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V. 47


American Bee Journal

A Prophet of Profit

“If Goods are wanted Quick, send to Pouder”

There is plenty of money in Chickens if

your effort is intelligently directed. Learn the right way to do things by sub

scribing for



Profitable Poultry


Root's Goods at Root's Prices


For a limited time only 25 cents per year.


Everything used by Bee-Keepers.
POUVER'S HONEY-JARS. Prompt Service.
Low Freight Rates.

Catalog Free.

I pay highest market price for beeswax, delivered here, at any time, cash or trade. Make small shipments by express; large shipments by freight, always being sure to attach your pame to the package. My large illustrated catalog is free. I shall be glad to send it to you.

Write for prices on Finest Extracted Honey. Certificate guaranteeing purity with every shipment. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS Orders for Supplies ...

on early

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WALTER S. POUDER 513-515 Massachusetts Ave.,


Pat'd 1879, '82, '92 & 1903


Let Me Quote You My Direct Prices

On Split Hickory Buggies

Best on Earth for 29 Years

I am willing to take all chances on your not liking one of my Split Hickory vehicles.
Every buggy I sell goes out on trial, subject to being returned, and refunding every cent
of money, if not satisfactory. My FREE catalog of Split Hickory Buggies shows over
125 different styles of buggies, and a complete line of High-Grade Harness. I want you
to have this book. No matter where you buy you ought to read
what I have to say about my dlroct method of selling at prices

that are from 30% to 50% lower than you can buy a buggy of

teed as high quality elsewhere. Allmy Split Hickory vehicles are

2 Years guaranteed 2 years. The Buggy shown in this picture is my

1907 Split Hickory Special. I have an entire factory devored to the making of this one job. Write today for catalok.

A F08tal-NOW-and you get it by return mail, with low prices on the best Buggies and Harness made. Addresss me personally.

Prosidont Ohio Carriage Mig., Company,

Cincinnati, Ohio.

Cost 5 cents more to make in

1907 than in 1906

H. C. Phelps Station 322

Fire Sale of Bee and Poultry Supplies

Now is the time to buy, while they are cheap.
Copper, Tin, Leather, Steel, Wire,

and Wood-
are rising every day.



Come or send and Save 25 to 50 Percent on slightly damaged goods. Lewis Goods at 3 percent Discount


EXCEPT ON HONEY-PACKAGES. Any bee-keeper living within a reasonable distance of Chicago can make money on any Supplies be may need now or later, by coming to Chicago and looking over the goods that we selected out after the fire. Better order quick, if you want any of the goods we are selling at 25 to 50 percent reduction.

Is Send tor list of Slightly Damaged Goods to select from at
Reduced Prices.

Quote us prices on Honey and Beeswax. Honey in 60-pound cans for sale.
H. M. ARND, Proprietor, York Honey and Bee-Supply Co. (Not Inc.)
Long Distance Telephone, North 1559. 191 AND 193 SUPERIOR ST, CHICAGO, ILL.

(Three blocks north and one block east of our old location.)

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