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tery to his friends, even the

CHAP. XVIII. eyes of his children thall fail.

6 He hath made me also dad the Shuhite, and a by-word of the people, and said, aforetime I was as a tabret. 2 How long will it be err

7 Mine eye also is dim by ye make an end of words? reason of forrow, and all my mark, and afterwards we members are as a shadow.

will speak. 8 Upright men shall be 3 Wherefore aftonied at this, and the in-counted as beasts, and repunocent shall stir up himfelf ted vile in

your sight! against the hypocrite.

4 He teareth himself in 9 The righteous also shall his anger : shall the earth be hold on his way, and he that forsaken for thee? and shall hath clean hands shall be the rock be removed out of stronger and stronger. his place?

10 But as for you all, do 5 Yea, the light of the ye return, and come now: wicked shall be put out, and for I cannot find one wise the spark of his fire shall not man among you.

shine. 1 My days are past, my 6 The light shall be dark purposes are broken off, even in his tabernacle, and his the thoughts of my heart. candle shall be put out with

12. They change the night him, into day: the light. is short, 7 The steps of his strength because of darkness.

shall be straitened, and his 13 If I wait, the grave is own counsel shall cast him mine house: I have made my down. bed in the darkness.

8 For he is cast into a net 14. I have said to corrup-by his own feet, and he walktion, Thou art my father : eth upon a snare. to the worm, Thou art my 9. The gin fhall take him mother, and my sister. by the heel, and the robber

15 And where is now my Thall prevail against him. hope? as for my hope, who 10 The snare is laid for shall see it?

him in the ground, and a trap 16 They shall go down to for him in the way, the bars of the pit, when our. 11 Terrors shall make rest together is in the dust. him afraid on every side, and



tion shall be ready at his fide:THEN Job answered

shall drive him to his feet.
12 His strength shall be

CHAP. XIX, hunger bitten, and destruc

and said, 13 It shall devour the 2 How long will ye vex strength of his skin: even the my soul, and break me in first-born of death shall de- pieces with words? vour his strength.

3 These ten times have 14 His confidence shall be ye reproached me : ye are rooted out of his tabernacle, not ashamed that ye make and it shall bring him to the yourselves strange to me. king of terrors.

4 And be it indeed that I 15 It shall dwell in his ta- have erred, mine error rebernacle, because it is none of maineth with myself. his: brimstone shall be scat. 5 If indeed

ye will magtered upon his habitation. . nify yourselves against me,

16 His roots shall be dried and plead against me my reup beneath, and above shall proach : his branches be cut off.

6 Know now that God 17

His remembrance shall hath overthrown me, and perish from the earth, and he hath compassed me with his. Thall have no name in the net. street.

7 Behold, I cry out of 18 He shall be driven from wrong, but I am not heard : light into darkness, and cha- I cry aloud, but there is no fed out of the world. judgment. 19 He shall neither have

8 He hath fenced up my son or nephew among his way that I cannot pass, and people, nor any remaining in he hath set darkness in my his dwellings.

paths. 20 They that come after 9 He hath stripped me of him shall be astonied at his my glory, and taken the day, as they that went before crown from my head. were affrigiited.

10 He hath destroyed me 21 Surely such are the on every side, and I dwellings of the wicked, and gone ; and mine hope hath this is the place of bim that he removed like a tree. knoweth not God.

II He hath also kindled his wrath against me, and he counteth me unto him as



one of his enemies.

me as God, and are not fa12 His troops come to- tisfied with


flesh? gether, and -raise up their 23 Oh, that my words way against me, and

encamp were now written : oh, that round about my taberna- they were printed in a book!, cle.

24. That they were gra13 He hath put my breth- Iven with an iron pen and ren far from me, and mine lead in the rock for ever!. acquaintance are verily el 25 For I know. that my tranged from me.

Redeemer liveth, and that he 14 My kinsfolk have lhall stand at the latter day failed, and my familiar friends upon the earth. have forgotten me.

