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Steevens, George, Esq. communications from as Telt, i. 463.
to Johnson, ii. 518, & feq.

Testimony, general, i. 232, 3, 241.
Sterne, i. 398.

Theocritus, ii. 329.
Stirling Corporation, i. 492.

Thomas à Kempis, ii. 186, 49?:

Strahan, William, Esq. 1. 464; ii. 275;—his Thomson, Reverend james, his case, ii. 74,


letter as to obtaining Johnson a seat in par-
liament, i. 346.

the poet, his works, i. 246, 306;
jun. his death, and Johnson's letter on,

ii. 62.

ii. 389.

anecdotes of, ii. 117, 130,

Mrs. - Johnson's letters to, ii. 389, 272


Thornton, Bonnel, his burlesque Ode, i. 227.

Reverend Mr. ii. 577.


Thrale, Mr. i. 267, 313; ii. 32, 187, 325, 380.

Stratford. Jubilee. See Garrick.

his death, ii. 379.

Stuart, Hon. Colonel James, ii. 297

sale of his brewhouse, ii. 410.

Stuart, Andrew, Erq his Letters to Lord

Mrs.--See Piozzi.

Mansfield,' i.


Thurlow, Lord, an opinion of his on the Liberty

Study, method of, i. 233, 258.

of the Pulpit, ii..79.

Style, ii. 220.

Letter to Dr. Johnson from him, ii.

Johnson's, remarks on, and on the imi-


tations of, i. 122 ; ii. 156.

Johnson's opinion of, ii. 441.
instances of particular imitations, ii. 561,

his letier to the authour, on J hnson's

going to Italy, ii. 526.

Suicide, i. 402;




Johnson's letter to him on t'iat occa.

Swearing, i. 364; ii. 166.

fion, ii. 535.

Sweden, King of, ii. 131.

Toleration, i. 415, 418; ii. 285, 335, 452.

Swift, letter to, as to Johnson's obtaining a Topham's Cafe, ii. S1*

degree, i. 67.

Torture, how used in Holland, i. 255.

Johnson's opinion of his works, i. 245, Tory, Johnson's definition of, ii. 399, 501.

306, 462.

Towers, Dr. Joseph, i. 460.

his life by Johnson, ii. 363.

his • Ellay on the Life,' &c. of Johnson,
Swinton, Reverend Mr. anecdote of, i. 148.
Sydenham, Dr.- Johnson's life of, i. 81. Townshend, Right Hon. Charles, anecdote of,

Trade, Johpson's remarks on, i. 323.

Translation, i. 39; ii. 62.


• Traveller, The,' Goldsmith's poem of, i.

Johnson's lines in, i: 276.-His high

TACITUS, remarks on his style, i. 378.

praise of, ii.

• Tale of a Tub,' i. 245,462.

Travelling, ii. 47, 61., 194, 213, 233, 270, 1,

• Taxation no Tyranny,' i. 458.

510, 517
additional passages in that pamphlet, Travels, the authour's, his intention of publish-

ing, ii. 233.
Taylor,' Dr.-Johnson's visit to, ii. 42, 128, Trimbleftown, Lord, ii. 188. .

Trinity, Johnson's belief in, and just disappro-
Johnson's letters to, ii. 458, 487.

bation of its being discussed in a mixed
Reverend Dr. i. 13, 33, 106, 129; ii. company, i. 419,
42, 134, 146, 161.

Truth, importance of a regard to, i. 237 ; ii. 19,
the Chevalier, ii. 291.

132, 188, 9, 300, 332, 379, 434, 440,

Jeremy, ii. 503.


507, 544.

Twifs's tras els in Spain, i. 477-

Temple, Reverend Mr. i. 277, 460.

Tyers, Mr. Thomas, anecdotes of, ii. 237.

his well-written character, of Gray, ii. Tytler's vindication of Mary Queen of Scots,

ii. 348.

i. 398.

i. 459.

Tea, i. 172.

i. 192.

* Since the note referred to was written, the Case has received the determination of the Court of King's Bench;
but it turned chiefly on the informality of the Indictment, and did not go into the general principles of " libels on the
dead."--See Term Reports, Hilary Term, 31 Gco. III..

