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in the Old and New Testaments. I known collections that were printed beLond. 1799. 8vo. 6s.

fore his time, and which could be alluded

to by him in his Dramas. See SHAKESThis Calvinistic clergyman published PEARE, W., Tales. Sermons, &c.

See an article on these three small JESTE.

Books in Retrospective Review, N. S. HERE BEGYNNETH ALYTTLE PROPERE

No.8, Aug. 1854. In Taylor and Hessey's JESTE,

London Magazine for 1823 and 1824, are CALLED CRYSTE CROSS ME SPEDE-A.B.C.

nine papers on the Early English Jesters

and their Works. Lond. Wynk yn de Worde-no date-4to.

! Mery (XV.) Tales. (1575.) See SKELTON, Heber, two leaves only of it, pt. iv. 11. 10s.

John. Here beginnethe A Mery Jeste of a

Merry Tales of the Wise Men of GoMan that was called HOWLEGLAS, and of

| tham. many marvelous things and Jestes that he did in his Lyffe. 4to. Imp. by Wm.

These Jests are supposed to have been

compiled by Dr. Andrew Borde, the wellCopland. BLACK LETTER, in the Garrick Collection. Roxburghe,(imperfect) resold, I

known progenitor of Merry Andrews.

" First printed about 1565. Again, Lond. Heber, 41. 16s. but this last is of a differ

J. R. Smith. 1840, sm. 8vo. See BORDE, ent impression, though printed by Cop

Andrew. land.

A Most Pleasant and Merrie Companion, A Little Jeste of Robin Hood. 15

by T. T. Lond. 1576, 4to. Roxburghe, in See ROBIN HOOD. The XII Merry Gestys of one called!

a vol. bought by Heber. See T. T. Edyth, the lyeng wydow, whych still

The Schoolemaster, or Teacher of Table

| Philosophie. Lond. R. Jones, 1576 and lyveth. Lond. by John Rastell, M.D.xxv.

1583, 4to. Black letter. The fourth Book folio, Black letter to D iii. A Mery Gest, how a Sergeaunt wolde

in this volume compriseth many very

honest Jests, delectable devices, &c. lerne to be a Frere. Imp. by Julyan No

See SCHOOL. tary. 4to. Black letter, 4 leaves. woodcut on the title. Heber, pt. iv. 101.55.

A Mirrour of Mirth, by R.D. and D. R.

"1583. See CAPELS' Shaksperiana, No. 150. See Sir T. MORE's Works. fol. 1557.

Tarlton's Newes out of Purgatorie, onely A Merry Jest of Dane Hew, munke of Leicestre: and how he was foure times

such a jest as his Jigge, fit for Gentlemen slaine and once hanged. Lond. 1570. Imp.

to laugh at an houre. Published by an by John Allde, 4to. n. d. In the Bodleian.

old Companion of his, Robin Goodfellow.

Printed for Edw. White, 4to. before 1590.7 See Brit. Bibliographer, vol. ii. p. 573.

In the Malone Collection. If Tarlton's, A Mery Gest of Johan Splynter. See SPLYNTER, John.

as the writer professes, it is his first ap

pearance in print. Another edition. Lond: NO Jest like a True Jest. See HIND, J. | A Jest of a Wife lapped in Morrel

G. Purslowe, 1630, 4to. reprinted in Black skin. See in Utterson's Early Popular

letter with some important variations.

Roxburghe, 41. 1s. See TARLTON, John, Poetry, vol. ii.

Cobler of Canterbury. Shakespeare SoSee GESTA ROMANORUM.


Wits, Fittes, and Fancies, also Love's JEST BOOKS PRIOR TO 1800.

Owle, a conceited Dialogue. Lond. R. AC Mery Tales.-Lond. at the sygne Johnes, 1595, 4to. Again in 1614, 4to. of the mermayde at Powles gate nexte but this impression does not contain the to Chepeside. With the mark of John 'Love's Owle. Bright, 61, 15s. See Wits. Rastell on the reverse of last leaf, 18mo. COPLEY, Ant. n. d. Black letter. Only one known, and | Jacke of Dover, his Merry Tales. Lond. that somewhat imperfect.

