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IMOGEN, disguised as a boy, in BELARIUS cave.


“ Bel. But that it eats our victuals, I should think
Here were a fairy.

What's the matter, sir?
BEL. By Jupiter, an angel ! or, if not,
An earthly paragon! Behold divineness,
No elder than a boy."

Act III. S. 6.


CLOTEN compelling PISANIO to produce POST

HUMUS' garments, on discovering that IMOGEN was gone.

« Clo. With that suit on my back will I ravish her. First kill him, and in her eyes : there shall she see my valour, which will then be a torment to her contempt. He on the ground, my speech of insultment ended on his dead body, and when my lust hath dined (which, as I say, to vex her, I will execute in the clothes that she so praised), to the court I'll knock her back-foot her home again,”



IMOGEN supposed to be dead from the operation of a drug

given to her by PISANIO. (CLOTEN has been killed by GUIDERIUS,

whom he had attacked.) “ Gui. I have sent Cloten's clotpoll down the stream, In embassy to his mother; his body's hostage For his return.

Enter ARVIRAGUS bearing IMOGEN as dead in

his arms.
Arv. . . . . . . . . The bird is dead,
That we have made so much on. I had rather
Have skipp'd from sixteen years of age to sixty,
To have turn’d my leaping time into a crutch,
Than to have seen this.

O sweetest, fairest lily!
My brother wears thee not one half so well
As when thou grew'st thyself.

O melancholy!
Who ever yet could sound thy bottom ?”

Acr IV. S. 2.


IMOGEN having been laid by the headless body of CLO

TEN, from the garments supposes it to be POSTHUMUS. She is found by LUCIUS.

“ Imo.

- O Posthumus ! Alas!
Where is thy head?...
. . . . . . . . . O my lord, my lord !

Luc. ....... What trunk is here
Without his top? The ruin speaks, that sometime
It was a worthy building. How! a page,
Or dead, or sleeping on him! But dead rather.

He is alive, my lord.
Luc. Who art thou ?

I am nothing; or if not,
Nothing to be were better. This was my master,
A very valiant Briton, and a good,
That here by mountaineers lies slain.”

Act IV. S. 2.



The rescue of CYMBELINE by BELARIUS, GUIDERIUS, and ARVIRAGUS.-LEONATUS POST. HUMUS having come over in the Roman army, throws off his armour, and, disguised as a peasant, seconds the Britons; he vanquisheth and disarmeth IACHIMO.

“ BEL. Stand, stand! we have the advantage of the

The lane is guarded: nothing routs us, but
The villany of our fears.
Gui. and Arv. Stand, stand, and fight !"



POSTHUMUS resumes the Roman habit, and yields him

self a prisoner.

“ 1 Cap. Stand! who is there?

A Roman,
Who had not now been drooping here, if seconds
Had answered him.
2 Cap.

Lay hands on him! a dog!
A leg of Rome shall not return to tell
What crows have peck'd them here."

ACT V. S. 3.


POSTHUMUS' vision in the prison.

(The ghosts of his father, mother, and two brothers appear,

and are complaining to Jupiter of his hard fate. Jupiter
appears sitting on an eagle. The ghosts fall on their
“ JUP. No more, you petty spirits of region low,

Offend our hearing. ...
This tablet lay upon his breast; wherein
Our pleasure his full fortune doth confine.”

Acr V. S. 4.


CYMBELINE having promised IMOGEN, as LUCIUS

page, any request she can have to make, she desires that IACHIMO may be compelled to show how he obtained POSTHUMUS'ring. BELARIUS, GUIDERIUS, and ARVIRAGUS, in doubt about the identity of IMOGEN.

66 BEL. Is not this boy revived from death? · ARv.

One sand another.
Not more resembles. That sweet rosy lad,
Who died, and was Fidele :- What think you?

Gui. The same dead thing alive.

Come, stand thou by our side; Make thy demand aloud.—Sir, (to Iach.) step you forth : Give answer to this boy, and do it freely.

Imo. My boon is, that this gentleman may render
Of whom he had this ring.

By villany
I got this ring : 'twas Leonatus' jewel,
. . . . . . I wagered with him,
............ to attain
In suit the place of his bed, and win this ring.

. . I returned with simular proof enough To make the noble Leonatus mad; ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . this her bracelet; (O cunning, how I got it!) nay, some marks Of secret on her person, that he could not But think her bond of chastity quite crack’d, I having ta’en the forfeit. Post. Italian fiend !_"

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