Peter Parley's Annual: A Christmas and New Year's Present for Young People..

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Page 314 - PROVIDENT FUND.— Provident Annuities purchased by Ladies in any way connected with Education, upon Government Security, agreeably to the Act of Parliament. This branch includes a Savings' Bank. A HOME for Governesses during the intervals between their engagements. A SYSTEM OF REGISTRATION, entirely free of expense. AN ASYLUM for the Aged. Treasurer.
Page 296 - If we did not rejoice when we hear the lark's song. Get up, for when all things are merry and glad, Good children should never be lazy and sad; For God gives us daylight, dear sister, that we May rejoice like the lark, and work on with the bee.
Page 328 - PEARL DENTIFRICE, A White Powder, compounded of the choicest and most recherche ingredients of the ORIENTAL HERBAL, and of inestimable value in Preserving and Imparting a Pearl-like Whiteness to the Teeth, STRENGTHENING THE GUMS, AND IN RENDERING THE BREATH PURE AND FRAGRANT.
Page 176 - this reason I intend to have a few words with my young friends about ghosts, spectres, phantoms, hobgoblins, and the like. A ghost is supposed to be the spirit of a person deceased, who is either commissioned to return for some especial errand —such as the discovery of a murder; to procure restitution of land and property
Page 328 - The radiant bloom it imparts to the cheek, the softness and delicacy which it induces of the hands and arms, its capability of soothing irritation, and removing cutaneous defects, discolorations, and all unsightly appearances, render it
Page 58 - built by the father of Montezuma. It was surrounded by a stone wall with towers, and its apartments and courts were so large as to accommodate the whole of the little army. This Cortez immediately fortified, and planted his ten pieces of artillery so as to command every approach to his quarters.
Page 323 - been prescribed for me ; and yet I got completely rid of it by taking about half a small box of your Lozenges, which I find are the only ones that relieve the cough. without deranging the stomach or digestive organs.— I am, Sir, your humble servant,
Page 79 - water prevented their going further than they did in a south easterly direction, which was that of the boat. He well knew that a shark required sufficient depth of water to sink beneath its prey ere it made its swoop, and that it uniformly turned on its back and struck upwards
Page 296 - BY LADY FLORA HASTINGS. GET up, little sister, the morning is bright, And birds are all singing to welcome the light ; The buds are all blooming, there's dew on the flower, If you shake but a branch, then there
Page 83 - object glanced past the young man, so near as almost to touch him. It was a shark that had actually turned on its back to seize its prey, and was only prevented from succeeding by being driven from the line of its course, by hitting the slimy rock over which it

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