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of the city. To front the title. '2. Plan The Royal Charter of Confirmation of London, p. i. 3. A new map, p. xxiii. granted by K. Charles II. to the City of Vol. ii. pp. 353-813, not including the London. Taken out of the Records, and

title-pages. Plates. 1. The arms of the exactly translated into English, by 8. G.

twelve principal companies. To front Gent. Together with an Index. Lond.

the title. 2. The arms of fifty companies, (1680), 8vo. Horne Tooke, 427, 15s. The

I p. 593. A copy, with numerous MS. addiCharters, B-R 4, 247 pages, likewise

tions and corrections, is in the British title, dedication to Sir Robert Clayton,

Museum. Knt. and two tables, twelve leaves.

The Triumphs of London. 1708. See Rights and Priviledges of the Citizens

SETTLE, Elkanah. of London, proved from Prescription,

The Cryes of the City of London drawne Charters, and Acts of Parliament, and

after the Life (with Explanations in Enthe Coronation Oath. Lond. 1682, folio.

glish, French and Italian). Drawn by 1689 folio.

M. Lauroon, and engraved by P. Tempest The Forfeitures of London's Charter.

and J. Savage. 1711, folio. Seventy-four 1682, 4to. Nineteen leaves.

plates, including two title-pages. In the The Case of Quo Warranto, and other

first edition the plates are not numbered, pieces on the seizures of the City Charter,

and the name of the publisher is altogether

omitted. Nassau, pt. ii. (1418), 111. Os. 6d. were printed in folio and quarto. The London Jilt; or, Politick Whore.

In the second edition the name of the 1683. Hibbert, 3843, 3s. 6d.

publisher, Henry Overton,' appears. An Historical Account of the late Great

Bindley, pt. i. 1135, 91. 9s. Frost, in which are discovered in several

The original London Post; or Heathcomical relations, the various Humours,

cote's Intelligence, 1718, &c. In this

I periodical publication Defoe's Robinson Loves, Cheats, and Intreagues of the Town as the same were managed upon the

Crusoe appeared. See DEFOE. River Thames during that Season. Lond.

The true Protestant account of the 1684, small 8vo. pp. 142.

Burning of London. 1720, 8vo. London's Flames revived. Lond. 1689,

History of the Sheriffdom of the City of 4to. Brockett, 2026, 78.

London and County of Middlesex. Lond. Design of the Tower Hamlets to sup

1723, 8vo. press Bawdy Houses. Lond. 1691. 4to.

It cannot rain but it pours; or the first The Order of my Lord Mayor, the Al

Part of London strew'd with Rarities. An dermen and the Sherifis, for their Meeting

account of the Arrival of a White Bear and Wearing of their Apparel throughout

in Bishopsgate Street, the CopperFarthing the Year. Lond. 1696, 12mo. BLACK LET

Dean (Swift), the Singing Woman, the TER.-Again, 1724, BLACK LETTER. See

Wild Man, &c. Lond. 1726, 8vo. rep. in also under dates 1586 and 1617.

4to. Nassan, pt. i. 2163, 6s. The London Spy, 1698.9, folio, 17 parts.

A new Review of London. Lond. 1728, in 2 vols. Reed, 4247, 41. 5s. See WARD, Ed. / 800...

Augusta triumphans; the Way to make Privilegia Londini, or the Laws, Cus | London the most flourishing City in the toms and Privileges of the City of Lon- | Universe. Lond. 1728, 8vo. don. Lond. by Ed. Bohun, 1702, Svo. - View of London and Westminster; or Third edition, Lond. 1723, 8vo.

the Town Spy. Lond. 1728, 8vo. Fonthill, The Freemen of London's Companion, / 1531. 8s. 8vo.or the Citizen's Birthright. Lond. 1703. The Town Spy, or the Devil's Factors

The London Belles ; or, a Description discovered, 4 parts, 8vo. 1723. of the most celebrated Beauties (forty-one The Tricks of the Town laid open, being in number) in the Metropolis of Great a true Caution to both Sexes in Town and Britain, &c. 1706, folio, 16 pp.

