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LONDON Views. Londiniana, 12mo. 4 vols.; Maitland's,

Several Prospects of the most noted Stowe's, Pennant's, and other histories.

| Publick Buildings in and about the City A Plan of London (1574), engraved by

1 of London; with a short historical AcHogenberg in Braun's Civitates Orbis Ter

count relating to the same. Lond. by John rarum, folio.

Bowles, 1724, oblong quarto, Twenty-four A Map of London, surveyed by John

plates, size 84 inches by 6. A copy is in Norden, 1593. See Nordex.

the British Museum, View of London in 1616 by Corn. Viss

Twenty-four Views of the Palaces and cher on four sheets, upwards of seven feet

Public Buildings of London and Westlong by one and a quarter in width, in the

minster and their Neighbourhood ; with British Musuem.-This curiousengraving,

Descriptions under each Plate in French which has the earliest known representa

and English. Printed for John Bowles. tion of a royal procession by water, has

Size 104 inches by 7. been recently lithographed, 16s.

General View of London about 1740, A Plan of London (1630) by J. Porter, 1 engraved by

| engraved by J. and N. Buck, on 5 sheets, sheet and half folio.

folio. In Buck's Views. Reissued, price An Exact Delineation of the Cities of

10s. 6d. London and Westminster. and the Sue London and Westminster improved. burbs thereof, with all the thoroughfares,

res 1766. See GWYNNE. &c., described by Richard Newcourt of Picturesque Views in London, &c. 1792. Somerton, commenced sometime between

See MALTON. 1643-7, but not finished till 1658, engraved

Select Views in London and Westminon five sheets by WILLIAM FAITHORNE,

ster (Miller, del. Medland, sculp.) Lond. folio.

published by Colnaghi and Co. (1795-6),

ethiorare view oblong 4to. Lignavimof London to The only copy known of this rare view

oblong 4to. Eight Plates, with descriptions. has but recently come to light and is now

Storer and Greig's Views of London to in the possession of Mr. Evans, the print

illustrate Pennant. See PENXANT. seller, who offers it for 601, after having | Select Views of London and its Envimade an engraving of it on five sheets, rons (engraved by J. Storer and J. Greig), which he publishes at 21.2s.

accompanied by copious letter-press DeLondon as it was in 1647, engraved by scriptions. Lünd. 1805, 4to. 2 vols. 2 vols. R.' Benuing.

in 1, rus., lleber, pt. vi. 11.9s. Originally HOLLAR, between 1652 and 1673, en published in numbers, No. i. appeared in graved many Views and Plans of Lon- 1804. LARGE PAPER, in royal 4to. Dent, don, various sizes; his large one, on pt. ii. 1061, uncut, 11. 16s. Duke of York, six sheets, has been copied in lithography, 3122, russia, 21. 4s. Saunders' in 1818, rus11.1s.--small ones are to be found in How- ussia, 51. 15s. 60. LARGE PAPER, with ell's Londinopolis, 1657, folio, and Blome's proofs and etchings. Very few printed. Britannia, 1673, fol.

Collation.--Vol. i. Thirtynine plates, beMaps and Pians of the City after the sides title-page and letter-press descripGreat Fire, were produced by Hollar, Mor- tion, A-4 B 2, 145 leaves. Vol. ii, den, and Lea, 1692, John Ogilby and others. Thirty-two plates, besides title-page;

A Plan of London from actual ad- letter-press description, B-Nn 2, 71 measurement, on a scale of 200 feet to an leaves; subjects treated of in the first inch; showing every house, including and second volumes, 2 pages each, and Westminster, Southwark, and the sub I directions for placing the plates, one page. urbs, by Horwood. 1799. Published on Nos. 21 and 22, Burnham Abbey, are not sheets. Found mounted on a roller, or mentioned in the printed list of plates. bound up in atlas folio volume. Some Londina Illustrata ; or, a Collection of copies coloured, others with additions Plates, consisting of Engravings from made to the engraving up to 1812.

