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LAUD, William--continued.

| Eyles Haskins Styles, Bart. This work, Letter scat to W. Laud. late Archbishop written by Peter Heylin, D.D., is reprinted

in the fourth volume of the Somers' Col. of Canterbury, now prisoner in the Tower.!

i lection of Tracts. In verse. Lond. 1641, woodcut on title.lec

One hundred and twenty-one tracts conin Answer to Mercurie's Message, by T. Herbert, in verse. Mercurie's Message

cerning Abp. Laud, from 1637 to 1631, 4to. defended, the 3 pieces in 1 vol. Bright,

3 vols. Hollis, 677, 331. 1s. 6d. 11. 9s. The first piece only at Farmer's

2: On the Liturgy. Oxford, Parker, 18 , sale, 41. 4s., and at Freeling's, 11s, The

18mo. 2s. two last pieces, Freeling, 11s.

A considerable number of tracts rela

tive to Archb. Laud, inlaid in 4to. and The Lordly Prelate; or, Receipts how

illustrated with numerous portraits. Hibto recover a lost Bishop. Lond. 4to. 1641,

bert, 4565, in russia, 101. portrait.

| The Life and Times of William Laud, Canterbury's Will; also a loving Admonition to his Brethren, the Bishops.

D.D., Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. Lond. 1641, 4to. portrait.

By John Parker Lawson, M.A. Lond. The Archbishop of Canterbury's Speech 1843, 8vo.

1829, 8vo. 4 vols. port. by Dean after on the Scaffold on Tower-Hili, the tenth of


Lifé, by the Rev. C. W. Le Bas. 12mo. January, 1644: also, the Prayers which

12 vols. he used at the same Time and Place, before his Execution. All faithfully writ

Autobiography. Oxford, 1839, 1Smo. ten by John Hinde. Lond. 1644. 4to. pp. An Autograph Manuscript of Archbp. 20. Hibbert, 4566, 2s. 6d. Reprinted in Laud's, 'on Church Government,' sold at the eighth volume of the Harleian Mis- | Dawson Turner's, 1859, for 211. cellany.-1645, 4to.

LAUDER, George. The Scottish A Breviate of the Life of William Land, Archbishop of Canterbury. 1644. See Souldier.---Sunt Artibus Arma dePRYNNE, William.

cori, 1629. Wight.—Two Poems to The Grand Impostor unmasked; or, a the King's most excellent Majesty. detection of the desperate impiety of the

Edinb. Wreittoun, 1629. 4to. late Archbp. (so styled) of Canterbury, cunningly couched in that written which

These two poems, written on occahe read on the Scaffold at his Execution. sion of the unfortunate expedition to the alias (so called by the Printer) his Funeral Sermon. (by H. Burton). no date. |

Gordonstoun, 1410, 91. 9. Auchinleck (1644).

Press, 1918, 4to. Boswell, 3073, 10s. 6d. Elegie on Archbp. Laud, beheaded Jan. / Brockett, 2004, 11. 6s, Sir M. M. Sykes. 10, 1614. Lond. 4to.

pt.- 1645, 11. 11s. Dent, pt. ii. 1232, 15s. A Charme for Canterburian Spirits,

The Poem of the Scottish Souldier is rewhich, since the death of this Arch pre-printed

printed in "Various Pieces of fugitive late, have appeared in sundry shapes, and

and Scottish Poetry,' edited by David Laing, haunted divers houses in the city of Lon

Esq. don. Lond. 1645, with a woodcut of Laud's / The Souldier's Wish. Edinb. Wreit. arrival in Hell.

toun, 1628, 4to. Reprinted in second seCanterburie's Fall, by Starbucke. Lond. ries of Laing's Fugitive Scottish Poetry. 4to. 1645. cit.

Tears on the Death of Evander, occaThe Life and Death of William Laud,

sioned by the lamentable Losse of Sir John Archb. of Canterbury. By E. W. Lond.