1604, 4to.-Lond. 1615, 4to. in the Malone Tales and Quicke Answeres, very mery Collection. Rep. by the Percy Society. and pleasant to Rede (113 Tales). Lond. Pasquil's Jests mixed with Mother in the House of Thomas Berthelet, n. d. Bunch's Merriments, whereunto is added sm. 8vo. Black letter, consisting of forty- a dozen of Gulles, Pretty and Pleasant to four leaves, including Title and Table. drive away the tediousness of a winter's Roxburghe, 51. 15s. 6d. resold, White evening. Lond. 1604, 4to. Black letter. Knights, 191. 198. now in Mr. George Heber, pt. iv. 41. 6s.-Lond. 1629, 4to.Daniel's collection.

Lond. 1609.-Lond. 1669, 4to. See PasMery Tales, Wittie Questions, and QUIL. Quicke Answeres, very pleasant to readde. Laugh and Lay down, or the World's Lond. H. Wykes, 1567. 18mo.

Folly. Lond. C. F. for Jeffrey Charlton, The three preceding volumes have been 1605, 4to. Black letter, North, 41. 118. published under the general title of Sotheby, wanting after F2, May, 1856. 'Shakspeare's Jest Book,' being the only See LAUGHTER,

small wares in the was an haberdasher of his Life, &c." Is showed the course me

ke you merrie, with the Royston, 12mo. 1890 of Jests. Lond. R.

JEST BOOKS-continued.

Jests, and Witty Jeeres, (Lond, 12mo.

circa 1620). Black letter, an imperfect The Pleasant Conceittes of old Hobson, copy among Mr. Halliwell's Shakespear. the Merry Londoner, full of Humourous ian Relics. Discourses and Witty Meryments, wbere- Westward for Smelts. Lond. 1620, 4to. at the quickest Wittes may laugh, and

See WESTWARD. the Wiser sort take pleasure (by Richard

Scogin's Jests. Lond. 1626, 16mo. See Johnson). Lond. J. Wright, 1607, consist-SCOGIN John ing of 44 pages. King and Lochee's in The Merrie Conceted Jests of George Feb. 1808, 51. 7s. 60.

This Merry Londoner's Christian name his Life, &c. Lond. 4to. 1627. First was William. He was an haberdasher of edition. Black letter. See PEELE. Geo. small wares in the Poultry, and died in The Mad Pranks and Merry Jests of 1581. He must not be confounded with Robin Goodfellow. 1628, 4to. This collec'Tobias Hobson, the Cambridge carrier of tion of Jests was probably first printed a later period, who died in 1630. See Percy anterior to 1588. See ROBIN GOODFELLOW. Society.

Daintie Conceits. 1630. See JOHNSON, Humors ordinarie, where a man may | Thomas. be very well entertained for his penny. Archee's Banquet of Jests. Lond. R. Lond. 1607. 4to. See ROWLANDS, S. ! Royston, 12mo, 1630, &c.

Jests to make you merrie, with the - Banquet of Jests, or Change of conjuring of Cock Walk (the Walking

Cheare. Lond. R. Royston, 1634 — 1639. Spirit of New gate), to tell Tales, &c. by See ARMSTRONG. Arch., and CHOICE BANT. D. Lond. N. 0. for Nath. Butter, 1607, I Quet, date 1665. on next page. 4to. 64 pages. See DECKER, Thomas.

Wit and Mirth, being 113 pleasant Well met Gossip, or 'Tis merry when Tales and Witty Jests. Lond. 1635, 8vo. Gossips meet. 1609. See ROWLANDS, Sam. See TAYLOR, John, the Water Poet. Tarlton's Jests, drawn into three parts, The Booke of Bulls, baited with Two 1. His Court Witty Jests.

Centuries of Bold Jests and Nimble Lies. 2. His Sound City Jests.

Lond. 1636, 12mo. J. W. Dodd, in 1797, 8s. 3. His Countrey Pretty Jests.