original Paintings and Drawings, and facLondon in the Olden Time; being a simile Copies of scarce Prints, displaying topographical and historical Memoir of the State of the Metropolis from the Reign London, Westminster, and Southwark, of Elizabeth to the Revolution, and accompanying a pictorial Map of the City | adapted to illustrate the Topographiand its Suburbs as they appeared in the cal Works of Strype, Stowe, Pennant, Reign of Henry VIII., before the Disso- &c, with Descriptions original and comlution of Monastries, compiled from an- piled, by Herbert. Lond. printed for cient Documents and other authentic Robert Wilkinson, 1808-25, elephant 4t1. Sources, by William Newton, author of Published in 36 parts at 10s. 60, each a Display of Heraldry. Lond. Bell and LARGE PAPER, atlas 4to. at 11. 1s, each, Daldy, 1855, folio.

forming 2 vols. containing 207 plate:. See also Antiquarian Repertory. Pen Reduced (by H. G. Bohn) to 41.4s. LARGE nant's London. Smith's Antiquities of PAPER, 61. 6s. Hibbert, 4997, 71. 17s, 6d. London. Stowe's London, by Strype, 1753 Nassau, pt. ii. 1625, 91. Williams, 1299, and 1754, &c. &c.

I with proofs on India Paper, 151. 15s. c)


LOMBIER PAPER, atlas folio. Twelve sets, - J. Voyages and Travels of of the plates only struck off at 25 guineas, but generally sold for about 61. 6s. An

: an Indian Interpreter and Trader. account of the contents of Nos. i. to xxii. Lond. 1791. 4to. will be found in Upcott's Account of En- With a map of the western parts of Ca. glish Topography, ii. 897--904.

nada. Volney characterises this work as London and its Vicinity; a Series of 50 exhibiting a most faithful picture of the Etchings, after drawings by Calcott, Stan: | life and manners of the Indians and Cafield, Prout, and others, engraved by W. nadian traders. Subjoined is 'a vocabuB. Cooke. Lond. 1826, imp. 8vo. 18s. roy. lary of the Chippeway language ; names 4to. 51. reduced (Bohn) to 11.11s. of furs and skins, in English and French; Imp. 4to, INDIA PROOFS, pub, at 61. 16s. 6d. a list of words in the Iroquois, Michigan, reduced to 31.3s.

Shawanee, and Esquimaux tongues; (and Views in London and its Environs, en- a table, shewing the analogy between the graved by C. Heath from Drawings by Algonkin and Chippeway languages.' W. Westall, A.R.A., and others, 42 plates. Drury, 2594, 10s. 60. Roxburghe, 7345, Lond. 1825, imp. Svo. reduced to 9s. PROOFS 11s. 60. LARGE PAPER. Fonthill, 3103, on royal 4to. 14s.-On India paper, royal | morocco, 11. 10s. 4to. 11. Before the writing, imperial 4to. Long. Roger, D.D. Astronomy. 11. 10s.

Metropolitan Improvements, or London in five Books. Cambridge, 1742-64, in the XIXth Century; a Series of 320 and 1784. 4to. 2 vols. Views (by Shepherd) of the most interest.

Willett, 1461, russia, 11. 10s. ing Objects in the British Metropolis, with Descriptions by J. Elmes, J. Britton,

- Thomas, B.D. See EIK2N and others. Lond. Jones, 1827-9, 4to. Pub ΒΑΣΙΛΙΚΗ. lished originally in 80 numbers at is. An account of Long, and of his publieach,or 16 parts at 5s. each, forming 2 vols.cations, will be found in Wood's Athen, 41. Or INDIA PROOFS, 81. London Interiors, with their Costumes

LONGE PARVULA; or English and Ceremonies, pub. in 25 parts 4to. 11. 1s. LONDONDERRY, Lieut. Gen. C.

Rules. Lond. Wynkyn de Worde, W. Vane, Marquis of. Narrative

1509. 4to. of the Peninsular War, 1808–13.

Eight leaves. Heher, pt. i. 51. Lond. 1828. 4to.

I LONGFORD HOUSE. -- Views of Pp. 648. with a map and plans, pub. at Longford House (Wiltshire). folio. 31. 35. reduced 10s. 6d. --Lond. 1829, 2 vols. Bindley, pt. iii, 2310, 151. 15s. Vide 8vo. 9s. Abridged edition under the title | THACKER. of Story of the Peninsular War. New ed. Lond. Colburn. 1818. 12m aua New ed. LONGINUS, Dionysius. Quæ su

persunt, Gr. et Låt. denuo recenNarrative of the War in Germany and France in 1813-14. Lond. 1830, 4to, map.

suit, Animadv. Toupii, Ruhnkenii, Recollections of a Tour in the North of

d. 1838, 8vo. 2 vols. Weiske. Oxon. typ. Clarend. 1820. Steam Voyage to Constantinople by the Rhine and the Danube, in 1810-41, and to

8vo. 10s. 6d. reduced 58. 6d. Spain and Portugal in 1839. Lond. 1849

A correct reprint of the Leipzig ediSvo 2 vols.

tion of 1809.--Again, Lond. R. Priestley, Long, Hon. C. Bromley Hill.