Suynton, Knt. Collonel of a Regiment of 1645, 4to. with a portrait by Marshall.

all. 2000 Nederlanders, going for Venize, was Nassau, pt. i. 2364, 10s. Reed. 4655.cast away by Storme on the Coast of Eng. 11s. 6d.

land, upon the Goodwin Sands, the 13th Canterburie's Doome. 1646. See PNYNNE. of October, 1630. Printed at the Hagh. William.

" 1630, 4to. Inglis, 789, 21. 12s. 6d. Skegg, Officium Quoridianum: or. a Manual of 41. 83. Reprinted by Mr. Turnbull. Edinb. private Devotions. By William Laud,

1818, 8vo. Archbishop of Canterbury. Lond. 1650. 1. Aretophel; or, a Funeral Elegie on the 12mo. 58.-1663, 19mo.--Oxford, Parker,

: Death of Walter, Earl of Buccleugh, &c., 1855, 16mo. 5s.

| at Middleburgh, by John Vander llellen,

(1634). This and the next two articles A Summary of Devotions. By William

are reprinted in the second volume of Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury. Ox

Laing's Fugitive Scottish Poetry, who ford, 1667. 12mo. 58.-Sixth edition. Lond. li

1. in that volune also gives a Valedictory 1705, 12mo.-18mo. Pickering.

Address and Lines on the Death of A briefe Relation of the Death and Charles I. Sufferings of the Lord Archb. of Canter Tweeds Tears of Joy to Charles, Great bury. From the Collections of Sir Francis Brittains King (1639), 4to. Four leaves.

Caledonias Covenant, or ane Panegyrick Delectus Auctorum Miltono Fazem to the World. Wherin is brieflie set prælucentium. Lond. 1752-3, 2 vols doune the trew Caus and Occasioune of Hollis, 892, 5s. Ed. Bindley, pt. iii. 416, the present Troubles of the Kingdome of morocco, 11s. Scotland. By G. L. Printed in the Year The Progress of Envy, a Poem, in Inii1641, 4to. Six leaves. Bindley, pt. iv. tation of Spenser. Occasioned by Lauder's 1087, 31. 5s. resold, Perry, pt. i. 1048, 11. 6s. Attack on the Character of Milton. Lond.

Breda exultans, a Poem on the happy | 1751, 4to. Peace, 1667.

A Letter to the Rev. Mr. Douglas, occa

sioned by his Vindication of Milton. By LAUDER, Sir John, of Fountain- William Lauder. Lond. 1751, 4to. An liall. Historical Observes of Me- ample confession of the guilt of Lauder, morable Occurrents in Church and We Ownpontein Church and drawn up by Dr. Samuel Johnson.

King Charles vindicated from the State from 1680 to 1686. Edinb. Charge of Plagiarism brought against 1840. 4to. port. 18s.

him by Milton, and Milton himself conSee FOUNTAINHALL, BANNATYNE CLUB, victed of Forgery, and a gross Imposition Appendix.

on the Publick, &c. Lond. 1754. IIollis, 890, 7s. 6d.

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1754, 8vo. Reviewed probably by Dr. S.

Johnson, in tlie Gent. Mag. for 1764, p. 97. 1829, in the province of Moray

Furius: or, a modest Attempt towards an

| a History of the Life and surprising Ex1830. 8vo. etchings by Lizars. 15s. ploits of the Famous W. L. Critic and

Thief-catcher. Lond. (1754), 8vo. This - William. Ane compendious attack on Lauder was written by --and breve Tractate, concerning the

Henderson, a bookseller. Office and Dewtie of Kyngis, spi

See KIRKPATRICK, J. POETÆ LATINI. rituall Pastoris, and temporali ju- LAUDERDALE, James, Duke of. gis. (Edinb. by John Scott7. 1556. Miscellanies. Lond. 1703. 8vo. 4to,

- James Maitland, Earl of. An Sotheby's in March, 1827, 252. 10s. This Inquiry into the Nature and Origin poem, consisting of 11 leaves, is reprinted

the in a valuable síttle publication entitled of Public Wealth, and into • The Crypt,' and was noticed at length in Means and Causes of its Increase. the 94th and 95th nos, of the Edinburgh Edinb. 1804. 8vo. 5s. Review. A new edition is now in prepa- A French translation appeared, Paris, ration.