New Book of Mistakes, or Bulls with Full of Delight, Wit, and Honest Mirth. Tales and Bulls without Tales. Lond, Lond. by I. H. 1611, 4to. Black letter. | 1637, 12mo. J. W. Dodd, in 1797, 8s. A to E in fours, including the title, on Gratiæ Ludentes. Jests from the Uni. which is a woodcut of Tarlton in a Clown. versitie by H. L. Lond. 1638, 12mo. Heish dress, playing on his Pipe with one ber. p. ix. 51. 7s.6d. hand, and beating a drum, or tabor, with Satyra Seriæ; or the Secrets of Things the other. This cut has been copied written in Morall and Politicke observby Harding from a copy now in Mr. Geo. ations under various heads of CompliDaniel's Collection. Another edition. ments, Jests, Fortune, Love, &c. Lond. Lond. printed by I. H. for Andrew Crook, 1640, 12mo. 1638, 4to. Black letter, 5 sheets. Bod- Art Asleepe, Husband ? A Boluster leian Library, Malone's Collection. See Lecture, stored with a variety of witty TARLTON, Rich. The earliest known edi-Jests, merry Tales, and other pleasant tion is that of 1611, originally published pastimes by Philogenes Panedonius separately, probably much earlier. The (Richard Brathwait). Lond. 1640, 18mo. edition of 1638 appears to be the same front. by Marshall. See BRATHWAIT. impression, with different title-page only. Academy of Pleasure; how to retort -1844, edited by Halliwell, 8vo. See Jeast or Joke, with a variety of New Shakspeare Society, App.

Songs. Lond. 1656, 12mo, front. by Hollar, Cornucopia. Pasquil's Night-Cap, or an- and plate of the Author in the Character tidote for the Head Ache. Lond. 12mo. of a Book Chapman. Rice, 590. 1612. Reprinted, Chiswick, sm. 8vo. 1819. Comes Facundus in Via. The Fellow See BRETON, Nic. p. 265.

Traveller through City and Country, Merry Jests, concerning Popes, Monkes among Students and Scholars; at Home and Friars, written first in Italian by and Abroad; furnished with short Stories N. S., translated by R. W. (Rowland and the choicest Speeches of Clever and Willis). Lond. G. Eld. 4to. n.d. BLACK Innocent Mirth. Lond. H. Robinson, LETTER. Piggott, Dec. 1853, 61.

1658, 18mo. This volume has a general Help to Discourse, or Miscellany of title, besides two others. Pigott, Dec. Merriment. Lond. 1619, and various other 1853, 14s. editions. See DISCOURSE, p. 650.

Mirth in Abundance set forth and made New Help to Discourse, or Wit and manifest in many Jests upon several ocMirth intermixt with more serious mat-casions, full of Wit and Truth. Lond, ters. 1684, &c. See DisCOURSE, p. 650. for Francis Grove, 1659, 16mo. Black

Pleasant Taunts, Merry Tales, Modern / letter. Halliwell, May 1857, 51. 15s.

by Hardingollection, for Andrews

Lond. printcollection. Pyy now in Mr.

Delipjece. See 1746 1690, 12mo. 2 da

JEST BOOKS—continued.

| 11. 12s. Third edition, 12mo. n. d. date

1720, Pigott, Dec. 1853, 21. 2s. Hugh Peters' Tales and Jests. Lond. Oxford Jests, refined and enlarged; 1660, 4to. See PETERS.

Witty Jests, Merry Tales, Pleasant Jokes, Fragmenta Aulica, or Court and State

collected and composed by Capt. W. Jests in Noble Drollery. True and Real, I Hickes. Lond. smiler 18

| Hickes. Lond. S. Miller. 18mo. 1684. Bliss, by T. S. Lond. H. March, 1662, 18mo. beautiful copy, 51. Sixth edition, corfront. Inglis, 31. resold, Halliwell, 1858. rected. Lond. J. Everingham, 1690, front, See S. (T.)

| arms of Oxford. Sotheby, July 1859, 15s. A Choice Banquet of Witty Jests, Rare Coffee House Jests refined and en. Fancies, and pleasant Novels. Fitted for larged. Lond. H. Rhodes, 1684, 12mo. See all the Lovers of Wit, Mirth and Elo- | Hickes, p. 1066. Bliss, 41. quence. Being an addition to Archee's London Jester, or Doctor Merriman; Jests. Taken out of his closet, but never a Collection of Modern Jests, City Jokes, publisht by him in his lifetime. (by T.J.) Country Wit. Lond. S. Crowder, 1686, Lond. for Peter Dring, 1665, 12mo. He-12mo. ber, pt. iv. 8s.