1820, 8vo. Drury, 2358, morocco, 15s. 60.

Weiske's critical and highly valuable Lond. 1816. 8vo.

edition is held in much esteem. Privately printed. Fonthill, 2155, 9s. Dionysii Longini de Sublimitate Liber, - Edward. The History of Ja

Gr. et Lat. edendum curavit et Notarum

insuper Auctarium adjunxit Ger. Langmaica ; or, a general Survey of the baine. Oxon. 1636, 16mo.-Oxon. 1638, ancient and modern State of that 8vo. with a frontispiece by Marshall. Island, illustrated with Copper

Steevens, 244, 3s.

Dionysii Longini de Sublimitate Libelplates. Lond. 1774. 4to. 3 vols. lus, cum Præfatione de Vita et Scriptis

A work of sterling merit, and if read Longini, Notis, Indicibus, et variis Lectioin conjunction with that of Pat. Brown, nibus (ex Recensione Jo. Iludsoni). Oxop. will leave little to be known respecting 1710. 8vo. 38. A correct edition. LARGE this important island. Dent, pt, ii. 609, PAPER. Drury, 2356, morocco, 18s. Heath, russia, 61. 6s. Willett, 1115, 111. Font- 4263, 13s. Williams, 1116, mor. 11. Ss.hill, 2313, 111. Roxburghe, 8934, 121. 58. Editio nova, 1718, 8vo. 3s. LARGE PAPER. Heath, 2791, 141. 15s.

Heath, 4279, 95. 6d. Dent, pt. i. 1348, 1.nor.


1 Longinus on the Sublime, translated by 154 sa Williams. 1117. morocco. 11. 6s. M. Carew. Dublin, Coyne, 1834, 8vo. - 1730, 8vo. 3s.-Reprinted, Edinb. 1733, 38. 6. 12mo.

On the Sublime in Writing, translated De Sublimitate, Gr. et Lat. Notis illus

with Notes, original and selected, and travit et emendavit Zach. Pearce. Lond. 1

three Dissertations, by W. T. Spurdens. 1732, Svo. 5s. Best edition. LARGE PAPER.

Norwich, 1836. royal 8vo. 7s. 6d. Heath, 4319, 12s. 6d. Williams, 1118,

On the Sublime, translated from the mnorocco, 11. Ts. Other Editions. - Lond. text of Weiske. Dublin, Cornish, 1840. 1724, 4to. 6s. Willett, 1162, 11s. THICK

12mo. 2s.

12mo. Zs. PAPER. Dent, pt. ii. 611, morocco, 21. 38.

COMMENTARIES. --1743, 8v0.-1752, 8vo. 3s. 60.-1762, 8vo. Gerardi Langbaenii pobewpla, ubi in 3s. 60.-1773, 8vo. 3s. 60.

auctoris (Longini) prosapiam et patriam Dionysius Longinus de Sublimitate, Gr. inquiritur. Ox. 1636, 1639, Svo. et Lat. ex tertia Editione Z. Pearce. Critical Essays:-1. Observations on Glasguæ, 1751, small 8vo. 2s. 6d. Wil the Sublime of Longinis. 2. The Influliams, 1121, morocco, 5s. 6d. BEST PAPER, ence of Government on the Mental FaculWilliams, 1120, morocco, 10s.-1763, sm. ties. 3. Essay on the Fourth Book. 4. 8vo. Williams, 1122, morocco, Ss. Hib- Essay on the Fifth Book. 5. Essay on bert, 4815, morocco, 178. QUARTO. Heath, the close of the Sixth Book of the Æneid. 3711, 5s.

