The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V.

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Page 291 - ... ordered one of his attendants to place him under a tree, with his face towards the enemy ; then, fixing his eyes on the guard of his sword, which he held up instead of a cross, he addressed his prayers to God, and in this posture, which became his character both as a soldier and as a Christian, he calmly awaited the approach of death.
Page 82 - Imperial sceptre must be committed to some hand more powerful than mine, or that of any other German prince. We possess neither dominions, nor revenues, nor authority, which enable us to encounter such a formidable enemy. Recourse must be had in this exigency to one of the rival monarchs.
Page 179 - A few days after he left the city, a severe edict was published in the emperor's name, and by authority of the diet, depriving him, as an obstinate and excommunicated criminal, of all the privileges which he enjoyed as a subject of the empire ; forbidding any prince to harbour or protect him ; and requiring all to seize his person as soon as the term specified in his protection should be expired.
Page 117 - ... even from such as are reserved for the cognizance of the Holy See; and as far as the...
Page 178 - I am lawfully called," said he, " to appear in that city, and thither will I go in the name of the Lord, though as many devils as there are tiles on the houses were there combined against me.
Page 117 - ... sacraments of the church, to the unity of the faithful, and to that innocence and purity which you possessed at baptism; so that, when you die, the gates of punishment shall be shut, and the gates of the paradise of delight shall be opened; and if you shall not die at present, this grace shall remain in full force when you are at the point of death. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
Page 129 - Luther, by virtue of the apostolic powers with which he was clothed, to retract the errors which he had uttered with regard to indulgences, and the nature of faith, and to abstain for the future from the publication of new and dangerous opinions. Luther...
Page 141 - Wittemberg, and with great pomp, in presence of a vast multitude of spectators, cast the volumes of the canon law, together with the bull of excommunication, into the flames ; and his example was imitated in several cities of Germany.
Page 180 - ... out of a wood, where the elector had appointed them to lie in wait for him, and surrounding his company, carried him, after dismissing all his attendants, to Wartburg, a strong castle not far distant.
Page 82 - Each of them can bring into the field forces sufficient for our defence. But as the king of Spain is of German extraction ; as he is a member and prince of the empire by the territories which descend to him from his grandfather...

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