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ye not as the horse

or as the mule, which have LESSED is he whole no understanding: whose whose fin

is covered. bit and bridle, lest they come 2 Blessed is the man unto near unto thee. whom the Lord imputeth not 10 Many forrows shall be iniquity, and in whose spirit to the wicked: but he that there is no guile.

trufteth in the Lord, mercy When I kept filence, thall compass him about. my bones waxed old; through

11 Be glad in the Lord, my roaring all the day long. and rejoice, ye righteous :

4 For day and night thy and thout for joy, all ye that hand was heavy upon me: are upright in heart. my moisture is turned into the drought of summer.


EJOICE in the Lord, 5 I acknowledged my fin O ye righteous, for unto thee, and mine iniquity praise is comely for the uphave I not hid: I said, I will right. confess my transgreslions un 2 Praise the Lord with to the Lord; and thou for- harp: sing unto him with the gavest the iniquity of my fin. psaltery, and an instrument of Selah.

ten strings. 6 For this shall every one 3 Sing unto him a new that is godly pray unto thee, fong: play skilfuily with a in a time when thou mayest loud noise. be found : surely in the 4

For the word of the foods of great waters they Lord is right: and all his shall not come nigh unto works are done in truth, him.

5 He loveth righteousness 7 Thou art my hiding- and judgment: the earth is place, thou shalt preferve me full of the goodness of the from trouble: thou shalt Lord. compass me about with songs 6 By the word of the Lord of deliverance, Selah. were the heavens made : and

8 I will instruct thee, and all the host of them by the teach thee in the way which breath of his mouth. thou siralt go: I will guide 7 He gathereth the wathee with mine eye,

ters of the sea together, as an X 4


heap: he layeth up the depth strength. in store-houses.

18 Behold, the eye of the 8 Let all the earth fear the Lord is unto them that fear Lord : let all the inhabitants him : upon them that hope of the world stand in awe of in his mercy : him.


To deliver their soul 9 For he fpake, and it was from death, and to keep them done ; he commanded, and it alive in famine. stood fast.

20 Our soul waiteth for 10 The Lord bringeth the the Lord : he is our help and counsel of the heathen to our shield. nought: he maketh the de 21 For our heart shall re. vices of the people of none joice in him : because we effect.

have trusted in his holy II The counsel of the name. Lord standeth for ever, the

22 Let thy mercy, thoughts of his heart to all Lord, be upon us, according generations.

as we hope in thee. 12 Blessed is the nation

Psalm XXXIV. whose God is the Lord : and the people whom he hath WILL bless the Lord chosen for his own inheri at all times: his praise tance.

Jhall continually be in my 13 "The Lord looketh mouth. from heaven: he beholdeth 2 My soul shall make her all the fons of men.

boast in the Lord : the hum14 From the place of his ble shall hear thereof, and be habitation he looketh upon glad. all the inhabitants of the 31 magnify the Lord earth.

with me, and let us exalt his 15 He fashioneth their name together. hearts alike : he considereth 4 I fought the Lord, and all their works.

he heard me, and delivered 16 There is no king faved me from all my fears. by the multitude of an hoft: 5 They looked unto him, a mighty man is not delivered and were lightened ; and by much strength,

their faces were not afham17 An horse is a vain thinged. for safety: neither shall he


6 This poor man cried, deliver any by his great and the Lord heard him ;


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and saved him out of all his, troubles. troubles.

18 The Lord is nigh un7 The angel of the Lord to them that are of a broken encampeth round about them heart :. and saveth such as be that fear him, and delivereth of a contrite fpirit. them.

19 Many are the aftlic8 O taste and see that the tions of the righteous: but Lord is good : blessed is the the Lord delivereth him out man that trufteth in him. of them all.

9 O fear the Lord, ye his 20 Hd keepeth all his faints : for there is no want bones : not one of them is to them that fear him. broken.

