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KIP, I.--continued.

1 KIRBY, John. The Suffolk Travelet Walliæ Prospectus. Lond. 1719'), with ler. The Second Edition, with many title, description of the plates, table and

"| Alterations and large Additions, by an historical account of the cathedrals, &c, 18 printed leaves. Tome iv. contains several Hands. Lond. 1764. 8vo. 85 plates with title, description of the Marquis of Townshend, 1648, 11. 2s. plates, and table, 8 printed leaves. Tome | Heath, 4626, 17s, Hibbert, 4426, 6s. V. Supplement, contains H. Winstanley's LARGE PAPER. Lloyd, 706, 16s. Baker, Audley-ende, the Eddystone Light House, 737, russia, 21. 2s. Towneley, pt. ii. 561, and other additional plates, 1728. FIRST 11. 16s. Dent, pt. i. 1229, 11. 2s. DowdesEDITION, 1709, folio, 4 vols. Beckford in well, 367, uncut, 11. 8s. Collation.-Pp. 1817, 302, with all the rare prints added 340, besides title-page, one leaf, list of from the subsequent editions, 301. Wil- subscribers, 14 pages, a map of Suffolk lett, sold as LARGE PAPER, but qy. 1709– at p. i. and four plans at pp. 61, 155, 199, 24, 301.98.-1716, folio, 4 vols. Edwards, 211. 622, morocco, 181. 7s. 6d. Knight, 5 vols. The Suffolk Traveller. Ipswich. 1735. 1715-1723, with the Audley-ende, Eddy

8vo. Nassau, pt. i. 1850, 6s. Collation.stone Light House, and other additional Pp. 206. besides title, dedication, and erplates. Dutch calf, 351.

rata. The plans and prospects of Audley-ende, Supplement by Page. Lond. 1844, roy. twenty-five in number, were engraved in Svo. ii. 15s. 1676. The copper-plates were, it is said, sold to a brazier in Cambridge as old John. Angler's Museum. copper, and destroyed. Dr. Mead's set | 11784. 12mo. 4s. was sold for 501. through the mistake of a

With a portrait of Kirby by T, Cook. person employed to bid for it. See WINSTANLEY, Henry.

- Joshua, F.R.S. Twelve Prints Britannia illustrata, or Views of several of Monasteries. Castles. antient of the Queens Palaces as also of the prin-1 cipal Seats of the Nobility and Gentry of Churches and Monuments in the Great Britain, curiously engraven on 80 copper-plates. Lond. sold by David Mor- / Wood 1748. folio. tier, 1707, Imp. folio. Sotheby's in 1824, 11.9s. Fonthill, 1141, 21. 43. LARGE PAPER.

Dent, pt. ii. 320, 11. 10s. Duke of York, 2701, 31. 3s.

An historical Account of the twelve

Collation.Title and table, two leaves; a second |

Prints of Monasteries, Castles, antient

Churches and Monuments in the County title-page 'Nouveau Theatre de la Grande

of Suffolk. Ipswich, 1748, 8vo. Baker, Bretagne, Lond. 1708,' one leaf; description des palais, &c. 4 leaves; table alpha

| 734, 8s. Collation.-Pp. 40, with the title betique, one leaf.

and preface, also 6 plates at pp. 12, 18, 20, Volumes of Kip's Views are often found

22, 23, 25. composed of different contents.

The Perspective of Architecture, in two See HARRISON, Stephen.

Parts, Lond. 1761, imperial folio, 2 vols.
A work deduced from the principles of

Dr. Brook Taylor, and performed by two Articles of the Church of England

rules only, of universal application. proved not to be Calvinistic. Camb. Printed at the expense of King Geo. III. 1802, 8vo.

Brook Taylor's Method of Perspective Dr. K. wrote other pamphlets, and made easy both in Theory and Practice, edited the Codex Bezæ. See EVANGELIA, in two Books, by J. Kirby. Lond. 1768, p. 764.

third edition, folio, 2 vols. in 1. KIPPIS, Andrew, D.D. Sermons |

Description of the Architectonic Sector,

by which any part of Architecture may (16) on practical Subjects. Lond. be drawn with facility and exactness. 1791. 8vo. 5s.

