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Peace, and I will speak. and from the Almighty that

32 If thou hast any thing he should conimit iniquity. to say, answer me: speak,

u For the work of a man for I desire to justify thee.

shall he render unto him, 33 If not, hearken unto and cause every man to find me: hold thy peace, and I according to his ways. fhall teach thee wisdom. 12 Yea, furely God will

not do wickedly, neither will CHAP. XXXIV.

the Almighty pervert judgUrthermore, Elihu an- ment. swered and said,

13 Who hath given him 2 Hear my words, O ye a charge over the earth? or wise men; and give ear unto who hath disposed the whole me, ye that have

3 For the ear trieth words, 14 If he fet his heart upon as the mouth tasteth meat. man, if he gather unto him

4 Let us choose to us self his fpirit and his breath; judgment: let us know a 15 All flesh shall perish mong ourselves what is good. together, and man fhall turn

5 For Job hath said, I am again unto dust. righteous : and God hath 16 If now thou hast untaken away my judgment. derstanding, hear this: hear

6 Should I lie against my ken to the voice of my right? my wound is incur- words. able without transgression. 17

Shall even he that hata 7 What man is like Job, eth right govern? and wilt. who drinketh upscorning like thou condemn him that is water?

moft juft? 8 Which goeth in com 18 Is it fit to say to a pany with the workers of king, Thou art wicked? and iniquity, and walketh with to princes, Ye are ungodly? wicked men.

19 How much lefs to him 9 For he hath faid, it pro- that accepteth not the perfiteth a man nothing, that fons of princes, nor regardhe should delight himself with eth the rich more than the God.

poor? for they all are the 10 Therefore hearken un- work of his hands. to me, ye men of understand

20 In a moment shall they ing. Far be it from God die, and the people shall be that he shoulů do wickedness, troubled at midnight, and

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any more.


pass away: and the mighty reign not, left the people be Thall be taken away without ensnared, hand.

31 Surely it is meet to be 21 For his eyes are upon faid unto God, I have borne the ways of man, and he chastisement, I will not offend feeth all his goings.

22 There is no darkness, 32 That which I fee not, nor shadow of death, where teach thou me: if I have the workers of iniquity may done iniquity, I will do no hide themselves.

23 For he will not lay 33 Should it be according upon man more than right; to thy mind? he will recom: that he should . enter into pense it, whether thou rejudgment with God. fuse, or whether thou choose:

24 He shall break in and not I: therefore fpeak pieces mighty men without what thou knoweft. number, and set others in 34 Let men of undertheir stead.

standing tell me, and let a 25 Therefore he knoweth wise man hearken unto me. their works, and he over 35 Job hath spoken withturneth them in the night, so out knowledge, and his that they are destroyed. words were without wisdom.

25 He striketh them as 36 My desire is that Job wicked men in the open may be tried unto the end, sight of others :

because of his anfwers for 27 Because they turned wicked inen. back from him, and would 37 For he addeth rebel. not consider any owlis ways: lion unto his fin, he clappeth

28 So that the cause the his hands amongst us, and cry of the poor to come multiplieth his words against unto him, and he heareth God. the cry

of the afflicted. 29 When he giveth qui

CHAP. XXXV. etness, who then can make LIHU fpake moreover, trouble? and when he hideth and said, his face, who then can be. 2 Thinkeit thou this to hold him ? whether it be done be right, that thou faidit, against a nation, or against My righteousness is more a man only:

than God's. 30 That the hypocrite 3. For thou faidít, What



my fin?


advantage will it be unto | Almighty regard it. thee? and, What profit Mall 14 Although thou sayest I have, if I be cleansed from thou shalt not see him, yet

judgment is before him, there4 I will answer thee, and fore trust thou in him. thy companions with thee, 15 But, now because it is

5 Look unto the heavens, not so, he hath visited in his and fee, and behold the anger, yet he knoweth it not clouds, which are higher than in great extremity : thou.

16 Therefore doth Job 6 If thou finnest, what open his mouth in vain : he doest thou against him? or multiplieth words without if thy transgressions be mul- knowledge. tiplied, what doest thou unto

CHAP. XXXVI. him? 7

LIHU also proceeded, what givest thou him? or

and said, what receiveth he of thine 2 Suffer me a little, and hand?

