World Enough and Time: Successful Strategies for Resource Management

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"We must mobilize now to achieve the global possible. If we do, the future can be bright. We have sufficient knowledge, skill, and resources--if we use them. If we remain inactive, whether through pessimism or complacency we shall only make certain the darkness that many fear." -from World Enough and Time

How can we improve living standards and promote economic growth throughout the world while still maintaining our natural resources and environmental quality? This book by Robrert Repetto describes how governments, businesses, and private citizens have been able to promote policies that lead to a more stable population and resource base and to more efficient energy use. Repetto argues that worldwide progress could be realized if we continue to implement those strategies that have already proven effective.

Repetto identifies basic mechanisms that are part of successful policy initiatives. He then provides specific ways to use resources wisely. He shows through examples how relatively low cost policy changes can result in improved life expectancy and population stability, more livable cities, more plentiful food supplies without damage to soils and water, preservation of biological resources, sustainable use of forests and fisheries, and an abundance of energy with less environmental risk. Finally, he explores the important implications these initiatives have for governments, international agencies, science, industry, and private voluntary agencies.

This book is a companion volume to The Global Possible: Resources, Development, and the New Century, a series of essays by international experts that formed the basis for discussion at the influential Global Possible Conference sponsored by the World Resources Institute in 1984. World Enough and Time offers a succinct summary of the principal findings of the conference and makes its conclusions accessible to a wider audience. It is essential reading for government leaders, environmental groups, and anyone concerned with the future of our plane's population and resources.

"At last we have a global blueprint for the future that doesn't reassure us to do nothing or pronounce that there is nothing we can do. World Enough and Time picks out the success stories of the past decade that could help meet the challenges to come." -U.S. Senator (Vice President) Albert Gore

"In this book a shrewd analyst has sifted through the resource policy debates and identified strategies that have worked before and can work again. It's reassuring to know there are tested ways to make tomorrow better. With World Enough and Time in hand, we have the evidence." -former U.S. Senator Edmund Muskie



Progress and Possibility
A Choice of Futures
Five Ways to Use Resources Wisely
Applications to Specific Resources
Concerted Efforts

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