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1777, Oct.

or 30.

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1777, Sept. 6. Ordered by Marine Committee to proceed to France to report

to the Commissioners. The Indien, at Amsterdam, prom

ised him......
29 Reported to Marine Committee the many hindrances in fitting

the Ranger for sea. Will sail “with first favorable wind”.. 1777, Nov.

1. The Ranger sailed from Portsmouth, N. H..... 1777, Nov. 26. Captured two brigs (Green says 23d and 25th)

Dec. 2. Anchored off Nantes. Forwarded papers to Paris 1777, Dec.

5. Jones visited the Commissioners at Paris...... 1777, Dec.

11. Gave a detailed account of voyage in letter to Jacob Wendell.. 1778, Jan. 10. Commissioners directed an advance of 500 louis d'or to be

paid Jones for expenses of ship .... 1778, Jan. 16. Commissioners give Jones "unlimited orders” 1778, Feb.

1. Fired 13 guns in honor of Mr. Thomas Morris, Continental

agent at Nantes, recently deceased 1778, Feb.

12. Ranger sailed from Nantes for Quiberon Bay 1778, Feb. 13. Anchored in Quiberon Bay at 7 p. m. (or 6 p. m.) 1778, Feb. 14. Received from Admiral La Motte Piquet, commanding French

squadron, first salute to the Stars and Stripes from a foreign

power. Gave 13 and received 9 guns. 1778, Feb. 15. Sailed through the French fleet in the American brig Inde

pendence, Captain John Young; saluted the French squadron

with 13 guns and received 9 in return..... 1778, Feb. 22. Informed the Marine Committee of exchanging salutes. 1778, Mar.

3. Sailed from Quiberon Bay... 1778, Mar.

8. Anchored in Camaret Bay. 1778, Mar. 23. Sailed up to Brest. Exchanged salutes with French Admiral.. 1778, Mar. 25. Wrote Silas Deane and John Ross that he was to receive salute

of gun for gun when leaving Brest ... 1778, Apr. 2. Count d'Orvilliers saluted Ranger with 10 or if guns when

she left Brest, about 5 p. m.. 1778, Apr. 5. Ships forced by bad weather to return to Brest.. 1778, Apr. 11 Ranger sailed from Brest in conipany with French frigate

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Fortuna ......

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1778, Apr. 14 Captured brig Dolphin off Cape Clear .

or 15. 1778, Apr. 17. Captured ship Lord Chatham; sent her to Brest.. 1778, Apr. 19, Sunk schooner and sloop taken off coast of Ireland..

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1778, Apr. 21. Captured a fishing boat. Bad weather prevented surprising

and boarding the Drake, 20 guns 1778, Apr. 22. Captain Jones and 31 volunteers landed at Whitehaven.

Spiked guns, burnt shipping, including ship Thompson.... 1778, Apr. 23. Jones and 12 men landed at St. Marys Isle to capture Earl of

Selkirk. Selkirk, being absent, men took 160 pounds

weight of silver. List of names of landing party..... 1778, Apr. 24. After fight of one hour and five minutes, H. B. M. S. Drake

surrendered to the Ranger...... 1778, Apr. 25. Captured brig Patience. Let fishing boat go. Buried Captain

Burden, of the Drake, and Lieutenant Wallingsford, of the

Ranger, with military honors....
1778, Apr. 26. Lieutenant Simpson given command of the Drake. Relieved

of command by Jones because of disobedience of orders. A
brig captured by Ranger ..




John Paul Jones Commemoration



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1778, May 6. Lieut. Elijah Hall sent on board the Drake to supersede Lieu

tenant Simpson . 1778, May 7. Lieutenant Hall ordered to follow Ranger and take the Drake

into Brest. 1778, May 8. The Ranger reentered Brest with the Drake .

