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Parts of England. Lond. 1813-17, render this work more complete, it is de

sirable to add Lysons' Glocestershire Ancolombier folio.

tiquities, and his Woodchester Antiquities, This splendid work, published at 487.6s. of both which works a few copies were and still worth nearly its published price, issued in colours with that object, as consists of 156 plates, many of which are already stated. Sold at Lysons' sale, the on wliole sheets, and most of them beau- 3 vols. with Woodchester as a fourth,'361. tifully coloured. The following note ap- 15s. The Gloucester, coloured, 121. 12s. pears at the conclusion of the advertise- Lysons, S. Plan and seven Views ment of the first volume. Only 200 copies of the whole work have been printed off, (finely coloured) of Hampton Court and most of the plates are cancelled; not with the view of making a scarce book, ton Court Palace (from Lysons' but from the great difficulty of getting Middlesex Parishes), folio. even that number properly coloured under the editor's inspection.'. Collation.-Vol. ! On the title of the letter-press descripI. 1813. In four Parts. Part i. Figures

tion (consisting of nine leaves) is a coof Mosaic Pavements discovered at Hork

loured view of Part of Hampton Court stou in Lincolnshire. Seven plates, not

| Palace from the Garden.' It is said that including an engraved title, with 4 pages

only ten copies of this volume were taken of letter-press descriptions, and a list of

off separately in folio. A copy in a bookthe plates. Part ii. Remains of two seller's recent catalogue was marked Temples and other Roman Antiquities 31. 3s. discovered at Bath. Thirteen, not twelve, LYSTER, Thomas. Fragments, plates, not including the engraved title, taken out of a Manuscript, pen'd with letter-press description, 12 pages;

by T. L. in the 80th Year of his and list of plates, one leaf, Part iii. Figures of Mosaic Pavements discovered Age, 1714. Printed in the Year near Frampton in Dorsetshire. near Frampton in Dorse t

Seven 1714. Svo

tle also plates, not including engraved title, also

incle lenves and 3 folding letter-press description, 6 pages, and list

ones, with a portrait of Tho. Lyster of plates, one leaf. Part iv. Roman An

Philomath: Ætat. suæ 63, A.D. 1698,' by tiquities discovered in Kent, Cheshire, Durham. Lancashire, Cumberland, So

The Blessings of Eighty-eight, with mersetshire, Northamptonshire, and Wilt-dir

divine Poems and Meditations. Lond. shire. Ten plates, with 4 pages of letter

1698, 8vo. with a portrait of Lyster by press descriptions, also the printed title

White. Wrangham, no head, 12s. Harand list of plates, 2 leaves. At the com- ward, with 12 pages written at 81, dated mencement of the volume are two titles,

1715, 61. one engraved, the other printed ; an en

| LYTE, Henry. The Light of graved dedication to George Prince Regent, also an advertisement and contents. /

The copy of this volume in the royal li- able Originall and Antiquitie of brary in the British Museum has duplicate Britaine. Lond. 1588, 8vo. plates, differently coloured.) Vol. II. 1817. In two parts. Part i. containing Roman

Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth.- Lond. Antiquities discovered in the County of

1814, 8vo. Hibbert, 4939, morocco, 11. ls. Gloucester. Part ii. Remains of Roman

Of this reprint by Mr. Upcott two copies military Ensigns, discovered near Stony

were struck off on vellum. Eyton in 1848, Stratford, Bucks, and Barkway, Herts.