Country. Lond. 1728, 12mo. Several Tbe honest London Spy, describing the editions. base and subtle Intrigues of the Town. London Cuckolds, or a Nest of Fools, 1706-7, 8vo. 4 parts, with wood-cuts, containing the many Humours and ComiLloyd, 667, 11. 18s.

cal Intrigues of the City Wives. Lond. A new View of London : or, 'an ample 1729, small 8vo. Account of that City (by Edward Hatton). Catalogus Plantarum quæ in Hortis Lond. 1708, 8vo. 2 vols. Reed, 6249, 7s. haud procul a Londino sitis in venditio6d. Heath, 4644, 8s. Bindley, pt. iii. nem propagantur. Lond. 1730, folio. With 1687, 14s. 6d. Marquis of Townshend, I coloured plates. 909, 17s. Dent, pt. i. 1344, russia, 16s. New Remarks on London, Westminster, Collation.-Vol. i. Pp. xlii. and 352, be- and Southwark, by the Company of Parish sides title, one leaf; preface and adver-Clerks, Lond. 1732, 12mo. Nassau,pt. i. tisement, six pages; and two indexes, 2421, 7s. Several editions. twelve pages each. Plates. 1. The arms London Magazine, or Gentleman's.

· LONDON—continued.

to George, Prince of Wales, a preface of

Vol. ii. pp. 352, Monthly Intelligencer, from

5 pages, also 14 plates. the Com.

besides two titles, and 20 plates. Vol. iii. mencement in 1732 to June, 1783/ 51 vols.

pp. 328, besides two titles and 14 plates. N.S. from July 1783 to Sept. 1784. 2 vols.

Vol. iv. pp. 355, besides two titles and 6 8vo. (then relinquished), Reed, 2552, from

plates. Vol. v. pp. 348, besides two titles 1732 to 1771, with index from 1732 to 1758, 61. 10s. Willett, 1542, 1733-83, 51 vols. 51.

and 9 plates. Vol. vi. pp. 576, besides two 15s. 6d. Wrangham, to 1785, and index,

titles and 17 plates. On pp. 273-6 are di56 vols. 71. 2s. 6d.

rections to the binder for placing the cuts. A critical Review of the Publick Build

The Laws and Customs, Rights and

Privileges of the City of London, &c. ings, Statues and Ornaments in and about

Lond. 1765, 12mo. 3s. 6. London and Westminster. A satirical

The City Remembrancer: being histopiece by James Ralph, Architect. Lond.

rical Narratives of the great Plague at 1734, 8vo.-1736. Nassau, pt. i. 775, 7s. See

London, 1665; great Fire, 1666; and great date 1771.

Storn, 1703. To which are added, ObserThe Charters of the City since the Con

vations and Reflections on Plagues in quest, translated into English with Notes,

general ; considered in a religious, philo&c. by J. E. Lond. 1738, small 8vo. 3s.

sophical, and physical View: with histoPp. 269, besides title, dedication to Sir

rical Accounts of the most memorable John Barnard, Knight; 5 pages, and index,

Plagues, Fires, and Hurricanes. Collected 10 pages. Reprinted in 1745: to which is

from curious and authentic Papers, oriannexed the Charter of the xvth of George

ginally compiled by Dr. Harvey, and en. II. 12mo. Dent, pt. i. 422, 3s.

larged with Authorities of a more recent See LEIFFMAN.

date. Lond. 1769, Svo. 2 vols, Nassau, A new and compleat Survey of London, vt. ii. 1460. 11. Collation.-Vol. i. Of the in eight Parts. By a Citizen and Native Plague. Pp. 456, besides three titles; of London. Lond. 1742, 8vo. vols. i. and ii.

| contents, 2 pages; general preface and only published. Dent, pt. i. 1346, russia. I introduction, 7 pages. Vol. ii. Of the 21. '3s. Collation.--Vol. i. B-Uu 4, 664 Fire and Storm. Three titles; contents, pages, besides title, dedication to Sir

one page; the narrative, 100 pages; titleRobert Godschall. Knt., and contents, 4 page. one leaf; the narrative, 232 pages. leaves, with a folding plari, also twelve (For another History of the Plague, woodcuts on the letter-press. Vol. ii. Fire, and Storm, see DEFOE.) B-Pp. 6, pp. 665--1257, besides title, one City Addresses to George III, with his leaf; 'index, 7 pages, with three woodcuts | Answers. Lond. 1771, Svo. 3s. on the letter-press.

Critical Observations on the Buildings A General Description of the several and Improvements of London. Lond. 1771, Trades of London. Lond. 1747, 8vo.

4to. 5s. An ingenious pamphlet. ReHumours of the Fleet (Prison.) A hu- printed 8vo. 1783. See under date 1734. mourous descriptive Poem. Lond. 1749, The London Spy, a Disclosure of the 8vo. plates.

