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N i Unto thee, O Jehovah, I lift up my soul,

Thee I have anxiously-looked-for all the day.

2 In thee, O my God, I have-placed-my-trust,

let-me not be-brought-to-shame,
Let' not mine enemies triumph over me.

3 Yea, let none be-brought-to-shame, who anxi

ously-look-for thee; Let the revolters to vanity * be-brought-to


q 4 Shew me thy ways, O Jehovah,

Teach me thy paths.

5 Guide me according to thy truth, and teach


For thou art the God of

my salvation.

* Idolaters and infidels.

6 And pardon, thou my iniquity, because of thy

O Jehovah : Truly that * is great!

1 7 Remember thy tender-mercies, O Jehovah,

and thy loving-kindnesses, Truly they are of old.

a 8
8 The trespasses of

my youth and


disobedi. ences remember not; Remember thou me according to thy mercy.

9 Good and upright is Jehovah,

Therefore he will instruct sinners in the way.

10 He will guide the meek according-to-the-plan

of-judgement, t
And he will teach the meek his way.

*. - That," namely, “ thy goodness.”

+ I think the word vown here, and in some other places, signi. fies the settled plan by which God will finally judge the world,--the Constitution of his Moral Kingdom.

> 11 All the paths of Jehovah are mercy and truth*,

To such as observe his covenant and his re


5 12 For the sake of thy name, O Jehovah,

Redeem Israel out of all his distresses.

13 What man is this that feareth Jehovah ?
Him-he-shall-instruct in the way which he


14 His soul shall rest in bliss, [B]

And his seed shall inherit the earth.

15 The secret of Jehovah is with them that fear

him, And his covenant is to give-them-knowledge.[C]

V 16 Mine eyes are ever towards Jehovah,

For he shall bring my feet out of the net.

17 Turn thee toward me, and take-pity-upon me,

For I am deserted and afflicted. [D]

* Rather, constancy or immutability. Mercy, or kindness, and immutability, i. e. constant, never failing kindness.

18 Set-at-large the sorrowful-contractions of my

And bring me out of my

difficulties. [E]

p 19 Cut short my affliction and vexation,

And pardon all my trespasses.

720 Behold mine enemies, for they are mighty * ;

And with a cruel hatred they hate me.

V 21 Guard my soul, and deliver mé;

Let-me not be-brought-to-shame, for-that I.

have-taken-shelter with thee.

ñ 22 Let loyalty and integrity preserve me:

Truly, anxiously-I-have-looked-for thee. Thou

art my God.


DR KENNICOTT divides the 27th psalm into two, considering the first six verses and the last eight, as two different songs. I join the first six verses of the 27th to the preceding psalm, and agree with Dr Kennicott, that the last eight make of themselves an

* Or, numerous.

entire song.


The author of this psalm prays for God's protection against enemies, who had set a price upon his life. [v. 10.] He pleads his attachment to God's service, and his abhorrence of idolaters and their practices. In the 12th verse, he promises himself the protection which he had asked, and triumphs in the certainty of this hope through the remainder of the song, which consists of six verses very improperly divided from this, and made the first six of the next, psalm.

1 Give-sentence-for-me, O Jehovah, for I-have-per

severed in my loyalty, And upon Jehovah I have placed-my trust.-Let

me not slide.

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