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JONSON, Ben. Works, with Notes Colman). Lond. Stockdale, 1811, royal 8vo.

4 vols. with portrait of Jonson by Audicritical and explanatory, and a bio

| net, 21. 2s. LARGE PAPER in 4to. 41. 4s. graphical Memoir, by William Gif- Works, with Memoir by Barry Cornford. Lond. 1816. 8vo. 9 vols. 61. 6s. wall, in 1 vol. royal 8vo. "Lond. Moxon,

Best edition, by the ablest of modern 1838. (Stereotyped), 11. 4s. Again, 1850, commentators, through whose learned

16s. and generous labours Old Ben's for The comicall Satyre of Every Man out gotten works and injured character are of his Humour, as it was first composed restored to the merited admiration and by the Author. Imp. by N. Linge. Lond. esteem of the world.'--J. P. Kemble. Bind 1600, 4to. Roxburghe, 5218, 11. 2s. Rhodes, ley. pt. ii. 930, 31. 19s. LARGE PAPER. 1429, 21. 4s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2289, 31. 4s. Drury, 2094, morocco, 81. 16s. Strettell, 1600. Imp. for Wm. Holme. Halliwell, 748, morocco, 151. 10s.

1856, 10s. _Sotheby (Halliwell), June 14, The Workes of Ben Jonson. Lond. 1858, 5s. Heber, 31. 3s. 1616-31, folio. 2 vols. with portrait by The Fountain of Selfe-Love, or CynVaughan and engraved title by Hole. I thia's Revels. Written by Ben Jonson. Jonson's own edition; highly praised by Lond. 1601, 4to. Heber, pt. ii, 16s. HalliGifford. Dowdeswell, 474, 11. 4s. Gor- well, 1859, 16s. donstoun, 1306, 11. 15s. Edwards, 144, Every Man in his Humour, a Comedy. 31. 5s.--Copies of vol. 1. Lloyd, 812, 9s. Lond. Walter Burre, 1601, 4to. First Rhodes. 2679. 13s. Nassau. pt. i. 2173, 11. edition, surreptitiously printed without Dent, pt. ii. 309, a presentation copy from dedication or prologue. Rhodes, 1426, Ben Jonson, with an autograph inscrip- 10s. 60. Roxburghe, 5219, 11. 1s. Farmer. tion, 111. LARGE PAPER. The first volume, 21. 2s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2288, 11. 14s. Heber. 1616, is in Mr. Grenville's collection. Both | pt. ii. 19s. volumes in morocco.

Every Man in his Humour. A portion Works. Lond. R. Bishop and R. Meig

published as a specimen of a new edition

of Ben Jonson's Works in Waldron's Lihen. 1640, 2 vols. Heber, pt. viii. 21. 4s. pt. viii. 19s. Skegg, 21. 10s.

terary Museum. Works. Lond. 1641, folio. 2 vols. 10s. 6d.

The Poetaster. Lond. 1602, 4to. RoxWith portrait by R. Vaughan, and frontis

burghe, 5225, 6s. 6d. Boswell, 1976, 10s.

--Rhodes, 1431, 16s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2291, piece by Hole. An extremely incorrect

21. 2s. Heber, pt, ii, 31. 3s. Lond. 1601 edition, supposed by W. Gifford to have

4to. Bindley, pt. ii. 2290, 11. 10s. been put to the press surreptitiously. It

B. Jon, his part of King James his Enhas a medley of dates from 1630 to 1641. Garrick, 1346, 13s. Bindley, pt. iv. 849,

tertainment on passing to his Coronation, 14s. 6d. Sir P. Thompson, 568, two leaves

the 15 March, 1603. With a particular

Entertainment of the King and the Queen MS. 11. 18. Marquis of Townshend, 1921, 21. 2s. Horne Tooke, 370, 21. 6s. Roscoe,

at Althorpe, 1604, 4to. V. S. for Ed.Blount,

1604, 4to. Copies in the British Museum, 1355, 31. 15s.

Bodleian, and City of London Libraries. Works. Lond. 1692, folio, with portrait Woodhouse, in 1803, 71. 7s. Nassau, pt. i. of Jouson, laureated, engraved by W.

