The Chartulary of Cockersand Abbey of the Premonstratensian Order, Volume 43, Part 2

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Page 548 - from Esward, son of Robert de Bickerstath [to the canons of Cockersand], of a portion of his land in Bickerstath, to wit, by Wildmereford, on both sides of the road, and between Whiteleach and Orfelles unto the cross;
Page 712 - [to the canons of Cockersand] of a portion of his land in Astley, beginning at the water which is called the Fleet, following the brook southward to the upper part of Limepit hurst, as defined by the
Page 678 - was held by the service of the fortieth part of a knight's fee, and a yearly
Page 522 - 345-676. FIFTEENTH YEAR (1896-7). Vol. 36. The Minutes of the Bury Presbyterian Classis, 1647-1657. Part I. Edited by WM. A. SHAW, MA
Page 681 - for the love of God, and the health of his soul and the souls of his predecessors and successors,
Page 711 - by the service of the tenth part of a knight's fee ; and
Page 730 - Grant in frankalmoign from Odo, son of Ingrith de Withington [to the canons of Cockersand], of a portion of his land in Withington, to wit, eight acres of land by the great ditch on the south side, as the crosses indicate; with common of pasture and all liberties and easements belonging to his fee of the said town. Any future demand upon this land to be discharged by the residue of his fee.
Page 756 - messuage to be the right of the Master and Brethren of the said Hospital, and
Page 728 - and Matthew. William de Notton is named in the Inquest of co. Lancaster, taken in 1212, as lord of Breightmet, which estate probably descended to his younger son, Matthew, whose heir I suppose to have been Avina, who married Sir William de Samlesbury
Page 729 - succeeded to his grandmother's estates upon attaining his majority shortly before the 26th January, 1222, that being the date of the mandate to the Sheriff of Lancaster to give to "Gilbert, grandson and heir of Edith de Barton

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