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The National Education Association

of the

United States

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1. Is composed of more than 130,000 members actively engaged in the practice of teaching or interested in the cause of education.

2. Was organized as the National Teachers' Association in 1857; added to itself the American Normal School Association and the National Superintendents' Association in 1870 under the new name The National Educational Association.

3. Was especially chartered by Congress in an act approved by President Theodore Roosevelt June 30, 1906, as the National Education Association of the United States.

4. Was reorganized on a representative basis at Salt Lake City in July, 1920, by the adoption of a new set of By-laws, which give every teacher in the landfrom the humblest to the highest-an opportunity to have a part in shaping the plans and policies of the Association.

5. Is dedicated to the purpose of elevating the character and advancing the interests of the profession of teaching and to the advancement of the cause of education.

6. Has a dynamic program for the improvement of education which would give an equal opportunity for a fair start in life to every boy and girl in the Nation.

7. Prepares for its summer meeting each year a program which stim ulates thinking on educational problems and quickens educational enthusiasm throughout the country.

8. Has twenty-three departmental organizations which prepare pro grams in their special fields and make enormous contributions to the educa. tional advance.

9. Maintains a National headquarters with a carefully-selected staff of experts in the various activities of professional organization who guard the interests of teachers and children every day of the year.

10. Issues a Journal that each month carries to the Association's growing membership reports of its activities, accounts of educational progress, and facts and material which every teacher needs for professional and personal growth.

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