2337, russia, 11. 14s. Strettell, 1229, with Elder. An inaccurate edition. Sotheby's

portrait of Jonson by Vaughan added, in 1826. 18s. Roxburghe, 3890, 11. 6s. Horne 21. 2s. White Knights, 1545, morocco, Tooke, 369, 21. 5s.

41. 8s. Rhodes, 1433, 41. 16s. Sotheby's Works. Lond. 1716, 8vo. 6 vols. with

in Nov. 1826, 51. 10s. The Second Part portrait and plates. A bookseller's reprint

separately. Nassau, pt. i. 2336, 21. 1s. of the old copy. Willett, 1380, 11. 15s,

Dent, pt. i. 1141, morocco, 41. White LARGE PAPER. Sir M, M. Sykes, pt. ii. 56, Knights, 1547, morocco, 51. 55. Sotheby's 11. 17s. Williams, 986, russia, 41. 6s.

in 1825, 51. 7s. 6d. The Works of Ben Jonson, collated with Both parts are reprinted in his Works, all former Editions and corrected, with and Nichols' Progresses of James the First. Notes critical and explanatory by Peter Sejanus, his Fall, a Tragedy. Lond. Whalley. Lond. 1756, 8vo. 7 vols. Bind- 1605, 4to. First edition, without a dediley, pt. ii. 929, 21. 2s. Field, 259, 21. 10s. cation, but accompanied by several copies Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii.57, 21. 13s. Nassau, of commendatory verses. Roxburghe, pt. i. 1815, russia, 21. 15s, Dent, pt. i. 5227, 3s. Rhodes, 1432, 5s. Reed, 8162, 1207, morocco, 41. Reed, 8151, with MS. 7s. Heber, pt. ii. 11. 13s, A presentation note of Ben Jonson's writing, 31. 78. FINE copy from the author. LARGE PAPER. PAPER. Steevens, 1243, 51. 7s. 6d. Dr. Field, 252, 221. 10s. Dibdin states that 211. has been given for Eastward Hoe, as it was play'd in the a large paper copy.

Black Friers, by the Children of her MaThe Dramatic Works of Ben Jonson and jesties Revels. Made by Geo. Chapman, Beaumont and Fletcher (edited by George Ben, Jonson, Joh. Marston. Lond. 1605,

JONSON, Ben-continued.

Catiline, his Conspiracy, a Tragedy. 4to. Two editions of the Eastward loe,

Lond. 1611, 4to. First edition, Heber, pt, appeared in 1605, with slight variations.

ii. 118. White Knights, 2157, 14s. Rhodes, In some copies will be found a passage

1439, 6s. 6d. Roxburghe, 5214, 10s. 60.which gave offence to King James. The

1635, 4to. Rhodes, 1439, 3s. 6d. Boswell, passage is in Act iii. Sc. i. commencing

1977, 3s. 60. Heber, pt. ii. 7s. 60.-1669, only a few industrious Scots perhaps,' &c.

4to. Roxburghe, 5215, 1s. 6. Rhodes, and ending 'than we do here. The au

1441, 4s. 60. thors were accused of reflecting on the The Alchemist, a Comedy. Lond. 1612, Scots, for which they were committed to 4to. Rhodes, 1436, 6s. Roxburghe, 5213, prison, and were in danger of losing their 11. 7s. Heber, pt. ii. 10s. ears and noses. The play is reprinted in

| Masque of Augures, with the several Dodsley's Collection of Old Plays.

Anti-Masques, presented on Twelfth Night. Hymenæi, or the Solemnities of Masque Lond. 1621. 4to. 7 leaves, only one other and Barriers, magnificently performed on

known. Halliwell, May 1856, 121. the eleventh and twelfth Nights from

His Motives.-Printed 1622, 8vo. See Christmas, at Court: to the auspicious celebrating of the Marriage-union be

Wood's Athen, Oxon. tweene Robert, Earle of Essex, and the

The fortvnate Isles and their Vnion, Lady Frances, second Daughter of the

celebrated in a Masqve design'd for the most noble Earle of Suffolke, 1606. Lond.