Secret Nocturnal and Diurnal TransacA Survey of the Cities of London and tions in London, Westminster, and SouthWestminster, Borough of Southwark, and wark. Lond. Hogg, 1771, small 8vo. Parts adjacent. By a Gentleman of the Historical account of the Curiosities of Inner Temple. Lond. 1753, folio. 2 vols. London and Westminster. Lond. 12mo. 11. 11s. 6d. "Written by John Motley. See 1772. A very popular volume, written SEYMOUR, Robert.

by David Henry, and printed by NewThe London Medley, containing Exer bery several times. cises spoken by severall Westminster | London Review of English and Foreign Scholars. Lond. 8vo. Nassau, pt. i. 2050, Literature, conducted by Dr. Kenrick, date 1751, 15s.

Priestley and others. 1775 to 1780, Lond. London Chronicle, a Newspaper. 4to. 1775-80, 8vo. 11 vols. Heber, part ii. with 1757 to 1809, 100 vols. Heber, 1757 to list of contributors, 11. 1809, wanting four half volumes. 41. 18s. London, a Satire, containing Prosaical Another series, 1757 to 1804,96 vols, pt. Strictures on its Prisons, Courts of Jusii. 41. 18s.

tice, Buildings, &c. Lond. 1780, 8vo. London and its Environs described. London's Gratitude. An Account of the Lond. R. Dodsley, 1761, 8vo. 6 vols. Sculpture in Guildhall. Lond. 1783, 12mo. This work contains interesting matter A List of the whole body of the Liverynot to be found elsewhere, and is valued men of London in ore Alphabetical arfor its account of the Duke of Devonshire's rangement, showing their Names, Resipictures at Chiswick. Reed, 5028, 11. 18s. dences, Company, and Profession, brought Dent, pt. i, 1347, russia, 31. Nassau, pt. i. up to 1793, and checked by the Poll Books, 2049, russia, 31. 6s. Collation.-Vol. i. upon a plan never before printed. Lond. Pp. 344, besides two titles, a dedication J. Wilkes, 1792, 8vo.


Ambulator (the),or London and its EnReports from the Committee on the virons. Lond. 1820. Twelfth edition, enPort of London. 1796-1800. folio. 3 vols. I larged by E. W. Brayley, 12mo. plates. Willett, 2020. 51. 58.-Plans by T. Telford | For many years this volume met with in atlas size, Nassau, pt. i. 2390, 11. 1s.

great success. In Upcott's Account of the principal Account of the Guildhall in the City of Works relating to English Topography,

London. Lond. Nichols, 1819. ii. 776-84, will be found a collation of

fl Tentamen; or an History towards the these reports, and notices of several other

History of Whittington (Wood), sometracts relating to the Docks, &c.

time Lord Mayor of London; a quizzical City Biography, Anecdotes and Me- / piece by Thomas Hood, 1820, 12mo. head moirs of the Rise, &c. of Aldermen and

on the title. other Conspicuous Personages of the

Life in London, or the Adventures of Corporation. Lond. 1799, 8vo. Second

| Tom, Jerry, and Logic. Lond. 1822, roy. edition, 1800.

| 8vo. coloured plates.-Finish to the AdModern London: being the History and

ventures of Tom, Jerry, and Logic, in their present State of the British Metropolis.

pursuit through Life in and out of London. Lond. 1804 or 1805, 4to. White Knights,

Lond. 1823, royal 8vo. coloured plates. 2357, 19s. Duke of York, 3121, russia,

| Real Life in London; exhibiting a liv. 11. 178. Collation.--Title page, 1 leaf;

leafling Picture of fashionable Characters, advertisement, 4 pages; contents, 2 pages;

Manners, and Amusements in High and history, 473 pages; description of the

Low Life, Lond. 1823, 8vo. 2 vols. coloured plates, 475 to 501; description of the

plates. plates representing the itinerant traders,

London; or interesting Memorials of which are coloured. 31 leaves, appendix, its Rise, Progress, and present State, by and index, pp. 537-71, and list of the (54)

Sholto and Reuben Percy. Lond. 1824, plates, 2 pages.

