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Page 17 - I have arrived at a very decided conclusion that sewage, when it is mixed with twenty times its volume of running water and has flowed a distance of ten or twelve miles, is absolutely destroyed; the agents of destruction being infusorial animals, aquatic plants and fish and chemical oxidization.
Page 52 - Their presence gives a decidedly green or greenish yellow tinge to large bodies of water; and their death and decay often cause considerable offence to the sense of smell of those sojourning in the neighborhood, and to the sense of taste of those obliged to drink the water.
Page 17 - But though for these reasons we believe that the organic contamination of the Thames is much less than is commonly imagined, still it would be sufficient to do great mischief were it not for a most beneficial provision of nature for effecting spontaneously the purification of the streams. Some of the noxious matter is removed by fish and other animal life, and a further quantity is absorbed by the growth of aquatic vegetation; but, in addition to these obstructions, important changes are effected...

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