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KNICKERBOCKER MAGAZINE, or Lond. 1841-4, imp. 8vo. 6 vols. 31. 88. red. New York Monthly Magazine, of ExGLAND (by G. L. Craik and C. Mac

(Bohn), 1851, 11. 18s.PICTORIAL HISTORY 1832-58,52 vols. Continued month- farlane). Lond. 1840, &c. roy. 8vo. 8 vols. lumes are scarce.) | 61. index to, by Hamilton

61. Index to, by Hamilton, 1850, roy. 8vo. The Knickerbocker was established in 10s. Continuation, entitled History of the 1832 by C. J. Hoffman, the novelist; his

Thirty Years' Peace, by Harriet Mar

tineau. Lond. 1850, 21. 2s.-PICTORIAL successor was Timothy Flint; and the

BIBLE, 1838, 4 vols. 4to. or 3 vols. imp, present editor is Louis Gaylord Clarke. The Knickerbocker has been one of the

8vo. Lond. 1838 (since reissued by Cham

bers.)-Pictorial Prayer. Lond. 1838, imp, most brilliant periodicals of the United

8v0.-New edit. with a selection of the States, It counted among its contributors Washington Irying, Paulding, Wm.

wood engravings, 8vo. Lond. 1846.-The

Plain Englishman, in conjunction with Mr. Ware, Rryant, and Longfellow. Almost all the writers who during the last twenty

E. H. Locker, published perodically. Windyears have achieved a reputation in the

sor, 1820-22, demy 8vo. 2 vols.; one of United States, commenced their literary

the earliest of the cheap miscellanies career either as critics or novel writers

of a useful as well as popular character. in its columns.

-Knight's Quarterly Magazine, Windsor

and London, 1823-4, demy 8vo. 3 vols. KNIGGE, Baron. The German

-The British Almanac, and the ComGil Blas; or, the Adventures of panion to the Almanac for the Society for Peter Claus. Translated from the the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. Lond.

1823, and still continued.-The Library German of Baron Knigge. Lond.

of Entertaining Knowledge.-The Penny 1793. 12mo. 3 vols. 98.

| Magazine, two series. Lond. 1832-15, Briefen, &c., or Letters written on a large 8vo. 14 vols.-The Penny CycloJourney from Lorraine to Lower Saxony. pædia, with a Supp. Lond. 1832-46, 29 Translated from the German.

vols.--Half Hours with the Best Authors. The History of Amstrath Gutman; Loud. 1847-48, sq. 8vo. 4 vols. Second edi. written by himself. Translated from the tion, 1851, 2 vols. Third edition, 12mo, German. Lond. 1800, 12mo. 39. 60.

4 vols. 1854-55.-Half Hours of English Practical Philosophy of Social Life, or History. Lond. 1853, 8vo. 2 vols. The the Art of Conversing with Men. From the Weekly Volume 18mo, a series extendGerman, by P. Will. Lond. 1799, 8vo. 10s. ing to 126 volumes. 1843-5. - Pictorial

KNIGHT, Charles. The Results Shakspere. Lond. 1839-41, including Bioof Machinery. Lond. 1830, 12mo. Igraphy, 1 vol., and History of Oninion

with Doubtful Plays and Index, impeThe Rights of Industry, Capital, rial 8vo. 8 vols. 71. 7s. Again, 1847 and Labour. Lond. 1831, 12mo. (without Biog.) demy 8vo. vols. 4i. (These two works were amalgamated

Library edition, 1842-44, 18mo. 12 vols. and enlarged, with the title of Know

| National Edition, with Biography and ledge is Power.) Lond. 1855, cr. 8vo. wood Studies, 1851-53, 8vo. 8 vols. Cabinet edicuts, 7s, 6d.

tion, 1842-3, 18mo. 11 vols. Stratford ediWilliam Shakspere, a Biography. Lond.

tion, 1854-5, fscap. 8vo. 12 vols.-- Plays 1843, roy. 8vo. 11. ös. also demy 8vo. 7s.6d.

and Poems, with Glossarial Notes, illus(forms a volume of the Pictorial Shaks

trated by Harvey, 7th edit. 1 vol. royal

Svo. Bohn, 1857, portrait and 40 plates, pere, roy. 8vo, and of the National Shakspere, demy Svo.)

10s. 60.--Companion Shakspere, 1855-7, Life of Caxton. Lond. 1844, 18mo.

