Epistolae Ho-Elianae: Familiar Letters Domestic and Foreign; Divided Into Four Books: Partly Historical, Political, Philosophical. Upon Emergent Occasions

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R. Ware, 1754 - England - 518 pages

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Page 287 - Sunday morning at high mass, when most people were at church, he fell to play on his pipes, and all the...
Page 389 - Lord's supper a twopenny ordinary ; to make the communion-table a manger, and the font a trough to water their horses in ; to term the white decent robe of the presbyter the whore's smock ; the pipes through which nothing came but anthems and holy hymns the devil's bagpipes...
Page 287 - Piper came thither, who covenanted with the chief burghers for such a reward, if he could free them quite from the said vermin, nor would he demand it till a twelvemonth and a day after : the agreement being made, he began to play on his pipes, and all the rats and the mice followed him to a great lough hard by, where they all perished ; so the town was infected no more.
Page 417 - ... preserve the sight, the smoke being let in round about the Balls of the Eyes once a week, and frees them from all rheums, driving them back by way of Repurcussion ; being taken backward 'tis excellent good against the Cholic, and taken into the Stomach, it will heat and cleanse it...
Page 92 - Basons in which they were christned hang still in the Church, and the Bishop's Name who did it; and the story of this Miracle, with the year and the day of the month mention' d, which is not yet 200 years ago.
Page 203 - ... he had been far behind for his pay, and had been put by his captain's place twice, but in regard he thought the duke an enemy to the state, because he was branded in parliament ; therefore what he did was for the public good of his country. Yet he got clearly down, and so might have gone to his horse, which was tied to a hedge hard by...
Page 22 - Horses, and return by such a time. Now there was about the King a kind of Buffoon or Jester, who had a Table-book or Journal, wherein he was used to register any absurdity...
Page 25 - ... therefore I pray let me enjoy it in that fair proportion that I desire to return unto you by way of correspondence and retaliation. Our first league of love, you know, was contracted among the muses in Oxford ; for no sooner was I matriculated to her, but I was adopted to you ; I became her son and your friend at one time. You know I followed you then to London, where our love received confirmation in the Temple and elsewhere.
Page 69 - Angela, in less than five years, more I believe than this Gregory XV. will, for he hath many Nephews ; and better it is to be the Pope's Nephew than to be Favourite to any Prince in Christendom.
Page 268 - I come before prayers begin, to make myself fitter for the work by some previous meditations, and to take the whole service along with me; nor do I love to mingle speech with any in the interim about news or worldly negotiations in God's Holy House. I prostrate myself in the humblest and decentest way of genuflection I can imagine: nor do I believe there...

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