10s.6d. An account of this most excellent This volume consists of 42 plates, not

scholar in several sorts of learning,' and including engraved title, list of plates,

of his curious works, several of which are

in MS. in the University Library of Ox&c., which occupy seven leaves. In it was affixed an advertisement, in which the ford, will be found in Wood's Athen. editor states that, 'finding by the last act

Oxon. Knight, 1847, 15s. of parliament For the Encouragement of Learning, he would be liable to the very ennobled Genealogie of James, by heavy tax of eleven copies for the Public

the Grace of God, King of Great Libraries, he is under the necessity of omitting such (viz. the letter-press) de. Brittaine, France and Ireland, &c. scriptions.' Vol. III. 1817. Remains of London. a Roman Villa discovered at Bignor in An engraving 'in forma patenti.' 'This Sussex. This volume contains 32 plates, genealogy the author did dedicate to his besides five others containing titles and majesty, who, after a long and serious pelist of plates, also 10 pages of letter-press, rusal of it, gave the said author his picreprinted from the Archæologia. To ture in gold, set with diamonds, with


thant pt. ii. 10791.21. 185. i

gracious thanks. Charles Prince of Wales | tion, in 1 vol. 1735, inserted in the British (afterwards K. Ch. I.) was so exceedingly | Classics. taken with it, that he gave the author his Dialogues of the Dead. The fourth picture in gold also. Camden had the edition, corrected; to which are added, perusal of it, and underneath (the original) | four new Dialogues. Lond. 1765, Svo. 3s. wrote with his own hand about six verses Dr Johnson deemed this work a nugatory in commendation of it and the author.' performance, and observed, "That man Ant. à Wood.

sat down to write a book, to tell the world LYTTELTON, George, Lord. The what the world had all his life been tellHistory of the Life of King Henry

ing him.'

The (miscellaneous) Works of George

Lord Lyttelton, published by G. E. Ayshe lived, in five Books. Lond. cough. Lond. 1774, 4to.--Second edition. 1767, &c. 4to. 4 vols.

Lond. 1775, 11. 1s.-The third edition, to

which is added, a general Index. Lond. An elaborate, somewhat prolix, but

1776, 8vo. 3 vols. with portrait of his highly important work, with valuable |

Lordship, 11. 1s.-- Additions to Lord Lytnotes. Dr. Johnson observed that his

telton's Works: being two Essays from Lordship was thirty years in preparing his History, and that he employed a man

Common Sense, and two Poems. 4to. Dub

lin, 1774, 8vo. to point it for him; as if (laughing)

The Progress of Love, in four Eclogues. another man could point his sense better

" Lond. 1732, folio, tirst edition. than himself.' Hibbert, 4994, 11, 17s.

| Poetical Works. Glasgow, 1787, folio. Dent, pt. ii. 704, 21. 3s. Lloyd, 237, 21.

: Marquis of Townshend, 2210, 11. 158.11s. Edwards, 591, 21. 18s. Drury, 2787,

" Lond. 1801, crown 8vo. plates by Burney. 31. 12s. Willett, 1473, 41. 49. Nassau,

Admitted into the recent Collections of pt. i. 2573, with the miscellaneous Works, 1775, russia, 41. 48. Marquis of Towns

History of England, in a series of Lethend, 2166, 41. 6s. Fonthill, 1883, 5l. 2s. 6d. Heath, 4385, with the miscellaneous

ters from a Nobleman to his Son. See

ENGLAND. Works, 1774, 61. 11s.-Dublin, 1768, 8vo.

Memoirs and Correspondence, 1734 to 4 vols. Garrick, 1427, 11.-Lond. 1777,

1773, edited by Rob, Phillimore. Lond. 8vo: 6 vols. Duke of York, 3227, 21.

1845, 8vo. 2 vols. Earl of Kerry, 312, 31. 15s. Observations on the Conversion and

LYTTELTON. See LITTLETON. Apostleship of St. Paul, in a Letter to LYTTLETON, Thos., Lord. Letters Gilbert West, Esq. Lond. 1747, 8vo. 3s.

of the late Lord Lyttleton. Lond. Often reprinted separately, as well as with other Treatises. It is also contained / 1780-2, small 8vo. 2 vols. 48. in the comprehensive volume called These Letters are generally considereil

Christian Evidences, roy. 8vo. Lond. spurious, but they were indoubtedly Bohn, 1850, 10s. “A treatise to which in written by Lord Lyttleton, though profidelity has never been able to fabricate a bably tampered with by W. Combe, Esq. specious answer.'-- Dr. Johnson.

who published them from his Lordship's Attached to many editions of Gilbert manuscripts. West on the Resurrection.

| Poems by a yoiing Nobleman. Lond. Letters from a Persian in England to 1780, 4to. Published anonymously. -his Friend at Ispahan. Lond. 1735, 12mo. Again, Lond. 1803. Privately printed. 2 vols. Frequently reprinted. Fourth edi-Bindley, pt. ii. 1390, 11. 1s.