12mo. 8 vols.-Cyclopædia, in progress, (One of Knight's Shilling Volumes, since

| 4to. 12 vols. published. He is author also enlarged under the title of The Old

of numerous separate papers in works Printer and the Modern Press.) Lond.

published by him, such as The Compa1854, post 8vo.

nion to the Newspaper; The Land we A volume of Varieties. Lond. 1844 Live In; Old England, &c. 18mo. (One of the Weekly Volumes.) KNIGHT, E. Cornelia. A De

New Lamps for Old : Remarks on Mr. Collier's discovery of the Annotations on

o pagna di Roma. Lond. 1805, 4to. Shakspere. Lond. 1851, post 8vo.

Once upon a Time. Lond. 1854, post Twenty Etchings. 8vo. 2 vols.

An interesting work. White Knights, Popular History of England. Lond. 2309, 5s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2332, 8s. Dřury, 1856, et seq. 12 vols. 8vo.-publishing at 9s. / 2403, russia, 11. 6s. each.

Dinarbas, a Tale; being a Continuation Besides the above, Mr. Knight has of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia. Lond. edited or conducted the following:

1770, 12mo. 3s. 6d. LONDON. with numerous woodcuts, 1 Marcus Flaminius, or a View of the mi



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litary, political, and social Life of the KNIGHT, Rd. Payne, F.A.S. An Romans. Lond. 1790-2, 8vo. 2 vols. 7s. Lines addressed to Victory, in Conse

. Account of the Remains of the qnence of the Success of Lord Cornwallis. Worship of Priapus, lately existing and his Army against Tippo Saib. With at Italian Translation. Parma, 1793, 4to.

0: ples : also two Letters, one from 5s. One hundred copies printed at the Bodoni Press.

Sir Wm. Hamilton, K.B., and the Chronological Abridgment of the His tory of Spain. Fifty copies private printed at Frogmore Lodge, 1802, 12mo, . Chronological Abridgment of 'the His course of the Worship of Priapus, :ory of France (similar to the preceding). and its Connexion with the mystic 1811, 12mo. Translations from the German, in Prose

Theology of the Ancients. Lond. and Verse. 1812, 12mo. Thirty copies 1786. 4to. privately printed at Frogmore Lodge. A privately printed volume, with 18 Miscellaneous Poems, by W.R. Spencer, plates. Hibbert, 4536, with additional

Knight, and others. plates, morocco, 61. 6s. Bindley, pt. ii. Frogmore Lodge, privately printed, 1812, 2336, 61. 8s. 6d. Reed, 4431, 71. Roxburghe, 4to. Con cards.)

| 8952, morocco, 81. 8s. Sir M. M. Sykes, KNIGHT, Francis. A Relation of pt. ii. 221, russia, 9. Combe, 1178, moseaven

l'occo, 111. Strawberry Hill, 221. Sotheby, Years Slaverie under the July '1859. 71. 15s. Turkes of Argeire, whereunto is An analytic Essay on the Greek Alphaadd

bet. Lond. 1791, 4to. plates. An admirable critique of this work by Professor Porson

appeared in the Monthly Review for 1794. &c. Lond. 1640. 4to.

Combe, 1179, 9s, Dent, pt. ii. 574, 11s. With a frontispiece and plates. Nassau, Drury, 2404, russia, 17s. 68. Gosset, 3166, pt, i. 2353, 16s. Hibbert, 4535, morocco, 19s. il. 11s. 6d. Sir P. Thompson, 524, 11. 13s. The Landscape, a didactic Poem, in Inglis, 799, 21. 1s. Heber, pt. vi. 10s. 6. three Books. Lond. 1794, 4to. Hibbert, Freeling, 5s. Reprinted in the second 4537, 58. Fonthill, 3814, 19s.-Lond. 1795. volume of the Oxford Collection of Voyages 4to. and Travels.

The Progress of Civil Society, a didactic - H. Gally, M.P. SARACENIC Poem, in six Books. Lond. 1796, 4to. 6s. and NORMAN REMAINS in SICILY.