26 And though after my 15. They that dwell in skin worms destroy this body, mine house, and my maids yet in my Mesh Thall I see count me for a stranger: 1 God: am an alien in their fight. 27 Whom I shall fee for

16 I called my fervant, myself, and mine eyes shall and he gave me no answer ; behold, and not another : I intreated him with my though my reins be consumed. mouth.

within me. 17 My breath is strange 28 "But ye shall say, Why to my wife, though I intreat-persecute we him, seeing the ed for the children's sake of root of the matter is found in mine own body.

ine? 18 Yea, young children 29 Be ye afraid of the despised me: I arose, and sword: for wrath bringeth they spake against me. the punishments of the sword,

19 All my inward friends that ye may know there is a abhorred me: and they whom judgment. I loved are turned against me.

CHAP. XX. 20 My bone cleaveth to

HEN answered Zoo I am escaped with the skin of

and said. 21 Have pity upon me,

Therefore do

my have pity upon me, Oye my thoughts cause me to anfriends ; for the hand of God fwer, and for this I make hath touched me.

haste. 22 Why do ye persecute 3 I have heard the check


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my skin, and to my felha, and T phar the Naamathite

my teeth.


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of my reproach, and the

14 Yet his meat in his fpirit of my understanding bowels is turned, it is the causeth me to answer. gall of alps within him.

4 Knowest thou not this of 15 He hath swallowed old, fince man was placed down riches, and he shall upon earth,

vomit them up again : God 5 That the triumphing of shall cast them out of his the wicked is short, and the belly. joy

of the hypocrite but for 16 He shall suck the poia moment?

son of asps : the viper's 6 Though his excellency tongue shall slay him. mount up to the heavens,

17 He shall not see the and his head reach unto the rivers, the floods, the brooks clouds;

of honey and butter. ry Yet he shall perish for 18 That which he labourever like his own dung : they, ed for shall he restore, and which have seen him thail shall not swallow it down; fạy; Where is he?

according to his substance 8 He shall Ay away as a hall the restitution be, and he dream, and shall not be found: Thall not rejoice therein. yea, he shall be chased away 19 Because he hath opas a vision of the night. pressed, and hath forsaken the

9 The eye allo 'which poor, because he hath violentsaw him fhäll see him 'no ly taken away an house which more; neither shall his place he builded not: any more behold him.

20 Surely he shall not feel io His children shall seek quietness in his body, he shall to please the poor, and his no: fave of that which he dehands shall restore their fired. goods.

21 There shall none of 11 His bones are full of his meat be left; therefore the fix of his youth, which shall no man look for his shall lie down with him in goods. the duft.

22 In the fulness of his 12 Though wickedness be sufficiency he shall be in sweet in his mouth, though itraits : every hand of the he hide it under his tongue : wicked shall come upon him.

13 Though he spare it, and 23 When he is about to forsake it not; but keep it fill his belly, God shall

, cast till within his mouth: the fury of his wrath upon

him, and fhalļ rain, it upon 5 Mark me, and be aftohim while he is eating.

nished, and lay your hand 24 He shall flee from the upon your mouths. iron weapon, and the bow of 6 Even when I remember, Ateel shali ftrike him through. I am afraid, and trembling

25 It is drawn and cometh taketh hold on my flesh. out of the body; yea, the 70 Wherefore do the wickglittering sword cometh outed live, become old, yea, are of his gall; terrors are upon mighty in power? him.

8 Their feed is established 26 All darkness shall be in their fight with them, and hid in his fecret places : a their offspring before their fire not blown fhall consume eyes. him : it shall go ill with him 9 Their houses are: fafe that is left in his tabernacle. from fear, neither is the rod 27

The heaven shall reveal of God upon them. hiş iniquity : and the earth 10 Their bull gendereth hall rise up against him.

and faileth not; their cow. 28 The increase of his calveth and cafteth not her house thall depart, and his calf. goods shall low away in the 11 They send forth their day of his wrath.

little ones like a flock, and 29 This is the portion of their children dance. a wicked man from God, 12 They take the timbrel and the heritage appointed and harp, and rejoice at the unto him by God.

found of the organ.

13 They spend their days CHAP. XXI.

in wealth, and in a moment UT Job answered and go down to the grave. said,

14 Therefore they say un2 Hear diligently my to God, Depart from us ; speech, and let this be your for we desire not the knowconfolations.

ledge of thy ways. 3 Suffer me that I may 15 What is the Almighty, speak: and after that I have that we should, serve him? spoken, mock on.

and what profit should we. 4 As for me is my com- have if we pray unto him? plaint to man? and if it were 16 Lo, their good is not fo, why should not my spirit in their hand; the counsel of be troubled?

the wicked is far from me.

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