Nassau, Ad Pritish Poets

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Uniform with the STANDARD LIBRARY, 5s. each (except Thucydides, Eschulus, Virgil,

Úorace, Cicero's Offices, Demosthenes, dppendix to Eschylus, dristollc's Orguitur,
all of which are Ss. Od. each volumc).

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1. HERODOTUS. By the Rev. IIENRY Cany, M.A. Frontispiece.
2 & 3. THUCYDIDES. By the Rev. II. DALE. In 2 Vols. (ös. Gil. cach). Frontispiece.
4. PLATO. Vol. I. By Cary. [The Apology of Socrates, Crito, Phaedo, Gorgias,

Protagotas, Phædrus, Theatetus, Euthyphron, Lysis.] Irontispiece.
5. LIVY'S HISTORY OF ROME, literally translated. Vol. I., Books 1 to 8.
3 6. PLATO. Vol. II. By Davis. [The Republic, Timæus, and Critias.]

7. LIVY'S HISTORY OF ROME. Vol. II., Books 9 to 26.
8. SOPHOCLES. The Oxford Translation, revised.
9. ÆSCHYLUS, literally translated. By an OXONIAN. (Price Ss. 62.)

- Appendix to, containing the new readings given in Ilermann's posthu.

mous edition of Aschylus, translated and edited by G. BURGES, HA. (35. 0u).
3 10. ARISTOTLE'S RHETORIC AND POETIC. With Examination Questions.

.LIVY'S HISTORY OF ROME. Vol. III., Books 27 to 36.
O O 12 & 14. EURIPIDES, literally translated. From the Text of Dindorf. In 2 Vols.

13. VIRGIL By Davidson. New Edition, Revised. (Price 3s. 6.1.) Irontispiece.
15. HORACE. By Smart. New Edition, Revised. (Price 3s. 61.) Frontispiece.
16. ARISTOTLE'S ETHICS. By Prof. R. W. BROWNE, cf King's College.

17. CICERO'S OFFICES. [Old Age, Friendship, Scipio's Dream, Paradoxes, &c.]
V 18. PLATO. Vol. III. By G. Burges, M.A. [Euthydenius, Symposium, Sophistes,

Politicus, Laches, Parmcuides, Cratylus, and Meno.]
Einä 19. LIVY'S HISTORY OF ROME. Vol. IV. (which completes the work).
Mix** 20. CÆSAR AND HIRTIUS. With Index.

21. HOMER'S ILIAD, in prose, literally translated. Frontispiece.
23. PLATO. Vol. IV. By G. Burges, M.A. [Philebus, Charmides, Laches, The

Two Alcibiades, and Ten other Dialogues.)
24, 25, & 32. OVID. •By II. T. RILEY, B.A. Complete in 3 Vols. Frontispieces.
26. LUCRETIUS. By the Rev.J.S. Watson. With the Metrical Version of J. M. GOOD.
27, 30, 31, 8. 34. CICERO'S ORATIONS. By C. D. Yonge. Complete in 4. Vols.

(Vol. 4 contains also the Rhetorical Pieces.)
28. PINDAR, By Dawson W. TURNER. With the Metrical Version of Mookk. Trort.
29. PLATO. Vol. V. By G. Burges, M.A. [The Laws.]
35. JUVENAL, PERSIUS, &c. By the Rev. L. Evans, A. With the Mctrical

Version of GIFFORD, Frontispiece.
37. THE GREEK ANTHOLOGY, translated chiclly by G. Burges, 1.M., with Metri-

cal Versions by various Authors.
38. DEMOSTHENES. The O'ynthiac, Philippic, and other Public Orations, with

Notes, Appendices, &c., by C. Rann KENNEDY. (3s. 6u.)




