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his joy.


lips of knowledge.

crowned with knowledge. 8 The wisdom of the

pru 19 The evil bow before dent is to understand his the good: and the wicked at way: but the folly of fools is the gates of the righteous. deceit.

20 The poor is hated even 9 Fools make a mock at of his own neighbour: but fin: but among the righte- the rich hath many friends. ous there is favour.

21 He that despiseth his 10 The heart knoweth his neighbour sinneth : but he own bitterness, and a strang- that hath mercy on the poor, er doth not intermeddle with happy is he.

22 Do they not err that i 'The house of the wick-devise evil? but mercy and ed shall be overthrown: but truth shall be to them that the tabernacle of the upright devise good, shall flourish.

23 In all labour there is 12 There is a way which profit: but the talk of the lips feemeth right unto a man, tendeth only to penury. but the end thereof are the The crown of the wise

is their riches: but the fool13 Even in laughter the ishness of fools is folly. heart is sorrowful ; and the 25 A true witness deliverend of that mirth is heaviness, eth souls : but a deceitful

14 The backslider in heart witness speaketh lies. shall be filled with his own 26 In the fear of the Lord ways; and a good man shall is strong confidence; and his be satisfied from himself.

children shall have a place of 15 The simple believeth refuge. every word; but the prudent 27

The fear of the Lord is man looketh well to his go- a fountain of life, to depart ing.

from the snares of death, 16 A wise man feareth and 28 In the multitude of peodeparteth from evil; but the ple is the king's honour: but fool rageth and is confi- in the want of people is the dent.

destruction of the prince. 17 He that is soon angry 29 He that' is slow to dealeth foolishly: and a man wrath is of great understandof wicked devices is hated. ing: but he that is hafty of

18 The simple inherit fol- spirit exalteth folly. ly; but the prudent are 30 A found heart is the

ways of death.

life of the flesh; but envy the that regardeth reproof is prurottenness of the bones. dent.

31 He that oppresseth the 6 In the house of the poor reproacheth his Maker: righteous is much treasure: but he that honoureth him but in the revenues of the hath mercy on the poor.

wicked is trouble. 32 The wicked is driven 7 The lips of the wise difaway in his wickedness : but perse knowledge: but the the righteous hath hope in heart of the foolish doeth not his death.

fo. 33 Wisdom refteth in the 8 The sacrifice of the wickheart of him that hath under-ed is an abomination to the ftanding : but that which is Lord: but the prayer of in the midst of fools is made the upright is his delight. known.


of the wicked 34 Righteousness exalteth is an abomination unto the a nation : but sin is a re-Lord: but he loveth him proach to any people.

that followeth after righte35 The king's favour is ousness. towards a wise servant: but 10 Correction is grievous his wrath is against him that unto him that forsaketh the caureth shame.

way: and he that hateth re.

proof shall die. CHAP. XV.

11 Hell and destruction Soft answer turneth a are before the Lord: how

way wrath : but griev- much more then the hearts ous words stir up anger. of the children of men?

2 The tongue of the wise 12 A scorner loveth not useth knowledge aright: but one that reproveth him: nein the mouth of fools poureth ther shall he go unto the out foolishness.

wife. 3 The

of the Lord

13 A merry heart maketh are in every place, beholding a cheerful countenance : but the evil and the good. by forrow of the heart the

4 A wholesome tongue is fpirit is broken. a tree of life: but perverse 14 The heart of him that ness therein is a breach in hath understanding seeketh the spirit.

knowledge: but the mouth 5 A fool despiseth his fa- of fools feedeth on foolishther's instruction : but he nefs.


15 All the days of the af- the widow. flicted are evil : but he that

26 The thoughts of the is of a merry heart hath a wicked are an abomination continual feat.

to the Lord : but the words 16 Better is little with the of the pure are pleasant fear of the Lord, than great words. treasure, and trouble there 27 He that is greedy of with.

gain troubleth his own house: 17 Better is a dinner of but he that hateth gifts shall herbs where love is, than live. a. stalled ox, and hatred 28 The heart of the rightetherewith.

