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XVII. The Abbess brings in ANTIPHOLUS and DROMIO of


“AD. I see two husbands, or mine eyes deceive me.

DUKE. One of these men is genius to the other;
And so of these. Which is the natural man,
And which the spirit? Who deciphers them?

Dro. of S. I, sir, am Dromio; command him away.
Dro. of E. I, sir, am Dromio; pray let me stay.
Ant. of S. Ægeon, art thou not? or else his ghost?
Dro. of S. O my old master! who hath bound him

ABB. Whoever bound him, I will loose his bonds,
And gain a husband by his liberty :-
Speak, old Ægeon, if thou be 'st the man
That had'st a wife once called Æmilia,
That bore thee at a burden two fair sons :
O, if thou be’st the same Ægeon, speak,
And speak unto the same Æmilia!

Æge. If I dream not, thou art Æmilia.

DUKE. Why, here begins this morning's story right :These two Antipholus's, these two so like, And these two Dromio's, one in semblance, Besides her urging of her wreck at sea, These are the parents to the children, Which accidentally are met together.

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