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which he may be so elected, shall be deemed to have forfeited all
right and title to said office. If the person so elected shall not,
within five days after the service of such notice, take the oath of
office and enter upon the discharge of the duties thereof, such
office shall be declared vacant.

$ 11. The treasurer and collector shall each, before entering upon oficial the discharge of their respective duties, execute a bond to the village of Olean, in such sum and with such sureties as the board of trustees may approve, conditioned that he will faithfully discharge the duties of his office, and honestly and faithfully account for and pay over all money received by him by virtue of his office.

$ 12. It shall be the duty of the president of the village to preside Duty of at the meetings of the board of trustees, to call special meetings of the president. board of trustees whenever he shall think proper, to receive complaints of any breach of the by-laws, ordinances, rules and regulations, and to see that the by-laws, rules and regulations, and the provisions of this act are faithfully executed and preserved, and shall perform such other duties as shall be imposed upon him by the by-laws of said village.

$ 13. It shall be the duty of the clerk of said village to keep the of clerk. books and papers of the village, to record in a book to be provided for that purpose the rules, votes, orders, regulations and proceedings of the voters of said village at their annual and special meetings, and also all the by-laws, votes, ordinances and proceedings of the board of trustees, to notify officers of their election as soon as may be after their election, and to perform such other duties as the board of trustees may from time to time direct and require of him, and the board of trustees may allow to him such sums for his services as they may deem proper.

$ 14. It shall be the duty of the assessors of said village to make op an enumeration and assessment of all taxable property within said vil- assessors. lage in the same manner as town assessors, and their assessment-roll shall be completed, and notice of the time and place of meeting to review the same shall be given after the year eighteen hundred and eighty-two, on or before the first day of May in each year, and such assessors have the same powers in respect to assessments as town assessors have, including power of administering oaths. They shall include in their roll the names of all persons in said village who are liable to poll tax for highway purpose. Notice of the time and place of meeting to review their assessment shall be given by posting notices in not less than five public places in said village, at least ten days prior to the time of such meeting, and by publishing the same in a newspaper published in said village at least ten days prior thereto. They may adjourn from day to day as often as necessary, and have the same powers in reviewing such assessment as town assessors. Upon the completion and review of such assessment, the assessors shall deliver their assessment-roll with a like affidavit required by law of town assessors to the clerk, who shall file the same. The board of trustees shall cstimate and set down the tax thereon. Each assessor shall receive two dollars a day for the time actually spent in the discharge of his duties.

$ 15. The treasurer shall receive and safely keep all moneys belong- of ing to the village, and keep an accurate account of all receipts and treasurer. disbursements, and in such manner as the board of trustees shall direct, and make a return thereof at such times and in such manner as the

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of street coinmissioner.

board of trustees shall direct. He shall pay out no money except upon

the written order of the president, countersigued by the clerk. or

§ 16. The collector shall collect all such taxes and assessments as collector.

shall be specified in the rolls delivered to him by the board of trustees with their warrants attached, and the fees therein specified, within the time named in said warrant, and for that purpose shall possess the powers conferred by law upon town collectors, and shall proceed in the same manner to enforce such tax or assessment. He shall pay over to the treasurer, as often as may be prescribed in said warrant, all moneys collected by him, and at the expiration of such warrant, shall return the same to the board of trustees, with an account, verified by his oath that the silme is correct, of the moneys collected by him, the amount paid to the treasurer, and an itemized account of the unpaid taxes and assessments. The board of trustees may in their discretion renew such warrant from time to time, or issue a new warrant for unpaid taxes.

§ 17. It shall be the duty of the street commissioner, under and subject to the direction and control of the board of trustees, to act as overseer of high ways, and take general supervision of the highways and streets, drains and sewers, and such other duties as the board of trustees may direct; and they may at any time limit, regulate and

restrain him in the performance of his duties. of pound- § 18. The pound-master shall have charge of the public pound, and

of the impounding of fowls and animals therein, and perform such other duties as the board of trustees may prescribe.

$ 19. It shall be the duty of the policemen to preserve peace and policemen,

good order, to enforce the rules, regulations, by-laws and ordinances of such village, and perform such other duties as the board of trustees may prescribe. They shall also have the same powers and perform the same duties in criminal cases as constables in towns and cities in this state.

$ 20. The firewarden shall enter upon all premises in said village, and enter the houses, buildings and structures at all reasonable times, and examine the same, and ascertain if the same are in a safe and secure condition as to fires, and if the same are in an insecure, unsafe or dangerous condition, they shall have power to compel the owner or occupants to put the same in a safe or secure condition, and after giving reasonable notice, they may cause the same to be done at the expense of the owner or occupant thereof in case of their default; and they shall perform such other duties as the board of trustees may prescribe.

