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LIVE, live with me! and thou shalt see The pleasures I'll prepare for thee! What sweets the Country can afford Shall bless thy bed, and bless thy board! The soft sweet moss shall be thy bed, With crawling woodbine overspread ; By which the silver-shedding streams Shall gently melt thee into dreams!

Thy clothing, next, shall be a gown Made of the fleeces' purest down; The tongues of kids shall be thy meat; Their milk, thy drink; and thou shalt eat The paste of filberts for thy bread, With cream of cowslips butterèd.

Thy feasting-tables shall be hills,
With daisies spread and daffadils;

Where thou shalt sit; and Red-breast, by,
For meat, shall give thee melody!
I'll give thee chains and carcanets
Of primroses and violets!

A bag and bottle thou shalt have;
That richly wrought, and this as brave,
So that as either shall express
The wearer 's no mean Shepherdess!
At Shearing-times, and yearly Wakes,
When THEMILIS his pastime makes;

There, thou shalt be! and be the wit,
Nay, more, the feast, and grace of it!
On holidays, when Virgins meet
To dance the Heys with nimble feet,
Thou shalt come forth! and then appear
The Queen of Roses for that year!
And having danced 'bove all the best,
Carry the Garland from the rest!

In wicker baskets, Maids shall bring
To thee, my dearest Shepherdling!
The blushing apple, bashful pear,
And shame-faced plum; all simp'ring there.
Walk in the groves; and thou shalt find
The name of PHILLIS in the rind

Of every straight and smooth-skin tree:
Where kissing that, I'll twice kiss thee!
To thee a sheep-hook I will send,
Bepranked with ribbands! to this end,
This, this, alluring hook might be
Less for to catch a sheep, than me!

Thou shalt have possets, wassails fine;
Not made of ale, but spicèd wine!
To make thy maids and self free mirth;
All sitting near the glitt'ring hearth.

Thou shalt have ribbands, roses, rings,
Gloves, garters, stockings, shoes, and strings,
Of winning colours; that shall move
Others to lust, but me to love.

These (nay, and more!) thine own shall be ! If thou wilt love, and live with, me.



HER eyes, the glowworm lend thee!
The shooting stars attend thee!
And the Elves also,

Whose little eyes glow

Like the sparks of fire, befriend thee!

No Will-o'-th'-Wisp mislight thee!
Nor snake, or slow-worm, bite thee!
But on, on, thy way!

Not making a stay;

Since ghost there 's none t' affright thee!

Let not the dark thee cumber!
What though the moon does slumber;
The stars of the night

Will lend thee their light!

Like tapers clear, without number.

Then, JULIA! let me woo thee
Thus, thus, to come unto me!
And when I shall meet

Thy silv'ry feet;

My soul I'll pour into thee!


CHOOSE me your Valentine!
Next, let us marry !
LOVE to the death will pine,
If we long tarry!

Promise, and keep your vows!

Or vow ye never! LOVE's doctrine disallows

Troth-breakers ever!

You have broke promise twice,
Dear! to undo me!

If you prove faithless thrice;
None then will woo ye!


WELCOME, Maids of Honour !
You do bring

In the Spring;

And wait upon her!

She has Virgins many,

Fresh and fair;

Yet you are

More sweet than any!

Y' are the maiden posies!
And so graced,

To be placed

'Fore damask roses!

Yet, though thus respected,

Ye do lie,

Poor Girls, neglected!


HEAR, ye Virgins! and I'll teach What the times of old did preach. ROSAMOND was in a bower Kept, as DANAË in a Tower: But yet Love, who subtle is,

Crept to that; and came to this. locked up like to these,

Be ye

Or the rich Hesperides;

Or those babies in your eyes
In their crystal nunneries;
Notwithstanding, Love will win,
Or else force, a passage in!
And, as coy be as you can,
Gifts will get ye! or the man!

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