1808, 8vo. - William. An Essay on Mil

Letters to the Peers of Scotland. By

the Earl of Lauderdale. 1794, 8vo. 3s. 68. ton's Use and Imitation of the Mo

A Letter on the present Measure of Fiderns in his Paradise Lost. Lond. nance. Lond. 1798, 8vo. The Deprecia1750. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

tion of the Paper Currency of Great BriBindley, pt. ii. 1364, 5s. pt. ii. 133

tain proved. Lond. 1812, 8vo.

See DALZEL. with Bishop Douglas's answer and Lauder's reply, 1751, 115. The preface and TAUDONNIER, -, Anotable Hispostscript were written by Dr. Samuel Johnson. Lauder's infamous attack on korie, containing four Voyages made Milton first appeared in the Gentleman's

into Magazine, 1746-7, &c.

Florida.' Newly translated out of Pandæmonium ; or, a new infernal Expedition. Inscribed to a Being who calls himself William Lauder. Lond. 1750, 4to. Lond. 15

Milton no Plagiary : or, a Detection of Dedicated to Sir Walter Raleigh, with the Forgeries in Lauder's Essay. By a preface; 64 leaves and a table. John Douglas, Bishop of Salisbury. Lond. Histoire notable de la Floride. Paris, 1751, Svo.- Second Edition, corrected and 1587. Published at the expense of Hakenlarged by the Addition of a Postscript. luyt, and dedicated to Sir Walter Raleigh. Lond. 1756, 8vo.

Jadis, 91, 1l. 13s. An Apology for Mr. Lauder. In a Letter

1 LAUGEREN, Jacob van. A Book to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Lond. 1751, 8vo.

J of the Names of the Parishes, Mar

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ket Towns, Villages, Hamlets, and ! An Attempt to illustrate those Articles smallest Places in England and

of the Church of England which the Cal

vinists improperly consider Calvinistical, Wales. Lond. 1657. 4to.

in eight Sermons, at Bampton's Lecture. Republished in 1668.

1805, 8vo. 88.-Second edition, Oxford, LAUGHTER.—An Essay on Laugh

1838.-Third edition.

On Singularity and Excess in philologiter, wherein are displayed, its natu- I cal

atue cal Speculations, a Sermon. Oxford, 1807. ral and moral Causes, with the A Dissertation on the Logos of St. John; Arts of exciting it. Lond. 1770. comprehending the Substance of Sermons 12mo. 3s.

| preached before the University of Oxford.

Oxford, 1808, 8vo. 3s. Laugh and lie down, or the Worlds

Critical Reflections upon some imporFolly. Lond. 1605, 4to. North, pt. iii. 686, russia, 41. 11s. Heber, pt. ix. 41. 108.

| tant Misrepresentations contained in the Sothebys, May 1856, wanting after F3.158.

Unitarian Version of the New Testament. Laugh and be fat, or the merry Com.

Oxford, 1811, 8vo. 5s. panion, with a great Variety of comical |

Remarks upon the systematical ClassiStories, curious Poems, select Epitaphs,

fication of MSS. adopted by Griesbach in

his Edition of the Greek Testament. OXout o'th' way Conundrums, &c. Lond. 1700, 12mo.-1720. Stanley, 659, 16s.

ford, 1814, 8vo. 5s. See JESTS.