Lond. 1761, imp. fol. 25 plates.-Lond. 1768, This eminent dissenting divine and imp. folio. biographer published a great variety of | -- Richard. The Marrow of works, was a great contributor to the periodical publications of the day, and edited | Astrology. Lond. 1687. 4to. 6s. Biographia Britannica, the early volumes Vates astrologicus, or England's astroloof the New Annual Register, &c. gical Prophet. 1683, 4to. Constable, 531, KIRANI. The Magick of Kirani, | 3s. 6d..

Catastrophe Galliæ et Hiberniæ RestiKing of Persia ; and of Harpocra

tutio. An impartial Judgement denoting tion. Lond. 1685. 8vo.




the Destruction of Ireland. Lond. 1690, Roxburghe, 1765, 3s. 6d.

| 4to.


KIRBY,R.S. Wonderful Museum.KIRK, (P.) Logomachia, or the See WONDERFUL.

Conquest of Eloquence, from Ovid. - Rev. William. An Intro- Lond. 1690, small 8vo. duction to Entomology: or, Elements of the Natural History of

- Rev. R. A Secret CommonInsects. With a Scientific Index. wealth, or a Treatise on the Invi. By the Rev. Wm. Kirby and

sible People going under the Name Wm. Spence, Esq. Lond. 1826.

of Elves, Faunes, and Fairies. 1691. 8vo. 4 vols. first edition of the 4

ism.4to.- New edition, Edinb. 1815. vols. together, coloured plates, and

sm. 4to, 100 copies reprinted. portraits of the authors.-Again,

Edited by R. Jamieson. 1828, 31. 18s.

- T. See HAMILTON, p. 989, A very superior work, both in plan and col 1 execution, beginning with interesting, amusing, and accurate narratives, inter-1 KIRKBY, John. The Capacity mixed with occasional theories and spe-l and extent of the Human Underculations. It has been translated into German by Professor Oken.

standing ; exemplified in the exThe first and second volumes (or Intro-traordinary Case of Automathes, ductory portion), issued in 1815-16; the.

e a young Nobleman, who was accithird and fourth for Technical part), together, in 1826; fifth edition, 4 vols. 1828 ;

Is. 1828 :/ dentally left in his Infancy upon a sixth edit, of vols.1 and 2, 1843, 11. 11s. 60.; seventh edition of vols. 1 and 2 compressed into one vol. post 8vo. with an Appendix on the Origin and Progress of the work, rate from all human Society. Lond. Lond. 1856, 5s. Again, 1858, 5s.

1745, 12mo. History, Habits, and Instinct of Ani- A philosophical fiction in some little mals (Bridgewater Treatise). Lond. 1835, l estimation. An account of the author demy 8vo. 2 vols. 11. 11s. 60.- New edi.

will be found in Gibbon's Miscellaneous tion. revised by Prof. Rymer Jones, Lond. Works. 1796, i. 20, and a notice of the Bohn, 1853, post Svo. 2 vols. 108.

work is in the Retrosp. Review, x, 78-88. Sermons on our Lord's Temptation.

| English and Latin Grammar. Lond. Lond. 8vo. 7s.6d.

1746. This grammar is executed with Monographia Apum Angliæ; or, an

accuracy and skill, and I know not whether Attempt to divide into their natural Ge

any better existed at the time in our nera and Families such Species of the Linnean Genus Apis as have been dis

| language.'- Gibbon.

Arithmetical Institutions. Lond. 1735, covered in England : with Descriptions

4to. and Observations. To which are prefixed some introductory Remarks upon the Doctrine of Ultimators. Lond. 1748, Class Hymenoptera, and a synoptical | 4to. Table of the Nomenclature of the external Parts of these Insects. Ipswich, 1802, KIRKE, John. The seven Cham8vo. 2 vols. with 18 plates, four of which pions of Christendome, a Play, are coloured, 11. 1s. Hibbert, 1427, 19s.lacted at the Cock-pit and the Red There are copies on LARGE PAPER.

