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upon the waves of the sea. I judgment, who shall set me

9 Which maketh Arctu- a time to plead? . rus, Orion, and Pleiades, and 20 If I justify myself, my the chambers of the south. own mouth shall condemn

10 Which doeth great me; if I say, I am perfect, things past finding out; yea, it shall also prove me perand wonders without num- verse. ber.

21 Though I were perfect, I Lo, he goeth by me, yet would I not know my and I see him not: he passeth foul ; I would despise my on also, but I perceive him | life. not.

| 22 9 This is one thing, 12 Behold, he taketh away, therefore I said it, he dewho can hinder him? who stroyeth the perfect, and the will say unto him, What wicked. doeft thou ?

1 23. If the scourge lay sud13 If God will not with- denly, he will laugh at the draw his anger, the proud trial of the innocent. helpers do stoop under him. 24. "The earth is given

14 How much less shall into the hand of the wicked: I answer him, and choose he covereth the faces of the out my words to reason with judges thereof: if not, where, him?

and who is he? 15 Whom, though I were 25 Now my days are swiftrighteous, yet would I noter than a post: they flee answer, but I would make away, they see no good. fupplication to my judge. 26 They are passed away

16 If I had called, and as the swift ships ; as the he had answered me; yet eagle that hafteth to the would I not believe that he prey. had hearkened unto my voice. 27 If I say, I will forget

17 For he breaketh me my complaint, I will leave with a tempest, and multi-off my heaviness, and complieth my wounds without fort myself; cause.

| 28 I am afraid of all my 18 He will not suffer me sorrows, I know that thou to take my breath, but filleth wilt not hold me innocent. me with bitterness.

29 If I be wicked, why 19 If I speak of strength, then labour I in vain ? lo, be is strong: and if of 30 If I wash myself with


snow-water, and make my of man? are thiy years as hands never so clean; man's days,

31 Yet shalt thou plunge | 6 That thou enquirest afme in the ditch; and mine ter mine iniquity, and searchown clothes shall abhor me. eft after my fin?

32 For he is not a man, 7 Thou knowest that I as I am, that I should answer am not wicked; and there is him, and we should come none that can deliver out of together in judgment. thine hand.

33 Neither is there any 8 Thine hands have made days-man betwixt us, that me and fashioned me togemigħt lay his hand upon us ther round about; yet thou both.

dost destroy me. * 34 Let him take his rod 9 Remember, I beseech away from me, and let not thee, that thou hast made his fear terrify me:

me as the clay, and wilt thou 35 Then would I speak, bring me into dust again? and not fear him: but it is 10 Hast thou not poured not so with me.

me out as milk, and curdled

me like cheese? CHAP. X.

11 Thou hast clothed me

with skin and flesh, and hast T Y soul is weary of my fenced me with bones and

IV life: I will leave my finews. complaint upon myself; I 12 Thou hast granted me will speak in the bitterness life and favour, and thy visiof my soul. .

tation hath preserved my fpi2 I will say unto God, rit. Do not condemn me; shew 13 And these things hast me wherefore thou contend-thou hid in thine heart; I est with me. ,

| know that this is with thee. 3 Is it good unto thee 14 If I sin, then thou that thou shouldest oppress, markest me, and thou wilt that thou shouldest despise not acquit me from mine the work of thine hands, iniquity. and shine upon the counfel i5 If I be wicked, wo of the wicked?

unto me! and if I be righ4 Haft thou eyes of flesh? | teous, yet will I not lift up or feest thou as man seeth? my head: I am full of con5 Are thy days as the days fusion ; therefore see thou mine affliction:

tude of words be answered ? 16 For it increaseth: thou and should a man full of huntest me as a fierce lion ; talk be justified ? and again thou shewest thy- 3 Should thy lyes make self marvellous upon me. men hold their peace and

17 Thou renewest thy wit- when thou mockest, shall no nesses against me, and in- | man make thee ashamed ? creasest thine indignation 4 For thou haft said, My upon me; changes and war doctrine is pure, and I am are against me.

clean in thine eyes. 18 9 Wherefore then haft 5 g But, ó that God thou brought me forth out would speak, and open his of the womb ? O that I had lips against thee; given up the ghost, and no 6 And that he would shew eye had seen me!

| thee the feecrets of wisdom, 19 I should have been as that they are double to that though I had not been, I which is! know therefore hould have been carried that God exacteth of thee from the womb to the less than thine iniquity degrave.

