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A Petition for a Department of Education

To the President of the United States:

On behalf of our respective organizations we earnestly pray that in the reorganization of the Executive Departments of the Government, education be given recognition commensurate with its supreme importance to the Nation. The purpose of public education is to develop good citizens. Since the citizenship of our Nation is but the aggregate citizenship of the States, the Nation is and always must be vitally interested in education.

If the Federal Government is to perform its proper function in the promotion of education, the department at Washington must be given such dignity and prominence as will command the respect of the public and merit the confidence of the educational forces of the country. The educational leader of the Nation should hold an outstanding position, with powers and responsibilities clearly defined, subordinate to no one except the President.

In view of the reorganization now pending, the present is a most opportune time for giving education its proper place in the Administrative Branch of the Government. On behalf of the National organizations which we represent, each of which has officially taken action in accordance with the prayer of this petition, we respectfully urge that the President of the United States use his great influence to bring about the creation of a Department of Education with a Secretary in the Cabinet.

Respectfully submitted,

Almsi Quen Stil Me Thomsen G.)

President of the National Education Association

President of the General Federation of Women's Clubs.

Presign of the National mitte por

Department of Education


President of the American ederatich of door

Carl Crona

Que agora li se (Mafiap Mony meses om 4. Mr. Kattersine Chapinn S. Cepen

Miss Pese Brenner
Boriak Srikt for

H Parker
Lurile m. Lyon


Halterf. Atheau,

Director of the Amencan Council on Education

President of the National Council of Jewish Womer

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President of the American Library Association

President of the Woman's Relief Corps

President of the National Federation of Musical Clubs

President of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union

Sovereign Grand Cohimander of the Supreme Council, Scottish Rite

of Freemasonry, Southern jurisdiction of the United States


of the Committee on Education of the Sunday School Council of Evangelical Denominations and the International Sunday School Association


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