Life and Letters by the Rev. John Bull, and never printed till this Freeman, M.A. Lond. 8vo. 1852, port. 15s. Yeare 1638. Lond. 1638. 4to. See ENTOMOLOGICAL and ZOOLOGICAL

Hibbert, 4528, 5s.6d. Roxburghe, 5252, JOURNALS. LINNEAN SOCIETY'S TRANS

6s.6d. White Knights, 3950, 16s. BindACTIONS. Appendix to Parry's First VoyRichardson's Fauna Boreali-Americana.

11. 7s. Heber, pt. i. 4s. 6d. KIRBYE, George. The first Set KIRKE WHITE. See WHITE. of English Madrigalls, for four, five!

1 KIRKHAM, Charles. Philanglus and six Voyces. Lond. by Tho

" and Astræa; or, the Loyal Poem. mas Este, 1597, 4to. 51. 5s. Twenty-four songs in six parts, viz.

Stamford, 1712, folio. Cantus primus, Cantus secundus, Áltus, Privately printed. Skegg, 15s. Eyton, Tenor, Bassus, and Sextus.


KIRKMAN, Francis. The Wits, Murder of Archb. Sharp, by James or Sport upon Sport: being a cu- Russell, an Actor therein. (edited rious Collection of several Drolls by C. K. Sharpe). Edinb. 1817, and Farces. 8vo. 1670-72.

4to. 18s. port. and plates. Two parts, with a frontispiece. A A valuable work, with interesting and wretchedly printed work, always found curious illustrations by the editor. in sorry condition. The second part Brockett, 1819, 68. 6d. Hibbert, 4530, 9s. was written by Robert Cox.-1670. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii: 154. pt. i. with front. I KIRWAN, Richard, LL.D. Elemorocco, 12. 158.-1670, 8vo. Roxburghe, ments of Mineralogy. The third 4005. pt. i. 138.--1672, 8vo. Field, 267, | Edition. Lond. 1810. 8vo. 2 vols. 2 pts. with front. 11. 12s. Nassau, pt. i.

| A very valuable work, on the Werne1851, with two frontispieces and portrait

rian Method.-1784, 8vo. 1 vol.-1794-6, of Kirkman, russia, 31. 10s. Heber, pt.

8vo. 2 vols. iv. 198.--1673, 4to. Halliwell, 1857, fine.

An Estimate of the Temperature of difBliss, 14s. See BAKER's Biog. Dram.

ferent Latitudes. Lond. 1787, 8vo. 3s. The Loves and Adventures of Clerio

An Essay on Phlogiston, and on the and Lozia, a Romance, from the French. constitution of Acido A

| Constitution of Acids. A new Edition, to Lond. 1652, 12mo. Gutch.

which are added Notes. Lond. 1789, 8vo. The Presbyterian Lash; or, Noctroff's

3s. 60.-1787, 8vo. 2s. Maid whipt, a Tragy-comedy. Lond.

| An Essay on the Analysis of Mineral 1661, 4to. A dramatic satire.

Waters, Lond. 1799, 8vo. 58. The merry conceited Humours of Bot

| Geological Essays. Lond. 1799, 8vo. 6s. tom the Weaver ; a Play by F. Kirkman (These Essays first appeared in the Transand H. Marsh. Lond. 1661, 4to. (printed actions of the Royal Irish Academy.) in Sport upon Sport.)

An exact Catalogue of all the English Logic; or, an Essay on the Elements. Stage Plays. 1671. See CORNEILLE, P.

Principles, and different Modes of ReaUnlucky Citizen experimentally de- soning ,

soning. Lond. 1807-9, 8vo. 2 vols. 10s. scribed. Lond. 1673, 8vo. with a portrait

Metaphysical Essays. Lond. 1809, 8vo. of Kirkman, 'æt. 41, 1673,' and cuts.