Jones wrote Lady Selkirk courteous letter. Will return her

silver. Inventory of silver .. 1778, May 9. Reported the result of expedition to American plenipotentia

ries at Paris..... 1778, May 10. Hoisted Continental colors on the prize Patience 1778, May 11. Prisoners sent on board the Patience .... 1778, May 27. Reported to Marine Committee actions from April 10 to

May 27 1778, May 27. Informed Doctor Bancroft of need of funds for crew, and sur

prise at the dishonoring of his draft 1778, May 28. Reports death of Lieutenant Dobbs, R. N., of the Drake 1778, June 1. Thanked Doctor Franklin for his expressed approval 1778, June 3. Explained his financial embarrassment; had advanced £1,500

of his own money; received no wages...... 1778, June 5. Submitted plans for combined operations against the British,

to American plenipotentiaries and French minister of marine. 1778, June 6. Sailing in company with the Boston, Capt. S. Tucker, off Isle

Dieu; visited the ship .. 1778, June 10. Informed by Doctor Franklin that he is to have the Indien,

building at Amsterdam ..... 1778, July 4. Proposed to the plenipotentiaries that Lieutenant Simpson

return to America in command of the Ranger. Celebrated

anniversary of independence on Ranger. 1778, July 12. Letter to. Mr. Grand regarding qualifications requisite in a

Protestant chaplain for his ship
1778, July 27. Lieut. Simpson took command of Ranger
1778, Aug. 6. Informed General Washington that, at the request of the

French minister of marine, he will remain in France. Begs
the General's acceptance of a pair of epaulettes he sends.
Men of Whitehaven expedition recommended to plenipo-

1778, Aug. 10. Informed that the plenipotentiaries will recommend to Con-

gress those who took part in the landing at Whitehaven ... 1778, Aug. 15. Requested the plenipotentiaries to order a court-martial... 1778, Aug. 18. Capt. Abr. Whipple, of the Providence, requested by Jones to

summon a court-martial to try Lieutenant Simpson....

Recommends to Congress all who landed at Whitehaven.. 1778, Aug. 21. Ranger ran out with a fine breeze ... 1778, Aug. 22. Commissioners order court to try Simpson. 1778, Sept. 6. Charges against Simpson withdrawn. 1778, Sept. 13. Having been informed that he can not get the Indien and pre

vented from going on expedition with Count d'Orvilliers,

asked Sartine's permission to return to America. .... 1778, Sept. 21. Requested the Duc de Chartres to aid him in his efforts to get

a ship or some active duty... 1778, Oct. 16. Ranger arrived at Portsmouth, N. H 1778, Oct. 19. Implored King Louis XVI to aid him to get a ship. The

Duchess de Chartres presented the letter... 1778, Nov. 21. Explanatory letter replying to Mr. Arthur Lee..


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1779, Feb.

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1779, Feb.


1779, Mar.




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1778, Dec. 17. Jones summoned to audience with the King......

4. The King gave Jones the Duras; to be fitted out and manned

by him. Permission given to change name to Bonhomme

Richard, in compliment to Doctor Franklin...

6. Jones thanked M. de Sartine for his interest..
1779, Feb. 10. Doctor Franklin and Hon. J. Adams to Jones regarding his

giving up the Ranger....
6. Jones explained to Benjamin Franklin cause of his trouble

before coming to America...
1779, Apr. 27. Informed that La Fayette is to command Jones's expedition.

Bonhomme Richard to be ready May 7 ... 1779, Apr. 30. Jones wrote to “Father John” (John Mehegan), chaplain to

Count d'Orvilliers, that he would require a chaplain for the

French of his crew. 1779, May 1. Replied to La Fayette that it would be a great pleasure to serve

under his command

Thanked Sartine, La Fayette, and Benjamin Franklin. 1779, May 1-3. Jones in command of Bonhomme Richard at l'Orient. 1779, May 9. Informed by Franklin of affairs on the Aliiance .. 1779, May 11. Captain Landais brings the Alliance from Nantes to l'Orient. 1779, May 13. Ordered Landais to prepare the Alliance for sea. 1779, May 22. La Fayette ordered by King to command a regiment ashore

instead of the fleet ..... 1779, June 1. Jones wrote and sent money to his sister Elizabeth. 1779, June 10. Informed by M. de Chaumont regarding the preparation of

the Bonhomme Richard, her officers and crew. 1779, June 14, M. De Chaumont sent Jones the “Concordat”

30. 1779, June 19. Bonhomme Richard, Alliance, Pallas, Cerf, Vengeance sailed

from l'Orient, under command of Capt. John Paul Jones.

