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TIMON's servants sent to his false friends to borrow





An empty box, sir; which, lord's behalf, I come to entreat your honour to supply; who, having great and instant occasion to use fifty talents, hath sent to your lordship to furnish him, nothing doubting your present assistance therein.

LUCUL. Ha, ha, ha, ha!—nothing doubting, says he? Alas! good lord! a noble gentleman 'tis, if he would not keep so good a house.

Thy lord's a bountiful gentleman; but thou art wise; and thou knowest well enough, although thou comest to me, that this is no time to lend money, especially upon bare friendship, without security."

ACT III. S. 1.


The banquet of hot water.

"TIM. May you a better feast never behold, You knot of mouth friends! smoke and lukewarm water Is your perfection. This is Timon's last:

Who stuck and spangled you with flatteries
Washes it off, and sprinkles in your faces

Your reeking villany.

(Throwing water in their faces.) What, dost thou go?

Soft, take thy physic first,-thou too,—and thou-"

(Throws the dishes at them, and drives them out.)

ACT III. S. 6.


TIMON in the woods digging for roots, finds gold.


What is here?

Gold? yellow, glittering, precious gold?"

ACT IV. S. 3.


TIMON gives gold to ALCIBIADES, who is proceeding to attack ATHENS, and to his two mistresses, PHRYNIA and TIMANDRA.

"TIM. There's gold to pay thy soldiers: Make large confusion; and, thy fury spent, Confounded be thyself! Speak not, be gone!

ALCIB. Hast thou gold yet? I'll take the gold thou givest me

Not all thy counsel.

PHRY. and TIMA. Give us some gold, good Timon;

[blocks in formation]




"FLAV. I beg of you to know me, good my lord, To accept my grief, and whilst this poor wealth lasts, To entertain me as your steward still.

TIM. Had I a steward so true, so just, and now So comfortable? It almost turns

My dangerous nature wild."

ACT IV. S. 3.


SENATORS come to entreat TIMON to return to
Athens and take the command of the army opposed to

"I SEN. The senators, with one consent of love, Entreat thee back to Athens.

Therefore, so please thee to return with us,
And of our Athens (thine and ours) to take
The captainship; thou shalt be met with thanks,
Allow'd with absolute power, and thy good name
Live with authority

:-so soon we shall drive back

Of Alcibiades the approaches wild,

Who, like a boar too savage, doth root up

His country's peace.


Go, live still;

Be Alcibiades your plague, and you his,

And last so long enough.

Come not to me again.

What is amiss, plague and infection mend!

Graves only be men's works, and death their gain!
Sun, hide thy beams! Timon hath done his reign."

ACT V. S. 2.

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