6s. Nassau, pt. i. 1852, morocco, 31. Towneley, pt. i. 696, 41. 4s.' Halliwell, May, 1857, 31. 178.

Sir Richard Blackmore]. Lond.. History of Erastus and the seven wise

1718. 8vo. Masters of Rome. Lond. 1674, 12mo. with

KIT-CAT Club.-Memoirs of the portrait of Kirkman and cuts. Nassau, pt. i. 1853, 11. 16s.

celebrated Persons composing the KIRKPATRICK, J., M. D. The

Kit-Cat Club, with a prefatory AcSea-Piece, a narrative, philosophi

count of the Origin of the Assocical and descriptive Poem, in five

ation [attributed to James Caul

field]." Lond. 1821, royal 4to. Cantos. Lond. 1750, 8vo.

Pp. 261, with 48 portraits after the oriPp. 188, including preface and dedica

ginal paintings by Sir Godfrey Kneller. tion. In the preface is a defence

LARGE PAPER, sm. fol. Duke of York,2704, Milton against Lauder.

61. 8s. 60.-The original edition (without - William. An Account of the any letterpress.) Lond. 1735, fol. Forty

eight portraits iez. by J. Faber senior. Kingdom of Nepaul. Lond. 1811. Bindley, pt. ii. 2354, 77, 78. LARGE PAPER. 4to.

Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 1673, 111. A work containing much new and in See FABER, John. teresting information, ably noticed in the

Į KITCHENER, Hen. Thos. Letters Quarterly Review, v. 30532. Towneley, pt, ii. 1088, 10s. 6d. Duke of York, 2901, I on Marriage, on the Causes of Ma12s. Drury, 2402, 11. 11s. 6d. Fonthill, I trimonial Infidelity, and on the re1702, with a double set of plates, 11. 185. Jciprocal Relations of the Sexes.

KIRKTON, Rev. James. The Lond. 1812, 12mo. 2 vols, 11. ls. secret and true History of the

A vile publication. Church of Scotland from the Reo KITCHINER, William, M,D. The storation to the Year 1678. To Cook's Oracle. Lond. 1821, 12mo. which is added, an Account of the

Several editions.


KITCHINER, Wm.--continued. : KLOPSTOCK, F. T. The MesPractical Observations on Telescopes. siah, a Poem in twenty Cantos, trans. 12mo. 1814.

Observations on Vocal Music. 1821. /lated from the German into En• 12mo.

glish Verse, by G. H. C. Egestorff, Art of prolonging Life. 1822, fsc. 8vo. Fellow of the Patriotic Society of Frequently reprinted.

Hamburgh. Hamburgh, 1821, Pro. The Pleasure of making a Will. Lond. 1822, fsc. 8vo. attached to the previous 2 vols. -ib. 1826, 8vo. 4 vols. work.

Egestorff, after animadverting upon Art of invigorating Life, and Peptic the English prose translation, relates his Precepts. Lond. 1824, 12mo.

own ofier of this version, when in LonTraveller's Oracle, third edition. Lond. don, to various booksellers, and was told 1828, 12mo. 2 vols. : (vol. 2 forms the by one and all, we are satisfied with Horse and Carriage Oracle.)

what we have got ;' and proceeds to say, Economy of the Eyes. Lond. 1924, 2 vols. Perhaps they may be doubly satisfied 12mo. Vol. 1. Art of preserving the Sight. with what they have got, for it may be Vol. 2. Telescopes.

justly said that, in their translation, Health without Physic. 1830, 12mo. the Messiah has been crucified a second

Housekeeper's Ledger, and Elements of time. In justice to the translator, this Domestic Economy, with Tom Thrifty's version, though containing some Germanessay on Early Rising, Lond. 1825, 12mo. isms, is in very good Miltonic blank verse, 3s.-Second edition, with additions, 4s. and a very readable book.