Court on Twelfth-night, 1624, 4to. A-D 1606, 4to. Roxburghe, 5222, 12s. Mar

i, 13 leaves. Townshend 1684 168. Dent pt.! Love's Triumph through Callipolis. ii. 452. 11. 1s. White Knights, 2155, mo- Performed in a Masque at Court, 1630, rocco, 31. 10s. Heber, pt. ii. 11. 13s. by his Majesty, with the Lords and GenBen Jonson his Volpone, or the Foxe,

tlemen assisting. The Inventors Ben a Comedy. Lond. 1607, 4to. Rhodes,

Jonson; Inigo Jones. Lond. 1630, 4to. 1434, 11s. Heber, pt. ii. 11s. Bindley,

Gordonstoun, 1308, 14s. Heber, pt. ii.

11. 5s. pt. ii. 2292, 11. 55. Duke of Grafton, 712,

Chloridia, Rites to Chloris and her a presentation copy, with the author's autograph, 91, 9s. Jolley, 21. 5s.

| Nymphs, personated in a Masque at Court,

by the Queene's Majesty and her Ladies The Description of the Masque with

at Shrovetide, 1630. Lond. 4to. Roxthe Nuptial Songs celebrating the happy

burghe, 5216, 12s. 6d. Gordonstoun, 1307, Marriage of John Lord Ramsey, Viscount

11. 1s. Héber, pt. ii. 11. 18s. Haddington, with the Lady Elizabeth Ratcliffe, Daughter to the Rt. Hon. Ro

Daintie Conceits, with rare inventions, bert Earl of Sussex. 1608, 4to. Boswell,

1630, 12mo. White Knights, 12s. 1978, 11s. Heber, pt. ii. 11. 16s.

The New Inne: or, the light Heart, a The Characters of two Royal Masques,

Comedy. Lond. 1631, 8vo. Rhodes, 1442, the one of Blacknesse, the other of Beautie,

17s. Heber, pt. ii. 6d. personated by Anne Queen of Great Brit Jonsonvs Virbivs, or the Memory of ain, &c. with her honourable Ladyes 1605 Ben Jonson revived. Lond. 1638, 4to. and 1608 at Whitehall. Lond. (1609), for pp. 78, 10s. 6d. Wrangham, 12s. A colTho. Thorpe, 4to. Boswell, 975, 8s. Rhodes, 1 lection of verses in praise of Ben Jonson, 1435, 18s. Dent, pt. ii. 450, 11. 18s. He- edited by Brian Duppa, successively Bp. ber, pt. ii. 31. 5s.

of Chichester and Winchester. Bibl. The Masque of Queens, celebrated from

Anglo-Poet. 402, 41. 4s. Reprinted in vol. the House of Fame: by the most absolute

ix. of Mr. Gifford's edition of Ben Jonson, in all State and Titles, Anne, Queen of

with short notices of the respective auGreat Britain, &c. Lond. Nokes, 1609,

thors by Octavius Gilchrist. 4to. Roxburghe, 5224, 8s. Heber, pt. ii. Ben: Ionson's Execration against Vul11. 13s. The Garrick copy of this masque, can. With divers Epigrams by the same now in the British Museum, was the pre-Author to severall noble Personages in sentation copy of Ben Jonson to the Queen. this Kingdome. Never published before. A pleasant Comedy called the Case is

Lond. 1640, 4to. pp. 58. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. altered; as it hath been sundry Times

401, 11. 5s. Nassau, pt. i. 2338, 11. 1s. acted by the Children of the Black-friars.

White Knights, 2156, il. 1s. Dent, pt. ii. Lond. 1609, 4to. Rhodes, 1427, 15s. He

463, with portrait by Vaughan, 5s, Rhodes, ber, pt. ii. 11.

1443, 7s, 6d. In the title is a portrait, a

bust, of Ben Jonson by W. Marshall). Ben Jonson his Case is alter'd, 1609.

Jonson's Poems will be found in the fifth Rhodes, 1428, 11s. Heber, pt. ii. 11.

volume of Chalmers' edition of the Poets. Epiccene; or, the Silent Woman, 1609, The Widdow, a Comedy written by Ben 4to. An edition unknown to Gifford. Iohnson, Iohn Fletcher, Tho. Middleton, 1612-1620. Heber, pt. ii. 11. 11s.

