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upon him by law or by the by-laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of said village. And he shall have a casting vote on any question pending before the trustees, whenever there shall be a tie vote of the trustees voting.

DUTIES OF TRUSTEES. Meetings. § 17. All meetings of the trustees of said village shall be public,

and all persons may attend at the same ; and it shall be the duty of

said trustees : President 1. To appoint, from time to time, one of their number to preside at tempore.

any meeting of the electors of said village, or of the trustees thereof,

when the president shall be absent. Vacancies. 2. To fill any vacancy in any office of said village, except that of

trustee, by appointing a suitable person thereto, who shall hold the

office for the residue of the term unless sooner removed. Care of

3. To provide for the care, custody and preservation of the property,

records and papers of said village. Official 4. To see that the officers of the said village perform their duties duties.

faithfully and correctly; to enact penalties for any neglect of duty by

any of them. Notice of 5. To give notice, in the manner prescribed by law, of the annual meetings. meeting of the electors of said village, and to call special meetings of

such electors when, in their judgment, the interest of such village shall require it.

6. To present to every such annual meeting a detailed statement received signed by them, showing the amount, and when and from what source

all moneys paid into the treasury of said village during the preceding expended,

year have been derived, and thě amount of, when, to whom, and for what purpose, all moneys paid from said treasury during the same period have been paid; how much of any sum of money raised in said village during such year for any specific purpose, or directed to be applied to any specific purpose, has been so applied, and how much thereof remains on hand , what sidewalks bave been made or repaired in said village during such year, at the expense of the owners of the property adjacent thereto, and what at the expense of the village, and the amount of the collections on account of such expense ; the names of the owners or occupants of lots from whom any sums are due on account of such expense, and the amounts due from them respectively, which statement shall be filed with the clerk,

7. To carry into effect erery resolution adopted by them, which

they shall have authority to adopt. Auditing 8. To audit and allow claims and accounts against said village, and of claims.

to direct the manner in which warrants for the payment of moneys shall be drawn on the treasurer; and to publish, in such manner as they shall direct, a statement of the accounts and claims audited and allowed by them.

9. To audit claims for the pound-master for fees and compensation in respect to animals found going at large in said village, in violation of the by-laws thereof, as provided by law; and to hear and determine all applications of the owners of any such animals for a remission of

the penalties incurred by their so going at large. Penalty of

10. To fix the penalty and decide upon the sufficiency of the sureties bonds.

in the official bonds of the treasurer, street commissioner and collector

of taxes of said village. Keeping of 11. To prescribe the manner, subject to the provisions of this act, in

which the treasurer shall keep the accounts and vouchers, and the




real estate.

of .

clerk shall keep the records and papers of said village, and to examine such accounts, vouchers, records and papers from time to time in order to detect and correct any errors therein.

12. To fix the compensation of the assessors, treasurer, clerk, col. Compensalector and street commissioner, and such other officers as they shall have tificers power to appoint, subject to the provisions of this act.

13. To issue warrants for the collection of all taxes assessed in said Tax Fillage, and for the collection of the expenses of repairing highways, streets, lanes, alleys, and of making and repairing sidewalks of the owners or occupants of lots on which such expense shall be a lien as herein provided, which shall be returnable in thirty days from the time of issuing the same; and to renew such warrants from time to time for any such taxes or expenses which shall be returned as not puid.

14. To execute conveyances of real estate sold by them to satisfy Convessnch taxes or expenses charged thereon, and not paid or collected by recess of virtue of such warrant.

15. To enter, or to authorize others to enter, in the day time, when Prevenin their judgment the interest or safety of said village shall require it, tireno any building therein in which there shall be any fire-place, stove, stovepipe or other place in which any fire shall be kept or used, for the purpose of examining the same; and to make such regulations in regard thereto as a proper security against fire shall, in their judgment require. 16. To compel every male resident of said village, of the age of six- Extin

guishing teen years and upwards, attending any fire therein, to assist in extin- fres. guishing the same when required by the president, any trustee, firewarden, or by any officer of any fire company or hook and ladder company in said village.

17. To compel all persons in said village to keep their ashes safely. Ashes.

18. To direct the manner of making and repairing sidewalks and sidewalks. crosswalks in said village.

19. To prescribe the manner of repairing the streets, highways, Streets, lanes and alleys, and the laying out of the moneys raised for such pur- etc. poses in said village; and to exercise all the powers and perform all the duties of commissioners of high ways in said village, in respect to laying out, altering or discontinuing roads, so far as those powers and duties shall be by law required to be performed therein, and as shall be consistent with this act.

20. “To establish, by ordinance," the grade of any street, lane or Grade of alley in said village, and cause a description of said grade to be entered streets. on the records of said village ; and said grade shall not thereafter be changed without the consent in writing of at least two-thirds of the voters residing on said street, and who shall represent at least threefifths of the property taxable on said street.