Lond. Ridley, 1770, 8vo. 5s. D. Longini omnia quæ extant, Gr. et Ascribed to Green, translator of AnaLat. recensuit, Notasque suas atque Ani. creon. madversiones adjecit Joh. Toupius. Ac- Indices tres vocum fere omnium quæ cedunt Emendationes Davidis Ruhnkenii. occurrunt;--1. In Dionysii Longini ComOxon. 1778, Svo. 5s. An esteemed edi- mentario de Sublimitate et in ejusdem tion. LARGE PAPER, in royal Svo. 7s. fragmentis. 2. In Eunapii Libello de Williams, 1125, morocco, 11. 108. LARGEST Vitis Philosophorurn et Sophistarum. 3. PAPER, QUARTO. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. In Hieroclis Commentario in Pythagoræ 364. 189. Heath, 3713, russia, 11. 1s. Dent, Aurea Carmina. Concinnavit R. Robiupt. ii. 612, morocco, 11, 58.- Oxon. 1789, son. Ox. typ. Clar. 1773, Svo. 3s. 6d. 8vo. 4s. LARGE PAPER, 65.-Oxon. 1806, Remarks on the supposed Dionysius Svo. 6s. LARGE PAPER, 12s.

Longinus ; with an Attempt to restore De Sublimitate, Gr. with English notes, the Treatise on the Sublime to its original 1836, 12mo.

State. By the Rev. J. W. Knox. Lond. Longinus, from the text of Weiske, 1826, Svo. Drury, 2152, 5s. with English Notes and copious Index by Dr. Hickie. Lond. 1838, 12mo. 5s.

coln. Longlandi Sermones. 1517. TRANSLATIONS. The IIeight of Eloquence, rendered into Lond. in ædibus Pynson. small fol. English by John Hall. Esg. Lond. 1652, Collation.-Engraved title, 1 leaf. Dedi. 8vo. Dedicated to Bulstrode Whitelocke. cation and Pio lectori. Text commences A Treatise of the Loftiness or Elegancy

on B to the reverse of folio 52, with coloof Speech, translated into English by

phon; then follows, on sheet L, Expositio J(ohn) P(ulteney). G.S. Lond. 1680, 12mo. concionalis secundi psalmi pænitentialis 26s. 6d.

præfati Joannis Longlondi coram regia Longinus' Essay upon the Sublime, majestate, 1519, to folio 198, A copy is translated into English. Oxf. 1695. Svo. in the British Museum. The translator unknown.

Tres Conciones reverendissimo domino. Treatise on the Sublime, by Leonard Waramo Cantuariensi Archiepiscopo Welsted, Esq. Translated from the French totius Angliæ primati merito nuncupatæ. of Boilean. Lond. 1712, 8vo. 2s. Reprint- Lond. R. Pynson, small folio. A copy is ed in Welsted's Epistles, &c. 8vo. Lond. in Lambeth Library. 1724. 8vo. : and in his Works. Lond. 1789. Quinqne sermones, sextis quadragesimæ

Dionysius Longinus on the Sublime, feriis habiti coram illustrissimi Henrici translated with Notes, &c., and some Ac- VIII. 1517. Lond. R. Pynson, sm. folio. count of the Life and Writings of the A copy is in Lambeth Library Author', by Wm. Smith, D.D. Second See Ames' Typog. Antiq. by Dr. Dibdin edition corrected and improved. Lond. ii. 560-2. Also Maitland's List of Books 1742, 8vo. An excellent translation, made in Lambeth Library, 1843, 8vo. with great accuracy and judgment. Drury, A Sermond made before the Kinge hys 2359, 4s. Other Editions.-First ed. 1739, Hyghnes at Richemunte vppon Good Frr8vo. Bindley, pt. ii. 1377, morocco, 14s.- day, the Yere of our Lorde M.CCCCC.XXXvi. 1752. 8vo.--Fourth ed. 1770, 8vo. Nassan, by Johan Longland, Byshope of Lincoln, pt. i. 2051, 5s.-Fifth ed. 1800, 8v0.-1819, vpon Psalm 129, 4to. Svo. Drury, 2360, 7s.

A Sermonde made before the Kynge his


Maiestie at Grenewiche vpon Good tory of the Counter-Revolution in Eny. Frydaye, the Yere of our Lorde God land, and Fox's History of Janies II. M.D.XXXVIII. by John Longlonde, Busshop (Bohn's Standard Library.) 1857, post of Lincolne. Lond. by me Thomas Petyt, 8vo. 38, 6d. 4to. The text, Hebr. xiii. 10-13. Sothe- LOOK ABOUT YOU.-A pleasant by's in 1823, 11, 16s. A copy is in Lam

Commedie, called Look about you. beth Library.