The London, Oxford. Cambridge, CofPoor Robin's Jests, or the Compleat fee House, and England's Jests. Lond. Jester, being a Collection not heretofore 8vo. n. d. (1686). Malone Collection. published, now newly composed and write England's Jests refined and Improved. ten. Lond. F. Kirkman and R. Head, Lond. 1687, 12mo. front. with ports. of 8 sm. 8vo. n. d. (1672.) Sotheby, July, 1839, Jesters. Brand, 21. 14s. Thorpe, 1850, 10s. 6d.

21, 12s.-Lond. J. Harris, 1693, with xiii. The Merry Jests of Smugge the Smythe, Ingenious Characters by H. C. 12mo. and Mine Hoste of the George. Lond. 4to. Bliss, fine, 41. 7s. Third Edition, with an edition sold by F. Coles (circa 1673). eight new novels, never before printed,

Cabinet of Mirth, or Antidote against different to previous volumes,-Lond. E. Melancholy, compounded of Merry Tales, Harris, 1702, 12mo. Bliss, 31. 3s. Jests and Bulls. Lond. 1674, 12mo. front. Teagueland Jests, or Bogg Wittisimilar to the one attached to Brath- cisms, being a Collection of the most wait's Laws of Drinking. Perry, pt. i. learned Bulls. Lond. 1690, 12mo. 2 parts. 18s. 6d. See Jordan, Thomas.

The Complaisant Companion, or New Delights for both Sexes. See p. 623, Jests, witty Repartees, Bulls, &c. Lond. col. 2. 1674, 12mo. See COMPANION, page 506. The Witty Exploits of George Buc

Cambridge Jests, or Witty Alarums hanan, the King's Fool. 12mo. n. d. A for Melancholy Spirits. Lond. S. Lowndes, small Chapman's Book, many times 1674, 4to. Malone Collection.

printed. Cambridge Jests for Merry Spirits by a Laugh and be Fat. Lond. 1700. Again, Lover of Ha, Ha, Ha. Bliss, fine, 12mo. 1720, numerous editions without dates. 51. 2s. 6d. Sixth edition, entitled 'Ingenii Laugh and Grow Fat; the Universal Fructus,' or the Camb. Jests, by W. B. Jester, or Festival of Fun. 12mo. n. d. 12mo. n. d. front. Lond. 1700, 12mo. See LAUGH, under date 1792, many edi1721, 12m0.-1742, 12mo. See CAMBRIDGE, tions undated. p. 355.

Ingenii Fructus; or a Collection of A Pleasant History of the Life and Smart Jests, &c. Lond. 1700, 12mo.Death of Will Summers, Jester to King 1742. Henry VIII. Lond. 1676, 4to. reprinted, . The Compleat Jester, containing cele1794, 8vo.

brated Jests, Merry Jokes, Pleasant Versatile Ingenium. The Wittie Com-11

| Tales. Lond. 1703, 12mo, front. lieber panion, or Jestes of all Sortes from Citie

pt. i. 11. 10s. and Countrie. with an Account of the The Triumph of Wit, or Ingenuity Exlaughing Philosopher Democritus. by plained. Lond. 1707, 12mo. Lond. 1735, Democritus junior. Amsterdam, Stephen

12mo. Swartz. 1679, 8vo. Bliss, 11. 3s.

Youth's Recreation, or Merry Pastimes,

Jests, &c. Lond. 1707, 12mo. Universal Jester, or a compleat Book of Jests; to which is added, Hell in an

The Wise and Ingenious Companion; a Uproar, occasioned by a Scuffle that hap

Collection of Wise Sayings, Jests, Witty pened between the Lawyers and Physi-1

1. Repartees, Bon Mots, &c. in French and cians for Seniority. (In verse.) Lond. "

Cond. | English. Lond. 1707, post 8vo. 12wo. (1680.) See 1718.