21. “To prescribe, by ordinance,” the amount of poll-tax to be paid Poll-tax. by every voter in said village, not to exceed one dollar, who shall not be assessed on real and personal property in said village during the then current year, and to direct the entry by the assessors on the general tax-roll of said village the name of every person liable to a poll-tax, and the amount of such tax as fixed by the trustees ; and such polltax, when collected, to belong to the contingent fund of said village, in addition to the amount directed by the trustees to be raised by general tax.

22. To make such by-laws, ordinances, rules and regulations, not By-laws, inconsistent with the laws of this state or of the United States, as


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they shall deem proper to carry into effect the provisions of this act, and of other laws applicable to said village, and the powers vested in any officer thereof; and to prescribe penalties, not exceeding one hondred dollars for each violation thereof'; but no such by-law, ordinance, rule or regulation, for the non-observance of which a penalty is prescribed, shall take effect until three days after it shall have been published in a newspaper printed in said village, or until a printed copy thereof shall have been posted in five of the most public places in said village, or by both such publication and posting, as the said trustees shall direct.

§ 18. The trustees of said village may cause to be raised and colcontingent lected a sum which shall not exceed fifteen hundred dollars in any

one year, for defraying all the ordinary and contingent expenses of said village, not herein otherwise provided for, to be raised annually by general tax, and no money herein otherwise provided for to bo raised shall be appropriated for paying the ordinary and contingent expenses of said village. The tax or taxes ordered to be raised pursuant to this section may be raised as a gross tax upon one assessmentroll, without specifying in such roll the purposes for which the said moneys are to be raised, but the trustees shall

, in the order directing the assessment, specify the purposes for which the said moneys are to

be raised and the amount to be raised for each purpose. Duty of § 19. The assessors shall, within thirty days nest before the first Assessors. day of July, cighteen hundred and eighty-two, and within thirty days

before the first day of May in each year thereafter, ascertain the valuation of all the taxable real or personal property in said village. The assessment shall be made in the same manner as assessors of towns are required by law to make assessments; and the same proceedings shall be had, as nearly as is practicable, to make, review, correct and complete the roll thereof, as is prescribed by law for assessors of towns. The said assessment so completed shall be the basis on which all taxes for general purposes shall be levied until the completion of the next annual assessment.

820. Whenever the trustees shall, pursuant to the provisions of this act, direct any sum of money to be raised by a general tax, it shall be the duty of the assessors to make a copy of the last assessmentroll of said village, on which they shall apportion the sum to be raised, with such sum in addition thereto as the trustees shall direct as the fees for collecting the same, according to the valuation therein contained. They shall complete and sign the said copy-roll, and deliver the same to the clerk of said village within ten days after the meeting at which such tax was directed to be raised. The said trustees shall indorse on, or annex to, said roll their warrant for the collection of

the taxes therein mentioned. Control of $ 21. The trustees shall have the management and control of the

finances and of all the property, real and personal, belonging to said village in its corporate capacity; and it shall be their duty to keep all buildings belonging to said corporation insured against Joss or damage by fire; they shall have power and authority within said village to make, ordain, enact, modify, amend and repeal by-laws, ordi

nances, rules and regulations, for the following purposes: Suppresa 1. To prevent and suppress vice and immorality ; to preserve the

public peace; to protect the citizens and their property. Police.



2. To establish and maintain a competent police ; to promote the order and good government of said village; to appoint night watchmen, and to prescribe their powers and duties,

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3. To erect and maintain a lock-up or designate a place of deten- Lock-up. tion and confinement for persons arrested under this act, or under any by-law or ordinance thereof, and to confine and detain such persons therein.

4. To apprehend and punish idlers, vagrants, disorderly, boisterous, Idlers, riotous or unruly persons or unlawful assemblages, or persons disturb- vagrants

, ing any public assembly.

5. To provide for the prosecution or defense of any action by or Defensa against the said corporation, or by or against any officer thereof, for of suits. any act done in the discharge of his duties as such officer.

6. To suppress and prohibit the keeping of gaming-houses, or places, Gamingand the keeping and use of any gaming-tables or implements, and to bouses, require and provide for the removal or destruction of all tables, instruments and deyices kept or used for gambling purposes.

7. To suppress and restrain houses of ill-fame, and all disorderly, drinking or tippling-houses.

8. To present incumbering or obstructing the commons, streets, Incumbersidewalks, crosswalks, lanes and alleys in any manner whatever.

ing streets, 9. To regulate or prevent the construction or putting np of any projections from or opposite any buildings in, over or upon any of the streets or sidewalks of said village, and to cause the same to be rcmored at the expense of the owner or occupant of the adjacent premises,

10. To establish and maintain a public pound, and to regulate the Pound. fees and compensation and prescribe the duties of the pound-master.