Terveth. 20 Are not my days few? | 7 Canst thou by searching cease then, and let me alone, find out God ? canst thou that I may take comfort a find out the Almighty unto

perfection? 21 Before I go whence I 8 It is as high as heaven; shal} not return, even to the what canst thou do? deeper land of darkness, and the than hell; what canst thou shadow of death;

know? 22 A land of darkness as 9 The measure thereof is darkness itself, and of the longer than the earth, and shadow of death, without broader than the sea. any order, and where the 10 If he cut off, and shut light is as darkness. | up, or gather together, then

who can hinder him? CHAP. XI. 1 11 For he knoweth vain

men : he seeth wickedness THEN anfwered Zo- also; will he not then consie

phar the Naamathite, der it? and said,

12 For vain man would 2 Should not the multi-be wise, though man be born


like a wild ass's colt. the people, and wisdom shall

13 9 If thou prepare thine die with you. heart, and stretch out thine 3 But I have understandhands towards him; ing as well as you; I am

14 If iniquity be in thine not inferior to you : yea, hand, put it far away, and who knoweth not such things let not wickedness dwell in as these? thy tabernacles.

14 I am as one mocked of 15 For then shalt thou his neighbour, who calleth lift up thy face without spot; upon God, and he answereth yea, thou shalt be stedfast, him: the just upright man and shalt not fear:

lis laughed to scorn. 16 Because thou shalt for-1 5 He that is ready to slip get thy misery, and remem- with his feet, is as a lamp ber it as waters that pass despised in the thought of away:

him that is at ease. 17 And thine age shall 6 The tabernacles of robbe clearer than the noon-bers prosper, and they that day: thou shalt shine forth, provoke God are fecure; inthou shalt be as the morn- to whose hand God bringeth ing:

abundantly. 18 And thou shalt be se- 1 7 But ask now the cure, because there is hope ; beasts, and they shall teach yea, thou shalt dig about thee, thee; and the fowls of the and thou shalt take thy rest air, and they shall tell thee: in safety.

1 8 Or speak to the earth, 19 Also thou shalt lie and it shall teach thee ; and down, and none' shall make the fishes of the sea fhall den thee afraid ; yea, many shall clare unto thee. . make suit unto thee.

9 Who knoweth not in 20 But the eyes of the all these, that the hand of wicked shall fail, and they the Lord hath wrought shall not escape, and their this? hope fall be as the giving- 10 In whose hand is the up of the ghost.

soul of every living thing,

and the breath of all manChap. XII.

kind. AND Job answered and 1 Doth not the ear try I said,

words ? and the mouth taste 2 No doubt but ye are his meat?. ,

12 With


· 12 With the ancient is, tions, and destroyeth them : wifdom; and in length of he enlargeth the nations, and days, understanding. straiteneth them again.

13 With him is wisdom | 24 He taketh away the and strength, he hath coun- heart of the chief of the fel and understanding. I people of the earth, and

14 Behold, he breaketh causeth them to wander in a down, and it cannot be built wilderness where there is no again; he shutteth up a man, way. and there can be no open 25 They grope in the

dark without light, and he 15 Behold, he with-hold- maketh them to stagger like eth the waters, and they dry a drunken man. up : also he sendeth them out, and they overturn the

CHAP. XIII. earth.

O, mine eye hath feen 16 With him is strength and wisdom : the deceived heard and understood it. and the deceiver are his. 2 What ye know, the same

17 He leadeth counsellors do I know also. I am not away spoiled, and maketh inferior unto you. the judges fools.

L 3 Surely I would speak to 18 He looseth the bonds of the Almighty, and I desire kings, and girdeth their loins to reason with God, with a girdle.

1 4. But ye are forgers of 19 He leadeth princes a- lyes, ye are all physicians way spoiled, and overthrow- of no value. eth the mighty.

5 O that ye would alto20 He removeth away the gether hold your peace; and speech of the trusty, and it shall be your wisdom. taketh away the understand. 6 Hear now my reasoning of the aged.

ing, and hearken to the .21 He poureth contempt pleadings of my lips... upon princes, and weakeneth 7 Will ye speak wickedly the ftrength of the mighty. for God? and talk deceit

22 He discovereth deep fully for him? things out of darkness, and 8 Will ye accept his perbringeth out to light the fon? will ye contend for shadow of death.

God? 23 He increafeth the na-' 9 Is it good that he should


ceiver are hise ved heard and his mine ear hath

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