LARGE PAPER. Printed for presents. Dent,

pt. ii. 575, morocco, 16s. Lond. n.d. (1830), tinted litho An analytical Inquiry into the Princigraphs, imp. folio. 51. 5s.

i ples of Taste. Lond. 1805, 8vo. Drury, Architectural Tour in Normandy, with 2149, 9s.-Fourth edition, 1838. 8vo. 78. remarks on Norman Architecture in Eng- Inquiry into the symbolical Language land. Lond. 1836. post Svo.-Second edi. of Ancient Art and Mythology. Lond. tion. Lond. 1841, post Svo.

1818, 8vo. Printed for private Circulation, Normans in Sicily. (A Sequel to'his

Combe, 1088, 13s. Inserted in the second Architectural Tour in Normandy.) Lond. volume of Specimens of Ancient Sculp1838, post 8vo.

ture. Published by the Dilettanti Society ECCLESIASTICAL ARCEITECTURE IN

pub. in 1835. It will also be found in the ITALY, FROM THE TIME OF CONSTANTINE

Classical Journal, and in the Collection of TO THE X VTH CENTURY. Lond. H. G. Supplements to Lempriere's Clas. Dicty. Bohn, 1833-4, imp. fol. 2 vols. (called pub. by Valpy, 1837, 8vo. first and second series), 80 plates, many See BritisH MUSEUM, p. 277. HOMER. richly coloured, 101. 10s.

I p. 1097. MARSHALL, William. Price, - Henry. The Being and Attri-, Uvedale. butes of God demonstrated. Lond. - Samuel, D.D. The Life of 1747. 8vo.

Dr. John Colet, Founder of St. A collection of sermons, recommended Paul's School : with an Appendix by Benson, Lardner, and Taylor of Nor- containing an Account of the Mas. wich. - Joseph. An Essay on the ters

on the ters and more eminent Scholars of Cultivation of Plants belonging to that Foundation. Lond. 1724. 8vo.

Hibbert, 4437, 16s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1030, the Order of the Protereæ. Lond. 21. ls. Marquis of Townshend, 1650, 1809. 4to. 5s.

21. 178. LARGE PAPER. Baker, 362, 31. 7s. Pp. 127, with a coloured plate. Nassau, pt. i. 1856, russia, 41. Bp. of Ely

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KNIGHT, Sam., D.D.-continued. Physiological and Horticultural Papers,

with Life. Lond. 1841, royal 8vo. 15s. 572, 41. 5s. Dent, pt. i. 1233, morocco, 51. Towneley, pt. ii. 559, 51. 5s. Williams,

| KNIGHT, The Printed in the 1051, morocco, 71. Collation.--Title, one Year 1723. 8vo. leaf; dedication to Spencer Compton, Esq.

Constable, 468, 8s. 4 pages; a prefatory epistle, 4 pages; the KNIGHT. -- Voyage of the Wan. introduction, with the pedigree of the Co-L.

dering. See CARTHENY, John. lets, pp. i-xiv; the life, &c. 494 pages ; a short table, 2 pages; the contents of the KNIGHT - BANNERET.-A short appendix, 2 pages; an index, 2 pages; a Enquiry into the Nature of the list of the subscribers, 11 pages. Plates. T;+1

· Titles conferred at Portsmouth, and 1. Effigies Ioannis Colet. Before the title. 2. Sepulchrum Henrici Colet Equitis. p. 7. 3. Sir Henry Colet's house at Stepney. p. in 1773 and 1778 ; shewing the Ori9. 4. St. Paul's school. p. 109. 5. Etfigies

ies! gin and ancient Privileges of Knight of Dean Colet kneeling. p. 256. 6. Dean Colet's monument, p. 261. 7. Mural monu- Banneret. The second Edition. ment of Roger Cotes. p. 430. 8. The bust | Lond. 1779. 8vo. of Dean Colet. p. 435. In the Life of Pp. 24. This pamphlet was written by Erasmus published 1726, will be found an Sir William Fitz-Herbert, Bart., elder index to this work (sheet L) four leaves. brother of Lord St. Helens, and, according -Oxford. 1823, 8vo. 14s. reduced to 73, 60. I to Bibliotheca Reediana,' only 24 copies LARGE PAPER. royal 8vo. Drury, 2151, ! were printed. The first edition, in 1775. morocco, 21. 4s.