Rural Rambles, Lond. 18. 12mo. 48. Elegant Extracts from the Messiah,

Loyal Songs of England, with the Mu- translated into English Verse by G. H. sic. Lond. (1820 ?) folio,

C. Egestorff. Brighton, 1810, 12mo. The Sea Songs of England, selected from original MSS. and early printed

The Messiah, a Poem, XIV. Books, Copies in the Library of Wm. Kitchiner,

translated into English Prose by Mrs. M.D., folio, 21. 2s. See DIBDIN, Ch. p. 369.

and Mr. J. Collyer. To which is prefixed,

an Introduction on Divine Poetry. Lond. KITA. See KETHE.

1763, 12mo. 2 vols.-1769, 12mo, 3 vols. KLAPROTH, Julius Von. Travels 10s. 60.-1811, Lond. (Walker), 18mo. 2 in the Caucasus and Georgia, dur vols. (Books xvii. xviii. xix. by Mrs. ing the Years 1807 and 1808, by


The Messiah, xv. books, in prose (by Command of the Russian Goverri

Mrs. and Mr. Collyer). Lond. Oddy, n. d. ment. Lond. 1814, 4to.

(about 1815) royal 8vo. plates, 10s. 6d. Duke of York, 2902, 5s.

The Messiah. Translated by the Rev. See ORIENTAL TRANS. FUND (App.)

Thomas Rafiles, of Liverpool. 1815, 12mo. - Martin Henry. Observations 3 vols. relative to the mineralogical and The Messiah, xiv. Books, in Prose, by chemical History of the Fossils of Collyer; with Books xv. xvi. xvii. and Cornwall, translated from the Ger- xviii. translated by Frederick Shoherl,

and a Memoir of the Author. Lond. 1817, man by J. G. Groschke. Lond. 8vo. 6s. with plates.-Lond. 1821, 8vo. 1787, 4to. 3s. 6d.

The Messiah, xv.Books. Translated into Pp. 5-81, besides title, dedication, ad- | English Verse. Lond. 1825-6, 8vo, 2 vols vertisement, and introduction, 6 leaves.

The Death of Adam, a Tragedy in three Essays towards promoting a chemical

Acts. From the German of Klopstock. Knowledge of Mineral Substances, trans

Lond. 1763, 12mo. lated from the German. Lond. 1801-4, Svo. 2 vols. 15s.

| Solomon; a sacred Drama. Translated

from the German of Klopstock by Robert KLIMIUS, Nicholas. Subterra- Huish. Lond. 1809, 12mo. 58. neous Travels of Niels Klim. From Odes. 1747–1780. Translated by W. the Latin of Lewis Holberg. Lond. Nind. Lond. 1818, 12mo. 6s. 1828, post 8vo.

Meinoirs of Frederick and Margaret Pp. 420. An amusing and interesting

ting Klopstock. Translated from the German fiction. It is apparently formed on the foy

(by Miss Elizabeth Smith). Lond. 1808, model of Gulliver's Travels, and the sa

Svo. 6s. tire is chiefly directed against the abuses Klopstock and his Friends; a Series of of the government. A former transla- familiar Letters, 1750 to 1803, from the tion, 1742, 12mo. Bindley, pt. ii. 1107, German, with Memoir by Miss Benger. 10s. 6d.

Lond. 1814, 8vo. 4s.

KNACK.--A pleasant conceited tation of four Knaves, &c. Printed Comedye, called a Knacke to know for N. F. 1610, 4to. an honest Man. As it hath been Nineteen leaves. A dull imitation of sundrie Times plaied about the lands. See L. I.

hout the the popular pieces written by S. RowCitie of London. Lond. for Cuth- The Knave of Clubs, otherwise called bert Burby, 1596, 4to.

a Game at Cards and Clubs Trump. Doe H. in fours. Inglis' oid Plays. 137. you not see the Knave turn'd up? Rub 101. 10s.

and lose Cards. Play Fair and above A most pleasant and merie new Come

Board. Lond. 1643, 4to. Four leaves, die, intituled a Knacke to knowe a Knaue.