The Doctrine of Baptismal Regenera

tion contrasted with the Tenets of Calvin, LAUGHTON, George, D.D. The 1815, 8vo. 5s. History of ancient Egypt, from the,

The Doctrine of the Church of England

upon the Efficacy of Baptism, vindicated first Settlement under Mizraim to from Misrepresentation. In two Parts. the Subversion of the Empire under Oxford, 1818, 8vo. 10s.-1816, 8vo. ReCambyses. Lond. 1774. 8vo.

printed, Oxford, Parker, 18 , 2 parts in

i vol. 8vo. 5s. Hibhert, 4501, 3s. 6d.

| Authentic Documents relative to the LAUNCELOT DU LAK.-Le Morte Predestinarian Controversy in the Time Arthur, Adventures of Sir Laun- of Queen Mary, published from a MS. in

the Bodleian Library. Oxford, 1819, 8vo. celot de Lak. Lond. 1819. 4to.

An English Metrical Romance pre- Remarks on the critical Principles sented to the inembers of the Roxburghe

koxourgne adopted by Writers who have at various club by J. Ponton, Esq. Dent, pt, ii. 1215,

Periods recommended a new Translation 21. 12s. Sir M. Sykes, 1637, 31. 13s. 6d.

of the Bible. Oxford, 1820, 8vo. 5s. Boswell, 3053, 41.

Reply to Professor Samuel Lee's StricThe Scottish Metrical Romance of

tures on the Remarks upon the critical Lancelot du Lak. 1839. See MAITLAND | Principles, &c. Oxford, 1821, 8vo. 3s. 60. CLUB, APPENDIX.


LAURENCE. See LAWRENCE. Odes for the Laureatship. Lond.

LAURENT, P. E. Recollections 8vo.

of a Classical Tour through various These odes' possess a large fund of wit and humour, and though abounding in Parts of Greece, Turkey and Italy, personal raillery, are but little tinged with made in the Years 1818 and 1819. malignity.'- Dr. Drake.

Lond. 1821. 4to. See ROLLIAD.

Duke of York, 2910, 9s. LAURENCE, And. A Discovrse

Introduction to Ancient Geography, of the Preservation of the Sight, of.

Oxford, 1832, 8v0.-Oxford, 1840, 8vo. melancholike Diseases, of Rheumes See HERODOTUS, PINDA, for Translaand old Age, translated by Richard tions by Laurent.' Svrphlet. Lond. 1599. 4to. | Laus ULULÆ. The Praise of Inglis, 790, 3s.

Owls. Lond. 1727. 8vo. - Richard, Archbishop of Cashel. Tracts, theological and critical, pub

| LAUZUN.—Mémoires du Duc de lished at various Periods. Oxford,

Lauzun. Lond. 1822.

A vile, iminoral, and indecent forgery, 1819. 8vo. 2 vols. 11. 4s.

full of lies and calumnies. See Quarterly In the highest estimation, | Review, xxvi. 405-9.

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| with the name of Stockdale as publisher: tory of the Reformation in France, first edition, which was issued in numbers,

| these are inferior in impression to the and of the reformed Churches in the first in 1789, the last in 1798. tha

Essays on Physiognomy, translated into ginning of the Reformation, to

| English by Thomas Holcroft. Lond. 1789

1793, royal Svo. 3 vols. illustrated by 360 the Repealing of the Edict of engravings, 31. 38. Nantes. Lond. 1737-41. 8vo. 7| Second edition, to which are added 100 vols. 11. 11s. 6d.

Pysiognomical Ruiles, and Memoirs of the

Author. Lond. 1801, 4 vols. royal 8vo.418 LAVALLEE, Joseph. Histoire de engravings, 41. 4s.

Essays on Physiognomy, translated by Moore. Lond. 1797, 8vo. 4 vols. plates,

Translated by Morton.-Lond. Parson, ont agité la France depuis 1789 1793, 8vo. 3 vols. plates. jusqu'à l'Abdication de Napôleon.

An abridged edition in one volume, 8vo.

Lond. Tegg, 1850, 12s. Lond. 1817. 8vo. 3 vols. 11. 7s. I

Essays on Physiognomy, abridged from Mr. Holcroft's Translation. Twentieth

ci edition, Lond. 1814, 12mo, 3s. 60. Pressis Rourrot. The Historie of

Aphorisms on Man, translated from the George Castriot, surnamed Scan- original MS. (by llenry Fuseli). Lond. derberg, King of Albanie. Newly 1789, 8vo. 3s. 68.-Second edition, Londe

1789, 12mo. front. translated out of French by Z. I.