Gent. Lond. 1652, 4to. Roxburghe, 5228,

JONSON, Ben- continued.

JORDAN, Thomas. Poetical and 58. Rhodes, 1444, 6s. White Knights, other Works. 6854 9s. Heber. pt. ii. 6s. 6d. In Dods- Jordan was the professed pageantley's collection of Old Plays.

writer and poet-laureat for the city, and An Expostulation, &c with Inigo Jones.

seems to have possessed a greater share This satire was recalled and destroyed by

of poetical merit than usually fell to the Jonson. A copy, however, fell into the

lot of his profession. He lived much hands of Mr. Vertue, who communicated

upon Dedications ; in many of his voit to Whalley, by whom it was inserted

lumes the dedication is left open, so that in his edition of Jonson's works, and

by a distinct operation afterwards, by a afterwards into that of Gifford.

small press which probably he worked The sad Shepherd : or, a Tale of Robin

himself, he could put in any name he Hood, a Fragment. Written by Ben Jon

pleased as his patrons from whom he son. With a Continuation, Notes, and an

hoped for, and probably obtained, money. Appendix. Lond. 1783, 8vo, 3s. 6d. Gif

See Baker's Biog. Dram. by Reed and ford, in his admirable edition of Ben Jon

Jones, Brydges' Censura Literaria, and son, observes of this continuation, 'The

Restituta. effort, though bold, was laudable, and the

Poeticall Varieties : or, Varieties of success highly honourable to his (F. G. Waldron's) talents and ingenuity.' Rox

Fancies. Lond. 1637, 4to. p. 62. Hibbert,

4327, 178. 60. Bibl. Anglo-Poetica, 929, burghe, 5226, 3s. 6d. Bindley, pt. ii. 928,

| 31. 13s. 6d. Bindley, pt. ii. 2297, 51. 10s. 4s. 6d. Steevens, 1244, 8s.

North, pt. iii. 781, russia, 21. 1s. Skegg, His three celebrated Plays: to which is added, a complete Catalogue of all the

Rules to know a royall King from a disPlays that were ever printed in the En

loyal Subject, with an Account of the glish language to the Year 1732. 1732,

Jewels of the Crown of England, with 12mo. 4s. The catalogue of plays is of

verses ending “God save the King." little use, as it neither gives dates, sizes,

Lond. 1642, 4to. A copy is in the British nor authors' names.

Museum. Gutch, 1858. Remarks on three Plays of Ben Jonson,

1 London's Joyfull Gratulation and viz. Volpone, Epicoene and the Alche

Thankfull Remembrance for their safemist. Lond. 1749, 8vo. 124 pp., also title,

ties. 1642. Heber, pt. viii. 11. preface, index, and errata, 6 leaves. 2s.6d.

Love's Dialect, or Poetical Varieties old Ben's light Heart made Heavy by digested into a Miscellanie of various young John's melancholy Lover. A per-| Fancies, 1646, 4to. formance once in the possession of Mack- Divine Raptures, or Pietie in Poesie, lin the player, but now lost. See REED's digested into a quaint Diversity of sacred edition of Shakspeare, 1803, pt. ii. 188, &c. Fancies. 1646, 4to.

Ben Jonson's Jests: or, the Wits pocket Tricks of Youth, or the Walks of IsCompanion. 1731, 12mo.

lington and Hogsdon, with the Humours Ben Jonson's last Legacy to the Sons of of Wood Street Compter, a Comedy. Lond. Wit, Mirth and Jollity. Lond. 1756, 8vo. 1657, 4to. Roxburghe, 5230, 15s. Rhodes,

Conversations with Wm. Drummond 1445, 11. 15s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2298, 31. of Hawthornden. See SHAKESPEARE SO- Heber, pt. ii. 18s. Hibbert, 4328, 11. 6s. ciety Papers. Appendix.

| Lond. 1663, 4to. Copies of both editions

are in the British Museum JONSON (Ben, junior). Poems• Fancy's Festivals, & Masque. Lond. 1672. 12mo.