Coffee House Jests, being a Merry London Jests, or a Collection of the

Companion, containing Witty Jests. Lond. choicest Joques and Repartees. Lond. 1707, 8vo.---Lond. 1760, S. Crowder and Co. Dorman Newman, 1684, 12mo. Bliss, fine,

at the Looking Glass on London Bridge. 52. Lond. 1685. 12mo, frontispiece. Perry 12mo. Woodcut front. Harward, 1857, 21.2s.

ees, Bulls, des or New

JEST BOOKs-continued.

Round about our Coal Fire, or Christ

mas Entertainments. Lond. J. Roberts, The Academy of Wit and Mirth. Lond.

1734, 8vo. n. d. 12mo.

Winter Evenings Entertainments. England's Witty and Ingenious Jester, 18mo. 1737. See BURTON. or the Merry Citizen, by W. W. Lond.

Joe Miller's Jests, or the Wits' Vade 1712, small 8vo. Black letter.

Mecum, compiled by John Mottley. Lond. The Flowers of Gallantry, by the Earl

T. Reade, 1739, 8vo., first edition. Inglis. of Rochester, and other Wits of the Court

21. 10s. Heber, pt. viii. 31. 38.--Second of King Charles II. Lond. 1713, 12mo.

edition. Lond. 1739, 8vo. Bindley, with The Universal Jester, or Compleat

additions in MS. 111. 5s.--Third edition, Book of Jests. Lond. 1718, 12mo, front.

1739, with a portrait for the first time, See 1680.

8yo.-Fourth edition, 1740, 8vo. - Fifth Foreign Tales, Witty and Merry Say- edition. Lond. 1742, 12mo. with a wholeings, Repartees, Keen Jests, &c., from the

length portrait engraved by Mosley. best authors, French and English. [by A.

Sixth edition, 1743, 12mo. Constable, Boyer. Lond. 1719, 8vo.-See 1741, 1746.

9s. 60.- Seventh edition, 1745. Heber, Pinkethman's Jests, or Wit refined,

pt. vii. 13s.--Eighth edition. 1745, 12mo. being a New Year's Gift for Young Ladies

r Young Ladies front. - Ninth edition, 1747, front. and Gentlemen. Lond. 1721, 12mo. Again,

Twelfth edition, . d.--An edition printed 1726, 12mo. The second part only, 1721.

on London Bridge, 12mo. n.d.--Fourteenth Hibbert, 11. 10s. 1726. Both parts, 1735,

| edition. Lond. S. Crowder, 1771, 12mo. fourth edition, for J. Atkinson, pp. 132,

Barker (circa 1796) reprinted it from the ending with Good Night;' no division

first edition several times with a woodof parts. Sotheby, July 1857, 11. 7s.

cut front.-Twentieth edition. Glasgow, England's Complete Jester, contains

1783, 12mo. It has been many times many Jokes, Witty Puns, notorious

abridged, and other quite different comBulls, delightful Stories, to which is

pilations have been so termed. New coladded Hocus Pocus. Lond. Tho. Norris,

lections also have been printed under the at the Looking Glass on London Bridge, title of “The New Joe Miller," contain1721, 18mo. Jolley, pt. iii.

ing upwards of 500 good things. Lond. Hocus Pocus (by Rd. New); to which is

Ridgway, 1796, 12mo. - Second edition. added, "The Artificial Jester,' composed

Lond. Ridgway, 1800, 12mo. front.--Lond. for the innocent Diversion of Youth. Lond.

Bohr, 1852, 18mo. 3s. 6d. for H. Tracey on London Bridge, 1721,

| The Sprightly Jester, or Coffee House 12mo. The London Jester. Lond. 1726, 12mo. for the Wits of all classes. Lond. 12mo

Companion: a Collection of Smart Jests front. See 1763.

front. The Compleat Royal Jester. Lond.

