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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1836, BY PETER FORCE, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Columbia.



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I....A Description of New England; or the Observations and Discoueries of Captain Iohn Smith (Admirall of that Country) in the North of America, in the year of our Lord 1614: with the successe of sire Ships, that went the next yeare 1615; and the accidents befell him among the French men of warre : with the proofe of the present benefit this Countrey affoords : whither this present yeare, 1616, eight voluntary Ships are gone to make further tryall. At London: Printed by Humfrey Lownes, for Robert Clerke; and are to be sould at his house called the Lodge, in Chancery lane, ouer against Lincolnes Inne.—1616................... 48

* II.New Englands Trials. Declaring the successe of 80 Ships employed thither within these eight yeares; and the benefit of that Country by Sea and Land. With the present estate of that happie Plantation, begun but by 60 weake men in the yeare 1620. And how to build a Fleete of good Shippes to make a little Nauie Royall.—Written by Captaine Iohn Smith, sometimes Gouernour of Virginia, and Admirall of New England. The second Edition. London: Printed by William Iones.—

* III....The Planters Plea.—Or the grounds of Plantations Eramined, and vsual Objections answered.— Together with a manifestation of the causes mooving such as have lately undertaken a Plantation in New England: For the satisfaction of those that question the lawfulnesse of the Action. 2 Thes. 5. 21.-Prove all things, and holde fast that which is good. London: Printed by William Iones.— 1630................................................................ 56

| IV....Gov. Thomas Dudley's Letter to the Countess of Lincoln, March, 1631. With Explanatory Notes, by Dr. John Farmer, Corresponding Secretary of the New-Hampshire Historical Society. Washington: Published by Peter Force.—1838.......... 20

. . V....New English Canaan; Or, New Canaan, containing an abstract of New England.—Composed in three Bookes. The first setting forth the Originall of the Natives, their Manners and Customs. Together with their tractable Nature and Love towards the English. II. The Natural Indowments of the Countrie, and what Staple Commodities it yeeldeth. III. What People are planted there, their Prosperity, what remarkable Accidents have happened since the first planting of it : together " with their Tenants and practise of their Church. Written by Thomas Morton, of Cliffords Inn, Gent. Upon ten Yeers Knowledge and Erperiment of the Country. Printed by Charles Green.— 1632.......................................................... ...... 128

VI.... Ertract from a Manuscript Collection of Annals
relative to Virginia. From the Virginia Gazette
of April 21, 1774. Washington: Published by
Peter Force.—1838.......................................... 12

} VII.-->4 Description of the Province of New Albion. And a Direction for Adventurers with small stock to get two for one, and good land freely : And for Gentlemen, and all Servants, Labourers and Artificers to live plentifully. And a former Description re-printed of the healthiest, pleasantest, and richest Plantation of New Albion in North Virginia, proved by thirteen witnesses. Together with a Letter from Master Robert Evelin, that lived there many years, shewing the particularities, and excellency thereof. With a briefe of the charge of victuall, and necessaries, to transport and buy stock for each Planter, or Labourer, there to get his Master 50l. per Annum, or more in twelve trades, at 10l. charges onely a man. Printed in the Year 1648.......................................... - VIII....A Perfect Description of Virginia: being, a full and true Relation of the present State of the Plantation, their Health, Peace and Plenty: the number of people, with their abundance of Cattell, Fowl, Fish, &c. with severall sorts of rich and good Commodities, which may there be had, either Naturally, or by Art and Labour. Which we are fain to procure from Spain, France, Denmark, Swedeland, Germany, Poland, yea, from the EastIndies. There having been nothing related of the true estate of this Plantation these 25 years.— Being sent from Virginia, at the request of a Gentleman of worthy note, who desired to know the true State of Virginia as it now stands.— Also, a Narration of the Countrey, within a few dayes journey of Virginia, West and by South where people come to trade : being related to the Governour, Sir William Berckley, who is to go himselfe to discover it with with 30 horse, and 50

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Joot, and other things needful for his enterprize.
With the manner how the Emperor Nichotawance
came to Sir William Berckley, attended with five
petty Kings, to doe Homage, and bring Tribute to
King Charles. With his solemne Protestation,
that the Sun and Moon should lose their Lights,
before he (or his people in that Country) should
prove disloyall, but ever to keepe Faith and Alle-
giance to King Charles. London, Printed for
Richard Wodenoth, at the Star under Peters
Church in Cornhill.—1649........ ------------------------

!-- IX.... Virginia and Maryland.—Or, the Lord Balta

more's printed Case, uncased and answered.— Shewing, the illegality of his Patent and usurpation of Royal Jurisdiction and Dominion there. With the Injustice and Tyranny practised in the Government, against the Laws and Liberties of the English Nation, and the just Rights and Interest of the Adventurers and Planters. Also a short Relation of the Papists late Rebellion against the Government of his Highnes the Lord Protector, to which they were reduced by the Parliaments Commissioners; but since revolting, and by Lord Baltamore's instructions caused to assault the Protestants there in their Plantations, were by a far lesser number repulsed, some slain, and all the rest taken Prisoners. To which is added, a brief account of the Commissioners proceedings in the reducing of Maryland, with the Grounds and Reason thereof; the Commission and Instructions by which they acted; the Report of the Committee of the Navy, concerning that Province; and some other Papers and Passages relating thereunto; together with the Copy of a Writing under the Lord Baltamore's Hand and Seal, 1644. discovering his


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