woodcut on title. Heber, pt. i. 2s. Newlie set foorth. as it hath sundrie See KNACK TO KNOW A KNAVE, p. 1279. Tymes bene played by Ed. Allen and his col. 2; also ROWLANDS, Samuel Companie. With Kemps applauded Mer- KNELL, Thomas. An Epitaph, rimentes of the Men of Goteham, on re

or rather a short Discourse, made ceiuing the King into Goteham. Lond. by Richard Jones, 1594, 4to. Inglis' Old vpon the Life and Death of Dr. Plays, 136, 102. 5s. A copy is in the Bri- | Bonner, sometime vnworthy Bishop tish Museum.

of London ; whiche dyed the fifth KNAPP, J. L. Gramina Britan- of September in the Marshalsie. nica, or Description of British Lond. by John Allde, 1569, 16mo. Grasses, with occasional Descrip | Pp. 14, in verse, reprinted in the first

volume of the Harleian Miscellany. tions. Lond. 1804, 4to.

Tho. Knell his Answere to the most With 113 coloured plates. Sotheby's

heretical trayterous papistical Bill, cast in May, 1823, 51. 10s. — Second edition,

| inthe Streets of Northampton and brought Lond. 1842, 4to. 118 coloured plates, 31. 15s.

before the Judges, Lond. by John AwdeJournal of a Naturalist. Lond. 1829-30.

ley. In verse. Licensed 1570. post 8vo. LARGE PAPER. Several editions. KNEVET, Ralph. Rhodon and

KNAPP, J. W. Reports of Cases Iris, a Pastoral, as it was presented before the Committees of the most at the Florists' Feast at Norwich, Hon. Privy Council. Lond. 1831- May 3. Lond. 1631, 4to. 36. roval 8vo. 3 vols. 31. 13s. 6d. | Rhodes, 1483, 5s. 6d. Roxburghe, 5255,

58. 6d. Rodd, 1851, 11. 11s. 6d. Heber, KNATCHBULL, Sir Edw., Bart. | pt. i. 5s, 6d. Memoirs of the Families of Sir Ed. :X

a Militarie Discipline, a Poem. 1628, 4to.

| Bindley, pt. iv. 1089, 9s. 6d. Heber, pt. iv. ward Knatchbull, Bart., and Filmer Honeywood, Esq. Gravesend, Funeral Elegies to the Memory of the 1802, 8vo.

Lady Katherine Paston, &c. Lond. 1637,

4to. Twelve leaves. A copy in the GrenPp. 15. Privately printed.

ville Collection. KNATCHBULL, Sir Norton, Bart./ KNEWSTUB, John. A ConfutaAnnotations upon some difficult tion of Heresies taught by H(enry) Texts in all the Books of the New Nichols of Leyden), and embraced Testament. Cambridge, 1693, 8vo. of a Number who call themselves

This learned work first appeared in of the Family of Love, with a SerLatin in 1659, and was twice reprinted. -Latine, editio tertii, Oxon. 1677, 12mo. mon proached at rauls Cross. 3s. LARGE PAPER. Williams, 1053, mor. Lond. 1579, 4to. 17s. Wrangham, 6s.

Inglis, 778, 3s. 6d. Perry, pt. iv. 393,

6s. 6d. Hibbert, 4534, 12s. Bindley, pt. ii. KNAVERY in all Trades, or the 2342, 13s. 6d. Wrangham, 6s. . Coffee-House, a Comedy. Lond. The Lectvres of John Knewstub, vpon 1664, 4to.

the twentith Chapter of Exodus, and cer. Roxburghe, 4195, 11.

| teine other places of Scripture. Lond.

| 1577, 4to.-1579.-1584. KNAVES.-Roome for a Mess of. An Aunsweare vnto certaine Assertions, Knaves, a Selection, or a Detection, to bee the true and catholique Church.

tending to maintaine the Churche of Rome or a Demonstration, or a Manifes- Lond. 1579, 46.

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