Convoyed French merchant ships and transports with troops 1779, June 20. At midnight the Alliance “ran afoul” of the Bonhomme

Richard; carried away latter's jib boom.... 1779, June 21. The Alliance made prize of a Dutch ship. A privateer cap

tured, but abandoned; superior force in sight.. 1779, June 23. Jones issued “standing orders” to the fleet.. 1779, June 29, Chased two frigates. Prepared for action; they stood away. 30.

Consulted with his officers as to chasing .. 1779, June 30. Thanked officers and men for efforts on 29th ...

Entered Groix to refit. Ordered to cruise on coast of Ireland.. 1779, July 1. Reported to Franklin; cruise from June 19 to 30... 1779, July 4. Celebrated on board the Bonhomme Richard. Fired two

salutes each of 13 guns..... 1779, July 12. Franklin informed that the Bonhomme Richard is too old to

admit of proposed alterations.... 1779, July 26. Would like to have the Monsieur added to fleet. Jamaica

fleet, convoyed by a 50-gun ship and two frigates, may be

encountered 1779, July 28. Sent Mr. Lunt and gunner to recruit crew from exchanged

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prisoners 1779, July 30. Reported sinking at anchor of prize Three Friends. 1779, Aug. 3. Bonhomme Richard spoken of as having three decks. 1779, Aug. 7. Mr. Lunt returns with 29 men...... 1779, Aug. 10. Special orders issued to the fleet...

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John Paul Jones Commemoration




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1779, Aug. 13. Signed the “concordat” on eve of departure..
1779, Aug. 14. The fleet, under Jones's command, sailed from Groix. Con-

sisted of Bonhomme Richard, Alliance, Pallas, Cerf, Ven

geance, Granville, and Monsieur.. 1779, Aug. 16. Application made by Jones for affiliation with the lodge of

Les Neuf Soeurs, Paris 1779, Aug. 18. Captured the Verwagting. The Monsieur left fleet.. 1779, Aug. 22 Captured Mayflower, Fortune, Betsey, Union, and i ship, 5

to Sept. 22. brigs, and 5 sloops. 1779, Aug. 25. The Cerf and the Granville parted from the fleet. 1779, Sept. 17. Letter written to the chief magistrates of Leith...

Released captured fisherman; gave him a passport..
1779, Sept. Liverpool put in a state of defense..
1779, Sept. 23. Captured H. B. M. S. Serapis and Countess of Scarborough

off Flamborough Head, England. After an engagement of
nearly four hours, the Serapis, 44 guns, Capt. Richard Pear-
son, R. N., surrendered to the Bonhomme Richard, Capt.
John Paul Jones. The Countess of Scarborough surrendered
to the Pallas and Alliance. When asked by Captain Pear-
son if he had struck, Jones replied “in a most decided

negative;" or, “I've not yet begun to fight”.
1779, Sept. 24. Log of the Bonhomme Richard states that the Alliance raked

the Bonhomme Richard fore and aft during the latter part

of the engagement of 23d.....
Jones transferred his crew to and hoisted his flag as Commo-

dore on the captured Serapis...
Note to log of the U. S. S. Serapis says: “At / past 12 at

night (23d) the Serapis colours were halled down and some

of the Bonhomme Richard's officers and men boarded her." 1779, Sept. 25. The Bonhomme Richard sank between 10 and 11 a. m., her

flag flying as she went down. Nothing saved but the signal

flags. Jones's loss“ 50,000 livres" 1779, Sept. 26. Master-at-arms of the Bonhomme Richard put in irons for

liberating prisoners during the fight, September 23d... 3. Jones anchored his squadron and prizes in the Texel...