U. and V.



U and V.

Warton, Reverend Dr. Joseph, his · Exay on

Pope's Genius, &c. i. 243:

* VANITY of human Wishes,' Jolinson's poem, Letters of Johnson to, i. 136, 335.

Reverend Thomas, i. 146 ; i. 26, 332.

Vanfittart, Dr. Robert, i. 189.

his entertaining account of Johnfon's

Vauxhall-gardens, ii. 237.

conversation when at Oxford in 1754, i.

« Vicar of Wakefield,' (novel,) i. 225.


Vilette, Reverend Mr. Ordinary of Newgate,

Letters of Johnson to, 146, 150, 1, 2,

153, 6, 160, 1, 177, 183, 4, 308, 334.

• Village, Deserted,' a poem by Goldfınith ;- Watts, Dr. his works, i. 171.

Johnson's lines in, i. 275.

his life, ii. 123, 269.

• Village,' a poem, by the Reverend Mr. Crabbe, Weather, its influence, i. 232, 245, 484; ii. 483,


ii. 438.

538, 543
Virgil, compared with Homer, ii. 169. Webster, Reverend Dr. Alexander, i. 428, 432.

Johnson's juvenile translations from, i. Wedderburne, Alexander, Esq.-Sce Loughbo-


rough, Lord.

Baskerville's edition of, presented by Welch, Saunders, Esq. ii. 269, 271, 298.

Johnson to le.nbroke College, i. 308.

Letter of Johnson to, ii. 269.

Virtue and Vice, ii. 263, 5, 501.

Wentworth, Mr. Johnson at his school, i. 16.

• Visitor, The,' a periodical paper, i. 476. Welley, Reverend John, ii. 190, 231.
Vivacity, acquirable, ii. 34.

Letter of Johnson to, ii. 294.
• Universal History,' the authours of, ii. 558. Westcote, Lord, confirms to Johnfon the truth
Universities, i. 300, 490; ii. 50.

of his nephew Lord Lyttelton's vision, ii.
Volcanos, ii. 38.

Voltaire, i. 236, 274, 8, 342 ; ii. 267. Welt ininter-abbey, first musical festival at, ii.
Vows, ii. 268.

495, 7:

Usury, ii. 57, 257.

Wetherell,' Reverend Dr. ii. 23, 509.

Vyse, Reverend Dr. letter of to the Authour,

Letter of Johnson to, ii, 12.

and letter of Johnson to him, ii. 123:--and Wheeler, Rererend Dr. ii. 277.

Johnson's letter to, ii. 12.

Whigs, Johnson's defnition of, ii. 399; no

greai private enmity between them and

Tories, ii. 501.

Whitefield, Reverend George, his character,

i. 33, 314; ii. 304.
" WALES, Johnson's visit to, i. 439.

Whitefoord, Caleb, Esq. ii. 518.
Woll, Dr. ii. 502.

Whitehead, Paul, i. 64, 217.
Wall of China, ii. 213.

· Whole Duty of Man,' conjectures on its

Waller, i. 485; ii. 24.8.

authour, i. 408.

extract from his · Divine Poesie,' as to Wife, qualities of, Sir Thomas Overbury's

the communion of faints, ii. 500.

verfes on, i. 312.

Johnson's life of, ii. 347.

Wilkes, John, Esq. his jeu d'esprit on Johnson's
Walmsley, Gilbert, Esq. character of, i. 35. Dictionary, i. 166.

his letter reconimending Johnson and meetings between him and Johnson, ii.
Garrick, i. 48.

80, & jeq. 389.
Walpole, Hon. Horace, ii. 514.

Jolifon's opinion of him, ii. 163.
Sir Robert, his adminiftration de-

anecdote of gallantry related by him,
fended, i. 66.

Walton, Isaac, his · Lives,' i. 435, 7, 9, 487; his advice how beit to speak at the bar of

ii. 26, 108.

the House of Commons, ii. 187.

Warburton, his contest with Lowth, i. 293.

his pleasantry on Johnson and himself,

Johofon's character of, ii. 352, 3,

, as to their politicks and religion, ii. 187.