I will shew thee that I have 8 Thy wickedness may yet to speak on God's be: hurt a man as thou art, and half. thy righteousness may profit 3 I will fetch my knowthe son of man,

ledge from afar, and will 9

By reason of the multi-afcribe righteousness to my tude of oppressions, they make Maker. the oppressed to cry: they cry 4. For truly my words out by reason of the arm of Mall not be false : he that the mighty,

is perfect in knowledge is 10 But none faith, Where with thee. is God my Maker, who 5 Behold, God is mighty, giveth songs in the night? and despiseth not any : he is

11 Who teacheth us more mighty in strength and wil. than the beasts of the earth, dom. and maketh us wiser than the 6 He preferveth not the fowls of heaven.

life of the wicked: but giveth 12 There they cry (but right to the poor. none giveth answer) because 7. He withdraweth not his of the pride of evil men, eyes from the righteous; but

13 Surely God will not with kings are they on the hear vanity, neither will the throne: yca, he doth establish


them for ever, and they are judgment and justice take exalted.

hold on thee. 8 And if they be bound 18 Because there is wrath, in fetters, and be holden in beware left he take thee away cords of affliction :

with his stroke: then a great 9 Then he theweth them ransom cannot deliver thee. their work; and their trans 19 Will he esteem thy greffions that they have ex- riches ? no, not gold, nor ceeded.

all the forces of strength. 10 He openeth also their 20 Desire not the night, ear to discipline, and com- when people are cut off in mandeth that they return their place. from iniquity.

21 Take heed, regard not 1 If they obey, and serve iniquity; for this hast thou hin, they thall spend their chosen rather than affiction. days in prosperity, and their - 22 Behold, God exalteth years in pleasures.

by his power: who teacheth 12 But if they obey not, like him? they shall perish by the sword; 23 Who hath enjoined and they shall die without him his way? or who can knowledge.

fay, Thou hast wrought ini13 But the hypocrites in quity ? heart heap up wrath : they 24 Remember that thou ery not when he. bindeth magnify his work, which them.

men behold. 14 They die in youth, 25 Every man may fee and their life is among the it; man may behold it afar unclean.

off. 15 He delivereth the poor 26 Behold, God is great, in his a fiction, and openeth and we know him not, neitheir ears in oppression. ther can the number of his

16 Even so would he years be searched out, have removed thee out of 27 For he raketh small the strait into a broad place the drops of water : they where there is no straitness, pour down rain according to and that which should be set the


thereof: on thy table pould be full of 28 Which the clouds do fatness.

drop, and distil upon man 17. But thou hast fulfilled abundantly. the judgınent of the wicked: 29 Also can any under


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stand the spreading of the 6 For he faith to the clouds, or the noise of his snow, Be thou on the earth; tabernacle !

likewise to the small rain, 30 Behold he spreadeth and to the great rain of his his light upon it, and co- ftrength. vereth the bottom of the 7 He fealeth up the hand fea.

of every man ; that all men 31 For by them judgeth may know his work. he the people'; he giveth 8 Then the beasts go into meat in abundance.

dens, and remain in their 32 With clouds he co. places. vereth the light: and com 9

Out of the south cometh mandeth it not to shine, by the whirlwind : and cold out the cloud that cometh be- of the north. twixt.

10 By the breath of God 33 The noise thereof thew- frost is given; and the breadth eth concerning it, the cattle of the water is straiténed. also concerning the vapour. I Also by watering he

wearieth the thick cloud : he CHAP. XXXVII.

scattereth his bright cloud: T this also my heart 12 And it is turned round,

trembleth, and is moved about by his counfels : that out of his place.

they may do whatsoever he 2 Hear attentively the commandeth them upon the noise of his voice, and the face of the world in the found that goeth out of his earth. mouth.

13 He causeth it to come, 3 He directeth it under whether for correction, or for the whole heaven, and his bis land, or for mercy. lightning unto the ends of 14 Hearken unto this, o the earth.

Job: stand still, and consider 4 After it a voice roareth : the wondrous works of God. he thundereth with the voice 15 Dost thou know when of his excellency, and he will God difpofeth them, and not stay them when his voice caufeth the light of his cloud is heard.

to shine ? 5 God thundereth mar 16 Doft thou know the vellously with his voice: great balancings of the clouds, the things doeth he, which we wondrous works of him which cannot comprehend. is perfect in knowledge ?

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