1657, 4to. A copy is in the British MuMidgley, 21. 4s. Lloyd, 12s. Perry, 18s.

Poems, being a Miscellanie of Serious A Box of Spikenard newly broken, or ness, Wit, Mirth and Mystery, composed

the celebration of New Year's Day proved by W. S. Lond. T. Passemger, 12mo. to be Pious and Lawful, in answer to 1672, 10s. 6d. Skegg, 5s.

Richard Baxter, &c. with verses. Lond.

Second edition, dated 1661-1662, 12mo. JOPLIN, T. Outlines of a System A royal Arbor of loyall Poesie, consist

ing of Poems and Songs, digested in Triumphs, Elegy, Satire, Love and Drollery.

| Lond. 1663, 8vo. Bindley, pt. ii. 971, 3 the Principles of Banking. Lond.

leaves MS. 21. 14s. pt. iv. 293, imperfect, 1823. 8vo. 12s.

7s. Utterson, 1852, last leaf wanting, An article on Savings Banks and 1664, 21. 3s. Lloyd, 694, 111. 58. Country Banks, with a notice of this A new Droll, or the Counter Scuffle work, will be found in the Quarterly Re- acted in the Middle of high Lent, between view, xxxi. 126-45.

the Gaolers and the Prisoners. By J.


JORDAN, T.--continued.

i Copies in the British Museum, City of Jordan, 1663, 4to. The J. is supposed to London library, and Gough Collection. be a misprint for T.

Bodleian. Garrick, 1306. Money is an Asse, a Comedy. Lond. The Triumph of London for the Enter1668, 4to. Roxburghe, 5229, 6s. Rhodes, tainment of Sir James Edwards, Mayor of 1446, 12s. Langbaine conceives this to bé | London, 1678, 4to. West. Gough, now in older than the date of publication.

the Bodleian. British Museum. Bright,

11. 10s. Reprinted by the Percy Society 9. London's Resurrection to Joy and Tri

among “Civic Pageants," edited by Fairumph: expressed in sundry Shews, Shapes,

holt. Scenes, Speeches, and Songs in Parts,

London in Lustre : projecting many celebrious to Sir George Waterman, Knt.

| bright Beams of Triumph : disposed into Lord Mayor of London, 1671, 4to. Bindley,

several Representations of Scenes and pt. iv. 516, 31. 15s.

Pageants. Performed with great Splendor Copies in Gough's Collection, Bodleian;

on Wednesday, October 29, 1679, at the City of London Library, Duke of Devon

Initiation and Instalment of Sir Robert shire, and British Museum. Reprinted

Clayton, Knight, Lord Mayor of London. by the Percy Society in Civic Pageants,

1679, 4to. Copies in the City of London edited by Fairholt.

library, and in Gough's Collection, British London Triumphant; or, the City in Museum. Bindley, pt. ii. 2303, 31. 18s. Jollity and Splendour; expressed in va Garrick, 766. Hibbert, 4329, 11, 14s. rious Pageants, Shapes, Scenes, Speeches London's Glory; or, the Lord Mayor's and Songs ; invented and performed for Show. Performed on Friday, October 29, Congratulation and Delight of Sir Robert | 1680. for the Entertainment of Sir Patience Hanson, Knight, Lord Mayor of London, Warde, Knight,- Lord Mayor of London. 1672, 4to. Bindley, pt. ii. 2299, 41. 4s. He | 1680, 4to. in Gough's Collection, Bindley, ber, pt. ii. 31, 158. Copies in the British pt. ii. 2305, 31. 16s. pt. iv. 517, 11. 8s. GarMuseum; City of London; Inner Temple rick, 1306. Rhodes, 1448,5l. Skegg, 21. 13s, library, and the Douce Collection.

Folley. London in its Splendour: consisting of London's Joy; or, the Lord Mayor's triumphant Pageants, &c. prepared for Show. Performed on Saturday, October the Honour of Sir William Hooker, Knt., 29, 1681, at the Inauguration of Sir John Lord Mayor of London, 1673, 4to. Bind- | Moore, Kuight, Lord Mayor of London. ley, pt. ii. 2300, 31. 178. in the Bodleian 1681, 4to. in City of London library, and Library.