K. William III. i.


Wari, the noted Dr. ii. 291.

Williams, Mr. Zachariah, account of, i.

Warley-camp, Johnson's visit to, ii. 273, 9.

Warren, Dr. his generous attendance on Johnson Williams Mrs. Anna, i. 127, 228, 252, 323;

during his last illness, 1.570, 6.

ii. 57, 82, 98, 126, 9, 273.



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ii. 5:3•



166, 7:

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ii. 430.

i. 362.


XERXES, Juvenal's fine verses on, i. 401.


Which the Reader is requested to make with his Pen, before perusing the following Life.

[blocks in formation]

P. 32, 1. 3 from the foot, for cotemporarics, read contemporaries.
P. 80, l. 13, dele out.
Page 133, line 24, for a warren, read free warren.
P. 136, 1. 6, for is certainly the performance of Dr. Charles Bathurst, read has been erroneously

ascribed to Dr. Bathurst, whose christian name was Richard.
P. 173, 1. 16, 17, 24, 26, for Jennings, read Jennyns.
P. 160, 1. 8, for Pancoek, read Panckoucke.
P. 195, 1. 4, upon the word name put the following note :- I have had inquiry made in Ireland

as to this story, but do not find it recollected there. I give it on the authority of Dr.
Johnson, to which may be added, that of “ The Biographical Dictionary," in which it

has stood many years.
Ibid. l. 4, for a book on the authenticity of the Gospel History, read An Enquiry into the

Origin of Moral Virtue.”
Ibid. 1. 13 & 14, for Innys rend Innes.
P. 303, for Nu's sexeTalb, read Nuž rose ESXETØ6.
P. 329, 1. 25, for drives read drove.
P. 344, 1. 18, for wrote, read written.
P. 374, 1. 24, for been a witness against, read connected with.

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[blocks in formation]

P. 191, 1. 8, for Johnston read Johnson.
P. 346, 1. 12, for one of his excellent prefatory discourses to his play's, read his excellent

Dedication of his Juvenal.
Ibid. l. 15, after novelty insert and.
P. 367, in Note, for Chalmers, read Chambers.
P. 352, l. 16, after Pope injert inverted commas, and dele them l. 17, after imposition.
Ibid. after him put a comma.
P. 381, I. 22, dele in.
P. 397, in the note, for communis illa, read communis in illa.
P. 458, before the letter to the Reverend Dr. Taylor, infert,


“ IT has pleased God this morning to deprive me of the powers of speech; and as I do not know but that it may be his farther good pleasure to deprive me foon of my senses, I request you will, on the receipt of this note, come to me, and act for me, as the exigencies of my case may require. I am sincerely yours,

“ SAM. JOHNSO N." P. 562, 1. 3, from the foot, after tongue insert a and prefix inverted commas to the

following word. P. 582, 1. 10, after respectable contribution, add-But the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's

having come to a resolution of admitting monuments there, upon a liberal and magnificent plan, that cathedral was afterwards fixed on as the place.


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[blocks in formation]

N 1776, Johnson wrote, so far as I can discover, nothing for the publick: 1776. . but that his mind was still ardent, and fraught with generous wishes to

Ætat. 67. attain to still higher degrees of literary excellence, is proved by his private notes of this year, which I shall insert in their proper place.

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“ I HAVE at last sent you all Lord Hailes's papers. While I was in France, I looked very often into Henault; but Lord Hailes, in my opinion, leaves him far, and far, behind. Why I did not dispatch so short a perusal sooner, when I look back, I am utterly unable to discover: but human moments are stolen away by a thousand petty impediments which leave no trace behind them. I have been afflicted, through the whole Christmas, with the general disorder, of which the worst effect was a cough, which is now much mitigated, though the country, on which I look from a window at Streatham, is now covered with a deep snow. Mrs. Williams is very ill : every body else is as usual. “ Among the papers, I found a letter to you, which I think you had not

, I opened ; and a paper for · The Chronicle, which I suppose it not necessary now to insert. I return them both, Vol. II.

“ I have,


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