$ 21. The board of health and health officer shall possess and exerhealth and cise all the powers and authority of such boards and officers in the

towns, villages and cities in the state conferred by any general law, and such other lawful powers as may be conferred by any law or ordinance of the village, or prescribed by the board of trustees.



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Board of




BOARD OF TRUSTEES. 8 1. The board of trustees shall meet at such times and places as they shall by resolution direct, and the proceedings of such meetings shall be published in at least one of the village newspapers, as the board

may direct.

Presiding officer.

PRESIDING OFFICER QUORUM. $ 2. The president, when present, shall preside at the meetings of the board of trustees and shall have a vote on all questions. In his absence any one of the trustees may be appointed chairman for tho time. A majority of the board of trustees shall constitute a quorum Quorum for the transaction of business.


GENERAL POWERS AND DUTIES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES. § 3. The board of trustees shall bare the management and control control of of the finances and all the property, real and personal, belonging to finances. said village, and shall have, in addition to such powers as may be conferred upon them, the following specified powers, and shall have power within said, village to make, establish, publishi, modify, amend and repcal rules, regulations, and by-laws in relation thereto.

1. To prohibit, restrain and regulate all exhibitions of any natural Exhiblor artificial curiosities, caravans of animals, theatrical and other shows tions. and exhibitions, circuses or other performances for money, and to anthorize the same on such terms as the board of trustees shall deem expedient.

2. To compel the owner of any building used for any nauseous or Ahate. unwholesome business to cleanse, remove or abate the same from time ment of to time as often as in their opinion the same may be necessary for the health, comfort and convenience of the inhabitants of said village.

3. To direct the location of all slaughter-houses, markets and houses Slaughterfor storing gunpowder or any combustible or explosive substance, and houses. to prohibit, license and regulate the keeping of the same and the transportation thereof within the limits of suid village, and regulate the nec of lavips, lights or fires in barns and stables and other like out buildings liable to take fire.

4. To prevent and regulate the running at large of dogs within the Dogs. limits of said village.

5. To take precautionary measures to guard the public health in Public times of iufections and pestilential diseases, and to provide against health, them when they appear in said village by providing places for the remoral of persons having such diseases from the populous parts of said village, and to pay the expense incident to such removal, and they shall have the power to remove such persons.

6. To appoint for the time being, whenever the public peace de- Special mands it, special policemen, who while acting shall have the same police. powers as other policemen.

7. To establish, organize and maintain a fire department and to pro- Fire devide for the government and discipline of the same.

partment. 8. To construct, maintain and guard public reservoirs and cisterns Reservoirs and regulate the use thereof and supply the same with water for fire purposes.

9. To contract and provide for and regulate the lighting of the Lighting streets in said village.

10. To call special meetings of the electors of the village whenever Special the same shall be deemed necessary by them.

11. To keep the property belonging to said village in repair, and Repairs of prevent or punish any injury to or trespass upon the same, and may ente insure the same against loss or damage by fire.

12. To audit all accounts and claims against said village, and order Auditing the payment of such as shall be allowed, to require all accounts or claims to be made out in items and verified by an affidavit that the same and each and every item thereof is correct, and that no part thereof has been paid, and the board of trustees may require the claimant to appear before them and be examined on oath by them in rela





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into or over streets.




tion to such account or claims, and ench oath and affidavit may

be taken before either the president, clerk or any of the trustees, who are hereby empowered to administer the same and certify thereto.

13. To prevent incumbering the streets, squares, sidewalks, crossing streets. walks, lanes and alleys with any material whatever, and may remove

any such incumbrances at the expense of the person causing the same,
or of the owyer or occupant of premises ad joining any sidewalk in-

cumbered, by whose permission the same is done.
Projection 14. To prevent or regulate the erection or placing of any building

or other structure or thing which shall project into or over any street
or walk in said village, and the hanging or suspending of any goods,
signs or sign-boards or any other thing whatever in or over any such
street or walk; and may cause the same to be remored at the expense
of the person cansing the same, or of the owner or occupant of prem-
ises from which there may be any such projection or hanging, or sus-
pending, who permits the same to be done.

15. To regulate and prevent the throwing or depositing of ashes,
offal, dırt, refuse or garbage in the streets, lares, alleys, squares or side-
walks, and to regulate and prevent the building of fires in or upon the

16. To prevent or regulate ball-playing, coasting or any other game, playing.

practice or amusement which they may deem dangerous to person or

property. Auction 17. To regulate and license anction såles in said village and hawking

and peddling upon the streets of said village.
Gas-pipes. 18. To regulate and superintend the laying of all gas-pipes and

other pipes in the streets of said village, and of making any excava-
tion in the same.

