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he went

dark night.

fall give all the substance of 7 And beheld among the his house:

simple ones, I discerned a32 But whoso committeth mong the youths a young adultery with a woman lack- man void of understanding, eth understanding he that 8 Passing through the doeth it destroyeth his own street near her corner : and soul.

the way to her 33A wound and difho- house, nour shall' he get, and his 9 In the twilight, in the reproach shall not be wiped evening, in the black and away.

34 For jealousy is the rage io And behold, there met of a man: therefore he will him a woman with the atnot spare in the day of ven- tire of an harlot, and subtil geance.

of heart. 35 He will not regard any ii (She is loud and stubransom: neither will he reit born; her feet abide not in content, though thou givest her house: many gifts.

12 Now is she without,

now in the streets, and lieth CHAP: VII.1

in wait at every corner.) Y son, keep my words, 13 So she caught him, and

and lay up my com- kissed him, and with an immandments with thee.

pudent face said unto him, 2 Keep my command

14 I have peace-offerings ments, and live and my law with me; this day have I as the apple of thine eye. payed my vows.

3 Bind them upon thy fin Therefore came I forth gers, write them upon the to meet thee, diligently to table of thine heart.

seek thy face, and I have 4. Say unto wisdom, Thou found thee. art my sister; and call un 16 I have decked my bed derstanding thy kinswoman. with coverings of tapestry,

5 That they may keep with carved works, with fine thee from the strange wo- linen of Egypt. man, from the stranger which 17 I have perfumed my flattereth with her words. bed with myrrh, aloes, and

69 For at the window of cinnamon. my house I looked through 18 Come, let us take our my casement,

fill of love until the morne



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ing; let us solace ourselves | forth her voice? with loves,

2 She standeth in the top 19 For the good man is of high places, by the way in not at home, he is gone a the places of the paths. long journey;

3 She crieth at the gates, 20 He hath taken a bag at the entry of the city, at of money with him, and will the coming in at the doors. come home at the day ap 4 Unto you, O men, I pointed.

call; and my voice is to the 21 With her much fair fons of man. speech the caused him to 5 Oye fimple, understand yield, with the flattering of wisdom; and ye fools, be

ye her lips the forced him. of an understanding heart.

22. He goeth after her 6., Hear: for I will speak straightway, as an ox goeth of excellent things ; and the tơthe faughter, or as a opening of my lips shall be fool to the correction of the right things. Itocks;

7. For my mouth shall 23 Tilladart strike through peak truth ; and wickedness his liver: as a bird hafteth is an abomination to my lips. to the snare, and knoweth 8 All the words of my not that it is for bis life.. mouth are in righteousness;

24 9 Hearken unto me, there is nothing froward of now, therefore, O ye chil- perverse in them, dren, and attend to the words 9 They are all plain 'to of my mouth. A

him that understandeth, and 125 Let not thine heart de right to them that find knowcline to her ways, gó, not ledge. astray in her paths :

10 Receive my instruc26 For the hath cast down tion, and not filver; and many wounded: (yea, many knowledge rather than choice strong men have been lain by gold. her.

11 For wisdoin is better :27 Her house is the way than rubies; and all the to hell, going down to the things that may be desired chambers of death.

are not to be compared to


12 I wisdom dwell with OTH not wisdom cry? prudence, and find out know

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13 The fear of the Lord tains abounding with water. is to haté evil : pride and ar 25 Before the mountains rogancy, and the evil way, were settled, before the hills and the froward mouth do was I brought forth; I hate.

26 While as yet he had 14 Counsel is mine, and not made the earth, nor the found wisdom: I am under- fields, nor the highest part ftanding ; I have strength. of the dust of the world:

15 © By me kings reign, 27 When he prepared the and princes decree justice. heavens I was there: when

16 By me princes rule, he fet a compass upon the and nobles, even all the judg- face of the depths: es of the earth.

28 When he established 17 I love them that love the clouds above : when he me; and those that seek me strengthened the fountains of early shall find me.

the deep: 18 Riches and honour 29 When he gave to the arè with me: yea, durable sea his decree that the wariches and righteousness. ters should not pass his com

19 My fruit is better than mandment: when he apgold, yea, than fine gold; pointed the foundations of and my

revenue than choice the earth; flyer.