-10 The young lions do 21 Evil fhall slay the lack, and suffer hunger : but wicked: and they that hate they that seek the Lord shall the righteous shall be delonot want any good thing. late.

u Come, ye children, 22 The Lord redeemeth hearken unto me: I will the soul of his fervants : and teach you the fear of the none of them that trust in Lord.

him shall be desolate. 12 What man is he that defireth life, and loveth many

PSAL. XXXVI. days, that he may see good ? THE transgression of the

13 Keep thy tongue from wicked faith within evil, and thy lips from speak- my heart, that there is no fear ing guile.

of God before his eyes. 14 Depart from evil, and 2 For he flattereth himdo good: seek peace, and self in his own eyes, until pursue it.

his iniquity be found to be 15 The eyes of the Lord hateful. are upon the righteous, and 3 The words of his inouth his ears are open unto their are iniquity and deceit: he cry.

hath left off to be wise, and 16 The face of the Lord to do good. is against them that do evil, 4 He deviseth mischief

upto cut off the remembrance on his bed: he setteth himof them from the earth, self in a way that is not

17 The righteous cry, and good; he abhorreth not evil. the Lord heareth, and deli 5 Thy mercy, O Lord, is vereth them out of all their in the heavens ; and thy


faithfulness reacheth unto the cut down like the grass, and clouds.

wither as the green herb. 6 Thy righteoufness is 3

Trust in the Lord, and like the great mountains ; do good, fo shalt thou dwell thy judgments are a great in the land, and verily thou deep: O Lord, thou pre-shalt be fed. servest man and beast.

4 Delight thyself also in 7 How excellent is thy the Lord; and he thall give loving kindness, O God! thee the desires of thine therefore the children of heart. men put their trust under

5 Commit thy way unto the shadow of thy wings,

the Lord: trust also in him, 8 They shall be abundant- and he fhall bring it to pass. Jy satisfied with the fatness 6 And he shall bring forth of thy house: and thou shalt thy righteousness as the light, make them drink of the ri- and thy judgment as the ver of thy pleasures. noon-day

9 For with thee is the 7 Rest in the Lord, and wait fountain of life: in thy light patiently for him : fret not Ihall we see light.

thyself because of him who 10 O) continue thy loving profpereth in his way, bekindness unto them that cause of the man who bringknow thee; and thy righte- eth wicked devices to pass. oufness to the upright in

8 Ceafe from


and heart.

forfake wrath : fret not thy11 Let not the foot of self in any wise to do evil. pride come against me, and 9

For evil doers shall be jet not the hand of the wick-cut off: but those that wait ed remove me.

upon the Lord, they shall 12 There are the workers inherit the earth. of iniquity fallen : they are 10 For yet a little while, cast down, and shall not be and the wicked shall not be able to rise.

yea, thou shalt diligently

consider his place, and it shall PSAL. XXXVII.

not be. RET not thyself be II But the meek shall in

cause of evil doers, nei- herit the earth : and shall dether be thou envious against light themfelves in the abunthe workers of iniquity. 2 For they shall soon be 12 The wicked plotteth


dance of peace.

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against the juft, and gnasheth of him, fhall inherit the upon him with his teeth. earth; and they that be cur

13 The Lord fhall laugh fed of him, shall be cut off. at him, for he feeth that his 23 The steps of a good day is coming.

are ordered by the 14 The wicked have Lord : and he delighteth in drawn out the sword, and his way. have bent their bow to cast 24 Though he fall, he down the poor and needy, shall not be utterly caft and to slay such as be of down: for the Lord upholdupright conversation. eth him with his hand.

15 Their sword shall en 25 I have been young, ter into their own heart, and and now am old; yet have I their bows shall be broken. not seen the righteous for

16 A little that a righteous faken, nor his seed begging man hath, is better than bread. the riches of many wicked. 26 He is ever merciful,

17 For the arms of the and lendeth ; and his feed is wicked shall be broken: but blessed. the Lord upholdeth the righ 27 Depart from evil, and teous.

do good: and dwell for ever18 The Lord knoweth the more. days of the upright: and 28 For the Lord loveth their inheritance shall be for judgment, and forsaketh not

his saints, they are preserved 19 They shall not be ao for ever : but the feed of the fhamed in the evil time: and wicked shall be cut off. in the days of famine they 29. The righteous fhall

. shall be satisfied.

inherit the land, and dwell 20 But the wicked shall therein for ever. perish, and the enemies of

30 The mouth of the the Lord shall be as the fat righteous fpeaketh wisdom; of lambs, they shall con- and his tongue talketh of fume : into smoke shall they judgment.

31 The law of his God is 21 The wicked borrow- in his heart, none of his steps eth, and payeth not again: shall slide. but the righteous fheweth 32 The wicked watcheth mercy, and giveth.

the righteous, and feekech 22 For such as be blessed to day him.


consume away

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