18mo. 6 parts in 3 vols. plates. The Art of Living in London. A hul London Magazine. Baldwin and Cramorous Poem Southwark 1505 nost Svo dock, Jan. 1820 to June, 1821. Edited by

The Microcosm of London. Lond. 1811. John Scott, Esq.--Second Series, printed 4to. 3 vols. with coloured plates, designed for Taylor and Hessey, July, 1821 to by Rowlandson and Pugin, published by June, 1824. Edited by John Taylor the Ackermann. Collation. -Vol. i. Thirty. publisher, assisted by Charles Lamb, De two plates. besides an ornamented title-| Quincey, and others, 10 vols.-Third Se. page engraved on wood, and an engraved ries, to 1829. The three series complete dedication to the Prince of Wales. The form 23 vols. 61. 6s. There were rival descriptive part including a half-title. | Magazines also called the 'London' about 231 pages, besides contents, being list of this period. plates, 1 leat, and an introduction, 4 pages. Considerations on the Expediency of Vol. ii. Thirty-two plates, besides title building a Metropolitan Palace. By a page and dedication. The letter-press, Member of Parliament. 1825, 8vo. pp. 68. pp. vi. and 239, not including a half-title. Observations on the Buildings, ImproveVol. iii. Forty plates, besides title-page ments, and Extension of the Metropolis and dedication. Contents, 2 pages; intro- of late Years; with some Suggestions. duction, 2 pages; the text, 280 pages, 1825, 8vo. pp. 150. not including a half-title; index and er A Letter to the Rt. Hon. Sir Charles rata, 6 pages. A few copies were printed Long, on the Improvements proposed and with the plates uncoloured.

now carrying on in the Western Part of Frostiana; or the History of the River London. 1825, 8vo. pp. 37. Thames in a frozen State, with Anec- London in the olden Times. In two dotes, &c. Printed and published on the Series īby Miss Lawrence.] Lond. 1825-7, Ice, Feb. 5, 1814. 12mo. See FROST. crown 8vo. 2 vols.

Some Account of the proposed Improve- Short Remarks and Suggestions upon ments of the Western Part of London. the Improvements now carrying on, or 1840, 8vo. 6s.

under Consideration. 1826, 8vo. pp. 48. A Directory to the Taverns and Eating- by Sir C. Long. Privately printed. houses in London, being the Epicure's Al. The original Picture of London, cormanack. Lond. 1815, 12mo. 5s.

rected to 1826. Re-edited by J. Britton. Quinze Jours à Londres, a la Fin de Lond. 1826, 18mo. with maps, 6s.; with 1815. Par M***. 1816.

maps and views, 9s, Londres, la Cour, et les Provinces d'- The Londoner's Pocket Chronicle. 1827, Angleterre, d'Ecosse, et d'Irlande. 1816, 18mo. 7s. 2 vols. Written by a man who was never How to Live in London ; elucidating in England, but who has, say the Q. Re- the Manner and Means by which thouviewers, laid Dyche's spelling-book and sands exist in apparent respectability Joe Miller under contribution.

without Profession, Trade, or Fortune.

LONDON- continued.

folio. A copy is in the British Museum. With Hints to the l'nwary. Lond. 1828. Often found bound at the end of Maitland's 12mo. 2s. 60.

London, 1760, folio, 2 vols. Tales of an Antiquary, chiefly illustra-i Ecclesiastical Topography; a Collective of the Manner's. Traditions, and re- tion of 100 Views of Churches in the E markable Localities of London (by R. virons of London, with Descriptions. Lon Thomson, Esg.) Lond. 1828, 12mo. 3 vols. S. Wood bun, 1807-11, 4to. Brockett,

Commentaries on the History. Constitui- 1254, bds. 188. LARGE PAPER, royal 410. tion, and chartered Franchises of the City Towneley, pt. ii. 1626, 21. Duke of York. of London. by Geo. Norton. Lond. 1829,8vo. 5507, 21. 6s. Baker, 723, with the etchings

Memoir of Brass Crossby, Esq., Lord on India Paper, 41. 6s. Collation.-One Mayor of London in 1770-1771. Lond. 1829, hundred plates, and descriptive letterroyal 4to: portrait.

press to each, not paged; besides an An Account of the Worshipful Com engraved title-page dated 1811 ; a preface, pany of Grocers of London (by J. B. 2 pages, and a list of the plates, 2 pages. Heath). Lond. 1929. Svo privately Ecclesiastical Architecture of London: printed.--Second edition. Lond. 1854. 8vo. being a complete Series of Views of the Not published.