Gough's Collection. Bindley, pt. ii. 2304, The Goldsmith's Jubilee: or London's i 31. 108. resold, Heber, 51. Halliwell, May. Triumphs: containing a Description of 1857, 21. 19s. the several Pageants, &c, performed Oct.

The Lord Mayor's Show : being a De29. 1674. for the Entertainment of Sir scription of the Solemnity at the InailRobert Vyner, Knt. and Bart., Lord | guration of Sir William Pritchard, Knt. Mayor of London. 1674, 4to. Garrick. | Lord Mayor of London. Performed Sep. 1306. A copy in the City of London li

30 (Oct.), 1682. Lond. 1682, published brary. Privately reprinted in 1835 by anonymously. Gough, in Bodleian, unique, Mr. Newberry, 4to. Freeling, 12s.

but imperfect. A Cabinet of Mirth in two Parts; con

The Triumphs of London: performed sisting of Jests, Stories, &c. 1674, 8vo.

on Monday, Oct. 29, 1653, for the EnterThe Triumphs of London. Performed

tainment of Sir Henry Tulse, Knt. Lord on Friday, October 29, 1675, for the En.

Mayor of London, containing a Decription tertainment of Sir Joseph Sheldon, Knt.

of the whole Solemnity, with two Songs Lord Mayor of London. 1675, 4to. Bindley,

set to Music. Lond. 1683, 4to. Copies in pt. ii. 2301, 31. 16s. in British Museum

Gough Collection, and City of London and City of London libraries, 2 copies

library. Bindley, pt. ii. 777, 11s. Rhodes,

11. 11s. 6d. This has no name, but it was London's Triumphs, expressed in sundry ;

y no doubt the production of Jordan, as a Representations, Pageants and Shows,

S, Pageantry attached to this show. performed on Monday, October 30, 1676, 1

London's Royal Triumph for the City's at the Inauguration and Instalment of Sir,

bir Loyal Magistrate. In an exact Description Thomas Davies, Lord Mayor of London.

of several Scenes and Pageants, &c. per1676, 4to. Bindley, pt, 11. 2302, 21. 38. pt. formed on Wednesday, October 29, 1684, iv. 518, 21. 5s, Rhodes, 1447, 41.1s. Copies at Althorpe and in the city of London James Smith, Knight, Lord Mayor of

at the Instalment and Inauguration of Sir library.

London. 1684, 4to. Rhodes, 1449, 41. 9s. London's Triumphs. Performed October A Rosary of Rarities planted in a 29, 1677, for the Celebration, Solemnity Garden of Poetry, 8vo. This work conand Inauguration of Sir Francis Chaplin, tains a prologue written to introduce the Knt. Lord Mayor of London. 1677, 4to. first woman that ever came to act on the


JORDAN, T.-continued.

1 JORDAN, William. The Creation stage, in the tragedy of the Moor of Ve of the World and Noah's Flood. nice, and also a comical entertainment made for Sir Thomas Allen, Lord Mayor, and the Aldermen, in 1659. Reed, 7074, JORDEN, Edw. M.D. A Dis11. 1s.

course of natural Bathes, and miWit in a Wildernesse of promiscuous Poesie. Lond. by R. A. small 8vo. pp. 48. neral Waters, with an Appendix This little miscellany is inscribed to Dr. Griffith, when Bishop of Asaph, and must therefore have appeared between 1660 and 1667, while he held that see. This was is more fully discours'd. Lond. one of Jordan's begging productions, in 1669, 8vo. which he filled in one name or substi- A learned and elaborate discourse. tuted another, as suited his views or ob- 1631.-Lond. 1632, 4to. Bindley, pt. ii. ject. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 930, 41. 4s. Ut- 2135, 58. Heber, pt. ii. 15s. terson, in 1851, 41, 10s. Freeling, 41. 2s. A brief Discourse of a Disease, called Skegg, 61. 10s.