was reviewed in the Monthly and Critical LIFE OF ERASMUS, more particularly

Reviews. that Part of it which he spent in England; KNIGHTHOOD.-An accurate hiswherein an Account is given of his learned

tom Friends, and the State of Religion and to Learning at that time in both our Unik versities: with an Appendix containing several original Papers. Cambridge, 1726, 8vo. Lloyd, 707, 21. Hibbert, 4438, russia, 21. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 155, 21. 7s. teral Order of Saint Joachim. Lond. Marquis of Townshend, 1651, 31. 17s. 1802. 8vo. 2 yols. 10s. 6d. LARGE PAPER. Baker, 361, 51. 55. Nassau, l pt, i. 1857, 61. 6s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1089,

il This work, which was printed at Ham

| burgh, goes under the name of J. P. Ruhl, russia, 101. 10s. Williams, 1055, morocco,

I but was written by Sir Levett Hanson, 101. 10s. Towneley, pt. ii. 558, 101. 15s.

Knt. of Normanton, near Pontefract, YorkCollation.--Pp. 386, and Appendix, A to K

shire, only son of Robert Hanson, of Mel4, in eights, besides title and dedication

ton, near Beverley. Prefixed is a critical to Sir Spencer Compton, 4 plates, also

dissertation upon the ancient and present introduction, and list of the cuts, 16 leaves.

state of equestrian institutions, and a preThe four plates, not enumerated in the list, are, 1. A portrait of More, by Vertue.

fatory discourse on the origin of Knight

hood in general, the whole interspersed p. 310. 2. Cenotaph of Th. More, p. 335.

with illustrations and explanatory notes, 3. Inscription on Erasmus' monument. p.

Brockett, 1741, 7s.6d, Nassau, pt. i. 1680, 350. 4. Portrait of Froben, p. 355,

An Ancient Order of Knighthoode, KNIGHT, Thos. Andw. Pomona

called the Order of the Band, instituted Herefordiensis, or Natural History by Don Alphonsus, King of Spain, in the of the old Cider and Perry Fruits Year 1368, from Caesar Augustus, to wear of the County of Hereford." Lond. a red Ribbon of three Fingers breadth,

and subject to xxxv Rules, the Knights 1811. royal 4to.

whereof were called by the same Name; 576. 11. 1s. Collation.-Title, I first translated out of Spanish into French, one leaf: preliminary observations, 8 by Don Anthonie de Guauere; and now pages; 30 leaves of letter-press to illus- englished by H. D. Lond. by H. Bynnetrate the same number of coloured plates, man, 1568, 8vo. Dedicated to Sir Henry drawn by Elizabeth Matthews, and en Sidney. graved by W. Hooker, and index, one KNIGHT OF CURTESY.-A litell page.--Second edition. Lond. (1819), royal Treatise of the Knight of Cur4to. with the plates poorly coloured.

A Treatise on the Culture of the Pear tesy and the Lady of Fagüell. Lond. and Apple, and on the Manufacture of Cider and Perry. Ludlow, 1797, 12mo. Ten leaves. A copy is in the Bodleian 2 s. 60,-Fourth edition, 1814, 12mo.


Denu, P. 11.00, IV.

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KNIGHT OF THE Post.-Return 1610. folio. 78.-Third edition. Lond. 1621. of the Knight of the Post from Hell. | folio, engraved title by Lawrence John

son. Harward, in 1858, 78.-1631, folio. Lond. 1606.4to. Attributed to Thos. Reed, 2926, 11. 58.-Fifth edition. 1638, Nash. See KNIGHTS, and NASH. folio. Bp. of Ely, 1007, 135.-1679, folio.

KNIGHT OF THE SEA.-The He-! KNOLLYS, Hanserd. Rudiments roical Adventures of the Knight of of the Hebrew Grammar in Enthe Sea, comprised in the Historie Iglish. Lond. 1648. 12mo.

Hanserd Knollys was founder of the of Prince Oceander. Lond. W. |

| Baptists, and wrote many small books. Leake. 1600. 4to.

Notes on the xì. Chap. of Revelations. BLACK LETTER. A mock romance, ex- Lond. 1679.-A Flaming Fire in Zion; a tremely verbose, intended to ridicule the singular piece, in reply to Saltmarsh's tales of giants, magicians, and dragons. “Smoke in the Temple," The writer unknown. Roxburghe, 6399, Life and Death of Hanserd Knollys, 251. Halliwell, June 1859, 291.

who died in the 93rd Year of his Age, KNIGHT OF THE SUN. See Mirror ||

with epistle by Wm. Kiffin, to which is

added his Last Legacy to the Church. of Princely Deeds and Knighthood. Lond. 1692, 12mo. port. by Van Hove. KNIGHTOFTHESWAN. See Helyas. See Hanserd Knollys Society's Publica

tions in the APPENDIX. KNIGHT OF THE TOWER. .See TOUR-LANDRY, Geoffroy de la.

