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From photograph of original in possession of Edinburgh Antiquarian Society, furnished by

Capt. John S. Barnes.


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1747, July 6. Born at Arbigland, Scotland
1759 to

Apprenticed. Went to sea on the Friendship..
Visited his brother, William Paul, in Virginia.

Made voyage as third mate of slaver King George.

Chief mate of the Two Friends, of Kingston, Jamaica 1768. Returned to Scotland in the John...

Made master and supercargo of the John; sailed for the West

Indies ...... 1770, Aug. 5. Wrote from St. George, Granada, to Mr. Craik regarding his

private business, his ship, and the care of his mother...... 1770, Nov. 27. Made a Freemason (entered apprentice) St. Bernard's Lodge,

Kilwinning No. 122. Kirkcudbright, Scotland.. 1771, Apr. 1. Date of certificate of high approval from owners of the John.

Same year visited his family in Scotland for last time...... 1772, June 30. Date of affidavit sworn to before Governor Young, of Tobago,

exonerating Jones from charges made against him....... 1772, Sept. 24. In London. Wrote to his mother and sisters; enclosed copy

of affidavits establishing his innocence in the case of Mungo

Maxwell..... 1772. Commanded the Betsey. 1773, Jan. 30. Evidence in Jones's behalf given before Mayor of London... 1773

In Virginia ..

Assumed the name of Jones in North Carolina
1774. Jones's brother, William Paul, died. Date taken from tomb-

stone in St. George's Churchyard, Fredericksburg, Va.

William Paul's will dated 1772... 1775, Apr. 25. Wrote to Joseph Hewes, Robert Morris, and Thomas Jefferson

desiring a naval appointment.. 1775, May Visited French ship Terpsichore, Commodore Kersaint, in

Hampton Roads. Met Louis Philippe, Égalité.... 1775, June 24.a Marine Committee desired Jones's views on naval affairs. 1775, July 18.& Appeared before the committee at Philadelphia. 1775, Aug. 25.a Requested by Marine Committee to fit out the Alfred 1775, Sept. 14, Sent, through Hon. Joseph Hewes, replies to inquiries from or Oct. 3.a

Congress on naval affairs..... 1775, Dec.

3. “B. P.” wrote to Earl Dartmouth that the “Continental flag

was this day hoisted on the Black Prince (later the Alfred]
at Philadelphia”.

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a Buell, “Paul Jones, Founder of the American Navy." These statements are not supported by the Journals of the Continental Congress.-COMPILER.




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1775, Dec. 7. Jones appointed first of the first lieutenants in the Continental

Navy by Congress. Ordered to the Alfred ... 1775, Dec. 22. Appointments of December 7 confirmed by Congress . 1775, Dec.

Offered command of the Providence or Fly. Preferred remain

ing on the Alfred ... 1775, Dec.

Hoisted the American flag on the Alfred, flagship of Com

mander-in-Chief Esek Hopkins. (Entry above, No. 24, 1776, Jan. indicates December 3 as the date).. 1776, Feb. 9. Commodore Hopkins's fleet sailed from Philadelphia under

the “Union flag” as used by General Washington at Cam

bridge. Jones first lieutenant of flagship Alfred 1776, Feb. 17. The fleet left the Delaware on expedition.... 1776, Mar. 1. Fleet anchored off Abaco. Jones piloted the Alfred into New

Providence ..... 1776, Mar. 17. Fleet sailed from New Providence with captured military

stores and the governor and other important prisoners.. 1776, Apr. 4-5. Schooner Hawk and bomb brig Bolton captured .... 1776, Apr. 6. Alfred and Cabot engaged the Glasgow. She escaped. Hop

kins's squadron put into New London.. 1776, Apr. 14. Jones wrote Honorable Mr. Hewes account of the expedition.

