that before.

Release this tongue! which erst could say,
'Home, Scholars! Drawer! What's to pay?'

So thou, of Order shalt be Founder;
Making a Ruler for the people:
One that shalt ring thy praises' wonder,
Than t' other six bells in the steeple.
Wherefore, think, when Tom is running,
Our manners wait upon thy cunning!

Then let him raisèd be from ground,
The same in number, weight, and sound!
So may thy conscience rule thy gain;
Or would thy theft might be thy bane!



I CHARGE thee, by those eyes of thine,
Give me my heart!

These eyes that stole it out of mine;
I felt the smart!

And lest the theft you should deny:
Lock, where you keep it in your Eye!

And now I have espied it there.
Thinking to catch it;

You chain and wind it in your Hair!
But still I watch it!

And so, get loose from thence, it flies,
And sports again upon your eyes.

Though now to cozen me you seek,
Thinking to hide:

Yet in the Emple of your Cheek
I have descried!

How now! Discovered; it doth skip
Twixt the soft prison of each Lip.

Yes! Yes! I see it, stealing, go
(Lest I should find it!)

Through the long gallery of snow;
And still I mind it!

How! You have shuffled it between
Your breasts! not thinking it is seen.

See! See! I see it creeping in (Near you, I fear!)

Through the small crannies of your skin,
To shelter there;

As if that veil could cozen me!
Alas, I know things I not see!

But if not eye, nor hair, nor cheeks,
Nor lip, nor breast, nor heart, it keeps;
Give me them all! for ev'ry part
Thou hast has part of me, my heart.


AT Stool Ball, LUCIA, let us play
For sugar, cakes, and wine:

Or for a tansy let us pay;

The loss be thine, or mine!

If thou, my Dear! a winner be
At trundling of the ball;
The wager thou shalt have, and me,
And my misfortunes all!

But if, my Sweetest! I shall get,

Then I desire but this

That likewise I may pay the bet;
And have, for all, a kiss!


COME, follow, follow me!
You, Fairy Elves, that be,
Which circle on the green;
Come, follow me, your Queen!

Hand in hand, let's dance a round!

For this place is fairy ground.

When mortals are at rest,
And snorting in their nest;
Unheard, and unespied,

Through keyholes we do glide !
Over tables, stools, and shelves,
We trip it, with our Fairy Elves!

And if the house be foul; Or platter, dish, or bowl: Upstairs we nimbly creep, And find the Sluts asleep;

There, we pinch their arms and thighs!

None escapes; nor none espies!

But if the house be swept,
And from uncleanness kept;
We praise the household-maid,
And, surely, she is paid;
For we do use, before we go,
To drop a tester in her shoe.

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