Churches in the Metropolis. Lond. for History of the Livery Companies. See John Bootlı, 1811, elephant 4to. Published HERBERT, W., p. 1049.

in 12 numbers. Some copies were struck The Endowed Charities of the City of off in royal and imperial folio, all at large London, reprinted at large from seven- / published prices, now much reduced. teen Reports of the Commissioners for Twelve Views of the inside of Churches, inquiring concerning Charities. Lond. and two Views of the Outside of St. Paul's 1829, roy. Svo, pp. 668, with an Index.

Cathedral and of Westminster Abbey. Account of the Endowed Charities.

With Explanations in English and French. Lond. Low, 1850, 12mo, 10s. 6d.

Printed for Robert Wilkinson. Size 10 London Pictorially and Historically inches by 8. Described. by C. Knight. Lond. 1811-44. View of St. Thomas' Chapel on London royal Svo. 6 vols. woodcuts.--New edi. Bridge. 2 Plates, engraved by G. Vertue. tion, 6 vols in 3. Lond. H. G. Bohu, 1851. Sold by the Society of Antiquaries, 4s. 11. 18s.

Survey of the Streets of London after LONDON BRIDGE.

the Fire. Two Plates engraved by G. A Prospect of Old London Bridge imme- Vertue, and sold by the Society of Antidiately after the building of the houses, quaries. 38. with description by John NOKdEx. This! Two Views of old St. Martin's Church View was taken in Queen Elizabeth's in the Strand, with the Ground-plot. entime (1595-1604), but has upon it, engraved graved by G. Vertue, and published by a later date, the Arms of Sir John Gore, the Society of Antiquaries, 2s. 6d. Lord Mayor in 1624. The copper plate

LONDON CORPORATION appears to have been lost for twenty years, An Account of the Visit of his Royal and then published with some additions, Highness the Prince Regent, with their The only copy known is in the Sutherland Imperial and Royal Majestiesthe Emperor collection. It was re-engraved for W. of all the Russias and the King of Prussia, Scott, May's Buildings, Lond. 1820, and to the Corporationof London in June, 1814. published at 10s. 6d.

Lond. folio. Collation.-A 2-N 3, 101 pp. Chronicles of London Bridge. By an A second title-page, an account of the enAntiquary (Richard Thomson). Lond. tertainment given to the Duke of Wel. 1827, 8vo. woodcuts, 11. 4s. LARGE lington on the 9th of July, 1814. N4 PAPER, PROOFS on India paper, 21. 8s. The X, 59 pages, also, a view of the interior woodcuts separate on India paper, in 8vo. and a plan of Guildhall. P. P.

Views of the Ancient Bridge, repre- A Catalogue of the Library of the Corsenting its state in the years 1500, 1600, poration of the City of London : iusti1616, 1647, 1710, 1749, 1751, 1823, and tuted in the Year 1824. Lond. royal 8vo. 1827, with a View, Section and Plan of the 1828.-New edition, printed for the use of New Bridge, executed in Lithography for the members of the corporation of the the London Bridge Committee on 12 plates. city of London. Lond. 1840, 8vo. SupLond. n. d. oblong folio, 11. 5s.

plement Lond. 1842. Alphabetical Index. Views (12) of Old and New London 8vo. New edition, revised and enlarged, Bridges, engraved by E. W. Cooke ; with 1859, 8vo. Essay on Bridges by Geo. Rennie. Lond. Memoranda, References and Documents 1833, royal folio, 21. 2s. reduced to 11. 58. relating to the Royal Hospitals of LonINDIA PROOFs, super royal folio, 41. 4s. re- don. Lond. for the Corporation, 1836, 8vo. duced to 21. 2s. See OVERS, John.

A Descriptive Catalogue of the Cabinet LONDON CHURCHES.

of Tradesmen's Tokens issued in London, Views of London Churches. Lond. 173 and current in the XVIIth century: pre


Lond. (Bohn's Illustrated Library) 1854, sented to the Corporation of London by

54. The first edition of this comprehenH. B. H. Beaufoy, Esq., compiled by J. H.

sive volume was published by Mr. Weale Burn. Lond. Second edition, 1855, 8vo.

18** Svein 1851, 12s. Second edition, 1852, 9s. Introduction, pp. 95, the book, including

LONDON INSTITUTION. index, pp. 287.