Secret Journal of a Self-observer, transLond. 1596. folio.

lated by the Rev. Peter Will. Lond. 1795, Containing his famous actes, his noble crown Svo. 2 vols. 10s. deedes of armes, and memorable victories

LAVATER, John Henry.' Intro. against the Turkes, for the faith of Christ.' Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 1201, 6s. Towne- duction to the Study of the Analey, pt. ii. 1981, 85. Reed, 2928, 11. 25. tomy of the Human Body, for the Collation.-Dedication to Sir George Ca

: Use of Painters, Sculptors and Arrey; to the reader; the preface of the author; an advertisement; a catalogue tists in general. Translated from of authors; commendatory verses by Ed. the German. Lond. 1824. 8vo. 12s. Spenser, R. C. Gent. and C. C. Gent. 498

Witl: 27 plates. pages, and an index.

- Lewis. Of Ghostes and LAVATER, John Caspar. Essays Spirites walking by Nigut, and of on Physiognomy, designed to pro- strange Noyses, Crackes, and sunmote the Knowledge and Love of dry Forewarnynges, whiche comMankind. Translated from the monly happen before the Death of French by Henry Hunter, D.D. Menne, great Slaughters and AlteLond. 1789–98, royal 4to. in 41 rations of Kyngdomes. Translated nos. forming 5 vols.

into Englishe by R. H. Lond. A sumptuous Edition, executed, by, and 12

1572. 4to. under the inspection of, Thomas Holloway. !

Inglis, 908, with plates from a Latin The translation and engravings were under the superintendence of the cele

edition, 19s. Reed, 2894, 11.3s. Roxburghe, brated H. Fuseli, R.A., at whose solici

1978, 11. 7s. Suppl. 673, 11. 12s. Sir J. M. tation Lavater furnished an entire fresh

Sykes, pt. ii. 236, 21. lleber, pt. v. 195.set of Drawings in quarto, to suit the pre

Lond. 1596, 4to. 18s. vailing taste of the public, it having been

The Book of Ruth expounded in 28 Seroriginally intended for folio size. The

mons, translated by Ephrain Pagett, a Engravings were executed by Thos. Ilol

Childe of eleuen Yeares of Age. Lond. loway, Bartolozzi, Wm. Blake, and other eminerit artists. Bindley, pt. iii. 153, russ.

Three Sermons on 2 Chron. 6; 26-31. 101. 10x. Duke of York, 2912, 141. Lloyd,

Translated by Wm. Barlow, B.D. Lond. 770, 151. North, pt. ii. 661, russia, 161. 16s. |

1596, 8vo. Inglis, 854, 3s, Roxburghe, 1975, russia, 171. Towneley, LAVENDER, Theophilus. Travels pt. ii. 1101, morocco, 181. 18s. Fonthill, of four Englishemen and a Preacher 1709, 201. Heber, pt. ix. 131.

Some copies were subsequently issued into Africa, Asia, Troy, Bythinia,

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Thracia, and to the Black Sea. / LAW, Jno. of Lauriston. A Sketch Lond. 1612. 4to.

of the Life and projects of John Nassau, pt. i. 2365, russia, 175.-1609, Law, of Lauriston, Comptroller 4to. Hibbert, 4567, 155. Gordonstown,

General of the Finances in France. 41. 5s. Bright, 19s. Sotheby, 11. 14s. Often called Biddulph's Travels, that Edinb. 1791. 4to. 53. being the name of one of the party.