30 Then I was by him as 20 I lead in the way of one brought up with him: righteousness, in the midst of and I was daily his delight, the paths of judgment; rejoicing always before him;

21 That I may cause those 31 Rejoicing in the habits that love me to inherit fub- able part of his earth; and ftance; and I will fill their my delights were with the treasures.

fons of men. 22 & The Lord pofleffed 32 Now therefore hearken me in the beginning of his unto me, O ye children: for way, before his works of blessed are they that keep my pld.

ways. 23 I was set


33 Hear instruction, and lasting, from the beginning, be wise, and refuse it not. or ever the earth was.

34 Blessed is the man that 24. When there were no heareth me, watching daily depths, I was brought forth: at my gates, waiting at the when there were no foun- posts of my doors.


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35 For whoso findeth me, 9 Give instruction to a wife findeth life, and shall obtain man, and he will be yet favour of the Lord.

wiser : teach a just man, and 36 But he that sinneth a- he will increase in learning. gainst me wrongeth his own 10 The fear of the Lord is foul: all they that hate me the beginning of wisdom : love death.

and the knowledge of the

holy is understanding. CHAP. IX.

ii For by me thy days ISDOM hath build- shall be multiplied, and the

ed her house, she years of thy life shall be inhath hewn out her seven pil-creased. lars.

12 If thou be wise thou 2 She hath killed her shalt be wise for thyself: but beasts; she hath mingled her if thou scornest, thou alone wine; the hath also furnished ihalt bear it. her table.

139 A foolish woman is 3 She hath sent forth her clamorous : she is simple, and maidens: she crieth upon knoweth nothing. the highest places of the 14 For the sitteth at the city :

door of her house, on a seat 44 Whofo is simple, let in the high places of the city, him turn in hither: as for

15 To call passengers who him that wanteth understand- go right on their ways: ing, she faith to him,

16 q Whoso is simple, let 5 Come, eat of my bread, him türn in hither : and as and drink of the wine which for him that wanteth underI have mingled.

standing, she faith to him, 6 Forsake the foolish, and


Stolen waters are sweet, live: and go in the way of and bread eaten in secret is understanding.

7 He that reproveth a 18 But he knoweth not
fcorner, getteth to himself that the dead are there: and
shame: and he that rebuketh that her guests are in the
a wicked man, getteth himself depths of hell.

8 Reprove not a fcorner,
left he hate thee: rebuke

wise man, and he will love mon. A wise fon mak-

eth a glad father; but a foolBb


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a blot.

ifh fon is the heaviness of his 13 In the lips of him that mother.

hath understanding, wisdom 2 Treasures of wickedness is found: but a rod is for the profit nothing: but righte-back of him that is void of oufness delivereth from death. understanding.

3 The Lord will not suffer 14 Wife men lay up knowthe foul of the righteous to ledge: but the mouth of the familh : but he casteth away foolish is near destruction. the substance of the wicked.


The rich man's wealth 4 He becometh poor that is his strong city: the dedealeth with a slack hand, Itruction of the poor is their but the hand of the diligent poverty: maketh rich.

16 The labour of the 5 He that gathereth in righteous tendeth to life; the fummer is a wise fon : but he fruit of the wicked to sin, that sleepeth in harvest is a 17 He is in the way of life son that causeth shame. that keepeth instruction : but

6 Blessings are upon the he that refuseth reproof, erhead of the juít: but vio- ręth. lence covereth the mouth of 18 He that hideth hatred the wicked.

with lying lips, and he that 7 The memory of the juft uttereth a flander, is a fool. is blessed : but the name of 19 In the multitude of the wicked shall rot.

words there wanteth not 8 The wise in heart will fin: but he that refraineth receive commandments: but his lips is wise. a prating fool shall fall.

20 The tongue of the just 9 He that walketh up- is as choice silver, the heart rightly walketh surely: but of the wicked is little worth. he that perverteth his ways 21 The lips of the righteshall be known.

ous feed many: but fools die 10 He that winketh with for want of wisdom. the eye

causeth forrow: but 22 The blessing of the a prating fool thall fall. Lord, it maketh rich, and he

u The mouth of a righte-addeth no forrow with it. ous man is a well of life:

23 It is a sport to a fool to but violence covereth the do mischief; but a man of mouth of the wicked. understanding hath wisdom.

12 Hatred stirreth up strife: 24 The fear of the wickbut love covereth all fins. ed, it shall come upon him;


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