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SERVICES of the Festivals of the Jewish Church.

Ps. xix, civ, cxlviii, Sabbath.

lxxviii, cv, cxiv, Passover.
cxi, cxxxv, cxxxvi, Pentecost.
Ixxxi, Feast of Trumpets.

Ixv, lxvii, Feast of Tabernacles.
A War Song, cxlix.
Thanksgiving for National Deliverance, or successful War,

xlviii, lxvi, lxxvi, cxv, cxxiv, cxxv, cxliv. Thanksgiving after a Storm, Hurricane, or Earthquake,

xxix, xlvi. Upon placing the Ark in Solomon's Temple, cxxxii. Prayers in seasons of National Calamity, lxxxix.

for help in War, xliv, lx, lxi. Thanksgivings for Hezekiah's Recovery, xxx, cxvi. Prayers in the time of Manassah’s Captivity, lxxix, lxxx. Thanksgiving for Manassah's Return, lxxxv.

Prayers, Lamentations, and Confessions, of the Captives,

Ixxiv, lxxvii, cii, cvi, cxxxvii. Songs of Triumph and Thanksgivings of the returned Cap

tives, cvii, cxxvi, cxlvi, cxlvii. A King of Judah’s Inauguration Vow, ci. Grand Chorus, for all the Voices, and all the Instruments, cl. The Blessedness of the Righteous, and final Perdition of the

opposite Faction, i, xxxvi, xxxvii, cxii. The Extermination of the Irreligious Faction, xiv, liii. True Godliness described as distinct from the Ritual, xv, l. The Believer's Scruples, arising from the Prosperity of the

Wicked, removed by Revealed Religion and the Consider

ation of their latter end, lxxiii. The Pleasures of Devotion, lxxxiv. Divine Ænigmata. The subject, The Redeemer's Divinity,

the Immortality of the Soul, a future Retribution, xlix. A Mystical Prayer of David, in the character of the High

Priest, xvi. Prayers of Believers for Protection against the Atheistical

Conspiracy, iii, iv, x, xii, xiii, xvii, xlii, xliii, liv, cxx,

cxxiii, cxl. The Believer's Penitential Confessions and Deprecations,

vi, xxxii, xxxviii, xxxix, li. Believer's Prayer for the promised Redemption, cxxx, cxliii. Believers lament their afflicted State in this short and evil

Life, and pray for the Resurrection, xc.
Prayers for Grace and Mercy, V, XXV, Xxvi, cxxxi.

Songs of Triumph in prospect of the establishment of God's

universal Kingdom, xlvii, lxvii, xciii. A Believer's general Praises and Thanksgivings, viii, xix,

xxiii, сііі, схіх. A Believer's Thanksgiving for the final extirpation of Ini

quity and the idolatrous religions, and persecuting power,

ix, xi, lii, lxvi. The Church prays for preservation from Corruptions, xxviii,


for Deliverance from the Persecution of her Enemies, vii; latter part of xxvii from 7th verse to the end, xxxi, lix.

for Messiah's Deliverance and Success,


The Church gives thanks for Messiah's Victory, xxi.

for her own final Deliverance, xviii.

for the final extirpation of Iniquity and Idolatry, xcii. Messiah's Prayers, xxii, xxxv, xli, lvi, lvii, lxi, lxii, lxiii, lxxxvi, lxxxviii, in Agony; cxlii, Taken and Deserted.

Thanksgivings, xl; cxvii, and cxviii, one Psalm ; cxxxviii.

Accusation of the impenitent Jews, his Enemies, lv, lxiv, lxix.

prophetic Malediction of the Jewish Nation, cix.

Exaltation, ii, xxiv, xlv, xcv, xcvi, xcvii, xcviii, xcix, c, cx.



Messiah comforts the afflicted Israelites with the promise of the final excision of the Idolatrous Faction, xciv.

exhorts to holiness and trust in God by the example of his own Deliverance, xxxiv.

predicts the final Judgment, lxxv. God promises the Messiah Protection, and Glory, xci. God's just Judgment foretold upon the unjust Judges of our

Lord, lviii, lxxxii. The Reign of the King's Son, lxxii. Salvation is of the Jews, lxxxvii. Of these Psalms six are Alphabetical, xxv, xxxiv, xxxvii,

cxi, cxii, cxlv.

Forty-five of the Psalms are called by the Masoreths, Mis

mor, iii, iv, v, vi, viii, ix, xii, xiii, xv, xix, xx, xxi, xxii, xxiii, xxiv, xxix, xxxi, xxxviii, xxxix, xl, xli, xlvii, xlix, 1, li, lxii, lxiii, lxiv, lxxiii, lxxv, lxxvii, lxxix, lxxx, lxxxii,

Ixxxiv, lxxxv, xcviii, c, ci, cix, cx, cxxxix, cxl, cxli, cxliii. Six are called Michtam, xvi, lvi, lvů, lviii, lix, lx. Thirteen are called Maschil, xxxii, xlii, xliv, xlv, lii, liii, liv,

lv, lxxiv, lxxviii, lxxxviii, lxxxix, cxli. Seven are called Mismor Shir, xxxi, lxv, lxvii, lxviii, lxxv,

lxxvii, xcii. Five are called Shir Mismor, xlviii, lxvi, lxxxiii, Ixxxviii,


One is called Shir, xlvi.
Four are called Thephilah, xvii, lxxxvi, xc, cii.
One is called Tehillah, cxlv.
One, Shiggaion, vii. One, Lehazchir, lxx. And Fifteen are

called Shir Hammachaloth or Songs of the Steps, cxx, cxxi, cxxii, cxxiii, cxxiv, cxxv, cxxvi, cxxvii, cxxviii, cxxix, cXXX, cxxxi, cxxxii, cxxxiii, cxxxiv.

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