Sent extract from log of the Alfred ... 1776, May 1. Ordered to attend the court-martial of Captain Whipple, cap

tain of the Alfred...... 1776, May 10. Jones ordered by Hopkins to command the Providence 1776, May 18. Providence arrived off New York..... 1776, May 19. Jones explained to Hewes reasons for declining the command

of the Fly; says new commission has not been sent him.... 1776, June 6. Desired command of one of the new ships being constructed

by order of Congress ... 1776, June 10. In obedience to Commodore Hopkins's order, pursued an

armed sloop in sight off New London. She escaped 1776, June 13. Ordered to convoy the Fly and other vessels carrying Gov

ernment supplies... 1776, June 18. Ordered to Boston by Hopkins. 1776, June 20. Colonel Tillinghast requested by Jones to get his private Log

of the Alfred from that ship and send it to him ... 1776, Aug. 1. Arrived in the Delaware with convoy from Boston.. 1776, Aug. 8. Received a captain's commission from the President of Con


“The first naval commission under the United
States," or "since the Declaration of Independence'
Marine Committee proposed to Jones the command of the

Hampden; he chose to remain on the Providence..
1776, Aug. 16. Ordered to watch for French vessel with supplies.
1776, Aug. 21. Sailed from the Delaware with orders to "cruise against

enemy for six weeks or more 1776, Sept. 1. After a sharp action escaped from the British frigate Solebay,

near Bermuda. Later encountered and escaped from the

Milford, off Cape Sable.... 1776, Sept. 3 Captured off northeast coast of America, 16 vessels, destroyed to Sept. 28. fishery at Canso and shipping at Isle Madame. Sent in 8




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prizes, burned 8. List of prizes...

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John Paul Jones Commemoration




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1776, Oct. 7. Arrived at Newport, R. I., in the Providence.
1776, Oct. 10. Commissioned captain in the Continental Navy (new list

made by Congress: Jones No. 18).....
1776, Oct. 17. Wrote Robert Morris an account of cruise. Made suggestions

for improvement of the Navy and plans for an expedition

against enemy's African trade..... 1776, Oct.

22. Took command of expedition to Cape Breton. 1776, Oct. 27. The Hampden disabled, had to put back.. 1776, Nov. 2. Jones sailed with the Alfred and Providence . 1776, Nov. 10. Captured brig Active off Louisburg.. 1776, Nov. 13. Captured transport Mellish, with 10,000 suits of uniform.

Took 150 prisoners. 1776, Nov. 16. Captured ship Hetty... 1776, Nov. 18. The Providence parted company from Alfred in the night... 1776, Nov. 24 Captured 5 vessels, one a privateer of 16 guns. Destroyed a to Nov. 30.

transport, ashore at Canso Straits. Burned buildings at Isle

Royale .... 1776, Dec. 7. Chased by frigate Milford; escaped with loss of only one of

the prizes... 1776, Dec. 10 Arrived at Boston.

or Dec. 15. 1777, Jan. 12. Explained to Mr. Hewes failure to release the Americans at

Cape Breton coal mines.... 1777, Jan. 14. Superseded by Hinman in command of the Alfred, by order of

Commodore Hopkins.... 1777, Jan. 21. Protested to Marine Committee against this injustice......

5. Marine Committee ordered Jones to command a fleet of six

vessels for an expedition to Pensacola...

10. Wrote Robert Morris concerning the Navy. 1777, Mar. 17. Appointed by Congress to command one of the three ships

purchased “until a better can be had” 1777, Mar. 25. Ordered to Boston to select and fit out a ship. 1777, Apr. 7. At request of President of Congress submitted plans for organi

zation and government of Navy. 1777, Apr. 19. Met La Fayette in Alexandria, Va. 1777, May 4. Letter to Mr. Mawey regarding money due him and care of

his mother. Written from Boston.... 1777, May 9. Ordered to proceed to France in Amphitrite. To take officers

and men to man a fine ship to be purchased for him in

Europe. Letter to Commissioners in Paris . 1777, May 23. In Boston, shipped men for Amphitrite.... 1777, May 26. Wrote to the “Secret committee”. 1777, June 14. Ordered to command the Ranger, first called the Hampshire,

building at Portsmouth, N. H.; and Stars and Stripes

adopted as National ensign by act of Congress..... 1777, June 18. Appointment to the Ranger sent by Marine Committee. 1777, July 1, 2. Orders received by Jones at Boston 1777, July 4. Stars and Stripes hoisted on a United States man-of-war for

first time; the Ranger, or the Raleigh..... 1777, July 12. Jones announces to Captain Roach, former commander of

Ranger, his arrival at Portsmouth and his orders. 1777, July 29. Directions to Lieut. Elijah Hall regarding men's pay. 1777, Aug. 2. Advertised for crew for Ranger ...

1777, Feb.

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1777, Feb.

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