This sketch will likewise be found in

J. P. Wood's State of the Parish cf CraLAVENHAM.—Specimens of Go

mond. A brief account of the principal thic Ornaments selected from the events in the life of Mr. Law will be Parish Church of Lavenham in

found in the Private Life of Louis XV.,'

translated by Justamond. The works of Suffolk. Lond. 1796. 4to.

this noted financier, usually known by Forty plates, with engraved title and the name of The Projector, are still sought advertisement. Dent, pt. i. 1469, 16s. after. Nassau, pt. 1177, 11. LARGE PAPER. 11.5s. Proposals and Reasons for constituting

LAVINGTON, George, Bishop of a Council of Trade in Scotland. Edinb. Exeter. The Enthusiasm of Me

1701, 8vo. This work, published anony

mously in 1701, was republished under the thodists and Papists compared. In name of Law, at Glasgow, 1751, 12mo. three Parts. Second edition. Lond. The actual author was Wm. Paterson.

Money and Trade considered: With a 1749-51. 8vo. 10s.- Again in 1751

Proposal for supplying the Nation with 52. 8vo.

Money. Edinb. 1705, 4to. - Lond. 1720, A much-esteemed work, written in a

8vo.-Glasg. 1750, 12mo.-Glasg. 1700, mixed style of great severity and ridicule.

12mo. Reprinted in the 13th volume of Williams, 1076, 11. 6s.-1754, 8vo. 2 vols.

the Somers' Collection of Tracts. Gosset, 3082, 16s. — New cdition, with

Memoirs of the Life of, with Detailed Notes, Introduction, and Appendix, byRd.

account of the Mississippi Scheme, by Polwhele. Lond. Valpy, 1820, 8vo. 105. 6d.

J. P. Wood. Edin. 1824, 12mo. port. 6s. The Moravians compared and detected.

1 Law, the Financier. Ilis Scheme and Lond. 1755, 8vo.

Times. Lond. (Blackwood), 1836, 12mo. The Nature and Use of a Type. Lond. 1 38. 6d. 1724, 8vo.

- Rev. Robert. Memorials ; LAVOISNE, C. V. A genealogical,

A genealogical, or, the memorable Things that fell historical and chronological Atlas. out within this Island of Britain, By C. V. Lavoisne and C. Gros. from 1638 to 1684. Edited from Lond. 1807. folio.-Lond. 1841. the MS. by C. R. Sharpe, Esq. fol. enlarged by Lutchwell. pub. Edinb. 1818. 4to. 51. 58. reduced to 11. ls.

Heber, pt. i. 14s, Bright, 11. 4s.

This work forms a collection of perhaps Considerations on the Theory of the best-selected tales of witchcraft and

wizardy which has been yet published. Religion: to which is prefixed a Life of the Author, by the late W. - Wm., M.A. The whole Works. Paley. D.D. A new Edition. By Lond. 1762. 8vo. 9 vols. 61. 6s.

Williams, 1977, 91. 198.6d. Law's preGeorge Henry Law, D.D., Lord

certs are rigid, but they are founded on Bishop of Chester. Lond. 1820. the Gospel; his satire is sharp, but is 8vo. 12s.

drawn from the knowledge of human life; A highly valuable work, which will be

and many of his portraits are not un. at advantage to those who are worthy the pen of La Bruyère.' Gibbon. intended for, or beginning to engage in,

A serious Call to a devout and holy the Christian ministry. LARGE PAPER.

| Life, 8vo. 8s. The most popular of this Williams, 1079, in pig skin, 11.-Can

pious divine's works, frequently reprinted. bridge, 1745, 8vo. 43. With a Discourse,

Dr. Johnson relates, he took up Law exon the Life and Character of Christ. pecting to find it a very dull book. and Cambridge, 1749, 8vo. 48.-1755, Svo.

with a view of ridiculing it; but he soon Cambridge, 1765, 8vo. Bindley, pt. ii.

discovered that the author was an over. 1136, 6s. 60.-Cambridge, 1774, 8vo. LARGE

match for him, and styled his work the PAPER. Williams, 1078, morocco, 19s.

finest hortatory theology in any lan. Seventh Edition. Carlisle, 1784. 8vo. Iguage.' Bindley, pt. ii. 1312, 5s, 6d.

| Remarks on Mandeville's Fable of the


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