Ecclesiastical Transactions; or a Col1726, 12mo, See 1750–1757.

lection of Reverend Jokes. Lond. 1742, Like will to Like, as the Scabby Sheep Syo. said to the Mangey Viscount. Lond. 1728, Cabinet of Mirth, or Comical Medley. 12mo.

Lond. 1744, 12mo.
Polly Peachums's Jests, Diverting College Wit. Lond. 1744, 12mo.
Tales, Witty Apothegms that have been

The Merry Medley, or a Christmas Box used at St. James's or St. Giles's, suited for Gay Gallants and Good Companions; to the Peer or the Porter. Lond. 1728, I choice 1

choice Jokes, diverting Stories, &c. Lond. 8vo. Lond. 1730, 12mo. Lond. 1750, 12mo. | 1744, 2 vols in 1, 12mo. Jests, p. 1 to 120. The Merry Companion; or a Cure for

| Tales and Riddles, pp. 121 to 332. Sothe Spleen. A Collection of the most

theby, July 1857, 7s. diverting Tales, Jests, &c., ever Pub

| The Agreeable Companion, or a Unilished. Lond. 1730, 8vo. 1772, 12mo.

versal Medley of Wit and Good Humour. The Golden Cabinet of Secrets opened

Lond. 1745, 12mo. Sotheby, July 1857,13s. for Youth's delightful Pastime, in 7 parts,

| Amusements Serious and Comical, or a the last being the City and Country new Collection of Bon Mots, Keen Jests, Jester ; with a Canting Dictionary b

Ingenious Thoughts, &c. Lond. P. and I. Dr. Surman. Lond. n. d. (1730) 12mo.

Vaillant, 8vo. n. d.(1745.) woodcuts.

The Pleasant Companion, or the Merry The Court of Momus, a Collection of and Complete Jester, containing all the Original Jests, &c. Lond. 1732, 12mo.

Fun, all the Humour, all the Learning, Ben Jonson's Jests. Lond. 12mo. 1732. and all the Judgment which has so lately England's Genius, or Wit Triumphant; flowed from the Two Universities. Lond. a Collection of several Humored, Elegant, | 1745. Sotheby, July 1859, damaged, 7s, Satirical Jests and Witticisms. Lond. The Gallant Companion, or Antidote T. Roberts, 1732, 12mo.

for the Hyp and Vapours. Lond. 1746, The Banquet of Wit. Lond. n. d. 12mo. 12mo.

JEST POokscontinued.

Sayings of Little Father Andrews. Lond.

1755, 12mo. The Merry and Facetious Companion, Tom Brown's Complete Jester, or the Witty Savings, in French and English. Wits' Merry Companion. Lond. C. Hen1746, 8vo. See dates 1707, 1719.

| derson, 1755, 12mo. Lond. 1756, 12mo. See The Irish Miscellany, or Teagueland 1750. Jests. A Sequel to Joe Miller. First

Country Tom's complete Jester, or the edition, R, Adams, 1746, 12mo.-- Lond.

Laugher's Delight. Lond. T. Sabine, 1747. 12mo.-Third edition, Lond. 1749, |(1755). sm. 8vo. front. after Hogarth, 12mo. Portrait of Joe Miller in the cha-1 Ben Jonson's Last Legacy to the Sons racter of Teague. Nassau, pt. i. 1783, 10s. Lof Mirth and Jollito

of Mirth and Jollity. Lond. A. and C.

Lond.. Sotheby, July 1857, 11s. See IRELAND,

Corbett, 1756, 12mo.-1759, 12mo. p. 1167, and date 1690.

Jack Smart's Merry Jester, or the Wits Wit à la Mode. Lond. 1747, 12mo. See compleat Treasury. Lond. J. Fuller, 1760.

1756, 12mo. The Polite Companion, or Wit à la Wit's Magazine and Universal Jester. Mode. Lond. 12mo. (1750). See 1760.

