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I am shocked and appalled by the vehemently hateful banter from previous reviewers in the google community. It's both disheartening and impressive at the same time to see how some people can project their own misconceptions into a body of work as benign and unassuming as 'A Sand County Almanac'.
Having come from a Daoist family that escaped communist China, I can assure future readers that there is no hint of Marxism or threat to democracy in this book. Rather, it is simply a reflection of the observations of the famed father of American wilderness conservation whom died honorably as a firefighter.
Mr. Leopold's work is simply as the description describes a nonfiction account of his observations in the balance and harmony of nature over a number of decades. Why haters need to turn it into anything more than that, or even take offense to something this simple, is beyond me.

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Crappy socialist book. Main theme is "let's steal everyone's property" because they are too dumb to take care of it.

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A Sand County Almanac is this man’s account his surroundings and his thoughts and reflections on the human intervention within this environ he calls nature. However peaceful it may sound, Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac is a cluttered work of non-fiction where the author cannot decide whether to be a phenologist, conservationist, or philosopher. Leopold uses this work to talk down to his audience of ‘booksmarts’ and point out that traditional education is worsening this country while contradicting many of his arguments along the way. A Sand County Almanac is blindly revered by some scholars who delve too deep into a broken philosophy and scrambled themes of a lived man with eighty acres of land in the sand hills of Wisconsin.  

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I had to read this book for Honors Biology summer homework. My older brother continuously told me how boring it was. It was pretty boring, but got interesting in the middle. I got a lot out of it. If you like to read about nature, this is the book for you. If you don't, you will be bored.

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hen was the last time you saw a natural forest, prairie, marsh, or waterway untouched by humans? Instead, we see concrete, roads, buildings, and the infrastructure of our modern world. As a society ... Read full review

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