KNOTT, Edward. Mercy and

Truth: ór, Charity maintained by KNIGHTS OF THE BLADE. See

Catholics. Printed 1684. 4to. 6s." Hectors, p. 1031.

This work occasioned Chillingworth's KNIGHTS OF THE Post.–The Religion of Protestants. According to Discoverie of the Knights of the Ant. à Wood, the author's true name was Post. 1607. See S. E.

Matthew Wilson, though he sometimes

styled himself Edward Knott, at other KNOKES, John, i. e. FRITH, John.

times Nich. Smith. KNOLE. -Biographical Sketches Charity mistaken. 4to. 1630. of eminent Persons whose Portraits

Infidelity unmasked, or a Confutation of

Mr. Will. Chillingworth. Gant, 1652,4to.6s. form Part of the Duke of Dorset's

KNOWLEDGE. — The Boke of Collection at Knole, in the County | Knowledge: whether a sycke Person of Kent, (by H. Norton Willis, Esq.) beynge in Peryll shall lyue or dye, with a brief Description of the &c. Lond. Impr. by me Robert Place. (by J. Bridgman, Steward | Wver, 12mo. to the Duke.) Lond. 1795. 8vo. I Å Goodly Dyalogue between Knowledge

Pp. xix and 164, also contents, 3 pages, and Symplicitie. (in verse). Lond. Anand two views of Knole.

thony Scoloker and Willyam Seres, 18mo. An Historical and Topographical Sketch n. d.Heber, pt. iv. 11. 78. of Knole, with a brief Genealogy of the The Fountain of Knowledge, or British SACKVILLE Family, by John Bridgman. Legacy; containing curious particulars Lond. 1817, 8vo. new title only, 1821. The of the utmost Service to Families in Genevolume has 3 views and 6 plates of Shields ral, Lond. 12mo. n. d. (1750), pp. 130. of Arms.

Of that Knowledge, whiche maketh a KNOLLES, Richard. The general wise Man. A Disputacion Platonike. History of the Turks. With a Con

Lond. in the House of Thomas Berthelet

(1584). 4to. Contains 0. in octaves, the tinuation by Sir Paul Rycaut. leaves not numbered." Lond. 1687-1700. folio. 3 vols. KNOWLEDGE.—A Key to Un

Best edition. In Dr. Johnson's Rambler, known Knowledge, or a Shop of no. 122, is a very high (by some thought

Five Windowes. an injudicious and ill-founded) eulogium on this work. Marquis of Townshend,

Which if you do open, 1933, 21. 5s. Edwards, 715, 21. 5s. Willett,

To cheapen or copen, 2188, 21. 15s. Dent, pt. ii. 322, russia,

You will be unwilling, 31. 9s. Heber, pt. i. fine set, 31. 19s. Hib

For many a shilling, bert, 4691, 31. 13s. 6d. Heath, 61. 10s.

To part with the profit -First edition, Title and heads by Law

That you shall have of it. rence Johnson, an engraver unnoticed by Lond. by Adam Islip. 1599, 12mo. Walpole. 1603, folio. 75.-Second edition.; Halliwell, No, 578. May 21, 1857, 11. 2s.

nich i Den or willing

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KNOWLEDGE. The Knowledge : Fourth and formerly considered the

best edition, said by Lowndes to be edited of Things unknown, shewing the

by Ruddiman, but erroneously. It is now effects of the Planets and other superseded by Mr., Laing's edition, deAstronomical Constellations. Lond. scribed at the end

FIRST EDITIOX. Edinburgh, [but printed 12mo. with cuts, often printed, in

in Lond. Vantrollier), 1584, smail Svo. Black letter. See PATHWAY Before the volume was completed, it was

KNOWLES, James. Pronouncing partially suppressed, and most of the English Dictionary. Lond. 1835.

copies seized (Feb. 1586-7) and destroyed,

by order of the Abp. of Canterbury. Gorroy. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, 4to.-Se- donstoun, 1327, 31. 59. Jadis, 82, 161. 168. venth edition. Lond. 1852, royal resold, Heber, pt. v. 91, 9s. Another, pt. 8vo. port. pub. 11. 45. red. 78. 6d.