5. Reported his arrival to French ambassador at The Hague... 1779, Oct.

6. Captain Pearson, R. N., reported the engagement and his sur

render on September 23 to the British Admiralty Office .... 1779, Oct.

7. Jones left the ship and went to Amsterdam.... 1779, Oct. 9, 13. Sir Joseph Yorke, British ambassador, requested the Dutch

Government to hold Jones's prizes as English property....
11. Franklin informed by Jones that he will hold Captain Pearson

as hostage for Captain Conyngham's release.....
15. Franklin acknowledged receipt of letter of 8th instant.

Paris and Versailles praising Jones's victory.” Directions
given regarding Landais. Anxiety regarding prisoners

Jones has taken. The prizes sent into Norway arrived safely. 1779, Oct. 19. Captain Pearson complained to Jones of his not having visited

him, and wished to know what had been done towards

exchange of prisoners..
20. Jones replied to Pearson, and referred to treatment of Captain

Conyngham in England. Sick and wounded British to have
all the care given to Americans..



1779, Oct. 1779, Oct.

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1779, Oct.


1779, Oct.



1779, Oct.


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1779, Oct. 24. Jones wrote to M. de Chaumont regarding the unaccountable

conduct of Landais, September 23d. Thanked M. de Chau

mont for his kindness . 1779, Oct. 25. Holland refused to agree to Sir J. Yorke's demands regarding

Jones's prizes; “will observe a strict neutrality" 1779, Oct. 30. Charges preferred against Landais, signed by “officers of the

American squadron in the Texel.” Sent to plenipotentiaries

at Paris.... 1779, Nov.

4. Jones informed the French minister at The Hague of need of

water and squadron supplies .....
Wrote to French ambassador explaining position. Loss of

French commission and intention to leave the Texel.

British squadron watching for him... 1779, Nov. 15. Directed by Franklin to turn over to French ambassador at

The Hague all prizes and ships of his fleet but the Alliance. 1779, Nov. 21. All American officers and men transferred to the Alliance.

Command of the Serapis turned over to Captain Cottineau
by Jones. Captain Pearson exchanged for Captain Con-

yngham, who was taken on Alliance... 1779, Dec.

1. The Alliance ready, waiting favorable wind to sail 1779, Dec.

5. Informed Robert Morris of desire to return to America. Num

ber on list of October 10, 1776, unsatisfactory..... 1779, Dec. 13. Indignantly declined “letter of marque" commission from

French ambassador at The Hague... 1779, Dec. 16. Declined to visit Dutch admiral on his ship ...... 1779, Dec. 17, Refused to hoist other than American colors on the Alliance.

Waiting for pilot ...... 1779, Dec. 27. The Alliance sailed from the Texel. Escaped the British

fleet outside... 1779, Dec. 28, Sailed past British fleets in the Downs and off Spithead, show29.

ing American colors ..... 1780, Jan. I. Got clear of the British Channel..

Jones wrote some Lines" in reply to Miss Dumas. 1780, Jan. 8, Took two prizes; sunk one and sent one to America.




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1780, Jan. 16. Put into Corunna, Spain, for anchor...
1780, Jan. 28. Sailed from Corunna, French frigate La Sensible, bound for
Brest, in company.

Before sailing visited by governor;
saluted him with 13 guns ..
1780, Feb. 5, Recaptured a French bark from a Guernsey privateer ..
1780, Feb.

10. Alliance arrived at Groix. Convoyed the American merchant

ship Livingston into port. Notified Franklin of arrival and

repairs needed to the Alliance..
1780, Feb. 13. Reported to Franklin from l'Orient..
1780, Feb. 19. Great economy ordered to be observed in refitting the Alliance.

Four gentlemen have permission to return to the United
States on her. She is to carry arms and ammunition for the

United States Government..
1780, Feb. 25. Jones replied to Franklin that his wishes shall be complied

with as far as possible ..... 1780, Mar. 12, Franklin informed Landais that he would not give him a ship

if he had twenty . 1780, Apr. 11. Alliance ready to sail for America. Arms and supplies for the

American Army all on board. Jones visited Paris..





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