19. To compel the owner or occupant of any premises in said village

to clear the snow, dirt or other substance or material off the sidewalk walks.

or out of the gutter in front of such premises, and in case of the neg-
lect or refusal of such owner or occupant so to do, to authorize the
same to be done at the expense of such owner or occupant.

20. To prohibit any person from bringing or depositing any uncarcasses. wholesome, putrid or decayed carcass, skins, hides, fish, meat or any

other substance or thing within said village, and to authorize the re-
moval or destruction thereof.

21. To establish, maintain and regulate a public pound, regulate
the impounding of animals therein, and to provide for punishing any
person who shall injure or break into such pound, or who shall rescue

any animal or fowl therefrom or while being driven thereto.
Cattle, 22. To prohibit or restrain cattle, horses, sheep, swine, geese or any

other animal or fowl from going at large in any of the streets, high-
ways or public grounds of said village, and to cause any such animals
or fowls to be impounded and to be sold to satisfy such penalty as
may be prescribed by said trustees for going at large, and the costs
and expenses of such impounding, and shall, in such manner as may
be provided in the ordinance or by-laws of the village, or in their dis-
cretion to proceed by action for collection of such penalty and costs

from the owner thereof, who is hereby declared liable for the same. Lock-up. 23. To erect or procure and maintain a lock-up, or designate a

place for the detention of persons arrested under this act, under any

by-law, rule or ordinance, and to confine such persons.
Immoder: 24. To prevent immoderate riding or driving within the corporate

limits, leaving horses untied in the streets, and to authorize every
officer to stop any one guilty of such riding or driving in the streets.

Snow, etc., oll side.


Public pound

etc., rudnins at large.

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property at



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25. To protect property at fires and to keep away from the vicin- Protection ity idle and suspicious persons, and to remove and cause to be removed all such persons therefrom, and to compel persons to aid in extinguish- fires. ing fires and in removing and securing property exposed to danger by fire.

20. For the purpose of guarding against the calamities of fire the Fire board of trustees may, from time to time, by ordinance, designate such limits. portions and parts of the village as they shall think proper, within which no buildings of wood shall be erected, and may regulate the erection of buildings within such portion and parts and the materials thereof, the size and construction of chimneys therein, and may direct iron shutters to be placed upon the outer doors and windows of buildings already constructed, and on such as shall hereafter be constructed, and any person who shall violate any such ordinance or regulation shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. The board of Inspection trustees may also inspect, or cause to be inspected, by the firewarden of buildor any other person or persons, any building erected or in process of erection, to see that the same corresponds to such ordinance or regiilation, and may arrest and stop the erection of any building which shall not conform to such ordinance or regulation, and for this purpose may employ the police force of the village.

27. To prevent and abate nuisances; and for this purpose any or Nuisances. either of them may enter in or upon any building or premises, or authorize any person or persons to enter in or upon the same ; and in case the owner or occupant of any building or premises in or upon which such nuisance may be shall neglect or refuse to remove or abate the same, after being notified so to do, shall have power to cause the same to be removed or abated at the expense of such owner or occupant.

28. To contract for supplying the village with water for fire and supply of domestic purposes, provided, however, that no contract shall be made water. for a longer period than twenty years, nor to exceed fifty hydrants at a rate not exceeding forty dollars per hydrant, unless the proposition be first submitted to a vote of the taxable inhabitants as provided in sections two and three of title seven of this act.

29. To keep the roads, avenues, streets, lanes, squares, park, pub- Repair of lic buildings and public places in good order and repair and condition ; streets, to construct culverts and drains ; to regulate and prescribe the width, Jine and grade of strects, avenues, lanes and sidewalks; to construct and repair sidewalks and crosswalks ; to lay out and open new roads and streets ; to widen, alter or change the grade or otherwise iinprove ro:ids, avenues, streets, lanes and sidewalks.

30. To prevent vice and immorality, preserve the public peace Suppresand order, to restrain and suppress disorderly houses and houses of sion of ill-fanie or of assignation, or using houses and instruments and devices for gaming.

31. To apprehend and punish common prostitutes, vagrants and Vagrants, disorderly persons, and persons unnecessarily congregated upon the etc. sidewalks or corners or disturbing a public assembly.

32. To prescribe and define the powers and duties of the officers Duties of and agents of said village, whose powers and duties are not wholly oficers. specifically declared in this act, and fix the compensation of all ofticers and agents of said village, whose compensation is not fixed by this act.

33. The board of trustees shall have power to make and establish By-laws, all legal by-laws, rules and ordinances necessary to carry out the purpose of this act, print and pay for the same, to enforce such by-laws,




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