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even though i enjoyed the movie version. the book is really scary.twisted.i just started reading it.with characters that were shallow,materialistic and have very low morals or none at all. i read that this is suppose to be fictional. but people do live thier lives like this. for instance, this character craig mcdermott. he do not use condoms,but he got a hand job from a vassar chick. who wore a glove to do it.and this other asshole van patten says that their chances of catching aids is zero, zero, zero, zero point half decimal. bullshit. white guys can"t get aids. who builded the foundation for aids, who started the aids fight , because they were dying like flies. white gays and straight. rock hudson, freddie mercury and anthony perkins and a lot of others died from complications from this virus. these were talented men.people who think that they cannot be touched is delusional. the people today cannot be trusted. as the saying goes, when you dig a grave for someone , dig one for yourself too.blessed be.t.l.g. 

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