the Suffocation of the Matrix, or Mother, Divinity and Morality in Robes of written uppon occasion which hath been Poetry : composed for the Recreation of | the courteous and ingenious. 8vo. The of an evill spirit, or some such like uncontents of this shew it was printed after natural power. Lond. 1603, 4to. 6s. Dr. 1651. Utterson. 11. 138. Freeling. 31. 3s. Meric Casaubon, in his preface to' A true Skegg, 31. Perry, 41. Heber, iv. 11. 1s.

and faithful Relation of what passed for

many Years between Dr. John Dee and Jewels of Ingenuity set in a Coronet of

some Spirits,' says, that this book, in his Poetry, 8vo.n. d. Bindley, pt. iii. 969, 101.7

time, was so rare, that many booksellers 15s. Heber.with following article in one vol.

would not believe such a volume existed, 21. 15s. This is another volume, in which

till, at length, he procured a copy by acthe name of the party to whom the book

cident. was dedicated was left blank, to be filled up as Jordan thought there might be a Jo chance of remuneration.

Works. (Sermons, Ecclesiastical The Muses Melody in a consort of

History, Discourses, Dissertations, Poetrie, with diverse occasionall and compendious Epistles. n. d. 8vo. Freeling, Life of Erasmus, Miscellaneous 31. 3s. Utterson, 11. 10s. Heber, pt. iv. Observations and Tracts). 8vo. This and the two preceding in one vol. į Drury, 2097, 11 vols. 1816, 41. 14s. 6d. 21. 6s.

Earl of Kerry, 284, 13 vols. 1810, 61, 68. Piety and Poesy contracted, 8vo. Lloyd, Williams. 987. 11 vols. 1768-92, 81. 8s. 693. MS. title, Ss.' Perry, MS. title, 11. 6s. Four Sermons on the Truth of the Heber, no title, 11. 16s. Skegg, 21. 18s. I Christian Religion. Lond. 1730, 8vo. 4s.

Claraphil and Clarinda in a Forrest of Miscellaneous Observations upon AuFancies. Lond. by R. Wood, 8vo. n. d. thors ancient and modern. Lond. 1731-2. Lloyd, 691, 5s. Bindley, pt. ii. 970, 41, 7s. 8vo. 2 vols. Hibbert, 5474, 17s. Heath. Perry, 31. 15s. Heber, pt. iv. 11.

207, 11. 2s. Bindley, pt. ii. 945, 21. 18s. A Nursery of Novelties, in a Variety of

Remarks on Spenser's Poems and on Poetry, 8vo. Farmer, 10s.

Milton. Lond. 1734, 8vo. 4s. Published

anonymously. Dent, pt. i. 1210, 5s. 6d. Musick and Poetry, mixed in Variety

Discourses (7) concerning the Truth of of Songs and Poems, consisting of Love, the Christian Religion. Lond. 1746, 8vo. Honour, Raillery, and Drollery, for the Lusus Poetici. Lond. 1748, 4to. HibAuthor, 8vo. 1.d. Heber, pt. iv. 11. 9s. Thert 4330 As ed

Death dissected: or, a Fort against Remarks on Ecclesiastical History. Misfortune, in a Cordiall compounded of Lond. 1751-73, 8vo, 5 vols. Willett, 1386, many pious and profitable Meditations 11. 75.-1767-73, 8vo. 5 vols. Remarks, on Mans Mortality. Printed for the Use of etc. With Discourses on the Truth of the the Author, 8vo. n.d. With a frontispiece, Christian Religion. Lond. 1805, Svo. 3 Lloyd, 692, 21. 15s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. vols. 11. 1s. 'Dr. Jortin has, in a little iii. 60, 31.4s. Perry, 41. 6s. Bright, 21, 11s. compass, taken notice of so many facts,

Pictures of Passions, Fancies, and Affec- and animadverted on them with so much tions: poetically deciphered, in a Variety judgment, that this work will ever be of Characters. Lond. by R. Wood, 8vo. held in deserved repute; he has inserted n. d. Reed, 7075, 10s. 6d. Bibl. Anglo- also into it the substance of his discourses Poet. 405, 31, 3s. Bliss, pt. ii. 21. 188. on the nature, use and extent of prophecy;

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