A Catalogue of the Library of the LonLONDON DIRECTORIES.

don Institution. Lond. 1813, 8vo. An A Collection of the Names of Merchants alphabetical catalogue of 750 pages, made living in and about the City of London, by the librarian, Mr. Wm. Upcott. - New carefully collected, for the Benefit of all edition, considerably enlarged and arDealers that shall have occasion with any ranged in classes, with an alphabetical of them, directing them at the first sight index (by Rich. Thomson). Lond. 1835-43, of their Names to the Place of their abode. royal Svo 3 vols. Supplement (forming a Lond. Sam. Lee and Daniel Major. 1677, 4th. volume). Lond. 1852. 12mo. Presumed to be the first list of Plan and Bye-Laws of the London InLondon tradesmen.

stitution, with a List of the Proprietors London Directory (Kent's). First sug- and Life Subscribers. 1806. 8vo. 73 pages. gested by a Mr. James Brown of Kelso, This and the following are republished in and first published, 1734, 12mo.-Thir- the Catalogne. tieth edition, 1763, post Svo.--Sixty-fourth Charter of the London Institution,dated edition, 1796.

21st Jan., 1807. Lond. 1807, 8vo. 29 pages. London Directory, first issued, 1764,

Catalogue of Books selected for circulapost Svo.--18th edit. T. Lowndes, 1781. tion among its Members. Lond. 1857, 8vo.

London Directory (Post Office.) First A Bibliographical Account and Collaí so called) was published in 1800, small tion of “La Description de l'Egypte," 22 8vo. In 1845 the copyright passed into vols. folio, printed at Paris by order of the hands of Mr. Fred. Kelly, who in that

in that Napoleon I., 1809–13, and finished by the year printed an enlarged edition in im- ' I mine

Il im- Imperial Government during 1817-30. perial Svo. which has undergone succes. Presented to the Library by Sir Thomas sive improvements. Its compilation is a Baring. Bt. Lond. 1838, royal 8vo. Not marvellous effort of combined operations, I published, as it now comprises a Street Directory, Trades Directory, Court Guide, Postal

LONDON PAGEANTS. Directory, Conveyance Directory, and

Accounts of Civic Entertainments and

A many other digests of great practical Pageants(by J.G. Nichols). Lond. 1831,8vo. utility. Published annually, 11. 16s.

Collections towards a History of the London Directories have also been

Annual Civic Celebrations, with reprints printed by others. under the names of of those for 1612, 1629, 1633, 1660, 1671, and Holden, Robson, Watkins.

1678, edited by Fairholt See PERCY The FIRST COURT CALENDAR was print

SOCIETY, Appendix. ed Lond. J. Watson, 1734. small Svo.inder The Civic Garland : Songs from the the title of “ An exact List of the Lords London Pageants. See PERCY SOCIETY Spiritual and Temporal, &c."

Appendix. British Directory for 1793, Svo. Al See DEKKER, Thomas; HEYWOOD, phabetical List of the Nobility. Gentry. | Thomas; JORDAN, Thomas; MIDDLEand Families of Distinction in London. / TON, Thomas; MUNDAY, John; PEELE, Westminster, &c., being a Supplement

George; SETTLE, Elk. ; SQUIRE, John; to the British Directory for 1793, 8vo.

TATHAM, John; TAUBMAN, Matthew; The Patent London Directory, with a | WEBSTER, John. Supplement, giving the Names, Profes

LONDON PLANS AND MAPS. sions, and Residences, 1792, Svo.

The earliest known View of London LONDON GUIDES.

|(extending from Lambeth Palace to These are innumerable; we cite only the two Greenwich) is that drawn by Antonio principal ones.

| Wyngaerde, on several sheets, extendCunningham's (Peter) Handbook for ing 10 feet in length, taken between 1558 London, past and present. Lond. 1849, and 1563, preserved in the Sutherland 2 vols, post 8vo, 11, 4s. Second edition, in Collection, Bodleian Library, Oxford. 1 vol. post 8vo, Lond. 1850, 16s. Since The earliest engraved View, Map, or reprinted in an alphabetical form, with Plan of London is that taken near the out maps or plates,

beginning of the Reign of Queen ElizaBohn's Pictorial Handbook of London, beth (circa 1560) by RALPH AGGAS, on 8 comprising its Antiquities, Architecture, sheets, and is extremely rare; a copy is in Arts, Manufactures, Trade, Institutions, the Sloane Collection, British Museum. Exhibitions, Suburbs, &c. (910 pages.)- Re-engraved by George Vertue, in 1737, With 205 engravings on wood, by Bran- for the Society of Antiquaries. 8 sheets, ston, Jewitt, and others; and large Map imp. folio. Willett, 1489, 71, 7s. Reduced of London and its suburbs by Lowry, copies of this curious map are in Brayley's

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