'ous studieth to answer: but 18 A wrathful man stir- the mouth of the wicked reth up strile, but he that is poureth out evil things. Row to anger appealeth ftrife. 29 The Lord is far from

19 The way of the floth- the wicked: but he heareth ful inan is as an hedge of the prayer of the righteous. thorns: but the way of the 30 The light of the eyes righteous is made plain. rejoiceth the heart: and a

20 A wise son maketh a good report maketh the bones glad father: but a foolish man fat. despiseth his mother.

3. The ear that heareth 21 Folly is joy to him that the reproof of life abideth ais destitute of wisdom: but a


the wise. man of understanding walk

32 He that refuseth ineth uprightly.

struction despiseth his own 22 Without counsel pur- soul: but he that heareth repofes are disappointed : but proof getteth understanding. in the multitude of counsel


The fear of the Lord is lors they are establithed. the instruction of wisdom :

23 A man hath joy by the and before honour is humianswer of his mouth : and a lity. word spoken in due season,

CHAP. XVI. how good is it! 24 The way

of life is a HE preparations of the bove to the wise, that he may heart in man, and the depart from hell beneath. answer of the tongue, is from

25 The Lord will destroy the Lord, the house of the proud: but 2 All the ways of a man he will establish the border of are clean in his own eyes ;




but the Lord weigheth the 13 Righteous lips are the fpirits.

delight of kings : and they 3 Commit thy works unto love him that speaketh right. the Lord, and thy thoughts 14 The wrath of a king shall be established.

is as messengers of death: 4 The Lord hath made all but a wife man will pacify things for himself; yea, even it. the wicked for the day of 15. In the light of the evil.

king's countenance is life; 5 Every one that is proud and his favour is as a cloud in heart is an abomination to of the latter rain. the Lord : thougļi hand join 16 How much better is it in hand, he shall not be un-, to get wisdom than gold? punished.

and to get under/tanding, 6 By mercy and truth ini- rather to be chosen than quity is purged: and by the filver ? fear of the Lord men depart 17. The high-way of the from evil.

upright is to depart from 7 When man's ways

evil: he that keep th his way please the Lord, he maketh preserveth his soul. even his enemies to be at 18 Pride gocth before depeace with him.

struction, and an haughty fpi8 Better is a little with rit before a fall. righteousness, than great re 19 Better it is to be of an venues without right. humble spirit with the lowly,

9 A man's heart deviseth than to divide the spoil with his way ; but the Lord di- the proud. recteth his steps.

20 He that handlcth a 10 A divine sentence is matter wisely, shall find good: in the lips of the king: his and whoso truíteth in the mouth transgresseth not in Lord, happy is he. judgment,

21 The wife in heart shall 11 A just weight and ba- be called prudent: and the lance are the Lord's; all the sweetness of the lips increasweights of the bag are his eth learning. work.

22 Understanding is a 12 It is an abomination to well-spring of life unto him kings to commit wickedness: that hath it: but the infor the throne is established by struction of fools is folly. righteousness.

23 The heart of the wife



ways of death.

teacheth his mouth, and ad- Lord. deth learning to his lips.

CHAP. XVII. 24 Pleasant words are as an honey-comb, sweet to ETTER is a dry morthe soul, and health to the fel, and quietness therebones,

with, than a house full of fa25 There is a way that crifices with strife. feemeth right unto a man, 2 A wise servant shall but the end thereof are the have rule over a fon that

caufeth shame, and shall have 26 He that laboureth, la- part of the inheritance among boureth for himself; for his the brethren. mouth craveth it of him. 3 The fining-pot is for

27 An ungodly man dig- silver, and the furnace for geth up evil; and in his gold: but the Lord trieth lips there is as a burning the hearts, fire.

4 A wicked doer giveth 28 A froward man soweth heed to false lips; and a liar strife, and a whisperer sepa- giveth ear to a naughty rateth chief friends.

tongue. 29 A violent man enti 5 Whoso mocketh the ceth his neighbour, and poor reproachęth his Maker: leadeth him into the way and he that is glad at calathat is not good.

mities shall not be unpunish30 He Thutteth his eyesed, to devise froward things :

6 Children's children are moving his lips he bringeth the crown of old men; and evil to pass.

the glory of children are their 31 The hoary head is a fathers. crown of glory, if it be 7 Excellent speech befound in the way of righte- cometh not a fool; much ousness.

less do lying lips a prince, 32 He that is flow to 8 A gift is as a precious anger, is better than the stone in the eyes of him that mighty: and he that ruleth hath it: whithersoeverit turnhis fpirit, than he that taketh eth, it profpereth. a city.

9 He that covereth a trans33 The lot is cast into gression feeketh love; but he the lap; but the whole dif- that repeateth a matter sepaposing thereof is of the rateth very friends.

10 A reproof

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