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full, at any time, in one payment, notwithstanding its prior apportionment, of any balance of any assessment or charge then remaining unpaid. Such portion of the total expense incurred under the provisions of this act in connection with the construction of such drains, sewers, sewer system or systems, including rights of way, outlets, and privileges therefor, as is not immediately assessed against the persons and property specially benefited, shall in the first instance be paid by the town of West Hartford, from the proceeds of bonds issued therefor. An accurate account shall be kept of all moneys paid by the town under the foregoing provision, and the amount of such expense shall be taken into consideration in making later assessments for special benefits on account of sewers. All moneys thereafter received by the town of West Hartford, on account of sewer construction, either as special benefits or otherwise, in excess of the actual cost of subsequent extensions to said system shall be kept in a fund separate and apart from the general funds of the town, and shall constitute a sinking fund for the retirement of the bonds issued in aid of sewer construction. Any party interested may appeal from said final assessment, and as many of the parties interested as may choose to do so may join in said appeal; and when separate appeals are taken by different parties from one assessment, all such appeals shall be heard and tried as one cause. Such appeals shall be taken to the judge of the court of common pleas for the county of Hartford, within ten days after public notice shall have been given of such final assessment, and shall be by a suitable petition in writing, setting forth the whole of said assessment appealed from and asking for a reassessment, with a citation attached thereto, signed by any authority authorized to sign writs and returnable before said judge at two o'clock in the afternoon on the day two weeks subsequent to the day on which the first publication of said final assessment shall have been made; and said citation shall be served upon the clerk of said commission at least six days before the return day thereof. Such appeal may be heard by said judge, but may, upon the motion of any party thereto, be referred to a committee for hearing. If, upon the hearing of any appeal, the judge or committee shall find cause to alter said assessment, then said judge or committee shall proceed to reapportion and reassess the amount of the benefits which the appellant or appellants, or the lands and buildings owned by appellant or appellants, shall respectively defray. Said judge may render judgment upon said appeal, and may, at his discretion, apportion the costs of the appeal and all proceedings thereunder among the parties thereto, and may tax the same and issue execution therefor. Said judge shall, when the proceedings in any such appeal are closed, return all the papers connected therewith to the clerk of said commission, to be by him filed in the office of the town clerk of said town of West Hartford, and such assessments as finally determined shall be final and conclusive upon all parties in interest. After the expiration of the time for application for reappraisal of damages, or after all such applications shall have been finally disposed of as provided for in section three of said resolution, and after the final assessment of benefits by said commission, as provided in this section, said commission may then proceed to construct such sewer, and procure such rights of way, outlets, and privileges therefor, and upon the final completion thereof said commission shall give notice thereof and that said benefits are due and payable; provided that, if the actual cost of such construction and procuring rights of way, outlets, and privileges, and of the notices by publication or otherwise provided for in this section, and the expense to said town or commission of any proceedings taken under the provisions of this section, shall be less than the aggregate of said final assessment, each of the parties so assessed shall be entitled to a proportionate reduction from his assessment. Whenever any lands abutting upon any sewer, constructed under authority of this act, are so situated, either by reason of grade, elevation, or otherwise, as to be incapable of being drained by such sewer, and therefore not benefited thereby or assessed therefor at the time of the original construction, but shall thereafter, by reason of filling or otherwise, or by the erection of structures thereon, become capable of being so drained, the owners, lessees, or occupants of such lands and structures shall not thereafter make any connection with such sewer or lay any drain to be connected therewith, without first obtaining permission in writing from said sewer commission, and paying such assessment therefor, as such commission shall deem just and reasonable. No person shall make any connection with the public sewers of said town, or lay any drain to be connected with said sewers, or open any street or public way, for the purpose of laying or repairing any sewer or drain in connection with said sewers, unless he shall first obtain permission in writing from said sewer commission.

Approved, March 18, 1913.

[Substitute for House Bill No. 66.]


CONCERNING POLICE FORCE. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General

Assembly convened:

SECTION 1. Section two of an act amending the charter of the city of Willimantic concerning poll taxes and police force, approved May 23, 1911, is hereby amended to read as follows: There shall be a police force of the city of Willimantic. Said force shall consist of a chief of police, one lieutenant, and such number of patrolmen as said common council may from time to time deem , necessary, to be appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the board of common council, and whose salaries shall be fixed by the common council; and every officer or member of said police force when appointed shall hold office, except as hereinafter provided, during good behavior and until he shall be removed or expelled by the common council for cause, of which cause said common council shall be the sole judge; provided that the members of the police force shall in no event hold office beyond an age limit fixed at sixty-five years, and may be removed by the common council at any time, regardless of behavior or cause, after reaching the age of sixty years. Not more than one-half the members constituting said police force shall be appointed from any one political party; provided that in case the number constituting said police force be an odd number, the mayor may appoint one member of said force from such political party as his discretion dictates.