16 nos. Lond. J. Reason, (1756), 2 vols. The Royal Jester, or Cabinet of Wit 18mo. unlocked. Lond. G. Farmer, 1750, 12mo. | The Prudent Jester, or Winter EvenSee 1726, 1757.

ings' Pastime. Lond. J. Cooke, 1756, Modus Salium : a Collection of such 12m pieces of Humour (not to be found in any The Nonpareil, or the Quintessence of other Collection), as prevailed at Oxford | Wit and Humour. Lond. 1757. 12mo. in the house of Mr. Anthony à Wood, col

The Royal Jester, or Cream of the Jest, lected by himself, and now published by Martin Merry. Lond. Starkey, 1757, from his original Manuscript. Oxford, 1 izmo. 1751, 12mo.

Mrs. Pilkington's Jests, or the Cabinet Ben Jonson's Jests, or the Wits Pocket of Wit and Humour. Lond. Kennersly, Companion, being a new collection of the 1757, 12mo. Second edition, 1764. 12mo. most ingenious Jests, &c. Lond. J. Ro- | Sotheby, July 1859, 98, 6d. binson, 1751, 12mo. head of B.J. Sotheby, Tristram Shandy's Jests. containing his July 1859, 138.-Lond. 1758, 12mo.-1761, Repartees, odd Adventures, &c. Lond. Third edition. Lond. R. Baldwin, 12mo. Cabe, 1758, 12mo. front. Sotheby, 1859, 11. 10s. - Dublin, Wit's Magazine. Lond. Harrison, 1758, 1775. 12mo.--Lond. seventh edition, 12mo.1 8vo. 2 vols, plates. --Lond. 1768, 12mo.-Lond. 1780, 12mo.-! Ned Shuter's Jests; or, the Wits BanLond. 1800, 12mo. See 1732, 1759, 1800.

quet, not one of them printed before. The Nut cracker; containing an agree. Lond. 1758, 8vo. able variety of well seasoned Jests, Epi Wit upon Wit, or the London and grams, &c. by Ferdinando Foot, Esq. Country Jester, by Timothy Killgrie, Lond. Newbery, 1751, 12mo.front. Hibbert, Esq. Lond. J. Cooke, 1759, 12mo. 1745, 11, 158. Sotheby, July 1009, 08. ou 1745. 11. 15s. Sotheby, July 1859, 5s.6d. The Book of Fun, or the Quintessence

hof wit and Mirth with Erlincome Stuff -Lond. 1754, 8vo. by Wale.

Ned Ward's Jester, or Repository of from all the Jolliest Authors, &c. Lond. Wit and Humour. Lond. J. Robinson, 1759, R. Steevens, 12mo. See 1760. 1751. 12mo.-Lond. 1757, 12mo. (Hasle-1 Con. Phillips' Jests, or a System of wood, 1809). - Lond. 1758, 12mo.-1759, / Wit and Humour, Lond. M.' Thrush, 12mo. front.--1760, 12mo.

1759, 12mo. The Sports of the Muses, or Mirth for The Winter Evening's Companion, being auy Hour in the Day, Songs, &c. with a a new Collection of Merry Tales, Jests, collection of Jests. Lond. M. Cooper, 1752, &c. Lond. 1759, 12mo. front. - Lond. 12mo, 2 vols.--1765.

Warcus, 1764, front. Sotheby, July 1859, Cabinet of Wit, or an infallible Recipe | 10s. to cure Stupidity. Lond. 1752, 12mo. The Merry Andrew, by Ferdinando

Funny, Lond. J. Pottinger, 1759, 12mo. The Merry Fellow; Modern Jests, Tales, &c. Lond. S. Owen, 1753, 12mo. See 1782. 12mo. front. See 1772.

: front. Sotheby, July 1859, 10s. 6d. Lond. 1771.

Compleat Jester. Lond. 1760, 12mo. The Muse's Choice, or the Merry Fellow; Wit and Humour for Town and Country, Tales, Jests, &c. in verse. Lond. 1754, being an entire New Collection of Repar12mo.-Third edition. Lond. Warcus, tees, Bon Mots, Humourous Stories, di1759, 12mo.

gested in a manner never before atThe Universal Jester, by Ferdinando tenpted. Lond. W. Smith (1760), 12mo. Killigrew. Lond. 1754, 12mo. front. See with plates. dates 1764, 1770.

| Tristram Shand's Jests. Lond. E. Cabe, Extracts of the Bon-Mots and Wittie 1760.

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