vi. 91. 9s. G. Chalmers, 91. 9s. Hanrott,

241. 3s. resold, Sotheby (Bp. Daly), June - J. Sheridan. Dramatic Works. 25, 1858, 131. 10s. Collation.-B-Mm, Lond. Moxon, 1841-43, post 8vo. pages, 17-560.- Lond. 1614, folio. Edited 3 vols. 11. 11s. 6d. red. 17. ls.

by D. Buchanan. At the end of this

edition the four pieces next mentioned, Vol. I. Caius Gracchus, Virginius,

with the Sermon upon the 19th Aug. William Tell, Alfred the Great, Hunch

1565, are printed. Williams, 1177, moback.--Vol. II, Wife, Beggar of Bethnal

rocco, 5i. 10s. A copy on LARGE PAPER in Green, Daughter, Love-chase, Woman's

the Grenville Collection.-Edinb. 1644, Wit.- Vol. III. Maid of Mariend port,

4to. 15s. In the appendix to Nicolson's Love, John of Procida, Old Maids, Rose of

Scottish Historical Library is soine acArragon, Secretary.

count of interpolations and omissions in Lond. 1859, 1 vol. post 8vo. 7s.6d.

Knox's History, as published by D. BuThe Elocutionist; a Collection of Pieces

chanan.-Glasgow, 1761, 4to. 10s, Prose and Verse; preceded by an In

Edinb. 1790, 4to. port. Reed, 4432, 10s. 6d. troduction, in which an Attempt is made

-To this edition is added, his Life, and to simplify Walker's System. Seventh

several curious Pieces written by him, edition. Belfast, 1831, 8vo.

and Anthony Gilbye, viz, the first and - Thomas, D.D. Primitive

second Booke of Discipline, &c.- Paisley,

1791, 8vo. 2 vols,-Glasg. 1831, Edited - William, B. of P. Great Bri

by Wm. McGavin, Esq. contains The

First Book of Discipline, The Dispute tains Warning Piece or England's with the Abbot of Crossraguel, and The Terror. Lond. 1662. for Fr. Coles. first Blast of the Trumpet, 8vo. 1 vol. 12s. 18mo. Black letter.

A faithfull Admonition ynto the Pro.

fessours of God's Truthe in England. The Great Assizes, or General Day o

Kalyfow (Geneva], 1554, 16mo. Heber, Judgement. Lond. 18mo. Lond. 1662.

pt. i. mor. 41. 4s. Geo. Chalmers, 31. 3s. Truth Reigning Conqueror, or the Light

Another, 21. 10s. A copy is in the British of Hidden Secrets revealed. 18mo. Lond.

Museum. Roxburghe, 276, 21. 4s. White 1662.

Knights, 2257, morocco, 21. 4s. Hibbert, KNOWLS, Thomas. Hind's elder 4445.1

4445, morocco, 51. 6s. It contains J 3, in Brother, or the Master Thief dis- eights, besides title, and “The Epistie

of a banyshed Manne out of Leycester. shire,' on 7 pages.

A Confession & Declaracion of Praiers Robberies of T. Knowls. Lond. on the Breath of BLAEN LETTER. A and

on the Death of King Edward the VI. 1651. 4to.

B in eights, C4, last blank. A copy is in Li

the British Museum. Heber, pt. vi. 21. G. Chalmers, 31. 3s. Sotheby, 1856, 21. 8s.

This and the following piece forms only

one book, At the heading of a ii. the -Third edition. 8vo. 1844. 4 vols. second piece is notified. See JEBB, John, Bishop of Limerick. | A godly Letter sent too the Fayethfull

- John, the Scottish Reformer. in London, &c. Rome, [H. Singleton), The Historie of the Reformation eights, D four. A copy is in the British

1554, 12mo. BLACK LETTEK, A to C in of Religioun within the Realm of Museuin. Pickering, 1854, 21. 45. Heber, Scotland ; with several other Pieces, pt. vi. 11. 2s. and Life by Mat. Crawfurd. Edinb.

This ‘Godly Letter' appeared previous

ly under the title of An Admonition, &c. 1732, folio, 11. 11s. 6d.

from Wittenberg, by Nicholas Dorcaster,'

1789. Ruo



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