11. To restrain the running at large of cattle, sheep, horses, swine, Cattle, goats and geese, and to provide for impounding and the sale of the etc., same, for the penalty and the costs and charges of keeping and of the large. proceedings.

12. To provide for lighting and cleaning the streets.

13. To organize fire companies and provide for the purchasing and Fire comrepairing of tire engines and all other necessary implements and apparatus for extinguishing fires, and to purchase, erect and maintain suitable house in which to keep them.

14. To construct and maintain reservoirs or cisterns and supply Reserthem with water, and provide for the extinguishing of fires, the re- voirs, eto. moral and protection of property exposed to destruction by or injury from fires.

15. To regulate or prevent the burning of tar barrels and bon-fires, Bon-Bres, the use of fire-arms and other fire-works, and any other practice or etc. amusement endangering persons or property in said village.

16. To regulate and prevent the running at large of dogs in said Dogs. village.

17. To protect trees and sidewalks, provide for keeping sidewalks Shade free from snow, ice, dirt and other obstructions, and to direct and trees. compel the cleaning of streets by the persons owning or occupying the premises fronting thereon, and to protect, maintain and regulate the use of the parks, fountains and other property belonging to said village.

18. To prevent and punish immoderate riding or driving within the Fast drivcorporate limits, leaving any horse or team untied in the streets, or ing, etc. leaving any horse or team exposed to storms, or for any unreasonable length of time.

19. To regulate bathing in any waters in said village and to pro- Bathing. bibit the same at such times as they shall direct.

20. To compel the summary abatement or removal of nuisances, Nutsances.


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Duties of officers.

Jurisdiction of

and to regulate the location of slaughter-laouses and houses or places for storing gunpowder or other explosive substances.

21. To prohibit or regulate all exhibitions of natural or artificial curiosities, caravans of animals, circuses or other shows, performances or exhibitions for money or hire, or permit the same on such terms

as they shall deem expedient. Hawking, 22. To restrain and prevent hawking and peddling in the streets;

to regulate, restrain or prohibit sales by auction and grant licenses to auctioneers.

23. To prescribe the powers and duties of all officers, and duties of persons appointed by them to any office or place whatsoever, subject to the provisions of this act, and to direct the time and manner in which such officers or persons shall perform their respective duties.

$ 22. The police justice shall have exclusive jurisdiction in all cases police

arising under the provisions of this act, and under the by-laws, ordijustice. nances, rules and regulations of the board of trustees of said village,

made in pursuance of this act, and it is hereby expressly made his duty to exercise such jurisdiction in case of violation of any of said provisions, by-laws, ordinances, rules or regulations, and to proceed to the trial and punishment of all offenders guilty of such violation. according to the provisions of this act, and of the law and practice of this state. Suid police justice shall have the same powers in issuing process in the hearing, trial and determination of cases within his jurisdiction, the subpænaing of witnesses, punishment for contempt and issuing final commitments as justices of the peace in towns posse:s in criminal cases ; and he shall be entitled to receive the same fees as

said justices of the peace are entitled to under the statutes of this Vacancy state in similar cases. In case of a vacancy in the said oflice of police in office of justice, or in case said police justice be temporarily absent, or in case

he be disqualified or unable for any reason to act, then, in that case, an elector of said village shall be appointed police justice by the board of trustees, and the person so appointed shall possess all the powers, and be subject to all the duties and obligations of a police justice appointed under this act, and shall hold the office, in case he was appointed to fill a vacancy, until removed by the trustees, and until the police justice next appointed shall have duly qualified, and in all other cases until the police justice shall resume the duties of the office. Said police justice, or the person appointed to act as such, as abore provided, shall keep a record of all fines and penalties imposed or collected by hiin, and shall pay over all moneys so collected by him, to the treasurer of said village, within ten days after the receipt thereof by him. In case the said police justice, or the person acting as such, shall willfully neglect to properly perform the duties of his office, hé shall be liable to a penalty of fifty dollars for each offense, which penalty may be recovered in an action commenced by the trustees, in the corporate name of said village.

$ 23. The clerk shall keep the corporate seal and all the books, recclerk. ords and papers of said village, and shall perform all such duties as the

trustees shall from time to time require. All papers filed in his office and all records of the proceedings of the electors and of the board of trustees shall be evidence in all courts and places of the matters therein contained, and copies of all such papers, and transcripts from such books and records, when duly certified by such clerk under the corporate seal, shall be evidence in all courts and places in like manner as if the originals were produced.

$ 24. The treasurer shall receive all moneys belonging to said village,

Duty of

Or treasurer.

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