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39. SALLUST, FLORUS, and VELLEIUS PATERCULUS, with copious Notes, Bio-

gruphuical Notices, and Index, by the Rev.J. S. WATSON, M.A.
40. LUCAN'S PHARSALIA, with copious Notes, by II. T. Riley, B.A.

With the Metrical Versions of CHALLAX. Frontispiece.

C. 1), SONGE, B.A. Will Sketch of the Greek Philosophy.

Notes, Analyses, Life, Introduction, and ludca.

LOSOPHERS, with Notes by C. D. Ionut, B...
45. TERENCE and PHÆDRUS, by II. T. RILEY. To which is added SMART'S

Metrical Version of Phadnis. Frontispiece.

47. ARISTOTLE'S ORGANON, or, Logical Treatises, and the Introduction:
of Porphyry, with Notes, Analysis, Introduction and Inde, by the Rev. 0.
POWEX, M.A. Vols., 3s. 64. per Vol.

& 19. ARISTOPHANES, with. Notes and Extracts from the best Metrical Versions

by W. J. IlickTE, in 2 Vols. Frontispiece.

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REPUBLIC, &c, translated by C. D. YONGE, D...
51. APULEIUS. [The Golden Ass, Death of Socrates, Florida, and Defence or Discourse

on Magic). To which is added it Metrical Version of Cupid and Psyche; and

Mrs. Tighe's Psyche, Frontispiece.
52. JUSTIN; CORNELIUS NEPOS and EUTROPIUS, with Notes and a General-

Index, by the Rev. J. S. WATSON, M.A.
53 & 68. TACITUS. Vol. I. The Annals. Vol. II. The History, Germania, Agri-

cola, &c. Wita Index.

ete företrtists

Nga Seis.Sa. Giờ.000.000 đ. Giá Gỗ gốc của các ca sau của cuộc

PLATO. Vol VI., completing the work, and containing Epinomis, Axiochus, Ervxias,

on Virtue, on Justice, Sisyphus, Demodocus, and Definitions; the Treatise of
Timiens Locrus on the Soul of the World and Nature; the Lives of Plato by D:0-
genes Laertius, Hesychius, and Olympiodorus; and the Introductions to his Doc.
trines by Alcinous and slbinus ; Apuleius on the Doctrines of Plato, and Remarks
ou Plato's Writinys by the l'oet Grav. Edited, with Notes, by G. BURGES, M.A.,
Trin. Coll., Camb. With general Index to the 6 Volumes.

65. 56, 57. ATI:ENÆUS. The Deipnosophists, or the banquet of the Learned, trans-

jated by C. D. YONGE, B.A., with an Appendix of Poetical Fragments rendered
into English versc by various Authors, and a yeneral Index. Complete in 3 Vols.

59. CATULLUS, TIBULLUS, and the VIGIL OF VENUS. A liicral prose translar

tion. To which are added Metrical Versions by LAMB, GRAINGER, and others.


lated, and accompanied by Poctical Versions, from various sources; to which are

added the Love Epistles of ARISTÆNETUS. Edited by W. K. KELLI.
61, 74, & ez THE GEOGRAPHY OF STRABO. transiated, with copious Notes, by

1. FALCONER, M.A., and H. C. HAMILTOX, Esq. In 3 vols., and Iudex.
62. XENOPHON'S ANABASIS, or Expedition of Cyrus, and MEMORABILIA. or

Memoirs of Socrates, translated by tin Rev. J. S. WATSOX, with a Geographical

Commentary by W. F. AINSWORTH. Frontispiece.
63 --

CYROPÆDIA and HELLENICS, by the Rev. II. DALE, and the Rev.

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