Concio habita coram celeberrimo Cono- | As it was lately played by the right entu tum Archiepiscoporum cum Episco- honourable the Lord High Admiporum, cæteraque Multitudinis, in occi

rall dentalis Cænobii Sanctuario Die xxvII

| A copy is in the British Museum. Nov. Anno M.D.XXVII. Lond. per R. Pyn

Rhodes, 229, 101. Jolley, 31. 4s. son, 1531, 8vo.

Looke to it, for l'le stabbe ye, a Poem. Expositio concionalis quinti Psalmi pce

Lond. 1604, 4to. Roxburghe, 3351, 21. 2s. nitentialis. folio. A copy is in the Bri

Boucher, 51. 7s. 6d. (See ROWLANDS.) tish Museum.

Looke up and see Wonders. 1628. See An account of this prelate and his pub-1

BERKSHIRE. lications will be found in Wood's Athen.

Look e'er you leap, or a History of the Oxon.

Lives and Intrigues of lewd Women, with LONGMATE, Barak. The Pocket

the Arraignment of their several Vices, Peerage of England, Scotland, and with the Character of a good Woman,1741, Ireland. Lond. 12mo. 2 vols.

12mo. with front. 6s. See SWETNAM, Jsph. See COLLINS, Arthur.

LOOKER-ON, a periodical Paper. LONGSWORD, Earl of Salisbury,

By the Rev. Simon Olive-branch, an historical Romance. Lond. 1762,

A.M. (Wm. Roberts, A.M.) Lond. 12mo. 2 vols. 5s.

1794, 12mo. 3 vols.—1792-4, folio. With frontispieces. An ingenious his

The original edition, folio. Bindley, pt.

iv. 1124, 85.-1795, 12nio. 4 vols. Fonthill, torical romance, attributed to Leland, the translator of Demosthenes. Fonthill, 838,

1400, 14s. 12s. Second edition. Lond. 1775, 12mo.

LOOKES, John. The two con2 vols.

victed Thieves, or the accidental LONGUS. Amours of Daphnis meeting of Peter Pycklock and and Chloe, translated by G. Thorn- Matthew Make-them-stand, being ley. Lond. 1657, 8vo.

a Dialogue between the Scaffold With a frontispiece by Cross. Bindley, and the Gallowes. Lond. F. Grove, pt. iii. 1317, 41. The Pastoral Amours of Daphnis and

1641, 12mo. Chloe, in four Books. Translated into Black letter, seven leaves. A curious English by James Craggs. Esq. The piece relating to the thieves of London. fourth edition. Lond. 1733. 12mo. with Sotheby's, 1856, 31. 10s. portrait of Craggs by King, and ten cuts. LOOKING-GLASS of the World ; --1719, Steevens, 487, morocco, 18s. 6d. or the plundered Man in Ireland ; Again, 1763, plates.

Daphnis 'and Cloe, a pastoral Novel. his Voyage, his Observations of the now first selectly translated into English from the original Greek of Longus (by the the Fowles of the Aire, &c. PrintRev. C. P. Le Grice.) Lond. 1804, 12mo. 4s; led by F. N. 1644. 4to.

A revised translation of Daphnis and Chloe, with the omitted passages restored. ! Heber, pt. ii. 11. 1s. is in the GREEK ROMANCES. Lond. 1855 LOPE-Felix de Vega. See VEGA. (Bohn's Classical Library), post Svo. 58. LOPERUS, Christ. Laniena Pas

LONSDALE, John Lord Viscount. waliensis, a tragicall Relation of the Memoirs of the Reign of James II. Plundring, Butchering, and FyreYork, 1808, 4to.

ing of the Town of Pasewalke in Not published. Sir M, M. Sykes, pt. ii. i Pomerland. translated 367, morocco, 51. 158. 6d. Dent, pt. ii. 438,

from the 31. 18s Bindley, pt. iii. 139, 21. 35. Hib- [Dutch. Lond. 1631, 4to. bert, 4962, 21. 178. Coxe, 579, 31. 183. Hibbert, 4963, morocco, 10s. 6d. Nassau, pt. i. 2556, 41. 14s. 60. Fonthill, LOPEZ, Franc. de Gomara. The 2456, 41. 58. Bright, 11. 18s. Wrangham, pleasant Historie of the Conquest 21. 2s.