SEC. 2. Section seventy-eight of the charter of said city, approved June 30, 1893, is hereby amended by adding at the end thereof the following: “In case of the arrest of any person upon a criminal charge not punishable by imprisonment in the state prison, the chief, captain, or lieutenant of police, may take the bond of the accused to the city of Willimantic, with sufficient surety, for his appearance before the city police court of said city at its next session to abide the order of the court, and the official taking said bond shall forthwith file the sanie with said court."

Approved, March 18, 1913.

[House Bill No. 1025.]


SEPTEMBER 30, 1913.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General

Assembly convened:

SECTION 1. The following sums are hereby appropriated to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to supply deficiencies in the appropriations for the objects hereinafter specified for the two fiscal years ending September 30, 1913: For the comptroller's office, for per diem clerical services, eighteen hundred eight dollars; for office and incidental expenses, one thousand dollars : For the secretary's office, for per diem clerical services, fifteen hundred dollars; for salary of assistant clerk, nine hundred thirty-three dollars ; for automobile markers, eight thousand dollars : For the naval militia, for payment of bills incurred by said militia, five hundred fourteen dollars: For care of horses belonging to Troop A, four thousand dollars: For the board of directors to establish county homes for the care and treatment of persons suffering from tuberculosis, for maintenance of such homes, one hundred twenty thousand dollars; for an addition to the home at Hartford, thirty thousand dollars; for grading and roads, thirty thousand dollars; for painting, six thousand dollars; for screening, five thousand dollars.

SEC 2. This act shall take effect from its passage.
Approved, March 18, 1913.

[House Bill No. 180.]




Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General

Assembly convened:

SECTION 1. There is hereby established a bureau of engineering in the city of Willimantic, which shall be under the care of an experienced civil engineer, who shall be known as the city engineer, and shall make all surveys, maps, plans, drawings, specifications, and estimates relating to the public works of said city, shall superintend the construction and repair of sewers, bridges, and new pavements, and do any other engineering work which said city may require, and shall care for and preserve all maps, papers, and books of said bureau, and keep the same on file in the office of the city clerk, and perform such other duties as may be by ordinance prescribed. He shall also furnish to the corporation counsel a copy of any map, or drawing, or memorandum in his possession which said corporation counsel may require for the trial of any case or for the preparation of any opinion.

SEC. 2. The mayor shall appoint, subject to the confirmation of the common council, a city engineer, who shall hold office during good behavior and until he shall be removed or expelled by the common council for cause, of which cause the common council shall be the sole judge, and who shall be paid such reasonable compensation for actual services rendered as the common council by ordinance shall determine.

Approved, March 19, 1913.

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[Substitute for House Bill No. 4.]




Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General

Assembly convened: Section nine of a resolution incorporating The Meriden Trust and Safe Deposit Company, approved April 3, 1889, is hereby amended as follows: The affairs of said corporation shall be managed and controlled by a board of not less than five no more than fifteen trustees, who shall be chosen by ballot from and by the stockholders. They shall choose by ballot one of their number for president; shall appoint a secretary, treasurer, and such other officers and agents as may seem necessary; may fill vacancies either among the officers or in the board of trustees; may fix the compensation of all officers and appointees, and regulate and control their duties and services. Said corporation may adopt all by-laws necessary for the proper conduct of its affairs, provided the same shall not be repugnant to the provisions of this resolution or contrary to law. The board of trustees may determine what number of their body shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Approved, March 19, 1913.

[Substitute for House Bill No. 65.]


TION OF THE CITY OF DERBY TO MAKE CERTAIN APPROPRIATIONS. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General

Assembly convened:

SECTION 1. The board of apportionment and taxation of the city of Derby is hereby authorized to appropriate from the unappropriated revenues of said city for the year of 1913 a sum not exceeding nineteen hundred dollars, for the purpose of paying certain claims of Edward P. Tracy for the repairing of Derby avenue in said city.

SEC. 2. This act shall take effect from its passage.
Approved, March 25, 1913.

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