Reprinted (verbatim) with Carrel's His- of the Weast India, translated out of the Spanish Tongue by Thomas) | LORD'S PRAYER. See Oratio DoNicholas). Lond. 1578, 4to. minica.

This work is frequently, but erroneously attributed to Bernal Diaz del Castillo 1596, 4to. with commendatory verses by the Sect of the Banians. The ReStephen Gosson. Gordonstoun, 1672, ligion of the Persees. Lond. 1630. 41. 14s. 6d.

| 4to. frontispiece by Marshall. LOPEZ, Gregory, a Spanish Her- Bindley, pt. ii. 2517, 11. 5s. Inglis, 940, mite in the West Indies. The holy 18s. Heath, 2580, 11. 8s. North, pt. iii. Life of, by Francis Losa. No place,

723, 15s. Gordonstoun, 1459, 11. 13s.

Reed, 4854, 11s. Inserted in the sixth 1675, 8vo.

volume of the Churchill Collection of Bright, 3512, 9s.

Voyages and Travels, and in the eighth - Fernando. See CASTANEDA, / of Pinkerton's Collection. F. L. de.

- Thomas. New System of Orni. - De Mendoza. The Proverbes thology; or æcumenical History of Sir James Lopes de Mendoza, of British Birds. Lond. 1791, roy. Marques of Santillana, with the folio, 81. 8s. Paraphrase of D. Peter Diaz of To- One hundred and fourteen finely-colour

d plates, with descriptive letter-press. ledo. Translated out of Spanishe, by Barnabe Googe. Lond. R. W. LORD and his three Sons.-A 1579, 16mo.

delectable little History, in Meetre, One hundred and sixteen leaves. Sir of a Lord and his three Sons. Edin. M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 1389, 41. 4s. Malone, | 1705, 12mo. 31. 153. Brand, 21. 15s.

A copy in a bookseller's recent cataLOPEZ. Fr. Juan Munoz de la. logne was marked 21. 24. edition 1708. Re

printed in Early metrical Tales,' pubNoticias historicas de las tres Pro- lished by D. Laing. vincias de la santissima Trinidad en LORDS. See PARLIAMENT. Inglaterra, Escocia, y Hybernia.

LOREDANO, Gio. Francesco. The Madrid, 1714, folio.

Ascents of the Soul: or David's An important work relative to the ecclesiastical history of this country. Stewart,

| Mount towards Gods House: being W. and A.'s, in Feb. 1828, 41. 55. Bright, I Paraphrases on the fifteen Psalms 11. 1s.

of Degrees, rendered into English, Odoardo. See PIGAFETTA, Anno Dom. 1665 (by Henry Hare Phil.

or Here, Lord Coleraine). Lond. LOQUE, Ber. de, of Dolphinee. 1681, folio, 78. 6d. Discourses of Warre and single Dedicated to Lucinda, in verse and Combat, translated out of French prose, with an allegorical print by Faith

orne of the translator in a pilgrim's haby I. Eliot. Lond. 1591, 4to. . bit, sitting and writing. "Grave, 172,

Inglis, 538, morocco, 7s. Bindley, pt. ii. 6s. 6d. 1194, 10s. Wrangham, 3s.

The Second Part, entitled La Scala San- A Treatise to knowe the True ta

ta, musical and gradual, being Descants

on the fifteen Psalms of Degrees, in Metre, Church from the Romish, translated with Contemplations and Collects on them

in Prose, 1670. With a front. differing cox). Lond. 1581, 16mo.

from that given with part 1.--Lond. 1681, Wrangham, 5s. Reprinted in 1582.

folio. Skegg, both parts, 5s.

Academical Discourses, englished by LORD have Mercy upon Vs. TheJ. B. Lond. 1664, 8vo. World, a Sea, a Pest-house. The Life of Adam, translated by J. S. Lond. one full of Stormes and Dangers,

1659, 12mo. Nassau, pt. i. 2058, 4s. the other full of Soares and Diseases.

Dianea, an excellent new Romance,

translated into English by Sir Aston CoLond. 1636, 4to.

kaine. Lond. 1654, 8vo. Nassau, pt. i. A, B, C, in fours, twelve leaves. 2057, 4s.

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